(1939-03-22) Stop Me If You've Heard This One
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Summary: So a….(Endira) two Auror's an Aid and a Curse breaker all walk into a bar…
Date: March 22, 1939
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Coming out of the warm rain, enter the Leaky Cauldron, is Endira. It is just about the time, when most patrons manage to make their way into the for dinner or a stiff drink after work. Endira moves gracefully over to the bar and slips slowly onto a bar stool, crossing her legs slowly smiling softly at the bartender, ordering a glass of red wine.

Graham enters from the London side of the pub he's not too far behind the other, though enough that he misses the inital walk in and up to the bar. He is on his way there before he pauses spotting the figure "Miss Endira, it's once again been a long long time." he says with a grin and a small bow of his head though he orders his usual well something she might not have seen him do before he has a whiskey shot added to his cider a learned recent habit along with his chips.

Endira smiles as he glass of wine is delivered. Picking up her glass she takes a small gentle sip and smiles softly at Graham. "Ah, Mr. Cohen." she says softly, her lips curling up into a soft smile. "It has indeed been a long time, how have you been, work has been absolutely, killing me." she says with a rather over exaggerated sigh, her free hand moving up and teasing a curl of her red hair slowly.

The auror will chuckle a bit "Ah, so our jobs are having similar affect it would seem." Graham will take a drink before he moves to sit down on the nearby stool. "Well it's good to see you again." he adds after a moment wanting this to be clear. "I susppose work conversation for both of us though. How else have things been?"

Endira, teases the curl for a few moments again silently sipping her wine as if pondering something. "Hmmm Work." she says simply with a small wave of her hand, "Well enough, gotten a few artifacts that have managed to catch my eye, rather enjoyable ones to say the least." she says with a small shrug, "Though I am taken a back, Mr. Cohen, you see a starving lady and you don't so much as even offer to buy her a snack, I am disappointed." he says with a sly smirk.

Graham nods to the other "Sounds interesting for sure, work is about the same for me though much more busy of late." he seems confused at first at her words though understanding them after he chuckles but sighs "My appologies my friend of course your welcome to order from my tab." he says though he'll take a bit more of his spiked cider setting it back down.

The warm weather of spring seems to have come all at once. Instead of the bitter chill of snow, a steady downpour of rain. Rhyeline scampers into the Leaky Cauldron looking like a half-drowned kitten. Trembling with a bit of a chill, she scurries over to the fire. Someone really needs to invest a bit of time to learn the drying spell.

Endira lets out a soft giggle, which she stops with her hand, "Mr. Cohen, I am of course, kidding." she says with a playful little wink. "How about you, what besides work as the Great Mr. Cohen been busy with?" she inquires curious, tilting her head, he attention being pulled away briefly by the entrance of another, the smirk widens.

It's habit to keep an eye on those coming and going a work trait it's hard to turn off, and so he does look up when the door opens and sees the one who enters and smiles he will try and wave her over if he can catch her glance before looking back. "No such person i'm afraid." Graham says with a chuckle but continues "Nothing of note i'm afraid. I finished a new book?" he says not really wishing to go into many current events.

Rhyeline doesn't notice the smirk nor the wave her adopted brother makes to try to catch her eye. The little one is far too intent upon the warmth of the fire. A barmaid approaches with a warm glass of mulled wine and presses it into her delicate hands. Rhyeline peeks up at her with a soft and rather shy smile before nodding in thanks. It is then that she notices Graham and Endira. Her smile brightens upon catching sight of her brother, but looking to Endira, she hesitates to approach.

He is distracted a brief moment by the smile he'll wave her over again he will give a smile showing that it's okay he hopes at least. Graham will drink more spiked cider and eat a few chips while he's at it. He will watch between the two now waiting or at least hoping Rhy will come over though he does turn looking towards the door again and about the place as he remembers something it would seem.

A tall witch in a worn looking cloak slips into the tavern. She casts a brief glance across the room before heading to a small table to sit alone. She seems as unremarkable as the wizard that follows her in not long after to head straight for the bar. He orders the strongest ale they have before he has even settled onto his stool.

