(1939-03-22) Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 03 - Ravenclaw vs Slytherin
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 03 - Ravenclaw vs Slytherin
Summary: Game Three of the 1938-39 Hogwarts Quidditch Season — Ravenclaw vs Slytherin
Date: 22 March, 1939
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands, Hogwarts

The Ravenclaw Team


The Slytherin Team


In the stands:


On the pitch, This is Elise's second-ever game as a member of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Since the last game didn't go so well, she's been seen practicing with anyone who'll fly with her. Hopefully, it will show in her performance today. She begins the game cautiously, doing her best to score with the Quaffles, and cooperate with her team to keep the Slytherins from scoring.

Kimiko bounces excitedly in the stands, cheering wildly. She's not wearing her silly lion hat today, and though she waves a Ravenclaw pennant, she claps encouragingly for Slytherin as well. She's just happy to be here, and doing all she can to fire up the crowd!

On the pitch, Trading an all too bemused look with Alphard, Solomon looped the Slytherin beater twice before drifting up higher into the skies above the pitch. The pair made a fair team and with all the extra practices… Genevieve stretched long and flat out against her broom, doing a mindful sweep of the area; her attention on the beginning stages of the game as well as the opposing team's seeker.

On the pitch, For Noalan, the Slytherin Ravenclaw game is always kind of awkward. Floating cautiously around the center ring, he waits for the blues to break past the greens. As usual, he hopes to be allowed to just relax this game.

Madeline actually doesn't care very much about quidditch in the least - but one of the other first years has dragged her to the game, gabbing in her ear about the rules, and the different kinds of fouls, and stories she's heard about some of the players.

She's doing her best to be a good sport, smiling and nodding, and even asking the occasional question as they find seats in the stands. "And, umm, how often do they crash into the spectators?"

"Oh, almost never!"


On the pitch, Musidora started the game cautious, hair pinned up and out of the way, but despite that she's managed to look calm and relaxed… she zones in on the action instead of zoning out. Maybe she realized she likes Quidditch more than she thought?

Levi has come to watch the match, sure he plays for the Hufflepuff team but its his favorite sport and yaaay a match. He scoots past a few people to reach his seat where he will plop down into. He looks to whoever might be nearby. "Did I miss much so far?" he asks though he doesnt think so from what he sees.

Kimiko beams at Levi, shaking her head. "Not really. Things are still gaining momentum. WOOOO!" She suddenly bursts with energy, jumping straight up to her feet as a few players zoom by on their brooms.

On the pitch, She's small, but she's nimble, and Elise manages to steal the Quaffle and zoom toward the hoops, her robes flapping in the wind. If the Slytherin Keeper is hoping to relax, they've got another thing coming, because Elise manages to find an empty hoop and score, gaining ten points for Ravenclaw. She gives a war-whoop and grins at her team mates, eager to repeat the performance and hopefully win this match.

Madeline giggles as everyone gets all excited over other students flying by on brooms. I mean - well. Sure it's neat - they're flying on brooms - but it's not like it's the first time she's seen /that/ since coming here in September! "Do you come to all the games?" Maddie asks Levi.

On the pitch, With a low duck, Jenny aimed to avoid an incoming bludger; spared the worry of having it on her tail when Black dove onto the scene, the gleam in his eyes one of entirely too much delight as the resounding crack of the bludger against club close enough to make her ears ring and have her glancing back over her shoulder for a moment. Yet it was a moment that proved to be productive when the gleam of gold caught her eyes and like a bolt, she sped off, in the wake of the bludger towards a gleam of gold.

In the last moment, bludger and seeker split; it veering towards the closest opposition and she? Gaining ground by the second to the distracted thrum of the crowd and the promise of gold. The sound of her teammates duking it out below. The height is dizzying, like the cool whip of the wind and then…there it is. Locked within the cool grip of her gloves as both broom and snitch cease their chase; an all too loud cry of triumph ringing out from above.

On the pitch, Noalan scowls, irritated to have missed a quaffel so early on, especially after that great catch across the field. Determined not to let another in, when Elise breaks through the pack, he's ready. Reading her movements, he darts in the direction he's certain she's about to try to score in, aaand, misses. "Skerda."

On the pitch, Hooch buzzes about, her fair flaxen hair tousling about like a fairy in flight. Her eyes sharp as a hawk as she follows everything that's going on around her. Her snitch shaped golden whistle between her lips ready at any moment to blow. But there is pride in her gaze at the good fair sportsmanship both Teams display. But then, the Referee pulls up on her broom and stares when Genevieve masterfully catches the snitch. The whistle falls from her stunned lips. But she quickly snatches the whistle up before it hits her chest on the end of the necklace it's on and gives it a blow. The sound is thunderous and marks the end of the match between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. "Slytherin Wins! Ravenclaw a good strong start with 20 points! Slytherin finishing at 160 points. Marvelous game!" She applauds and repeats with a wave of her wand that turns all the Tapestries encircling the pitch into Slytherin colored Banner. "Slytherin WINS!"

