(1939-03-16) Broomshop Breakfast
Details for Broomshop Breakfast
Summary: Rhyeline visits Laurence's shop with a basket of bacon pancakes and Graham follows her in. The trio take to the back of the shop for breakfast. There Rhyeline asks their advice regarding Hugh's plan to lure out her attackers from Berlin. Bailey and Kahren join not long after Graham and Laurence have made their opinions of the plan quite clear.
Date: Sunday, March 17th, 1939
Location: Flights of Fancy Broomshop
Plot: The Mouse's Curse
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"Dun be looking at me like that Beag, I know its not even half past noon and I'm drinking but if you knew how deep that splinter was-yes, yes I know…" Laurence rolls his eyes as he's carefully sliding some sort of rum soaked coffee cake into the little glass display, the tea pot and such arranged on a table along with another pot of hot chocolate no doubt. He's moving around this early morning, a couple of unpolished and unpainted wood projects, broom shafts, a couple of boxes and the like all set up at his work station. He wears a simple dark grey pair of trousers, usual white shirt and the like.

Rhyeline scurries down the street, eyes squinted at the winter chill that stings them. She bursts into Laurence's shop, shivering. She didn't even peek inside first to see if he was occupied. Of course, there's a basket in her trembling hands. Her nose is quite pink with cold.

Laurence looks up suddenly, blinking owlishly when Rhyeline enters the shop and seems to be shivering and he blinks owlishly, head tilting to the side as he rushes towards the front door, one hand offering to take the basket, his other arm trying to wrap around Rhyeline's shoulders in a tiny hug. "Oh lovely, you look like you're an icey treat, emphasis on the icy, come and sit, I'll get something warm from upstairs and get you some tea…did you walk?"

Rhyeline scurries down the street, eyes squinted at the winter chill that stings them. She bursts into Laurence's shop, shivering. She didn't even peek inside first to see if he was occupied. Of course, there's a basket in her trembling hands. Her nose is quite pink with cold.

Laurence looks up suddenly, blinking owlishly when Rhyeline enters the shop and seems to be shivering and he blinks owlishly, head tilting to the side as he rushes towards the front door, one hand offering to take the basket, his other arm trying to wrap around Rhyeline's shoulders in a tiny hug. "Oh lovely, you look like you're an icey treat, emphasis on the icy, come and sit, I'll get something warm from upstairs and get you some tea…did you walk?"'

Rhyeline's cheeks are almost as pink as her nose with cold, but when Laurence gives her that little hug, they flush with warmth. She relinquishes the basket without hesitation. "Y-yes…" she murmurs, trying to keep her teeth from chattering. "And… the wind- wouldn't stop. It-t-t…. cut right through me."

The door opens again and in walks another who was taking the sites, though he actually was headed this way a slip of paper in his hand. Graham spots a familiar figure walking into the shop and this about clinches his decision to go in which he was going to anyways likely. It's not long after the other has been greeted that the door opens and in walks Graham he reaches up removing the hat from his head and setting it aside.

The basket is set aside on the usual table as he frowns, wand slipping out and for him that's a bit odd seeing as magic isn't something he uses for little things but hey, urgency! He looks to Beag who just ruffles her feathers and rolls his eyes as he leads Rhyeline to a soft couch, wand waving with a soft murmur as he summons one the quilts from upstairs, always looks so graceful as he whispers another charm, catching the quilt and summoning another blankit, sheepskin no doubt is fluffy though. "Settle down lovely…" Then he looks to Graham as he enters. "She needs to get warm, and my fireplace is upstairs, can you…the heating charm thingie." He waves a hand vaguely.

Rhyeline gazes up at Laurence in silence as he leads her over to the sofa. The subtle warmth in her cheeks slowly deepens. Although she is wearing a heavy winter cloak, she can't stop trembling. When someone enters, the little one bites her lower lip and peeks over. Catching sight of Graham, she offers her adopted brother a soft, shy smile from where she sits before lifting her gaze once more to Laurence.

Graham looks concerned when he spots the cold looking witch and her words come out in bursts. He knows well she gets cold easily and will look to the broom maker "Sure of course. I do hope all is well of you of course." he reaches to his sleeve producing his wand once he's close enough to her though he gives her a soft smile in return. "Arificus." it's not shouted but just said calmly a little woosh of warm dry wind will surround her and dry her and side-affect warm her up in the process. He will lean down and give her a small hug "There ya go all set well cept it has a way of ruffling ones hair sister dear." he brush it back into place "Ta-da." he says with a chuckle.