The door from Diagon Alley opens, and Shelley steps through, a package wrapped in brown paper and twine held in one hand. She glances around the room - her gaze sliding past Graham with little sign that she'd even seen him, before making her way to the bar. Leaning against it, she's brought a fresh bottle of firewhiskey and a glass is poured before the bottle is left in her possession. She remains right where she is for the moment, sipping her first glass.

Endira watches the movements and hustle and bustle of the Cauldron silently for a long moment, as she takes a sip of her wine. Smiling gently down at Rhyeline, making a small gesture for her to join them, before her attention is back on Graham, "Ah a book you say?" she asks curiously, "Nothing wrong with finishing a book or two? Which book if you don't mind me inquiring?" she says slowly, her right index finger now moving slowly across the rim of her glass.

Rhyeline glances to Shelley from where she stands at the fireplace when the witch steps into the Cauldron. Somehow, she has managed to stay dry while Rhyeline drips like a bedraggled kitten from the sudden downpour of rain outside. She clasps her hands tight behind her back, as she glances back over at Graham and Endira. Catching their beckoning, she hesitates a moment more before approaching. "Hello…" she murmurs, peeking up at the pair. Then to Graham, she adds, "Umm… could… could you… help me get dry? Please?"

Graham looks back at the door opening a few more people enter including an unknown witch and Shelley who gets a nod though he'll look back both at approach from his adopted sister and to his friend. "I have kept up with a muggle spy novel and it was one of them in the series newest infact." he looks Rhyeline when she gets close enough. "Of course, it is one of the reasons I waved you over." he reaches to his sleeve and with a flick sends a bit of a swirling drying wind which wraps the shy adopted sister person in a moment leaving her warm and dry. "All set." he replaces his wand. "Please sit, i'll get you a warm drink and some food." he realizes he's not introduces them though "Sister, this is Endira, Endira this is Rhyeline."

Shelley takes another drink of her whiskey, before turning to consider the room for empty tables. There's a few - but none of them up against the wall, which is her general perference. Damn.

Rain is annoying. It tends to be quite annoying. However, when you're the likes of Leonardo Zabini, a little water is nothing to such an adventurous spirit. He strides into the Leaky Cauldron and stands just inside the entrance for a moment, taking a second to look around as though he had just apparated in or something. But no, he walked and now he's making sure that eyes are coming towards him, because he should be looked upon when entering in from the watery depths of Diagon Alley.

Endira wrinkles her nose a bit at the mention of the muggle novels, "While I can't say I am personally a big fan of their fictional works, their Historical works, tend to be interesting enough, even their… interesting circumstances." she says slowly, her finger still moving across the rim of her wine glass. As Rhyeline shows up she offers her a gentle smile, "Ah, Miss Diderot, how have you been fairing?" she asks softly. Her attention moving towards, Leonardo's as he makes his entrance, raising a small eyebrow.

Rhyeline gives a soft squeak when the warm air swirls around her to dry her robes. It leaves her hair rather ruffled. Peeking through her loose, wavy locks at Endira, she nods, "I… I am well. Thank you. And… and yourself?" Just then, she notices Leonardo Zabini's arrive and with a look of husedh caution, she bites her lower lip.

Graham will turn to notice Shelley and will give a nod if she wants to join it's an invite of course, before back to the group "We've spoken about history a bit, it's preferable to me many times, but I do enjoy many types of books i'll admit." he looks back as they speak "Sorry bout that, don't have the knack for keeping things neat with that spell." he grins but he glances following her gaze to the door he notices her caution though he'll look back.

Shelley lets out a quiet snort at the way the man near the door is practically posing for attention, then turns her gaze back to sweep the room again. There's a table with a couple, up against the wall, who seem to be finishing off a shared dessert. Perhaps they'll move off soon…?
Graham's nodded invitation is ignored, as she sips her whiskey again.

"Everyone." Leonardo greets the entire Leaky Cauldron with that statement, before reaching up to adjust his satchel. He moves with a relative quickness towards the actual bar, where he pulls a stool out with his foot and turns to sit down on it and faces out into the bar itself. He props his elbows back onto the bar and leans, before flipping a Galleon up and into his hand, before slapping it down on the bar. "Next round is on me." Oh, the generosity. Or bribery. Or attention whoring. Pick One.

