(1939-03-24) The Daily Prophet - Unity Press Release: Rena Lee
Details for Unity Press Release: Rena Lee
Summary: The Unity Party issues a statement on recent events involving Rena Lee and Brad Moody
Date: March 24, 1939
Location: N/A
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In a press release to the Daily Prophet today, Cassius Malfoy spoke on behalf of the Unity Party:

It has come to our attention that a member of our organisation has taken it upon herself to speak for the party. Rena Lee's upcoming appearance on the W.W.N. programme Cauldon Talk, and her offer of a moderatated debate with host Brad Moody, were not sanctioned by the Unity Party. While we are more than willing to discuss our policies on public platforms, we do not feel that an entertainment programme is the appropriate venue for serious political discussion.

If Mr. Moody is interested in a fair debate, the Unity Party will furnish a representative to debate him in him a public event, moderated by Daily Prophet Editor-in-Chief, Verita Hardwick. I am sure that Mr. Moody can agree that Ms. Hardwick's journalistic integrity and reputation for uncompromising neutrality make her an ideal selection.

- Cassius Malfoy, Unity Party Leader

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