Laurence gently works on removing that cloak before draping the warm sheepskin around her shoulders and the quilt over her lap as Graham works his mojo and he just nods firmly and looks appreciative, watching the sibling like interactions with a wistful smile before he nods firmly and moves to the tea set to pour cups, wand flicks again, sending a mug flying into his grip as he fills it with hot chocolate and brings it over, kneeling down beside the seat to offer it. "Here you go, have a sip little one." A pause. "And hello Graham."

Rhyeline squeaks, squeezing her eyes shut as Graham's charm ruffles her hair. A rather strong shiver runs through her, as it does when one settles into a warm bath after a long, cold day. Her cheeks glow with such warmth as she peeks from one man to the other. Once she is all bundled up, snug and warm with a cup of cocoa in her hands, she parts her lips to speak. It takes a moment for her to summon her voice. Her eyes shine with such emotion- overwhelmed with appreciation. At last she whispers, "Thank you… you are- are both… so, so kind…"

Graham slips the wand back into his sleeve after looking down to his adopted sister a moment, though he remains where he'd been though glancing as if he would sit. "Would be a lousy brother if I didnt take care of you." he says before looking back to the broom maker. "Twice in so many days a good record I think he reaches to his pocket pulling the parchment out "I received your invoice, however I must protest. Your skills and time, are worth far more than noted." he chuckles "Also have you already sent Miss Prewetts?" the last a bit mischievous.

"Just for you, I put on her invoice 'a piece of cake and a hug'. So feel free to pay as much as you like." Laurence arches an eyebrow at Graham before looking back to Rhyeline, smiling tenderly. "Its the least I can do, your highness." He winks. "Let me know when you're warm enough to nibble on some of the goodies you brought this morning."

Toasty warm under the blankets, Rhyeline smiles up at Graham before bringing her cocoa to her lips. The talk about invoices draws out a curious tilt of the girl's head. Her eyes flit from Graham to Laurence. When Laurence mentions the goodies she brought, Rhyeline hesitates a moment before nodding. It seems she is content to wait for the moment, bringing her cup of cocoa to her lips once more.

Graham cannot help but laugh at Laurences words "Oh my, i'll have to set a guard post at your shop door. She's rather sensitive over me trying to be a gentleman as you probably heard or saw by the kick she gave me." he will turn to catch the look from Rhyeline and return it taking the last few steps from where he'd been to be standing near-er where she is. "I brought my broom in here to have it looked over, Shelley wants to go flying through the forest at full speed figured i'd give myself the best chance of not crashing."

"Hm?" Laurence just chuckles softly. "Well, she can kick me if she likes. But I'll just explain that I really really…really like pie." He waggles his eyebrows and then laughs softly, shaking his head and lets Graham explain things to Rhyeline as he moves to retrieve the china for breakfast, plates, forks…the like.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip upon hearing Shelleys' rather dangerous inclination. But, Graham does things far more dangerous on a daily basis, she's sure, so she simply nods. Hidden behind her cup of cocoa, her gaze shifts and lingers on Laurence as he sets out breakfast dishes. "I… I brought some of the- those pancakes… again," she tells him in a hushed tone.

The auror keeps his focus on Rhyeline a moment he knows her quite well. "I'll be fine promise, little kitten." Graham says using his nickname for her easily as anything. He does turn to Laurence though and chuckles "Careful, no matter her offical title these days, she's still an auror." but it's light hearted and part of him wonders what Shelley will do after all. He turns back "Pancakes?" he asks hopefuly and grinning.

"Ahhh, the special pancakes?" Laurence oos softly, turning to glance at Graham. "The best…pancakes, they are in strips…cooked around bacon." He tries to explain as he's unpacking the basket, with the syrup and all, and filling up each plate. He leaves briefly to return with a bowl of fresh fruit, sliced melon and some grapes and he adds to each plate.

Rhyeline blushes at the nickname, but can't seem to help but smile a bit. Her young, dark gaze flits to Laurence as he begins to unpack the breakfast. Peeking up at her adopted brother, she murmurs, "Laurence and I… we… we have breakfast sometimes."

Graham lets his eyes go wide at the explanation of the pancakes. "Woah, those do sound like special pancakes, though understand if you only brought enough for you two." he says easily watching back and forth between the two a moment he does return the smile to Rhyeline "Oh? Well that sounds like a good gathering." he says in response.