Endira continues to tease the curl, "Well personally I fail to see the appeal of Muggle Fiction." she says with a small shrug of her delicate shoulders. Bringing the glass to her lips again she takes a small sip, "Ah, Miss Diderot, I have been well enough. Though I must say you are certainly looking much healthier, since our last encounter." he says sitting her glass down and waving her hand slightly, not seeming to paying much attention now to the gentleman who just purchased rounds for the whole Leaky Cauldron.

The young auror notices that his nod doesn't get noticed or well is ignored. He will glance to the new arrival as he speaks to the pub but then back to his adopted sister and the other ministry worker at the bar counter as well. "That's the good thing about books there is a sort for everyone." Graham says giving a grin though as Rhyeline speaks to Shelley he wonders what the difference in response will be. In the mean time though he does lean over to Rhyeline and speaks something in lowered volume a moment before seeming to watch her for response.

"Muggle Fiction?" There's a scoff that comes from Leonardo's direction as it becomes quite obvious that he's simply just listening to people's conversations because he can. He rolls his eyes and immediately gives a dismissive wave of his hand. "Why do they even write anything down? It's not like they have the slightest interesting story to tell." He grins just a bit, uncaring if anyone is actually paying him attention or not. "No stories like the ones I have, anyway."

You whisper, "I will need to speak to you soon, or this evening if your not busy, something Bailey said in Laurences shop." to Rhyeline.

Even given the woman's soft-spoken tone, it's always hard to miss one's own name. Shelley glances towards Rhyeline, her expression almost considering for a moment before she manages a small smile. "Hello again, Miss Diderot," is her only greeting, followed by a nod of her head.

Endira, giggles softly, her hand moving up to cover her mouth. "Well their History is interesting enough." she simply says with a small wave of her hand, "Oh and what stories do you have? Traveling down the orient? Trekking through the sands of the deserts? Do tell." she says with a soft sly smirk, before catching the exchange between Rhyeline and Shelley, her eyes moving over Shelley slowly for a moment, tilting her head as if considering something.

Rhyeline's young features brighten with a soft smile when Shelley manages a small smile of her own. The scoffing at muggle fiction brings out a subtle furrow between the girl's brows. But she says nothing. She still holds a warm glass of mulled wine in her hands and brings it to her lips for a small sip. The whisper in her ear makes her blink and tilt her head. She peeks up at Graham with a question in her eyes, but she remains silent for the moment. The mention of desert sands pulls her attention to Endira and Leonardo.

"All of the aforementioned. And more." Leonardo is all about stealing the attention away from whatever else is going on and putting it on himself. "Far be it from me to boast about my adventures, but I've come closer to death than any Muggle could even imagine. I stare death in the face every single time I travel to such vile and exotic locales. And every single time, I come back here. I come back home. Unscathed." Leonardo grins and then holds up a finger. He immediately starts rolling up one of his sleeves before holding his arm up for those gathered to see a particularly ruined part of his skin. A scar that looks to be in the shape of a serpent's jaws clenching down upon his arm. "Almost." What? Leonardo knows that some witches dig scars.

Graham will listen as Shelley answers his sister though he's glad for this at least though. "Shelley good evening." he will greet trying it out for himself now. He does look back to catch the question and answer with the newest arrival, but if he's bothered it's not really shown he does catch the look from Rhyeline and gives a smile in return not wanting her to worry or anything.

Shelley gives Graham another of her 'Really, Cohen?' looks - though it's quickly transfered to Leonardo, with a disbelieving snort. "If you're trying to impress - you've really picked the wrong crowd," she points out in a dry voice. "We don't impress easy."

Endira beyond sly, the I am going to get in trouble, smirk creeps across her face. Turning on her barstool, she brings her legs up a bit more crossing them and rubbing them together, her eyes move across Leo's scar, and rather over enthusiastically her eyes move to the scar, "Ooohhh please tell the tale?" she says in a rather sing song voice, a small flicker of amusement running across her eyes as she bats her lashes at him.

Rhyeline blinks at the scar but doesn't seem particularly impressed by his boastful mention of death. She glances to Graham, her adopted brother, who she knows brushes against death far too often. But, Endira encourages him. Lowering her gaze, she drifts over to stand a bit closer to Graham as she sips her mulled wine.

