(1939-03-25) WWN: Cauldron Talk - The Debate
Details for WWN: Cauldron Talk - The Attack
Summary: January 6th Broadcast of Cauldron Talk, were your host Brad Moody, speaks about the recent attacks.
Date: 1939-01-06
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade
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After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Let’s find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Good morning, today we are starting off with things a little different. I am going to start the show with fan mail. Well I suppose it might not be fan mail.., but she says she is a regular listener! I recently reached out to Auror Initate Rena Lee, in regards to the recent //situation on Diagon Alley, in good faith and wanting a fair account of what happened, I sent her a letter requesting her on Cauldron Talk, now before we get too deep into her reply.

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My Dear Mr. Moody,
As a regular listener of your programme, I did notice your restraint in not yet mentioning the recent near-incident in Diagon Alley. I would like to make clear that my involvement was not as an Auror, nor in association with the Unity Party or DFDL. I acted on my own principles. As no more than a concerned individual, I welcome the opportunity to give my account of it on Cauldron Talk.

We stand on opposite sides of this debate and yet we have one thing in common: passion about our beliefs. I am willing to discuss the recent near-incident in Diagon Alley on your programme, but I feel we should further the debate on neutral ground. At that time, I would speak in my capacity as a representative of the Unity Party.

Thank you again for your kind invitation. Should you accept my proposal of a public debate in which we represent the Unity Party and Army of Truth, I will accept your invitation to appear on your programme.

Auror Initiate Rena Lee

For those who are curious of my response, I accepted the debate, why would I not? The truth pierces through the darkness, just the same as light. But let move onto some interesting facts, not opinions among the various rather convoluted of the near riot, that I had invited Miss Lee to appear on the show to clear. She states in her letter, she was not in association at the time of handing out pamphlets, such as “Army of Lies: Grindelwald's Great Deception”.

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Now I am all about people voicing their views, such as speaking about people with “Muggle Connections” such as it is reported that Miss Lee had said at the start of her demonstration. The thing though, speaking about an “Oncoming War”, and the happen chance of Miss. Diderot being there.

But my listeners, this was not a Unity organized demonstration, I mean that certain seems to be what Miss Lee is imply, am I wrong? Curious times we live in, when one can one moment, claim that they are doing things not to represent a political movement, but very shortly later state that if I was to give into their demands, what they want, then yes she would be a Representative.

Keep in mind; I have reached out to members of the Unity Party in the past and have gotten nothing back. Though they hold the TRUTH hostage, to meet on their grounds and terms, this is a sad tactic to use. Though I can understand, those who oppose the truth will require less then gentlemanly tactics to convey their thoughts.

As I explained to Miss Lee, most Witches and Wizards understand that their actions, what they do, are always for their institution, name, or company they keep. Why wouldn't it have been nice, at Hogwarts, if we could have said, “No No I was not representing, Ravenclaw when I did that?” and kept the House from losing points? Apparently, this life lesson that was instilled in many of us, that our actions affect others, that we represent more than just ourselves, was lost on Miss Lee, perhaps a different in Muggle Upbringing.

On the topic of bringing up children, many of us are rather busy. We have jobs, busy with the various Organizations we represent, while we love out children we can't just leave them with anyone. That is where, Little Merlins come into play, providing a positive Pre-Hogwarts Wizarding educations, to young Witches and Wizards, since 1894. Don't let your kid fall behind, give them the education they Should have before Hogwarts and the one they Deserve.

The path the Unity Party wishes to take is that of uncertainty and instability. While the Great Grindelwald provides up with a path of Prosperity and Stability! I call on all the Witches and Wizards who hold the great pride to remember, Grindelwald Command Us, And We Will

Remember we are the Future! Your Children are the Future!



It is time for Our People, Our World, Our Leader for The Greater Good. Rise Up and let your Voice be heard!

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