"And you're welcome to join us, Graham. I am sure Rhyeline wouldn't mind." Laurence drawls softly, bringing over a plate to where Rhyeline is settled down, using a foot to tug a smaller table closer so he can set it down. Nodding at Graham to grab a plate if he so wishes.

Rhyeline hesitates, peeking over at Laurence. In the basket, there is a generous amount of pancakes for a pair of people, but just enough for three. Nodding, she murmurs, "Yes… there is- is enough. If- if you wish to- to join us, Graham…"

"Sure, though I already had breakfast so maybe just a bit of fruit. Maybe next time i'll come when i'm properly invited." Graham says lightly if this is because of he's noticed how much food is there or Rhyelines nervousness it's hard to say as he seems outwardly relaxed and is rather good at this given his job and all. He will move and grab some of the fruit before turning back to sit down himself. He'll sit oddly on the floor infront of the sofa.

Laurence takes up a plate himself, settling down beside Rhyeline's feet as he snatches up a pancake strip and takes a slow bite, mming deeply before shaking his ehad and odding to Graham. "Well, anyways…frightfully awful weather we're having." He grins a bit before looking to Rhyeline and then back to Graham. "Have you seen those bear skin rugs? I think we may need a few of those."

"Spring is coming soon though… or… at least, it's supposed to…" murmurs Rhyeline in a rather soft tone. The little one doesn't move to eat yet, still content to remain curled up with her cup of cocoa. She bites her lower lip, falling silent for a moment. Peeking over at Laurence, she murmurs at last, "I… I thought to- to come by this morning and- and perhaps… learn to paint a bit."

"It has been a bit up and down, where somedays are as if spring was here and others like winter isnt ready to give up just yet." Graham says and spears a few bites of fruit enjoying it. He looks back at the question "I have not well at least upclose, mostly just heard and seen perhaps in specific shops." he says looking back to his adopted sister "That would be fun a good new hobby."

Laurence just looks thoughtful for a few moments, popping a grape into his mouth and chewing slowly as he looks between the adopted siblings with a small smile. He shrugs a shoulder and grins. "It would be an honor to teach you…" Then about the weather. "Well, its piss poor weather to fly in, that's for sure…I'm sure I'll be getting lots work this coming week."

"If… if it's so dangerous… you think people will still fly?" murmurs Rhyeline, biting her lower lip.

Graham eats a bit more fruit watching the others as well. He chuckles at the boom makers accurate weather report. "Yeah, my original idea was to wait till spring, but that got put down as quickly as I said it." he agrees about the weather he will fall on his adopted sister watching her a moment "Yes they will, well Shelley will and i've agreed to go along so I guess lump me in with that." He will pull himself up on the floor he will move and plop down on the sofa where she's sitting he'll give her a small one armed hug "I'll be careful."

"Well, just be careful, if it looks too gusty, I don't care if she dances on a table in just her petticoats and a fancy hat, begging you to go…you don't go. You have to be an expert to be able to navigate the winds like that." Laurence cautions Graham before looking to Rhyeline with a small smile. "Yeah…some people still fly."

Rhyeline blink blinks at the image of Shelley that Laurence so skillfully crafts in her head. Oh my. Closing her eyes, she shakes her head a bit, as if trying to clear the image from her mind. It catches her off guard when Graham plops down next to her, making her squeak a bit. She hesitates a moment, peeking self-consciously over at Laurence before nuzzling a bit closer to her adopted brother. She really is a cuddly little thing. "I'm… I'm not much good at flying… I just- just prefer to apparate," she murmurs.

"I wont take too many chances, I can promise you both." Graham he says giving each a look though Laurences words gets a laugh from him "If that's happened, she's been placed under a hex of some sort." He will take another few bites of the fruit on his plate looking over at the squeak. He nods and gives a grin "I am certainly more apt to apparate than to fly, but sometimes my work requires it, nother perk of the job free top-o-the line broom."

"We'll get you both at top flying level." Laurence promises as he devours another pancake with gusto, idly licking a bit of syrup off of his finger as he tilts his head to the side as he watches the two snuggle and he grins to himself as he takes another bite of food.

Rhyeline nods a bit and leans forward at last to take one of the pancake strips and dip it in the syrup. She nibbles on it a moment, savoring the bacon hidden inside before peeking up at the two wizards. "Could… could I… ask your- your advice?"