Leonardo narrows his gaze upon those gathered and he calmly rolls the sleeve of his shirt back down, covering the scar once more. "You had to be there." is the snarky exit of dealing with his current crowd. And after he just acquired drinks for them all too! Ha! There is a bit of a rolling of his eyes, before he spins on his stool and turns to fully face the bar. He digs into his satchel and comes out with a dusty old journal and unwraps it, planting it on the bar and starts getting back to work. Hmph.

The looks from Shelley gets a look it's a bit sad but its to be expected but she speaks to the other who's showing off a scar he'll look back to Endira as she pushes him on a bit though that's not something really to be paid attention to unless there's trouble. Rhyeline gets a smile she knows he's far understated about his job or anything he has or hasnt done so it's not a big deal. Graham will reach over and give her a one armed squeeze after she moves closer and he'll take a drink and bite to eat.

Shelley can't help but laugh as the man abruptly falls silent, and glances back to the table she was considering. Ah, look! The couple is moving off! Jugging her package, her drink, and the rest of her bottle of whiskey, Shelley starts towards the abandoned table, slipping into it. Always best to have your back up against the wall, isn't it?

Endira presses her back against the bar, snatching up her glass of wine and taking a sip, "I will never understand males and their attempts at attracting mates." she says with a small wave of her hand, before taking a long hard sip, "Now I am bored. Hmph." she says with a rather exhausted sigh, her hand gentle moving the wine glass in circles. "Anyway, Miss Diderot, what is it that you have been preoccupying your time with as of late?" she asks curiously, tilting her head, her gaze now leveled on Rhyeline.

Rhyeline blinks as Shelley heads off without so much as a nod of greeting to Graham. She is about to murmur something when Endira fixes her attention upon her. "Oh… umm… just… well… I am- am still working for- for the Unity Movement…" Her gaze flits to Graham before she peeks back up at Endira, looking a touch self-conscious.

Leonardo orders his Firewhiskey and proceeds to flip through pages of whatever journal he's gotten ahold of this trip and just focuses on that right now. He's got to figure out some things before he heads back into one of those dangerous adventures that nobody cares about. He's quiet and working, but still getting his eavesdrop on for all those that are chattering nearest by.

Graham watches Shelley as she moves off, he truly cant help his nature of wondering if it's still from his mistake with perceived paying for repairs or if something else is going on. He'll watch her until she reaches the table and lingering a moment before turning back as Endira speaks, he cannot help but chuckle a little though "I'm afraid that's beyond my skility." he will answer the newly arrived man as he goes back to work he'll eat a chip though Rhyeline gets a reassuring look.

Once in her seat, Shelley pours herself a fresh drink, leaning back into her chair to watch the room. She takes a sip, and props her feet up on an empty seat, looking perfectly content for now.

Endira keeps her gaze locked on Rhyeline as she takes a small sip, "Yes yes, aside from work dear." she says sounding a bit impatient. "You are an interesting specimen, certainly you have something interesting to chit chat about?" she says sitting her glass back down, her hand idly moving to stroke the rim of the glass.

A subtle warmth emerges in Rhyeline's cheeks as Endira maintains her keen focus. "Mm… I…" she bites her lower lip and sneaks a peek up at Graham. The reassuring look seems to calm her, but still- the girl is surrounded by far too many people at once to be at ease. Lowering her gaze, she sets down her nearly empty glass of mulled wine before she peeks cautiously over at Endira. "Forgive me… I… I should be going. There is… is much work waiting for me."

Graham is listening to the pair though in this crowded environment he knows that shyness may win over and it does seem to do so after she tries to speak. "Perhaps I can walk with you?" he will offer he's not wishing to ignore anyone of course but he does need to talk with Rhyeline given the confusion after what he'd said earlier. He does look to Endira whom likely knows of the shy nature as well. He finishes off his cider "We'll have to catch up soon." he says.

Firewhiskey gets downed and the glass turned over on the bar. Concentration is not going to happen in this bar. Not with all of these shenanigans going on behind his back. A couple of notes are made in the journal and Leo tucks it back into his satchel with ease. Drinks are paid for and he's hopping up off the stool and immediately heading off towards the exit. Though, he makes sure to make a bit of a spectacle about it by raising his hands, "You're all welcome, by the way!" How dare no one thank him for buying the entire Cauldron some drinks! Scoff! Huff! Etc!