Kimiko's jaw drops wide open, staring in awe at Genevieve high above with the Snitch in her hand. "I don't believe it!" She claps lightly, not to be disrespectful, but because she's hypnotized by the stunningly fast victory.

The quidditch player watches the fly by before turning as he's spoken to. "Excellent, I was kept up in the halls a bit." Levi says turning to another who asks him about coming to the games. "I try to anyways, when I'm not playing in my houses matches." he says also watching the match at the same time.

On the pitch, Elise's happiness is very short lived, however, when Slytherin wins so incredibly quickly. She's absolutely stunned byt the suddenness of the loss, and for a few seconds it looks like she might actually cry. But she stops herself, takes a few deep breaths, and then starts congratulating the Slytherins on her way down to the green. Perhaps she doesn't sound entirely heartfelt, but she is saying it, and trying, at least, to be a good sport. There's a dejected slump to her shoulders when she lands, and she nearly drags her broom behind her.

"Oh," Maddie remarks, looking up and around at the other players on the field. "The game's over already? That was fast. And you were telling me about games lasting /months/!" she says to her friend, laughing. "That didn't even seem like ten minutes!"

On the pitch, Noalan is just in the process of getting settled back into position when the snitch is caught. He looks around in confusion for a moment, startled at how short that was. He even pulls out his pocket watch to check. "Must be some kind of record." He looks up towards Genevieve and raises a fist in a victory salute.

On the pitch, Genevieve's descent to the ground is a lazy thing, slow and circling like a leaf on the wind; with short hard shakes for the bulk of her team mates and the obliged, "Good game," those who happen to have been on the opposing side. Though Nolan's words draw a cheeky little grin and she doffs an imaginary cap in his direction. "From Hogwarts to the Apples!" For such was the duration of her life's goal.

"There's always more," is the decidedly chipper promise offered in Elise's direction, when she finally touches ground again; broom kicked up to rest over the curve of a shoulder; pride in the gesture. "That was a good shot though, what I saw of it."

On the pitch, After being chased after by a Bludger in an attempt to get it closer to Alphard so he can get an aim on it and send it reeling towards some Ravenclaw proves to be a wild goose chase as the whistle blows just as Soleil had gotten things lined up for the Beater. She looks quite shocked herself and there is a briefest of pouts. But then she's in celebration mode and goes about to each of her team mates and opponents to exchange proud hand-shakes and the occasional hug. "Excellent showing. Cheers."

Levi follows the match though it's rather short lives he watches the seeker spotting and catching the snitch. "That is rare, matches usualy take much longer yikes." he will clap though for the match not really caring which team won or anything though he would have liked a better match.

On the pitch, Noalan begins dismounting his broom on the decent, only dropping a couple of inches when he finishes. "A much better job than I did last game. Took forever to get it." He says, "I'll actually get a bit of free time today thanks to the short game."

Kimiko sighs and shrugs. "It happens. Quidditch really is sort of an odd sport. I tried explaining it to my father, and he thought it sounded rather silly."

"It is an odd sport," Madeline agrees as she watches the players descend. "I don't really get the appeal. I'd rather be swimming. Or climbing. Or reading."

The Hufflepuff Seeker watching the other to can only grin. "I suppose watching isn't as good as playing, but I wouldn't let this match be your deciding vote it was too short." Levi says though he looks back to the pitch the Ravenclaws of course look upset and he knows that feeling too well himself. "Poor guys that's a rough way to lose when it's a good game, it's easier."

Kimiko nods sympathetically to a few Ravenclaws in the stands. "Too true. They barely had a chance to get into the game before it was over. We should send the team a pie, or something. Something to lift their spirits."

"I like pie," Madeline volunteers brightly. "I have some peppermint candies. I think I ate all my chocolates, though." She kicks her feet idly as she talks, watching as other students begin slipping out of the stands.

On the pitch, "..if you don't like it, why play it?" Jenny inquired, staring baffled towards Noalan while he went on about his happiness at free time. What was that? But then there was Soleil and Genevieve offered the girl a hug to go along with her congratulations on a game well played. A smug little smile tossed back towards Alphard as the stands slowly began to empty; one face in particular sought out by the Slytherin seeker and when she found it, she smiled.

On the pitch, Noalan shrugs, "It's fine when it isn't an OWL year, and being friends with a pair of Eggheads doesn't help either." He offers in explanation. One of whom is on the other team. "Well done performance all the same. In a good position to win the cup this year."

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