Graham nods to the broom maker "I'm sure it'll be fine, i'm really mostly being a bit goofy, I can fly at a need." He says not wishing either to be overly worried about this bit of day flying. He looks back to Rhyeline as she does eat and grins though he will nod "Of course you can, what is it you need advise on?" he asks curiously.

Laurence looks a bit concerned, adjusting his plate to set it aside as he wipes off his hands and arches an eyebrow as he looks between Rhyeline and Graham. "Of course lovely, you know you can ask me anything?"

"Well… I… yesterday, I- I was speaking with Auror Carruthers… And… he suggested a- a plan… to try to… find information that- that might lead to a- a cure… for my curse…" murmurs Rhyeline. The curse isn't something she mentions often. She pauses, biting her lower lip as she glances from one to the other with a hesitant, vulnerable look.

The auror will finish off the last of the fruit on his plate while he waits. Whaever Graham was expecting it wasn't this topic though the name of this auror gets a raised eyebrow. He has listened to some of this man's ideas and theories before which were complete rubbish, but he's fair so he'll listen. "Oh? What was the plan he suggested?" he goes for neutral expression he is being a good listener and support system type.

Laurence's brow furrows before smoothing out as he just tilts his head curiously and nods slowly, showing that he's listening.

Rhyeline lowers her gaze and takes a small sip of cocoa before she continues. "He… he was there when- when it happened… He was serving in Berlin as- as part of the diplomatic mission… And… he wants to find the ones that- that did it… that tried to kill the Ambassador. He thinks they might be able to- to provide information to the healers so- so they could creature a cure…"

Graham is not ignoring the broom maker, but he is focusing on the other beside him for the moment patiently. The words she speaks gets an eyebrow raise but another conversation for his co-worker of not speaking about this. His face is still straight as he listens. "Well yes, knowing the spell used, we might be able to research it in specific way which could come up with a cure more quickly." he says though sighs "But what was his plan?" he asks curiously.

Laurence idly thumbs the side of his nose as he considers what is being said with an unreadable expression and he just nods slowly. "Well." A pause. "How do you feel about it? What sort of advice do you need?"

Rhyeline peeks up at Graham, but then looks to Laurence. "I'd… I'd like to find a cure. Even though I- I don't feel the symptoms of the curse so much these days, it- it could get worse again… if I'm not careful… But…" She glances at Graham. "He suggested putting an article in the Daily Prophet… about me… that I am trying to continue the work that the Ambassador had been carrying out in Berlin… something to- to make the ones that cast the curse find out I survived and- and want to come and find me…"

The young man looks back to the Broom maker at the question, but his focus goes back to his adopted sister. Graham is silent to allow her to explain, he does remember her saying she didnt feel effects of the curse of late but he would like her to be cured. His eyes widen as he gives the idea "Offer you as bait…? That's his plan?" he cannot seem to help but say his voice is still calm but he will shake his head "My advice is, that's wholly unacceptable."

Laurence opens his mouth and shuts it and then opens his mouth again…and then shuts it before closing his eyes for a moment as he counts backwards, in Greek, from ten. Then he takes a deep breath. "My advice, I can't say in front of you because you're a lady, however…I want to know, what you think about this idea?"

Rhyeline bites her lower lip before murmuring, "I'm not afraid… I want to be free of the curse. But… I- I'm not sure if- if Cassius will approve of the idea. If the healers could learn more about- about the curse's creation… then… I think that they would be able to devise a counter curse. And… I can't think of any other way to- to find the ones that did it…"

Graham takes a bit of a breath as he listens to both though when he speaks it's to Rhyeline "Its not about being afraid, we both know you are braver then most, there is however a line between bravery and un-necessary risk. "Who's to say, that it would attract only those who attacked the Ambassador. He was a quite unpopular person and things are worse not better." he says "Another issue, is if this auror was there last time. His wasn't able to keep anyone safe the last time, and there's no way for him to know when or where they would try to come after you. He's an auror he can no more be with you twenty-four hours a day than I can. If it's possible for an auror to do so, i'd be doing it already." he tries to give some more logical points. "I cant speak for Cassius, for certain, but I don't think he'd like it."

"He'd lock you in a tower and not let you out, that seems to be his whole way of doing things. If he thinks you're in danger, he locks down on you like you're a commodity, a precious heirloom and if you ever even breathed this as an idea to him, I fear what his reaction would be, not just towards you…but towards anyone who may have known about the idea." Laurence speaks very calmly, getting to his feet to move to the tea set, idly pouring a cup of tea as he chuckles softly. "I let you know this Rhyeline, because whatever you decide to do, you have to swear to not tell Cassius about this idea."

