(1939-03-30) Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 04 - Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 04 - Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff
Summary: Game Four of the 1938-39 Hogwarts Quidditch Season — Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff. Final Score: Hufflepuff - 310, Gryffindor - 150.
Date: 30 March, 1939
Location: Quidditch Pitch, Hogwarts

The Gryffindor Team


The Hufflepuff Team


Angus sits in the dressing room, carefully checking over his broom. Okay, not precisely a top flight model, but well cared for. Not a twig out of place, despite the rather random appearance of the Scot. Rough and ready, perhaps, but ready, nonetheless. His Quidditch outfit is neatly patched. Presumably a hand-me down from Douglas.

Angelus is totally hyped up for the game. A wide grin crosses his face, a glimmer of excitement in his eyes. "RAWWWWR!" he roars out as he peeks out at the field, pumping his fist into the air and turning to look at the rest of his team mates. "Lions will be victorious!"

Josie isn't as nervously excited as she was at the beginning of the game the last time she got called up to play. But then, that was her first ever game. She's still got the excited side down, however, a big smile on her face as she picks up her broom, and gives a cheer for Angelus' exclamantion, "We will!"

Stepping out onto the pitch, Alexei looks around, first at each and every of his teammates, giving them a nod and a smile, and then at the crowds, and the Gryffindors, when they make their way out as well. Turning to look back at his team, he smiles. "Okay, let's all give it the best we can, and hopefuully win this thing, shall we?" Spoken a bit lightly, as he goes through his last re-game rituals.

Angus swishes his beaters club thoughtfully a few times, "Och, whul, this should be fun, aye?"

Leoric is busy doing much the same- examining his broom pre-flight. It isn't… quite… top of the line, but it's a lovely piece of work regardless. Satisfied that it's shipshape, he moves to glance out at the field, then steps back and looks to each of his teammates. "Figure it'll be a close match, mm?"

"And remember he golden rule." Angelus' grin beams widely. A chuckle escapes him as he says proudly, "If in doubt, pass to me!" He winks. His tone is only half teasing even as he stands in a proud stance.

Levi will walk with his team out onto the pitch his broom is on his shoulder as he looks about the stands before to the others on the field he is often quite before games start just moving along with his team unless he's spoken to directly. He has done all the checks on his broom and everything prior to know and so can only wait the anticipation is the hard part before each game.

Hooch swoops down on her Silver Arrow and places her whistle between her lips. She gives a wave to the audience. "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Are you prepared for a wondrous match? Who shall win? Gryffindor or Hufflepuff? Let our noble players hear your support!" She puts one hand cupped around her ear while the other hand gestures in a 'bring it' gestures. Calling for an uproar of cheering, all without losing her notorious focused poise.

Angus swings onto his broom, and lazily drifts it up, a casual air which probably belies nerves. He's a small figure on his broom, but the practice swishes of his club are timed alongside little swerves of the broom, aimed to add power to the impacts.

Niko follows enters dressed in his scarlet and gold Quidditch robes. His Cleansweep Two in his left hand and his Beater Bat in his right. Putting his hands up in the air, he nods to then quickly mounts his broom and takes off in the air, flying by the Gryffindor side swinging his bat, as if too get them to start yelling for the team.

And then Angelus takes a moment to scan the stands, letting out a hum. He clears his throat as he tilts his head, lifting a hand as he searches. With a nod of his head, he turns and mounts up, sitting on his Cleansweep Three and starting to rise. For a moment he's quiet and chill, focused on thoughts and strategies, looking towards the hoops before he lets out a breath. Clearing his throat, he pumps a fist into the air and lets out a loud 'RAWR!' "We are LIONS! Hear us roar!"

Hooch gives a blow to her whistle. "Lions and Badgers to your positions!" She hovers over the box filled with Quidditch Balls. The box bumps and jumps around a little bit beneath her, those bludgers seem to be rather feisty! Once everyone has taken their place in the skies above the grass and sand of the pitch the whistle is once more blown. This time in such a note that flinger open the Quidditch box open and *ZOOM* the snitch and bludgers are released. Once Hooch has dodged those riproaring balls she scoops the Quaffle out of the box and tosses it up high above her into the center of the awaiting sextet of Chasers. The Game is ON!

Colton comes out of the gate very recklessly. Zipping around, doing a barrel roll to dodge a bludger that wizzed by. But something distracts him and the bludger he was just dodging comes back around for some more and just as he's waving to Solstice in the stands. WHACKAMOLE. The boy is seeing gold and red and not in a pleasant way! A bit of blood trickles down from his hair over his eyebrow and he pauses in his recklessness to clean up. He's in pain and dazed, but it's superficial. He just is keeping an eye out for more bludgers. But look at all the shiny stars!

