(1939-03-26) WWN: Cauldron Talk - Extra Edition: Interview With Rena Lee
Details for WWN: Cauldron Talk - Extra Edition: Interview With Rena Lee
Summary: March 26th, extra edition broadcast, in which Brad interviews the now increasingly famous Rena Lee.
Date: 26 March, 1939
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade
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After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Brad: Let’s find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk Extra Edition, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Good morning, Everyone! On today's Cauldron Talk, Extra Edition I have the buzz around town with me Miss. Rena Lee! Now before all you people, start to get crazy ideas in your head, I invited Miss Lee here today and even provided her in advance, all the questions I am going to ask. Please Miss Lee, can you confirm this for our listeners?

Rena: "Yes, Mister Moody. That's absolutely correct."

Brad: Thank you Miss Lee. Now The reason I invited Miss Lee here is to give her a voice! To let you hear her voice! So I assure you that I am very thankful that Miss Lee accepted and I will tell you Miss Lee, my listeners are equally thankful. So here we go, lets start this off, Miss Lee Are you still a member of the Unity Party, as recognized by the party?
Rena: That's a difficult question to answer simply. I suppose my answer will 'ave to be in two parts. Because, you see, I still believe in a good deal of what the Unity Party stands for. 'Owever, as Mister Malfoy made it very clear that my outspoken methods are unwelcome. I suppose that I'm technically no longer a /welcome/ member of the party in any capacity… beyond being silently supportive in the background.

Brad: Truly unfortunate, to clear that up for the listeners, and please Miss Lee, correct me if I am wrong, you are stating you are not a recognized member of the Unity Party, however you still believe in their message offer then your support?

Rena: "Yes, that'd be the case."

Brad: Truly a loss for Unity Party, to loose such a wonderful and active member who was so dedicated to their cause. Now for the sake of full disclosure, I did not provide the following question to Miss Lee, and I accept her right to not answer if she does not feel comfortable answering, But Miss Lee, what exactly happened? It seems you are being painted in a negative light, can you please for everyone clear up what exactly happened?

Rena: "I can't see any reason not to answer, as we're being honest and above board with each other, Mister Moody… I thought it was prudent to seek advice on your initial invitation. Mister Malfoy felt that the Party should counter your offer for an interview with an offer for a debate on neutral ground. Which is fair enough, but it didn't answer your questions… which is why I answered you in the way that I did. Apparently, I overstepped myself by taking the initiative to negotiate with you personally, and you saw the aftermath of that in the Daily Prophet."

Brad: Truly a shame, that Mr. Malfoy came up with the idea, and then you simply did as he asked. In my eyes, you didn't over step your bounds Miss Lee and I thank you for your reply, it was indeed the polite thing to do. As far as the debate goes, all that has ever been required of the Unity Party is to simply send an owl, no need for negotiations or such round about tactics. Now moving along, Miss Lee, What are you views of the current Statue of Secrecy?

Rena: "I understand the fears be'ind dropping the veil, as they say. Don't think I 'aven't considered them long and 'ard. As a Muggle-born, I spend my life walking between both worlds and I can see both sides of the issues. If England weren't on the brink of an all-out war, I might be more inclined to lean toward Preservation. But, as a wise American leader once said: A house divided against itself cannot stand. In the face of this potential war, England needs to be united. As a nation, it is strong - but just imagine how much stronger it would be, if we could only settle our differences and co-exist peacefully. /We/ would be mighty. And this is not a matter of Might Is Right… but Might FOR Right.

Brad: I will remind my listeners that this is one of their peers, just like me and her opinions are worth just as much as our own, whether you are undecided, part of the Preservation Society, The Unity Party or the Army of Truth, a difference in views is another thing that indeed makes us strong and Great. Now once again for full discloser, I had not previously notified Miss Lee of this question as it is dependent on her answer to the previous, so she as always has the right to refuse to answer, but Miss Lee, I am sure many of my listeners are wondering, how similar are your views to that of the Unity Party? I will also note, that Miss Lee is not speaking in capacity of the Unity Party, but simply of her own perception and opinion.

Rena: "My view is that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and actions. And we live in an era of great change and upheaval. I believe that the Statute of Secrecy must necessarily fall - but, as I stated many months ago, I believe that Muggles, Squibs, Muggle-born, Half-blood and Pure-blood /can/ and must live in this world as equals. Because, regardless of blood status, we all have one thing in common - our Humanity. We will be far stronger together than apart."

Brad: Thank you again Miss Lee, for your insight, though to clarify on my question, are you saying that your views are similar to that of other members or are you choosing not to answer the question?

Rena: "In as much as the Unity Party believes in repealing the Statute of Secrecy, and is seeking to bring about peaceful integration between this world and the other - my beliefs are very much in line with them. However, as you've seen, I tend to be a little more impulsive in my methods. I'm no politician."