Rhyeline listens with silent respect to the valid points Graham raises. Lowering her gaze, she nods before peeking over at Laurence. The little one is seeking advice from both of them. Else she would have waited. The silence that follows Laurence's words perhaps betrays far more than she had intended. Instead of an automatic protest, she bows her head and takes a long, slow sip of cocoa, reflecting on their advice.

The auror looks to the broom maker at his points but he's nto really sure if it needed to be put quite like that, however he'll turn to Rhyeline and frown as she looks beat down and this is not what he wanted. Graham will try and give her a small squeeze with his arm protectively offering a hand hold if you will. "You've not done anything wrong little kitten, we just worry for your safety the both of us." he says more directly to her

"What he said." He points to Graham. "Only I'm really more concerned about waking up one morning and bein' attacked by a pre-hair oiled comb or brush that speaks all proper like to me and beats me as I try to walk around…" Laurence comments with a wink to Rhyeline.

Rhyeline nestles close against Graham's side and peeks up at him. "I know… I… I appreciate your advice…" Then she glances to Laurence and bites her lower lip. Although she knows it was intended to make her giggle, she doesn't find the sentiment too amusing. "He wouldn't punish you for giving me advice… Nor do I think he'd be angry with Hugh, unless he wanted to go through on the plan against my wishes… But…" She peeks up at Graham. "I… I think you're right… I don't think that he would care much for the idea… It is a great risk… too great a risk…"

Graham looks to the broom maker "I think you'll be okay there. But send an owl just in case." he says lightly though his attention is drawn back to the other a she settled closer to him he'll leave his arm around, it's really the norm for these two anyways. "I don't think he would either well yes unless he endangered you on his own, but i'm afraid he'd have to wait in line." he gives her a grin though as she looks to him he nods more seriously "You know that beside yourself i'm one who most wants that curse over with, but we'll find a way to do it that's more safe. For all involved I mean."

"I'm pretty sure your flaxen haired love wouldn't be fond of me anyways, it could just be for kicks." Laurence shrugs his shoulders helplessly before snagging a piece of melon like a heathen and dipping it in the pot of syrup, flashing a grin and taking a deep breath as he sobers up a bit. "Either way, little one. At the end of the day, it is your choice…" He waggles his eyebrows and sucks his piece of melon clean before leaning against the table and pondering. He looks back over to Graham.

Speaking of flaxen hair, a head of it appears in the shop's doorway. Not the platinum locks of Cassius Malfoy, but the honey strands of Bailey Potter, peeking in meekly as she enters the store. "Mr. Touls-…" she cuts herself off, brow lifting in surprise at the sight of the trio breaking their fast together. "Oh, hello. Sorry, am I interrupting? I can return later." Already, she is gesturing to the door, ready to depart in a display of overpoliteness.

"Bailey!" Rhyeline's voice is filled with delight upon seeing her guardwitch. The only one she trusts. She slips an arm out from beneath the sheepskin around her shoulders and reaches for the woman. "Please? Come have breakfast with us?" Remembering her place, she pauses and peeks over at Laurence a bit hesitantly.

"I think you'd be be fine Laurence." Graham says though he's not completely sure on this obviously but oh well who can be sure. He turns out of reflex to look at the door and the one he spots gets a grin "Ah, Bailey it's not my shop but your not interrupting at least from me." He will look to hi adopted sister and is glad for the change of topic. He will allow the shop owner to speak.

Laurence pauses, lips wraps around a piece of syrup soaked melon and he finishes the bite, hand moving to cover his mouth as he chews slowly and swallows when Bailey enters and his eyebrows raise a fraction. "Well then, Miss Atalanta!" He greets cheerfully, smiling softly. "Welcome, welcome, we have pancake bacon strips and syrup and tea and fruit…and deep, stirring conversation, welcome!"

Bailey ducks her head in a reserved nod, giving the group her signature restrained smile. "Thank you. How could I refuse?" She shuts the door gently, stepping close to take Rhyeline's outstretched hand and a seat at the table. "So, what is the topic at hand?"

