(1939-03-28) Stop or I Will Shoot!
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Summary: Lewis, a muggle detective, tracks a thief to the Leaky Cauldron where he tries to steal Rhyeline's purse. Kahren steps in to help her little friend and Aldrin and his beloved boyfriend (npc) do the arresting, but not before Lewis fires off a shot from his firearm.
Date: Friday, March 28th, 1939
Location: The Leaky Cauldron

The cryptic scrawl on a scrap of paper about a witch's pot that holds no potion has led him here. The wizarding tavern is as quiet tonight as it gets. People in cloaks sit scattered throughout the room, nursing tankards of ale and butterbear. A little mouse of a girl wearing an fine silk dress sits alone at the bar, sipping a glass of mulled wine. The thief that the Private Investigator is tracking has a penchant for naive young ladies and one so wealthy looking is sure to attract his notice tonight. Lewis has only to wait.

Warming her hands against its sides, Rhyeline gazes at a copy of a newspaper where photographs flicker and flash in amongst the text. Her gaze flits across the stories- mere glances, but she lingers on the pictures.

Lewis walks into the bar and has a seat. A pot with no potion. No clue what that means. He figured it was reffering to this place. Hopefully, he'll manage to catch this guy. He asks the bartender for a beer.

Rhyeline peeks over as someone takes a seat a few places over. She gazes at him with a hushed curiosity for a time before returning to her copy of the Daily Prophet.
It didn't take long at all. A set of green eyes gleam from beneath a drawn hood as a shady looking wizard stands in the doorway leading out into London. He keeps wiping his hands down the front of his robes, long after pulling the door shut. He slowly makes his way through the tavern peering this way and that. At last, his gaze settles upon the pretty little thing sitting not far from Lewis at the bar.

Lewis is handed a beer. He lookes at Rhyeline a moment. And then at a shady figure. He believe's he's found his guy. He sips his beer, and then puts a hand on his gun, casually. He doesn't want to draw too much attention to himself, especially if he doesn't have the right guy.

The shady figure keeps his eyes fixed on the delicate creature in the silk dress to Lewis' right. He draws back the hood of his cloak to reveal sandy blonde hair to go with his bright green eyes. Licking his thumb, he smoothes his brows with the look of a hungry fox. As he steps forward to lean casually against the bar, his back to Lewis, he adopts a confident smirk as he simply stares down at Rhyeline. Slowly, the little one peeks up at him with a hint of apprehension. He reaches to pluck the mulled wine out of her hands and sets it aside. "Can I buy you a drink, little song bird?" he asks.

The door from the London side opens to show Kahren, wearing the strange combination of checkered trousers and suspenders, topped by a jacket and a bowler hat she wears as her 'going out in Muggledom' clothes. She carries a sack in one hand, looking quite pleased with herself, as she makes her way over towards the bar - her steps slowing and a look of puzzled concern crossing her features at the tableau in front of her.

Lewis continues to keep a close eye on the shady figure. So far, the pieces were coming together. Of course, he'd have to actually catch him in the act.

Rhyeline parts her lips to speak but can't quite seem to find words. The little one is at quite a loss. The cad leans in closer, reaching to take her chin between his fingertips. Lifting it, he gazes intently into her eyes. "As dark as the richest cocoa…" he purrs with a broad smirk. Meanwhile, his other hand makes its way to the coinpurse at her waist. The girl stares wide-eyed up at him in a frozen panic.

The fact that he's lifting Rhyeline's coinpurse goes completely behind Kahren's notice - all she sees is that the man is harrassing her friend, and that she cannot abide. "Ex/cuse/ me," she says firmly, striding forward towards Rhyeline. "Don't you think you're being unsuitably forward?" she asserts, giving the man a disapproving frown.

At a table to the side, as if deliberately out the general way, a young man sits. He has a bowler hat set on the table and is wearing long, dark robes. His face is fair, but dominated by thick eyebrows and dark eyes. Floating and moving beside him is a small notepad and a quill. The latter are in constant motion. The scratching of the quill to the paper is quite audible. The young man is muttering, "And Abigail Van Hozack, no, was not in the vicinity. John Marker, also not in the vicinity…*sigh*…Mary Bludgeon, recalls nothing of significance…indeed I wonder if she even comprehends the word…moving on." And so on, he mutters.

