(1939-03-23) A Merry Meeting
Details for A Merry Meeting.
Summary: Rena and Aldrin meet for the very first time.
Date: 1939-3-23
Location: Ministry of Magic Atrium

"What a lark!" Rena calls out to one of her coworkers from the doorway of Law Enforcement. The gentleman in question quirks an eyebrow warily at her for her enthusiasm. She's a strange one, alright. The plucky little redhead appears to be on her way out of the office. Her dark green woolen overcoat is not buttoned up tight, and she waves a pale green scarf joyfully: "No more winter woolens soon, yea?" Of course, she is referring to the fact that it's beginning to look like spring outside, and she will no longer be forced to hunker down against the winter winds on her long walk home.

Aldrin steps out of a floo, ignoring the flashing flames and smell, and looks round. It's early morning and he appears to be in a hurry. Clutched beneath his left arm is a thick, brown folder containing various papers. He pulls out something on a golden chain, looks at it and mutters, "This cannot be. So little time, so much to do…"

Carefully folding her scarf into quarters so that it can be safely tucked away in her pocket, Rena stops paying attention to where she's
going for a moment. Unfortunately, it's just a moment too long. She very nearly bumps into Aldrin in his hurry to get wherever he's going.
"Oops!" Rena stumbles back, just in the nick of time. "Awfully sorry," she murmurs. Then, giving Aldrin a quizzical look as he mutters about time, she tilts her head slightly to one side: "You know, you remind me of the white rabbit…"

Aldrin stumbles. Despite the efforts of the woman he attempts to avoid, yes, the folder drops to the floor and scatters papers everywhere. He looks defeated. Suddenly, his voice goes quiet. It's very hard to hear over all the racket, "Whatdidyousay?" He pauses a moment and then declares, "Oh, of course, Carrol a k a Dodgson…hmfph. Let's not lapse into Appolonian-Dyonisian characterizations…shall we….umm." He stops babbling long enough to see who he is talking to. Instantly, he smiles, "I must apologize. Yes, white rabbit…heh heh…very clever."

The folder's contents are scattered hither and yon, and Rena couldn't look more abashed or apologetic if she tried. "Ere now, let me give an 'and at least!" She exclaims, immediately crouching to help pick up the scattered papers and so-forth before they can be trampled underfoot by the busy, ever-moving Ministry traffic.
Peering up at Aldrin briefly, Rena narrows her eyes somewhat before chuckling: "I wasn't trying to be clever. You just reminded me of 'im, that's all." She replies, drily.

Aldrin automatically crouches as well and begins to hurriedly gather up the papers. His face reveals how upset he is with the disorganization, the chaos of randomly stacked documents…his face winces as each paper is obviously placed out of order. "No? well, you strike me as a very clever person, indeed." Standing up abruptly, he draws his wand and waves it, muttering, "accio report", just under his breath. The papers fly and re-gather before him. With careful movements, he stoops and picks them up and then stares at the young woman attempting to render aid. "I don't believe we've met? I am Aldrin Summerbee. Charmed to make your acquaintance…" He offers a hand to assist Rena up from the floor…

The young woman regards Aldrin with the air of a curious sparrow as they attempt to piece the mess back together again. His remark about her being clever merits a small, fairly shy smile; but she doesn't reply.
They don't work fast enough to suit Aldrin, seemingly, and he makes order out of chaos easily with a flick of his wand. If Rena were more clever, she might have thought of that. Still, she accepts the offered hand and smiles: "Pleasure is mine, Mister Summerbee. Could be we met at school at some point and it'll come back to me, someday." She remarks, remembering to introduce herself as an afterthought. "Lee… Irene Lee, but everybody calls me Rena. Least-ways, I prefer they do."

Displaying easy strength, Aldrin assists Rena up, though it's apparent she needs no such aid. He can't help but look at his watch. What he sees evokes a sigh of resignation. Instantly, he is relaxed. "Well, that's over with. Spilt milk, sour milk and all that rot." He listens to
Rena's expository introduction with interest. It can be seen that he is contemplating what she says. Suddenly, his eyes blaze with recognition, "You're an Auror! How could I be so daft? I've heard of you, of course. I'm very pleased to meet you, indeed." His report is all but ignored…whether in order or not.

Usually, when people say that they've heard of Rena, it is accompanied by a disdainful glance… or a worried one. Happy enthusiasm is rare, and a welcome change from the norm. Honestly, Rena was about to cringe when Aldrin realized that he recogized her.
"I..uhm…" Now she seems to be suffering a fit of shyness. Taking a moment to recover herself, Rena finally manages a brighter smile: "I
'ope you 'aven't 'eard the bad things, mostly. I'm a bit clumsy, and I'm only an initiate, yet… but I do my best." And she always means well. Even in the worst of situations.

Aldrin's face smiles in genuine fondness, though he's just met Rena. "I've heard nothing that anyone could consider 'tarnishing to ones
reputation', my dear. Perhaps one day, you'll give the tale of your exploits to Griffith and I…maybe over afternoon tea, sometime?" Now that his appointment seems to be missed, all anxiety has vanished from his face. The watch is replaced in a scruffy pocket. The folder is an
encumbrance, no longer of any significance.

Rena looks to be nothing short of relieved. Perhaps her utter insecurity with regard to her job is what makes her somewhat qualified for it in the first place… but she's never sure of herself as an Auror.
Her demeanor brightens up, like the springtime sun that must be shining outside of the Ministry right now, and she beams at Aldrin: "That'd be lovely, that would - sure as sure. And I'm not 'ard to find. If I'm not in the office," she points her chin over her shoulder, "And not on a job, I'm at 'ome in Diagon Alley."

From another shabby looking pocket, Aldrin draws forth a card. Surprisingly, it appears clean and acutely professional. He smiles, "My dear, I hope you'll accept my card…well, /our/ card, really." It reads: Griffith Tarrant, Private Detective and there is an address beneath that name. The address is obviously in Diagon Alley. "I'm looking forward to tea, sometime. I'm sure Griffith will be as equally…hmmm…charmed."

Rena takes the lovely card in hand, and she flashes a genuine smile back at Aldrin: "Thanks awfully, Mr. Summerbee. Looks like we're
practically neighbors! I'll be glad to drop 'round sometime when it's convenient, I'm sure. My fiance and I don't work the same hours, and I'm often alone at 'ome. You can be sure I'll return the favor in future too."
Pausing to slip the card into her handbag for safekeeping, the redhead adds: "I should be getting 'ome though. Maybe we'll get breakfast
together today, if I'm lucky…" Looking up again, Rena grins: "Lovely to meet you! And I'll be seeing you soon."

Making no effort to disguise his admiration, Aldrin smiles in return. He nods a farewell and turns back, stepping into the emerald
flames…and vanishes…

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