Rhyeline's eyes shine with such delight. It is a rare moment that the little one is happier than she is now, surrounded by some of the few people she trusts. Holding Bailey's hand, the little one guides the witch to sit beside her while Graham remains seated on her other side. "I brought pancakes… buuut… there are strips of fresh-cooked bacon in each one. Elly made them…"

The door is almost closed when Kahren catches it, and steps in on the heels of Bailey. She glances around the room - nodding to Laurence, and then smiling when she spots Rhyeline on the couch. The woman closes the door behind her, glad to be out of the cold, and then turns to smile at the gathered group. "Rhyeline, I hadn't expected to run into you today. Hello again, Laurence. Mister Cohen." Bailey simply receives a nod of greeting, since she's unfamiliar with the woman.

Graham looks on as the other approaches he smiles "Good to see you again of course. There should still be a bit more fruit." He will watch as the other approaches and sits down he will lean forward and set the plate down lightly. Graham looks up as the door opens again and another enters he recognizes the healer. "Ah, Miss Umbridge." he greets her easily enough as the gathering grows he leans back though gladly.

"Its like a regular Breakfast Party, come in, come in miss…it is very good to see you." Laurence greets kindly to Kahren. "Tea or coffee?" He is in shopkeep/host mode as he's setting out mugs. "I also have some delicious hot chocolate, its that sorts of cold day…always good to drink a bit of chocolate."

"I'm alright," Bailey says to the offer of fruit. "I've eaten already." She returns the polite nod to Kahren, taking a moment to size the woman up and gauge the others' reactions to her. "So," she says to Laurence, "What is the deep and stirring conversation I've walked in on? Or…am I intruding after all? I'm sorry if I'm prying."

Rhyeline sinks a little deeper beneath the blankets warming her when she catches sight of Kahren. There is a noticeable contrast between the unguarded delight in her eyes when she was alone with a handful of individuals she trusted, and when one she does not yet know so well walks in. Her eyes shine with a hesitant hint of caution as she peeks over at Kahren. "Hello Kahren…" she murmurs.

"Tea would be lovely - thank you," Kahren agrees. The couch seems rather full, however - so she happily moves towards a seat at the table instead, relaxing comfortably as she leans against it. "I do hope we're still on for Tuesday evening?" she asks Rhyeline in a cheery voice, pulling gloves off her hands as she speaks.

Graham nods to the broom maker "Exactly, not bad for a quick drop in for mischief on an invoice." He says lightly his original intentions for coming here at least. "Not sure deep and stiring, the usual current events state on the mainland and that kind of thing, but that's hardly a light hearted breakfast so perhaps we can turn that around." he chuckles a bit he looks to the healer "How are things at the hospital?"

"Of- of course," murmurs Rhyeline with a small nod, peeking over at Kahren. At the mention of the hospital, the girl averts her gaze. Slowly she peeks up at Bailey.

"Nothing but the usual," Kahren reassures Graham. "So - as well we can expect." She accepts her tea when it's ready, then smiles at Rhyeline. "I wish I'd brought my flute with me, now. I wouldn't mind at all playing for a few friends and acquaintences. Ah well. You know what they always say about hindsight."

"Well that is likely the best which can be hoped for in the hospital line of work." Graham says he listens further nodding "I didnt know you played the flute, perhaps next time we can have a concert." he says he looks to Rhyeline as she looks away he'll give her a smile trying to reassure her that there's no need to be worried. "So anyone have any plans for the spring time?" he asks trying to lighten things still.

Sensing Rhyeline's discomfort at the mention of the hospital, Bailey gives the woman's hand a reassuring squeeze. "Oh, the flute is lovely," she muses aloud, offering Kahren a friendly, if restrained smile. To Graham's question she gives a noncommittal shrug.

Rhyeline smiles softly up at Bailey, looking reassured before she turns towards Graham and Kahren once more. "Mm… well, I- I was… was actually thinking of- of planting a- a garden."

"A garden?" Kahren asks. "That would be lovely. A flower garden, or herb garden, or vegetable garden…?" she asks.
"I was thinking some picnics would be nice - once it's warmed up enough. There's some truly beautiful countryside to visit, after all."

Graham will look to Bailey a moment nodding before turning to his adopted sister and smiles "A garden, that will be nice." the healer asks his next question so he will wait for the response, but he also will answer her "Yes, picnics will be nice, i'd like to visit the London Zoo again perhaps a day of both a picnic at the park near the Zoo." he ponders "I'd like to travel perhaps a day trip or more if I can get the time off."