Briar takes a moment to celebrate with Kaiden, a clack of bats together before they give them a kiss and a twirl and look quite satisfied about the Gryffindor Seeker's predicament. A hunting of bludgers they go and they part ways to do so.

Levi gets a good kick off when the game begins. He is ready it seems already picking up speed as he does so, he will start by circling around the pitch any way that he can get an idea of how the game is going as well as making sure that he's keeping an eye out for the snitch while he's at it. The hufflepuff seeker increases sepeed to see if he can get an edge after the game has continued a little bit.

Moving out quite aggressively, Alexei doesn't manage to get much done now, as he misses every attempt to do something useful now. Thankfully, all his swearing is kept in Russian, and rather low now.

Angus is darting around, at quite significant speed. Every so often his own arcs intersect those of a bludger, and his bat whallops out, often combined with a half roll, or loop, adding the power of the broom to his blows. For such a tiny figure, he's sending the great iron balls whizzing around at surprising speed.

Hooch blows her whistle to announce the score. "Gryffindor - 20 points and Hufflepuff - 20 points! A tie!"

Angelus starts off flying cautiously, finding his mark and flying up close. "Hi there!" A grin is shot widely at Alexei, tilting his head just a little as a spark flickers in his eyes. He's SO not letting him keep any quafflies! Ahem. But then he glances around, shooting a look towards the Hufflepuff beaters with an arched brow. Angelus releases a breath. Is that a moment of nerves? Gel shakes his head and calls out, "Sykes, over here!"

Niko continues to fly in the skies moving around Angelus doing his best to keep the beater away from him, as he moves. Through the skies, hitting the bludger with his bat as hard as his can, though most seem as if is aiming for anyone, more focused on keeping the bludger from hitting the chasers.

Josie flies up to take a position in front of the Gryffindor goals, flying back and forth in front of them energetically. Perhaps a little too energetically, but she's on her toes as it were, alert for the approach of the Hufflepuff chasers, though a couple of quaffles get past her. She winces a little as she spots Colton getting hit, but quickly turns her attention back to where it should be, on the position of the quaffles.

Leoric is fast, and more than that, he flies smart, not hard. He knows the space he has to guard and he's got a good eye for tracking the Chasers in the other team's colors. That said, he's relatively new to playing on the team and none of Gryffindor's chasers are doing poorly. He's kept plenty busy blocking their shots, but both Eibon and Ramsay sneak a shot past his fingers. He's holding his cool, though, and more than that, he's still got his first wind.

Colton moves off of the Quidditch pitch.

Angus has, perhaps, entered trying too hard in his first House Match, and on tiring himself out doing stuntish showy moves, he drops back, and spends some futile time trying hard to get back into the game meaningfully, but with no real effect.

As a bludger starts to fly towards Garret, Niko swooshes in on his broom and with a hard swing of his bat, meets the bludger, knocking it away from Garret and towards the Hufflepuff team. Pulling up on his broom, his eyes moving to scan the pitch quickly before diving down to intercept another bludger.

Angelus does his best to keep up with Alexei, having chosen him to be his mark for the game. Accept when he veers off to pluck the quaffle out of the air, calling out, "Ramsay!" and lobbing the orb towards his fellow chaser.

"Get lost, Eibon…" Altair mutters as he sees Angelus moving around nearby. Going to the more defensive style of flying, he manages to get involved in the play a bit more, Trying to play the part of a set-up player for those taking the shots. And trying hard to win back the Quaffle when his team loses it. Looking quite concentrated now.

Hooch blows her whistle to announce the score. "Gryffindor - 40 points and Hufflepuff - 40 points! A tie! Still a tie, very well played. Continue on!"

Josie keeps up a steady, defensive flight in front of the Gryffindor goals. She lets a couple more past, but she stops a few more as time goes by. She's still grinning as the score stays tied.

And Angelus dashes off to scoop up the quaffle, a wide grin snaking across his face as he soars towards the hoops. A single glance is shot towards the stands as he lifts his chin, a click of his tongue, before he flings out the quaffle through the hoops on the far end. He lets out a whoop if excitement, pumping his fist in the air which he quickly returns his hand to his broom when he wobbles a little. A grin is shot towards Leoric, a wink and a wave before he glances around and shoots off towards Alexei.

Angus loops around, finally getting back into the game properly, JUST as one of the Bludgers heads for Josie, batting it away with his club in the general direction of the nearest Hufflepuff, although he clearly needs to work on his aim somewhat.

Angelus trails along after his opponent chasers, keeping close and diving forward whenever possible to knock the quaffle out of the hands, or to lob the ball off after successfully intercepting. Spying a bludger zooming dangerously close to him, he hisses out as he swerves, twirling to the side as the bludger soars right past him.