Shelley's gaze wanders the room as she drinks, periodically returning to Rhyeline, Graham and the others near them, but not lingering for long. Her fingers drum idly on the side of her glass as she passes the time idly. She watches the braggart on his way out, amusement quirking at the corners of her lips. He's something else.

Endira takes a sip of wine, "Next Friday, Eight." she says slowly her eyes moving across Graham, "It's a date then." she says with a small smirk, smiling at Rhyeline, "Well as always, it was nice seeing you, we will have to catch up, have a witches night out or such." she says softly with a wink. Picking up her glass of wine, she waves her hand in the air slightly, "Any way, you two behave." she says moving towards Shelley and not even asking, just sitting across from her, her eyes staring out at her as she takes a sip of her wine silently.

Rhyeline watches Leonardo storm off in a huff with a blank look, not knowing what to make of the concieted young wizard at all. Endira's invitation catches her a bit off guard. "Oh… em… a-alright…" She accepted! Now it's official. She peeks up at Graham and nods before heading for the exit. "Good night, Shelley…"

Shelley watches the woman take a seat across from her, her eyebrows raised wordlessly. She takes another sip from her whiskey before offering finally, "Max, wasn't it? Scared off Diderot already? Not that it's terribly hard… A mouse's sneeze could send her scurrying."

Endira takes a sip of her wine, "Just call me Endira." she says softly, her hand softly playing with the little bit of wine in her glass, "Seems I may have, timid little thing, adorable though and curious specimen." she says nodding slowly, "Though now I am curious about you, you seem…" she stops her finger moving to tap her lip slowly, "Curious." she says with a smirk.

Shelley shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not an object to be puzzled over," she remarks in a dry tone. "You're better off sticking with Diderot."

Endira, waves her finger in a tsk tsk motion, "Correction, everyone is something to be puzzled over." she says slowly nodding, "You, Me… Graham." she says pondering for a moment, "Interesting fellow, no?" she asks curiously.

Shelley lets out a snort. "Interesting?" she asks. "There's little puzzle or mystery to the man. Don't know that there's much 'interesting' about him."

Endira nods slowly, "That could be said about mainly, however in my studies, I find that often times, the mysteries they hide inside are much deeper and complicated then many others." she says with a small shrug.

"Yeeeah - enjoy your search. Cohen's pretty straight forward and…" Shelley gestures with her glass, "forthright, if you ask me."

Endira smirks, "Well I suppose those are the most curious." she says with a small wave of her hand, "Though we are getting a bit too deep into things." she says taking another sip of her wine, "So you seem to in a rather cheerful mood tonight." she says jokingly.

"I've always had a sunny disposition," Shelley 'agrees.' "I'm rather known for it, I think." Reaching for her bottle, she refills her glass.

"Oh I can tell, I do however have a curious question." Endira starts, sitting down her glass on the table, "Why are you avoiding Graham or is he avoiding you?" her lips curl up into a tight smirk.

Shelley shrugs her shoulders. "It's only that he forgot to bathe again after an arduous day. You couldn't tell?" she responds, with a dry smirk of amusement. "Don't know how you could stand it."

Endira smirks slightly, "You don't like me much do you?" she asks rather straight forward, shrugging her shoulders, "Understandable, I suppose." she says with a small nod.

Really, how many people /does/ Shelley like? "Whatever gave you that impression?" she asks. "Gracious. Am I being rude again? My mother would be simply appalled."

Endira smirks again, "Simply curious, I will have to keep an eye on you, Prewett." she says slowly tapping her chin for a few moments, "Maybe two." she says before standing up, her hand moving to toss away a stray bit of red hair, "I certainly look forward to our next encounter." she says with a nod, "Always a pleasure." she says before heading towards the exit.

"And won't that be fun," Shelley remarks. She's seated at a table against the wall, feet propped up on a chair, with a parcel wrapped in paper next to her, and a glass of firewhiskey in her hand. The rest of the bottle sits on the table. Endira has just stood, and is moving towards the exit.
She's lets out a quiet sigh. "Nosy little viper," she mutters under her breath. What? She /was/ a Slytherin.

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