"I… I think flowers. Perhaps a few herbs, but- but mainly flowers. I've never thought that- that I'd be in one place for long… but now… I've been considering… setting down some… well… roots," murmurs Rhyeline, looking a bit pleased with herself and her turn of phrase. The little one falls silent for a moment before adding. "It… it was wonderful to see you all… but… I think that- that I should be going…"

"I'll look forward to seeing your garden as the season warms," Kahren says to Rhyeline as the woman prepares to leave. "Have a wonderful day, won't you?"

Graham nods and smiles "That all sounds wonderful, and likewise. I will look forward to seeing it." He looks back to her as she looks to have to go "Aww I am sorry if you have to go little kitten." he will give her another squeeze and does rather seem bummed that she has to leave.

Bailey lifts her brow, frowning slightly to Rhyeline in a bit of a pout. "You're leaving? Is…everything alright?" She gives Rhye's hand another squeeze, but gives her enough slack to pull away if she has to get up.

Rhyeline nods to Kahren in hushed politeness, but finding herself pulled into a hug by her adopted brother and then her hand squeezed, she hesitates. Peeking up at Bailey, she bites her lower lip, "Yes, I- I'm alright… I just…" She glances over at the others, looking a touch self-conscious. "I… there's some work that- that I need to do. But… also, I- I'm… just… still not used to- to so many at once… I… I never… know what to say…" Her cheeks grow quite warm, having expressed this honesty and she lowers her gaze.

"There's no real /need/ to say anything," Kahren answers Rhyeline with an encouragine smile. "I'm sure we'd all love to have you stay, regardless." She takes another sip of her tea, letting out an appreciative sound. "There aren't many things as comforting as a nice cuppa tea, is there?" she asks rhetorically.

"Hey…it's fine," Bailey says softly. "If you have to go, you have to go. But there's nothing to be nervous about, sweetie." She pats Rhyeline's hand.

"You have done very well Rhyeline, and have been doing all you need to do your just talking with us and being here." Graham gives her a proper warm smile "Of course we all want you here, and of course we're all friends."

"I… I know…" murmurs Rhyeline with a subtle blush as she peeks up at Bailey. Looking to Kahren and Graham, the girl offers them both a soft, appreciative smile and nods. "Thank you… That… that is kind of you both to say…" Rhyeline hesitates, looking from one face to the other. Her hands slowly tighten. At last, she stands with a slow, careful grace. "It was good to see you all…"

"See you soon, Rhyeline," Kahren says warmly, before looking towards Bailey. "You know - I don't think we've actually met? I'm Kahren Umbridge," she introduces herself.

Bailey slowly releases Rhyeline's hand, nodding with a touch of uncertainty. "Alright. I'll…see you soon?" Her eyes linger on Rhyeline, still lined with concern. But Kahren's address draws her attention and she dips her head in greeting. "Bailey Potter," she says in introduction. "Pleased to meet you."

Graham will stand as Rhyeline does it was a slim chance that she'd stay, but worth a try for all of the others. He will reach out and give her a hug with a small squeeze "Oh new book comes today, if you'd like i'll come by and drop it off. It was good to find you hear sister." he says to her as he releases the hug. He looks to the others as the introductions happen he nods

The subtle warmth deepens in Rhyeline's cheeks as she nods to Bailey. Graham's hug almost catches the girl off guard. Peeking up at him, she nods. She bites her lower lip as she grins. "Yes… Thank you…" To Kahren, she smiles a bit and murmurs, "Please take care." And of course, Laurence, who is still there and stuff, she bids him a warm farewell. Once Laurence has no doubt helped her back on with her cloak, the girl clasps her hands behind her back and scurries off.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Potter. I take it you're a friend of Rhyeline's?" Kahren comments. She glances after the departed woman, then gets a thoughtful look on her features. "She didn't have those guardwitches with her, today." A bit odd.

Bailey glances to the door, smirking subtly. "Believe me, they are there, even if they're not obvious. And yes, I'm a friend of Rhyeline's, and…of Graham's?" The latter comes out as more of a question when she glances to the Auror.

Graham the auror will watch his adopted sister leave but turn back to hear the healers words as well as the security officer's. He arches a brow at Bailey's words about the guards but he chuckles "Of course your a friend." he says to her. "I don't think the guards are there though if so i'll be fairly disappointed in myself for not noticing, as far as I know they were dismissed." he trusts those in the room at least.

"Were they?" Kahren asks, looking between the two. "Is there not longer a need for them? That would be good. I don't think I'd much enjoy being followed everywhere I went."