Leoric is starting to lose his cool. He's not tired, but Angelus' display after scoring on him was a goad he's having a little trouble dealing with- especially as the points just keep stacking up. He's doing his best to remain calm, but it's getting difficult every time he lets the Quaffle slip past.

Josie is so focused on following the play of the chasers, so she almost misses that a bludger is coming her way, looking up only a split second before Angus swats it off. She grins again and calls, "Thanks!"

Levi is still flying about looking for the snitch, it is a good match going round and round at the moment but still no sign of the only part of what he's looking for yet but still circling around once more to see what he can see.

Niko has been batting away Bludgers, but has been holding back being cautious most of the game. Though as a Bludger shoots straight towards Josie, he swoops in and with a hard wing of his bat, strikes the bludger, sending it towards Alexei, in hopes that it would it. But sadly, the bludger wizes by her, causing Niko to mutter something under his breath for a moment, before smiling at Josie and zooming back off towards the chaos that is being a beater.

Colton, with the Snitch off in Tahiti - it's a magical place - for all either of the Seekers can see has Colton pulling up next to Levi to fly along side him with a big grin on his face. His head has stopped bleeding though his sleeve is a mess. "Lovely weather we're 'avin. Aye? Look't all them fluffy clouds. Those are Snitch heaven there… Right? Think if we zip around through them enough we'll chase the blighter out?"

Briar calls out to Niko. "Sorry there! I keep aiming for Angelus and you keep getting in the way!" She gives Niko a playful little wink and then spins her bat in her hand to zip off to chase down one of the bludgers Niko buffeted away.

Flying, passing, dodging, trying to steal back the quaffle and repeating the whole process, Alexei grumbles a bit as he looks around. Look, there went a bludger too. Frowning as he looks around, trying to spot where Levi is. "Catch that Snitch soon, man!" he calls out to the Seeker.

Niko zooms a bit to the side, calling back to Briar, "Oh you have been aiming for Angelus, here the whole time I thought you where aiming for Emerson!" he jabs back playfully with a smirk on his face, as he swings striking a stray bludger away.

Loudly, Kimiko says, "((Boo's SimpleMU might be crashing. So she'll be back ASAP.))"

Coming out of a spin, for a moment Angelus loses control, wincing as he focuses on rooting himself and gripping his broom handle a little tighter. When he lets out a breath, he lifts his head and shoots a look around. A grin widens as he hears his name, lifting his chin at her as a cocky little grin slips lopsidedly across his face. "Might want to settle for an easier target," he interjects, chuckling. He grins as he shoots a look over at Niko. "Oh, thanks, Denholm."

Hooch blows her whistle to announce the score. "Gryffindor - 90 points and Hufflepuff - 110 points! An amazing come back by the Badgers!"

Angelus fights to keep up with the opposing chasers, cringing when he misses the quaffle to Alexei. He smacks a gloved hand down on his broom handle, shaking his head before launching after. Shooting a look towards the hoops, and Josie, a brow is arched as he instinctively lifts a single hand. "Oi, Davies! Hang in there, you here! Focus!" Ack! Gel swerves, dodging an incoming bludger and glancing around the field. Off her goes, flying into keep with the action.

Keeping up with the hard work, althugh he's not as aggressive as he started the game, Alexei manages to get into a position for scoring a goal at some point here too. Raising a hand to salute the crowd, before he goes back to his hard work. Playing fair at the moment too, it would seem.

Colton points Levi towards a really pretty girl in the audience, it just happens to be Solstice. "Wow look at her!" Then woosh he's gone and away chasing after something. It might be the snitch, or it might just be more of the prankster's posturing and showing off for the crowd, he does make it so very hard to tell which.

Leoric is pouring himself into the game to keep up with the opposition. He's wearing himself out a touch, but he doesn't seem to care. A few goals slip past, but his defense seems to keep the opposing team working to try to get past him- and it's costing them defensively.

Niko who has been doing his best to keep up with the Bludgers, can't help but stop and wipe a bit of sweat out of his eyes as he is starting to feel a little fatigued, but he flies down and yells, "Come on guys, don't let up they are pulling ahead!" he says with his brow furrowed, "Lets put the pressure back on them!" he exclaims as he strikes a bludger with his bat, with a loud crack.

As Hufflepuff ups the pressure, it's perhaps a little more than Josie can handle. She tries hard, perhaps a little too hard, not quite paying enough attention to her flying as she keeps trying to get in the way of flying quaffles, so her broom doesn't always keep up with what she's trying to do and more quaffles get through as she keeps flying out of position.

