(1939-03-29) Foster Bird
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Summary: Kahren comes to Claws and Effects for her father's owl potions. After Boudica puts a sign up for the lost saw-whet owl, Rena comes in to offer to adopt the poor thing should the owners not present themselves.
Date: 29/3/1939
Location: Claws and Effects
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It is a spring night. The weather is cool and overcast.

The waiting room of Claws and Effects is empty. However, it is not without sound or movement. Boudica has put a sign up in the window with a moving image of the small saw-whet owl Signe brought in asking if it belongs to anyone. No one has yet to claim it. However, there is hooting and ruffling noises, as the vet has brought in her own owl to keep it company. They are the same breed, but Dymphna is a nervous and shy creature, while the newcomer is boisterous and friendly. Both are on the counter, under the watchful eye of their guardian witch. Despite his mending wing, he continues his attempts to sidle up to Dymphna and hoot in greeting. Dymphna - unamused - continually attempts to hide in Boudica's robe, not learning or caring that every time she succeeds, she's placed right back not he counter by their guest. "Be nice, Dymphna. He's lost and is a guest here."

Kahren slips in - running her usual errands on Diagon Alley, and holding a sack with some of her purchase. She smiles brightly at the vet, before letting her gaze be drawn to the two owls on the counter. "Hello, Boudica. Who do we have here today?" she asks curiously - stopping a short distance from the counter, so as not to crowd or unnerve the creatures.

Another wet day. Of course, one can't expect spring to come into full bloom without the aid of drizzling showers and utter downpours - and so, Rena doesn't seem to be too bothered as she walks down the street. In fact, she is quite the opposite of bothered, seemingly, given how she pauses every so often to splash in a puddle along the way. She has an umbrella to hold over her head to keep the rain off of her clothing, and rubbers pulled on over her shoes.

"…It is vain to remain and chatter, and to wait for a clearer sky.
Helter-skelter, I must fly to shelter, til the clouds roll by."

Rena sings while moving along. However, she pauses mid-song outside of Claws and Effects. Her attention is captured by the picture of the tiny owl in the window. Moving closer, she puts a hand on the glass and smiles wistfully at the little creature. What could be the harm in going in and just taking a look? She hesitates only a moment longer before following Kahren into the waiting room.

The sound of the door opening draws Boudica's attention from her charges and Dymphna takes the distraction to flutter up onto her owner's shoulders and wriggle her feathers at the other owl much like an old lady would adjust her pearls after a run in with a ruffian youth. The other owl tilts his head curiously, but does not attempt to follow. "Evening, Kahren!" The vet grins. "Your potions are just in the back. Someone brought in this little guy last night with a sprained wing. His wing is healing up properly, but he may belong to someone, since he's so used to humans. I'm keeping him here until it can be figured out. I thought Dymphna might want to keep him company, but she's such a fussy thing." As Rena enters, she gets a smile and a greeting. "Evening! Can I help you?"

"Well, he's just darling, isn't he?" Kahren answers, crouching down to get at the tiny owls level. "I've always found these tiny fellows to be so charming. I'm not sure they're entirely /practical/ - but definitely charming."
She glances towards the door again as it opens - and smiles at the woman who strides through. She seems familiar. Wasn't she- "Oh, yes. Miss Lee! Hello again," she greets the woman warmly.

A little timidly, Rena hangs back in the doorway for a moment. She does flash a smile in greeting, but she pauses to fold up the umbrella and give it a good shake out the door before actually letting it close behind her.
"Ello, M'am," she says, keeping her voice slightly down as to not startle any animals. Kahren is recognized as well, and Rena grins broadly: "'Ello, Miss Umbridge. I was just passing by the shop and I saw the picture in the window…" Pausing, she can't help inching carefully over to the petite owl. "'E's absolutely adorable, 'e is!" She says with a small chuckle, obviously quite taken with him already. Remembering herself, the young redheaded woman straightens up and adds a bit shyly: "If…if you can't find 'is owners, or someone to give 'im a place to live… Would you consider adopting 'im out to someone like me? We 'ave a lovely garden at our 'ouse - with trees and all. And…I 'aven't got an owl, myself."

As if she is used to this, Boudica scoops Dymphna off of her shoulder and places her back on the counter. The owl grumps as the other bird happily hops over and attempts to nuzzle. "He certainly is a sweetheart. And friendly despite his injury." As for how practical they are, she nods. "I can only really use Dymphna for letters, she's too small for anything but small packages. But, that's what the post owls are for. She's a dear, despite her grumpiness."