Lewis catches the man stealing from her. That's his guy. He sips his beer and then turns to the bartender "I saw that man take that woman's coinpurse. Could you have someone guard the exit?" he says as he points to the theif in question. He stands up and walks over to them. He says "Is this man bothering you?". He then says "Also, is your coinpurse still on you?"

The thief releases Rhyeline's chin as Kahren strides forward to address him. He regards her with a cunning, calculating look as he grins at her. "Are you this one's little guardian, then?" Rhyeline bites her lower lip as she peeks over at Kahren, but just then, Lewis' question makes her blink. She hesitates before patting her hip and at once her gaze fixes on the thief. Silent, she nods. But by then, the thief is in the midst of a hasty retreat. "Now mate, there is no call to go throwin' accusations as such. I just been talkin' to the lady. But I can see when a man ent wanted. I'll leave 'er be."

A tall, blond man walks in. His presence seems to immediately dominate the room. He cannot be unaware of his affect on all present: handsome, dynamic, enthralling. Pausing at the door, he divests himself of hat, cane and gloves. Noting that no one is likely to take them in had for him, he casually disregards the lack of service. He calls, "Aldrin, my man…I hope I haven't kept you waiting?" With masculine grace, me move to Aldrin's table, grabs the startled man's face and kisses him briefly on the lips. He seats himself with ease and apparently gives the room no intense scruitiny….an action in defiance of his next words, "My man, I should advise you…the quest must go on! Yes, even here, apparently."

Aldrin blusters a bit, receives the kiss without a specific reaction, then looks round, "Griffith, here?" He takes note of the others and what is happening and looks disappointed, "Oh, that, yes…I thought you meant the Ban…" He is shushed by a quick gesture by Griffith. Still, they appear to be looking at nothing in the room.

"Just a friend," Kahren answers, though from her gaze it's clear she doesn't approve of the man's forward nature with her soft-spoken friend. She seems about to speak - but then another man is approaching, and asking about stolen coinpurses. She blinks in surprise, her hand going cautiously to the slim pocket which holds her wand. She watches the thief begin to retreat - coin-purse still in hand.
"Are you alright, Rhyeline?" she asks in concern.

The bartender nods and moves off for a quiet word with a busboy. Both glance over in the direction of Lewis and the unfolding drama before heading off to each take an exit. On the way to the fireplace, the busboy tells one of the wenches to guard the door leading to London. The bartender takes the Diagon Alley exit.

Lewis sees her shake her head and then says "I saw it, and she confirms it. Hand it over". He then sees an MLE officer. He shouts out to him "You there? Can you search this man? I believe he stole this woman's purse?" He steps back a little, preparing for the possibility that the theif's first response would be to zap him with his magic wand. He puts his hand in his jacket, and places it on the gun in his shoulder holster.

The thief holds up his empty hands when Lewis calls the attention of an MLE officer. "See 'here, I ent done nothin to the lady, but talk to 'er. If she lost 'er purse, that ent no fault o'mine." Rhyeline slides down from the stool and moves to stand rather close at Kahren's side. Peering up at the thief from her new vantage point, she finds her voice at last. "I had it a moment ago," she murmurs before looking to the MLE officers.
The thief knows he's in a tight spot. Chances are they'll find the purse hidden on his person. He sizes up the staffers guarding the exits and bolts for the fireplace, already pulling out some floo powder. The skinny-armed busboy fumbles to draw his wand.

Griffith smiles sardonically, leans over to Aldrin and says quite clearly, "Your turn, my man. I'm prepared, of course."

Aldrin rolls his eyes. The notepad and quill drop to the table as he stands up, sighing, "You there. I order you to surrender! Don't make the mistake of disregardng me. I am Inspector Summerbee, MLE." So saying, he draws a long wand from his cloak and points it directly at the thief.

Kahren spares Rhyeline a reassuring smile - but then the thief makes a run for it and, uncertainly, she draws her wand. "A-arresto…" she starts - her hand tightening on her wand, but she never finishes the spell. /Attacking/ another human being with a spell? She just /can't/.