Angus trying to keep the bludgers off his own chasers, but it's clear it's not at all swimming in the right direction

Angelus flies after Alexei, trailing behind the Hufflepuff chaser. He turns his head sharply as he glances off towards a movement whipping past. Another bludger? He swings out an arm in the general direction. "Macmillan!" Gel's tongue slips out to touch his upper lift as he concentrates, flying after and trying to intercept or steal.

Angelus moves off of the Quidditch pitch.


Angus follows Angelus' guide, flicking his broom up, to close a different angle onto the chaser.

Levi had missed the sighting last time though he doesnt look into the stands, he just wasnt looking in the right dirction. The hufflepuff seeker will turn though and fly off that direction upon a possible sigihting ducking through the match to reach it.

"Whoooooo!" Angelus calls out like a siren as he streaks over the field, loud and hopefully distracting. Right into the fray, swerving on his broom and making sharp maneuvers, swinging an arm around whenever he's close to the quaffle to attempt at snagging it. But he looks around with a mischievous glint in his eyes, a grin crossing his face, and he veers around to Briar to circle the beater. "It's hard to hit a blur, isn't it, Crocker?" A sweet grin flashes at her before he zips off.

Colton is sure acting like he's spotted the snitch! With a hand extended out before him he tries to edge up on his broom and streeeeetch all the more further. The fluttering wings tickle at Colton's fingers but it's just dancing out of he reach. "C'mere vixen!"

Niko continues to fly attempting to keep the bludgers away from the Chasers and Colton, "Come on Colton!" he yells, as he sweeps in, hitting a bludger away from Emerson, it is clear that Niko is trying to get the team going again, "Red and Gold!" he yells, his fist moving up to pump really quick with his hand clutching his bat, before zooming in close to smack away another bludger.

Josie, once getting properly seated on her broom again, starts to do a little better once again, speeding around the goals and blocking more shots, though another two manage to slip past her.

Angelus moves off of the Quidditch pitch.

Angelus slows a little, but as he flies he tries to keep close to an opposing chaser. His blue eyes dart about the field, frowning briefly as he focuses, humming softly. And then he pumps his arm above his head. "Red and gold!" in reply to Niko's call.

Angelus holds his position next to his mark, rising on his broom even as he lifts up his arm. Intercepting the quaffle, he calls out for a fellow chaser before lobbing it towards him. "Go!"

The match has drawn on for a while now going back and forth the seekers especially on the other team has had some near catches and Levi has been circling it's a neck and neck match suddenly they seem to both see the snitch at the same time and pour on the speed, it really could go either way and seems to do so with them both fighting hard. The Hufflepuff seekers face is tightened in intense concentration and by the nearest of margins finger-tips he wraps his hand around the snitch and pulls his broom around holding it up to show.

Niko zooms, in next to Angelus just in time for his bat to crack hard against the Bludger, letting out a hard crack. Causing the bludger to shoot off to the side towards the Hufflepuff keeper, freeing up Angelus to head for goal and make a few goals. Seeing Colton coming in to take the snitch neck and neck with Levi, "Go Colton Go!" he exclaims, as he flies off after the bludger, his scarlet and gold quidditch robes, bellowing in the wind.

Hooch blows her whistle in that trumpeting tone that declares that the game has drawn to a climactic finish. She announces the score. "Gryffindor - 150 points and Hufflepuff - 310 points! Hufflepuff WINS!" She blows her whistle again and waves the wand in her hand and all of the tapestries hanging around the Pitch below the stands turns into Hufflepuff Yellow and Black.

Leoric is so focused on keeping the Chasers with the Quaffle occupied that he completely misses Niko swooping in and flinging a Bludger his way. He gets hit hard, catching the bludger in the stomach and barely keeping a hold of his broom. Control, however, is beyond him, and he's left several meters too far down to recover in time to stop Angelus' shots. It also costs him the sight of Levi catching the snitch, though in the wake of things and the rush of it all, he's not even really thinking about that.

Josie really seems to get going as time goes on. She gets more patient and waits for just the right moment, more. At one point, she's near the far left ring when a quaffle comes flying towards the right, and she makes a fast dive across to knock it aside just in time. It's not enough, though, as not too long later, the whistle blows.

Niko flies around everyone and shakes everyone's hand when he has the chance, telling them all "Good game." before landing and taking up his broom and bat to go relax after the hard game with his Team Mates, they may have lost but they had fun.

Angelus shoots a grin at Niko as he passes nearby. "Nice one, mate!' he offers even as he dashes forward, snagging the quaffle and zipping off to the hoops. Taking advantage of his teammates excellent work at beating, he calls out as he launches the quaffle through the hoops. "Make way for the Star!" But Angelus' break turns into disappointment when he turns his eyes to the Hufflepuff's seeker, frowning in dissatisfaction. He lets out a heavy sigh, hanging his head for but a moment before flying downward.

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