(1939-03-28) Mysterious Aspirations
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Summary: Professor Black is the former Chief of the Department of Mysteries, making him the perfect person for Morgana to get advice from about becoming an Unspeakable.
Date: 28 March, 1939
Location: Study of Ancient Runes Classroom, Hogwarts

The decor of the Study of Ancient Rooms classroom has altered considerably since Professor Flint vacated it. While it is no longer so spartan and cold, one could still hardly call it cheery. Numerous decorative tapestries and scrolls adorn the walls, all bearing some significant runework, but works of art unto themselves.

Professor Sirius Black stands before the blackboard, fingers resting thoughtfully on his chin. He gestures with his wand, and chalk marks appear, drawing out various runes and symbols, then erasing others. When the door creaks open, he glances to greet his expected guest. "Miss Rashley," comes his resonant voice, "Come in, come in."

Runes is one of Morgana's favorite classes, so when Professor Black agreed to meet with her, she was thrilled. She's still in uniform since it isn't the sort of day that one is allowed to wear anything else but, however she did take several moments to freshen herself up and make sure everything is impeccable. Once she steps into the classroom, she'll fix her posture and walk toward the Professor's desk. "Thank you for meeting with me Professor Black, I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions."

Professor Black smiles, forming deep lines in his weathered face, and says, "Docendo discimus. We teach in order to learn." He tucks his wand back under his robes, then spreads his hands wide. "What can I help my best student with?"

Morgana nods her head at his little motto and smiles faintly. "Indeed." Waiting until he asks those questions and has to refrain from showing off a bit of pride at his statement. "Well Sir." She begins, folding her hands behind her back. "I know it is no secret that I wish to become an Unspeakable after my NEWTs are completed. However I find myself nervous that I have not done enough to be accepted into the department. I know that there is little you can tell me, given the nature of the department, but I wanted to know if I was at least on the right track."

Black gives her a knowing smile. "I expected we would be having this conversation soon." He folds his hands before him, adopting a sagacious pose. "As I am sure you've surmised, the Department of Mysteries is like no other section of the Ministry. I find it admirable that you aspire to join them. In my opinion, you have the intelligence for it. Though, if I may offer some constructive criticism, you also have a habit of being very rigid in your thinking. Logic and reason are excellent academic tools, and they will serve you in the Mysteries. But you must also train your mind to think in the abstract; to account for unquantifiable variables such as emotion, dreams, even death."

"I should have spoken too you sooner, but I have been a little overwhelmed this year." Morgana begins and she listens aptly to what he has to say, much like she would do during one of their lessons. When he brings up her flaws, she frowns just a touch and nods her head. "Yes that is a flaw I seem to have. It's not that I am unable to think in the abstract, I just find comfort in logic. However I am not pursuing becoming an Unspeakable to be comfortable, I am sure if I really wanted to be comfortable I would choose another path."

The old professor chuckles, his hooded eyes sparkling darkly. "Too true. Nobody chooses the Mysteries because they want to take it easy. There is no vocation more challenging…and none more rewarding. But, I should caution you about your future plans. It is highly unusual for any graduate to be recruited directly into the Department of Mysteries. Nearly every Unspeakable in history has spent at least a year in some other profession. It gives the department an opportunity to observe how you adapt to a professional environment. And…" he leans in, lowering his voice conspiratorially, "…it gives them opportunities to test you. To put obstacles in your path to gauge how you respond to them."

Morgana frets her lip as she hears this news, but other than that she does not seem effected by the news. "I was unaware of it, perhaps I should not have sent my research ahead of time, but that owl has long since flied away." Morgana says, as she shifts her weight on her feet, obviously taking a moment to think a few things over. "What is it that you did before you joined the department?" She figures that's an easy enough question.

Professor Black lifts his hands in a calming gesture. "No, no, sending your research was a good choice, and something I would have advised. It puts you in their sight, and shows them that you are serious about wanting this." He gives her a gravelly chuckle. "As for myself, I did much as you did. I wrote a thesis on the relationship between time, love, and death. It was drivel, mind you. But it got their attention. But what I think may have really done the trick was when I challenged them. I reasoned that Unspeakables live for mysteries, so I would give them one. I devised a complex riddle in four parts. Each part was necessary to construct the final riddle. I considered myself quite clever. They responded with a riddle of their own. The answer of which turned out to be a time and place for me to meet the Chief Unspeakable for an interview."

"Most of what I wrote was theoretical, since I had no way of testing it out to prove my theory. I sent five essays, but my largest one was about wand cores and the creatures that they come from." Listening to the rest of his story, Morgana nods her head and reaches her finger to her lips to lightly tap against them as she thinks all of this over. "Well I can hardly do what you did, I wouldn't want to be accused of copying the former chief." She says with a nod. "This.. has given me a lot to think about, I am sure the time over break will be illuminating." Or at lease she hopes so.

"Just be patient," the professor advises. "Don't be discouraged if you hear nothing. They will be watching you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to demonstrate not only your intellect, but your capacity for thinking outside of normal parameters. Creativity is just as vital as logic. Perhaps even more so."

Morgana nods her head, which turns into a pseudo bow. "I will be patient." Well she'll at least attempt to be patient, she pauses for a moment, as if mentally going over a list in her head, but instead just extends her hand to the professor. "Thank you Professor Black, for meeting with me and getting myself in the right direction. I really appreciate it."

Sirius clasps Morgana's hand in both of his own. "It is my pleasure, Miss Rashley. You are clearly meant for great things. Now you must determine the course you will pursue in the meantime. Your choice of alternative profession will be examined just as closely as everything else you do. Good luck."

"I will keep that in mind Professor." Morgana says, waiting until he releases her hand before backing away. "I will see you after the break Professor, enjoy your holiday." She says politely, before turning and leaving the classroom.

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