(1939-03-26) WWN: Cauldron Talk - Let's Play a Game
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Summary: March 26th, broadcast, in which Brad talks about Cassius Malfoy.
Date: 26 March, 1939
Location: WWN, Hogsmeade
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After the Opening Theme fades you are greeted by the very distinctive voice of Brad Moody

Let’s find the truth, this is Cauldron Talk, with yours truly, Brad Moody.

Good morning, my Soldiers of Truth! Today we are going to play a game called, “Who said that?” It is pretty simple, I am going to ramble off some fun quotes from a rather interesting man, and you get to try and guess who it is! So let us begin:

“The proponents of the Army of Truth seek to widen the growing schism in our world.”

That lovely tid bit was in reference of me and my “call to arms”, to which in fact was no such thing, but a call to protect ourselves from further harm from the evil that is plaguing our world and society.

“Secrecy has not shielded us, it has made us vulnerable.”

This tid bit was taken by the same man on the topic of us hiding from Muggles, you know the people who burnt us on stakes and things like that, with their weapons that can as he says, in an interview done my Phil Rowe of the Daily Prophet:

“Muggles’ weapons were powerful enough to wipe us out without even knowing we are here.”

Perhaps even more reason to stand up against the evil of the world? More reason to call to protect ourselves from the harm that some wish to welcome into our homes, that some wish to accept as equals, if calling to protect ourselves from this is a call to arms, then perhaps that is a call to surrender?

“Division has harmed us long enough.”

That one is also from the same address, as the first one, in regards to the Attack on the Sykes Gala. This as we all recall was a horrid act of violence that was uncalled for and has also been condemned by myself and the Army of Truth.

Now if you guessed, “Cassius Malfoy” you are right! Good job! Now you may be asking why we played this little game, while because recently there has been some rather fun conversations between me and the Unity Par… Well I guess it wasn't the Unity Party according to the Unity Party, so I guess now it is flipped. Wouldn't it have been amazing at Hogwarts, if when someone messed up, we could have said “Oh hey! That person doesn't represent the house of Ravenclaw when they did that!” to keep out house from losing points?

Now I am going to read to you the lovely thing that Cassius sent into the Daily Prophet.

It has come to our attention that a member of our organisation has taken it upon herself to speak for the party. Rena Lee's upcoming appearance on the W.W.N. programme Cauldon Talk, and her offer of a moderatated debate with host Brad Moody, were not sanctioned by the Unity Party. While we are more than willing to discuss our policies on public platforms, we do not feel that an entertainment programme is the appropriate venue for serious political discussion.

If Mr. Moody is interested in a fair debate, the Unity Party will furnish a representative to debate him in him a public event, moderated by Daily Prophet Editor-in-Chief, Verita Hardwick. I am sure that Mr. Moody can agree that Ms. Hardwick's journalistic integrity and reputation for uncompromising neutrality make her an ideal selection.

- Cassius Malfoy, Unity Party Leader

First let me say Mr. Malfoy, absolutely stunning! Not only did you live by your words, by not, segregating people, including members of your party and creating a Division, because you know that harms us. You also managed to rip down yet another veil of Secrecy, showing all the members of the Unity Party, that if you mess up, you will read about it in the Prophet!

Better watch what you say and do, Unity Party members, otherwise Malfoy will write about you in the daily Prophet. Now some of you might be saying, “But Brad, you have done the same thing when people of the Army of Truth have acted out of line!” The difference is this, when someone wearing the Eyes of Truth does something, I openly admit on air that perhaps my words have been too hard. And it is true, sometimes the fear and anger of the world I love being destroyed creates a passionate response, that can be misinterpreted. Though I work to educate my Soldiers, I work to make sure that in the future, it don’t happen, again.

Now if I was too simply condemn their actions that would simply make them bitter, but through education we can learn and grow. Now how is Mr. Malfoy going to treat those poor Muggles if they mess.. up? He certainly doesn't seem like the type to //educate his Party members on the issues that this member of his Party created. Yet he is going to lead the Wizarding world, into a new Era with educating the muggles about how safe we are. Maybe the muggles are a bit safer away from Malfoy!

Now on to the topic of a debate, once again I fail to see why I need to asked again to a debate. I mean if Malfoy really wanted to get with me, all he has to do is have Miss Diderot, send me an owl, I like to reply to people and would have been glad to accept!

But I would like to point out a something that took me a few moments when reading what Mr. Malfoy wrote:

“While we are more than willing to discuss our policies on public platforms, we do not feel that an entertainment programme is the appropriate venue for serious political discussion.”

That is in the prophet and signed by Mr. Malfoy, okay I will give him that, this is an Entertainment Programme! That is true. But let move on to the next thing he says:

“If Mr. Moody is interested in a fair debate, the Unity Party will furnish a representative to debate him in him a public event…”

Now what does this say? It says that “Hey Brad Moody, your show is not worthy of us to come on and to “Openly” discuss our views! But you the guy who is just an Entertainment Radio Host, sure you are good enough." Seems kind two faced, if you ask me. But hey what do you expect, Malfoy is a Politician and me? I am just like all of you out there, just your everyday ordinary Wizard, and that is what I do with my show, look out for everyday witches and wizards!

Now some of you may be going, “Brad don’t go!” but like I said, I am a pillar of truth. The truth breaks through the darkness, because the truth is light. It is the words we need to be set free, from those who wish to bring evil into our world.

So since I am not important enough for an owl, from the Unity Party, here is your answer Malfoy, let’s have a debate, but I don’t want a representative of your Party, I want you. Cassius Malfoy, it is time that you stand up and say what you have to say to me, to the Army of Truth. Show the members of your party, that Unity is the right answer. Name the place and name the time and we will talk!

//Remember we are the Future! Your Children are the Future! //




It is time for Our People, Our World, Our Leader for The Greater Good. Rise Up and let your Voice be heard!

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