Once Rena shuts the door behind her, Boudica nods. "I certainly would. I'd keep him myself, but soon I'd have a zoo instead of a flat if I kept that up. It's in danger of that already. You can leave your name and address and I'll be happy to owl you should his owners not turn up. Or, once he's healed, you can foster him. I'll keep the sign up for a month or so and if the owners contact me, I'll let you know. I'm sure he would be far more comfortable with you than to be kept here at the vet all month."

"How lucky for him - to have ended up here, and to have found a potential home already," Kahren remarks warmly. "Does he care for strangers?" she asks, cautiously moving her hand towards the bird, while watching him for any sign of reaction.

Despite her initial timidity and worry in asking so bluntly about the owl, Rena's fears all seem to wash away with Boudica's answer. Smiling warmly, she glances between Kahren and the animal doctor: "That'd be lovely then. I surely wouldn't mind letting 'im 'ave the run of the place while 'e's 'ealing up and waiting to see if an owner appears."
That said, she moves over to the counter and takes pen in hand to write out her name and particulars for her address. She can hardly be blamed for occasionally being distracted by the antics of both little owls while she works. And when at last she has done, she tugs the paper off the pad and hands it to Boudica. Smartly written out: Rena Lee - No. 3 Resident Alley. And in parentheses, she adds… (It's the only Japanese house in Diagon Alley. You can't miss it.)

"Yes, he should be quite grateful to the young woman who brought him in." Boudica grins. "He seems to love strangers. And newcomers and probably even cats. It would have been a wonder if he survived long outside. I'm sure he would bounce right up to make friends with an alley cat only to be dinner in minutes." As if in response, the young owl hops over to Kahren's slowly outstretched hand and hoots softly, stretching himself to get closer to what he hopes will be pats. The vet laughs softly as she watches it happen. She takes the paper and quickly glances over it to makes sure she can read Rena's handwriting (the old stereotype about doctors and handwriting must carry over to their magical counterparts). Satisfied, she tucks the sheet into a drawer behind the counter. "I'm sure he'll be glad of the company. And Dymphna, sadly, will be happy to be rid of him."

"Oh, what a little doll!" Kahren exclaims, letting out a quiet laugh as the creature hops onto her hand. She strokes it gently, beaming all the while. "Just look at him? Someone is surely missing him…"

Rena grins, watching the owl in question as he bounces into Kahren's hand. Stifling back a giggle, she agrees: "I'm sure if 'e's got an owner out there somewhere, they're missing the poor little'n." However, a flicker of something close to sadness shows in her eyes for a second. A fleeting thought about how someone might lose such a precious little pet - and it shows up injured in the alley. Best not to voice it, though - this is a happy little gathering.
Shaking it off, Rena smiles again: "Don't worry about 'armful critters at my 'ouse, though. My fiance 'as a much bigger owl, but 'e's a bit grumpy and aloof. I can't see 'im giving this one any trouble. Oh!" She remembers with a chuckle, "We also 'ave two koi fish in a pond."

Boudica nods and allows Dymphna to hide herself in her robe while the other owl is distracted ingratiating himself to the receptive witches. "He barely put up any fuss during his exam, too. He's either very well trained or just a friendly thing. It will be nice to know he's being well taken care of while searching." The sadness from Rena is not caught, instead the vet remains oblivious and ignorant of the ills that might have been visited upon the owners. With a soft laugh, she adds, "I'm sure you'll take good care of him. And I think he should be safe from koi, unless he falls into the pond."

"And hopefully he's smart enough not to bother with a body of water too large for him - but birds can be rather drawn to water…" Kahren remarks, as she considers the owl on her hand, giving him gentle strokes, careful of his injured wing. "You're not foolish enough to try bathing in a fish pond are you, little owl?"

"Oh dear," Rena laughs at the thought. "I think 'e looks a good deal too clever to do anything that foolish!" Pausing, she fixes her gaze on the tiny little owl for a moment, and he looks up at her in turn…owlishly. He blinks, and she laughs again.
"Alright, that settles that. I must be getting back 'ome. But I think I'll wait to mention about the potential foster owl for a bit. I'll save it for a more… opportune time." Who doesn't hold out on their significant other when making significant purchases or bringing random pets into the home? Anyone?

"You /all/ 'ave a lovely evening!" Rena calls out as she heads for the door. Holding her hand out to test for rain, she smiles. The shower stopped, and she no longer needs her umbrella. Away she walks down the wet street, whistling.

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