Bailey smiles meekly at Graham's reassurance of their friendship. But she mirrors his arched eyebrow when she says to Kahren, "It's an unfortunate necessity for people in a position like hers. The sad truth is that controversial politics can make dangerous enemies."

<FS3> Graham rolls Awareness: Good Success.

The young man looks rather confused, outwardly internally it's not as calm but yaay auror and only the confusion comes through. Graham looks to the healer "Perhaps i'm mistaken, not sure if i'm supposed to say but when she announced her enagement she had said they were not, but of course Bailey works with the security company so I trust her." he chuckles though looking to Bailey "It is quite unfortunate, she still has a rather odd auror watching her." he looks the way she'd gone through the window spotting her still in the street. He hasnt sat down and will look to the pair "One sec." he moves to look out the window closer.

"I don't think it should be so very controversial," Kahren responds in a slightly sad voice. But - well. It is the world they live in. She follows Graham with her eyes, concern showing on her features. "Everything alright?"

Bailey follows Graham's gaze to the window, narrowing her eyes in concern, but keeping her silence for the moment while the Auror assesses the situation.

Graham "It shouldnt be as controversial as it is no, but it will take time for people to change." he ponders a moment though he spots another leaving his shop which he can tell is Thomas. "I'm sure it's alright, but i'm going to check just in case." The auror says turning back to the other two a moment giving a nod to each, before he at least will exit and move out to the street.

Kahren watches Graham with a faint frown, then nods as he decides to go out and check. "If you want to go out and check as well…" she invites. "I mean, I wouldn't. I'd be no help at all."

Bailey peers out the window, but shakes her head. "She's in good hands. If there isn't an issue, all of us going out there might just create one. I can keep an eye on her from here."

Graham watches a moment longer though he watches as she seems to go into the bookstore "Looks like Thomas has her well in hand." The auror says as he turns back to the pair a moment "I know i'm over-reacting but the last two times she's been in trouble i've been kept away one reason or another and it's against my nature." he does manage a smile here as he turns to walk back in.

"Thomas Carrow, from the book shop?" Kahren asks. "Well, if she's with Mr. Carrow then I'm sure she's fine. It's such a wonderful shop, isn't it? Books Unbound. I quite enjoy spending time there, myself."

Bailey nods in understand to Graham. "I understand. It's not easy for me, either." She turns to Laurence, "I'd like to speak with you soon. But it can wait." Rising from her seat, she steps to Kahren, offering her hand. "I should get going, but it was nice to meet you, Miss Umbridge."

Kahren accepts the hand, squeezing it warmly. "And you, Ms. Potter. Have a lovely day."

Graham nods to the healer "The same, which reminds me I need to think of a bachelor party for him as his best man." He facepalms here like he knows anything about that. "Yes I love books though it's one of my favorite things." He turns to Bailey and sighs nodding. "Good to see you again, glad we could catch up a bit more."

Bailey goes to offer her hand to Graham as well. "Hopefully we can do it again soon. Take care, Graham." Dipping her head to everyone, she slips out quietly.

"Mr. Carrow's getting married? I wonder how I missed that news. I shall have to congratulate him. Who's his Miss?" she asks.

"Ah yes he is." Graham says to the healer a moment "Phil Rowle." he says using his friends name as he would normally call her. He says looking over the shop a moment before back. "I'm sure you'll be invited to the wedding it's going to be a grand affair i'm told."

"Phil Rowle," Kahren repeats. "Philomena? She was a couple of years behind me - not that I knew her very well," she explains. "Well. It's lovely for the both of them, at any rate."

Graham nods "That's the one, she's a good friend of mine." He will say happily to the other "Yes it is, very good. I wasnt expecting to be asked to be best man, but i'm honored of course." The auror explains to the healer "I am excited for both of them it will be an adventure for sure."

"I'm not sure if Miss Rowle would remember me - but you're welcome to pass on my congratulations, should you see her," Kahren offers. "I do love weddings. Don't you?"

"She is an reporter so she has a good memory, with the prophet no less." Graham says with a chuckle though he looks to the other about weddings and will look away as if he must check out the window a moment though it's not long before he turns back. Something is lost really in his eyes when he does "Not sure, havent attended many. What sort have you been to?"

Kahren shrugs her shoulders. "I attended the weddings of my Aunts and Uncles, mostly - when I was a child. Other extended family members. And few of my friends from Hogwards who've gotten married, or other Healers."

*Scene Fades with them parting ways for the day.*

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