Brad: Thank you for clarifying Miss Lee and don't worry about being a Politican, my listeners are not after politicians they are after people just like themselves. I will note now that I did notify Miss Lee in the letter about the possibility of follow up questions for clarification and have provided her the chance to not answer any of them. On to the next topic, Why do you feel that the Army of Truth and the great Grindlewald is a danger to the Wizarding world?

Rena: "Because I believe in peaceful resolution to conflicts, and the equality of all humans. It's as I mentioned before. It's like the difference between Might-Is-Right and Might-For-Right. We need to stop fearing our fellow man - and they need to stop fearing us. We need to live by each others' 'appiness, and not each other's misery. We need cleverness to survive this oncoming darkness, but it needs to be tempered with kindness… Grindelwald and 'is supporters 'old to a very strict core of beliefs, and they are none of the things I've just mentioned. That is why I believe they are dangerous. Their methods and beliefs are more likely to cause a second war than to cause any kind of unification."

Brad: Well we will agree to disagree on that Miss Lee. But I thank you for your honesty on the topic and I am sure my listeners thank you also. I will remind my listeners that just because someone doesn't have the same viewpoints as us, doesn't mean we can not discuss them and that they can not be voiced. This my listeners is the simplicity of simply sending an Owl to talk about things, versus holding the truth hostage and using underhanded tactics, just to have a simple conversation about the topics on everyone mind. Now once again, in full discloser, this question was not previous provided and you have the right to decline an answer. How similar is this line of thinking, with those you have encountered within the Unity Party? Once again, Miss Lee is here simply to voice her opinions and her thoughts, she is not representing the Unity Party in any capacity in this interview.

Rena: "I'm afraid I can't really answer that question very well. I don't want to overstep myself and claim to know for certain. I'll just say that, in my time there, I did find a number of fairly like-minded individuals.

Brad: I understand Miss Lee, we have already seen what happens when one oversteps themselves with Mr. Malfoy apparently. Thank you for your honesty and and both myself and my listeners greatly appreciate your presence here today. So Miss Lee, What do you feel needs to happen, in order to usher the Wizarding World into a new Era?

Rena: "Well, for a long time now, I 'ave made my stance clear on this. Ignorance and fear are the biggest enemies we face, in all honesty. I believe that understanding is the key. Politicians can work it out amongst themselves just 'ow to bring about the dropping of the veil, but education is necessary to dispell fear and ignorance. We 'ave a lot of ground to cover /if/ the statute of secrecy /is/ dropped - which is certainly no guarentee. But, if it does occur, Muggles need to be educated about /us/ and we need to be educated about /them/. Only then can we learn and grow together, striving toward a better future."

Brad: That is a very good explanation, I really wish we could have had the Debate and had a chance to hash topics, but I promised you we would not do that in this interview. Your honesty and understanding of the topics at hand are certainly amazing, it is simply a shame that the Unity Party has lost you, though it amazes that you have stayed so fiercely loyal to the Unity Party, even after, how this recent situation has been handled, your resolve is unmeasured Miss Lee. Now on to the last question, What are your views of Cassius Malfoy?

Rena: "Firstly, I will say that I didn't come 'ere with the aim of maligning Mister Malfoy. Until the last week or so, I 'ad little interaction with 'im, and I've never been able to fully form an opinion of the man. 'E's never been anything but polite and gentlemanly with me, even though we disagreed in the end. I think the man is a product of 'is class, and as such, will be 'ard pressed when it comes to dealing with anyone of lower status. I come from /the people/, Mister Moody. The world is made up of more poor people than rich, and it will be difficult for them to identify with a man who 'as never known hunger or the cold, or wanted for money. 'E believes that 'e can win them over by providing these things. But, there is a part of being poor that Mister Malfoy underestimates… And that is pride. Some might be won that way, but others tend to live by a code of honor that won't accept any favors not freely given. I expect that 'e will have 'is work cut out for 'im."

Brad: Thank you, and I don't think you have said anything harsh towards Mr. Malfoy. Truly amazing Miss Lee, that someone could do what has been done to you, yet you still hold such high views of the Party and can be so civil about the man who's idea it was to negotiate, instead of simply talking to me. I think most of my listeners will agree, that this has been a wonderful interview and you Miss Lee have been excellent. Your insights have been amazing and I am sure will give plenty of my listeners much to chew on, in thought. I look forward to our interactions and would like to state, that though Miss Lee and myself have different views, I regard her very Highly, for her ability to be honest, polite and her willingness to talk instead of play simple games.

Though I will leave my listeners with one last thought, today. If the Unity Party is so willing to use such tactics, to disregard their own members, is it truly the right Party for you?

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