Lewis pulls out his gun and clicks off the safety. He shouts "Stop or I will shoot!" Of course, the man probably won't listen. If he gets too close, he'll try to shoot at the hand holding the floo powder.

The busboy launches forward at the theif, but the villain simply side-steps him and the poor kid goes stumbles into a few chairs. The order from Aldrin goes quite ignored, but Lewis' shout gives him pause. He hesitates, for just a moment. It might be long enough for a very lucky shot. It will take him only a second to throw that fistful of floo powder into the flames.

Griffith Tarrant smiles amiably, watching as his boyfriend becomes quite agressive. Quite confident in his man's abilities, nevertheless, he maneuvers his cane so as to trip the runaway thief. Just in case.

Aldrin sighs and shouts, "Stupify!", his wand aiming directly at the criminal. There is a blast of eldritch power from the wand, tracking unerringly at the thief…

Kahren lowers her wand slowly after her self-aborted attempt at a spell - but then the man near them is suddenly shouting about shooting, and brandishing a - gracious! Is that a Muggle gun?! Eyes wide and heart thudding in her chest, she tries to draw Rhyeline back and away from the action.

The Thief had managed to dodge around the other attempts to apprehend him. That's when the last straw has been pulled. He aims for the hand, the hold holding the floo powder. He gets the hand in the sights of the Colt .45. At the end of the silencer came a small flash, and a 'pew' sound, leaving a single piece of brass coming out the side, and a missile shaped piece of metal out of the front end, heading towards the theiving appendage.

Rhyeline's eyes widen at the sight of the muggle firearm. She has yet to see one in person, but she knows exactly what it is and how dangerous it is. The thief had overwhelmed her a bit, but now a true edge of fear shines in her young dark gaze. She keeps quite close to Kahren as the woman draws her back.
The thief sees the jet of red light shooting for him just in time to dodge out of the way. Leaping over that attempt to trip him earlier was a simple matter as well. The 'pew' of the gun barely registers as an excruciating pain blasts through his hand. Floo powder scatters everywhere and with a wounded roar of pain, the thief doubles over, clutching his hand.
Rhyeline squeaks at the roar of pain and clings to Kahren, hiding against her.

Griffith Tarrant smirks, idly retrieving his silver-headed cane. Quite ineffectual, as he expected. Meanwhile, he stares at Aldrin.
Aldrin moves to the incapaciated Thief, sighing with disdain,"You are hereby under arrest. for thievery." Turning to the victim and witnesses, he calls, "You will be required to testify to this crime." From his pocket, the notepad and quill re-emerge, "I'll have your names before you leave this building." His tone is decidedly blunt.

Kahren wraps her arms protectively around Rhyeline as the other woman clings to her - wincing silently as the man cries out in pain. She turns her head to watch the man from the MLE take control of the situation - and then raises her voice to call over to him. "Please - I'm a healer at St. Mungos. I can see to his injury," she offers.

Lewis blinks for a moment after the gun goes off. He clicks the safety back on and then puts it in his holster slightly hastily. He sits back down on a barstool and turns to the bartender. He puts some money on the table and says "Whiskey, and uh, a little extra for the trouble."

The thief carries on like a cow stung by a bee. Attendance from a trained St. Mungo's healer would be most welcome- both for the end to the pain and a chance to escape. But, the MLE officers are having none of it. One apparates away with the thief while the other takes names and statements. Rhyeline is a bit shaken and keeps quite close to Kahren throughout the process. When the second MLE officer apparates away, things start to calm down at last.
Rhyeline bites her lower lip, still standing close at Kahren's side. She has been watching the revolver-wielding detective in silence for some time now.

"Well that was… invigorating?" Kahren offers in a wry tone. "At the very least - got my heart pumping. I do wish they'd let me heal the poor man's hand - I hope they get it tended soon." She lets out a sigh - she really doesn't like to see people suffering if there's something to be done for it.
She offers Rhyeline an encouraging smile, before adding, "I could really use a drink. I'm a bit torn between mulled wine, or rum."

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