(1939-03-30) The Valkyrie
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Summary: The M.L.E. get a new case. Yet another vigilante trying their hand at ridding the world of Dark Wizards - without M.L.E. training. Who needs that? Obviously this person…
Date: March 30th 1939
Location: Ministry of Magic - M.L.E. Department
Plot: The_Banshee

"A backless dress, no less," Rena replies with a slightly wrinkled nose. Nobody looks good in those hospital gowns. That's just the cold and brutal truth - and certainly enough motivation to keep anyone OUT of a hospital bed.
She must have come in here for a reason other than small talk, though. She's left her suit jacket behind, and now just wears her blouse and skirt. "I've been doing alright," Rena replies after a moment, still trying to work up the nerve to ask what she came to ask. "I… was actually 'oping that maybe you could 'elp me a little, Graham." There is a small pause, and she holds her wand in both hands, folded before her. "I think it's about time I began learning the Patronus Charm."

Rena and Graham are standing in a mostly empty training room, talking quietly.

The young man will laugh slightly "Perhaps I should work out harder, I did tell Prewett no heels, i've got to fight at some point." Graham will say easily enough about this upcoming idea which he agreed to. "That's good i'm glad to hear it." he will turn back to the dummies though back as she speaks again. "That's a good one to know, and I think you can do it, but it's a tad tough, since you sat through the lectures too you probably knew that." he will pause himself "Perhaps, I could help you?" he will offer.

The young man will laugh slightly "Perhaps I should work out harder, I did tell Prewett no heels, i've got to fight at some point." Graham will say easily enough about this upcoming idea which he agreed to. "That's good i'm glad to hear it." he will turn back to the dummies though back as she speaks again. "That's a good one to know, and I think you can do it, but it's a tad tough, since you sat through the lectures too you probably knew that." he will pause himself "Of course i'd be glad to help you." he says.

All throughout the entire department clerks and other various co-workers poke their heads into training rooms and offices and all have amused grins ear to ear. They wave and beckon those within their own rooms out to the main lobby. "You've got to see this…" "Come on." "Just wait til you see what's come in…" and other such eggings on are spoken.

Balthazar enters at a quick pace, looking all in all more than a touch irritated at something. Knowing the apprentice barrister, he was probably sent on another annoying errand to simply drop off some paperwork or other, something easily done by someone less intelligent and useful than he. He pauses just inside the door as he hears the hubbub, immediately sidetracked by the suggestion that something simply MUST be seen.

Shelley was deep in another file - and the hubub over who-knows-what is certainly a welcome distraction. "I suppose I could use a break," the consultant mutters to herself as she leaves the file behind, following one of the initiates with a bemused expression - waiting to see what has the young man so deeply amused.

Rena brightens up and lifts her chin finally, so that her gaze can meet Graham's. She was about to say something more in reply when all the commotion started. Her shoulders slump slightly, and she seems to be slightly deflated. It would appear that there will be no time for her lesson now.
Casting a regretful glance at Graham, Rena sighs and heads for the door. She is curious, of course, but now that the entire office is swarmed and buzzing, there's no chance for her plans to be carried out. "I wonder what the matter is," she remarks over her shoulder to Graham, beckoning him to follow.

Graham will turn at the sound of more approach into the training room though he turns back to Rena and gives a reassuring smile, the training will happen even if it's not starting right this moment. He will follow of course her words gets a puzzled look "No idea, but there doesnt seem to be alarm so something odd probably." he will say exiting into the main part of the office if and when she does as well. Not really time to change from his exercise clothes but oh well.

The hubub can be heard before it is seen. The lobby creates quite the lovely acoustics. Unfortunately the sound it carries so well sounds about like cats mating while killing a sea gull in a volume that thunder pales in comparison to. "~YOU ARE THE SPRING FOR WHICH I LONGED DURING THE FROSTY WINTER. MY HEART GREETED YOU WITH SACRED AWE WHEN YOU FIRST GLANCED AT ME!~" Someone has mistaken the Department of Magical Law Enforcement for an Opera house. A couple of rookie Hit Wizards with the sort of ear muffs worn by herbologists harvesting mandrakes over there ears are pulling a very large woman(?) from the elevator. It's with surprising ease that upon seeing the gathering crowd the person dressed up in chainmail with a breast plate with large cones attached, a fake stage prop spear in one hand and a prop wooden shield painted to look like steel in the other rebuffs 'her' escorts and takes a few steps deeper to strike a Valkyrie pose and sings to them like she's sharing a secret with them but still it's anything but a stage whisper, "~BEFORE, I HAD ONLY KNOWN STRANGERS, MY SURROUNDINGS WERE FRIENDLESS.~" The rookies look haggard and give the crowd of more experience people a wave that begs them to deal with it. Bringing the Valkyrie this far has obviously worn them out.


"Well. … this was worth it," Shelley remarks as she watches the poor hitwizards dealing with the large and rather… enthusiastic woman. "Oh, you guys are doing a /great/ job," she remarks, beaming and giving them two thumbs up so they can get the message through their earmuffs. "Keep up the good work."
Yeah. She has no intention of actually helping - she's just here to enjoy the show.

"Lord… love a duck!" Rena exclaims, wide-eyed as her eyes take in the scene. Almost immediately, her hands are slapped over her ears, and she cringes due to the sheer volume of the song being belted out by the unweildy woman. She couldn't look more non-plussed if she /tried/.
"Blimey! What the bloody 'ell is going on?" She asks Graham, half turning toward him before moving forward. "I suppose it wouldn't be right to cast a silencer spell on 'er," she then mutters to herself. However, the Hitwizards appear to need help - and she's never one to refuse those in need. Shelley gets a sidelong, scolding shake of Rena's head.

"Need someone to take over?" Rena asks the nearest of the lot, lowering her hands. She doesn't relish the task, but, barring loss of hearing, this could be pretty entertaining.

"~EVERYTHING THAT BEFELL ME SEEMED DISTANT AND UNFAMILIAR. BUT I RECOGNIZED YOU CLEARLY…" The fake spear is pointed at Graham as 'she' seems to suddenly dedicating this love song to him. A song that Graham would recognize as translated lyrics from the original German for 'The Valkyrie' opera by Wagner the song being from the first act and called 'You are the Spring' (Du Bist Der Lenz). "~WHEN I SAW YOU, I KNEW YOU WERE MINE!~" The rookies give scathing looks to Shelley and Rena is looked upon like an angel and they both gesture towards the Opera Singer in a 'have at' way. "'SHE' WAS PICKED UP AFTER A BRAWL IN KNOCKTURN WAS REPORTED. SHE WAS TRYING TO APPREHEND SOME 'DARK WIZARDS'. THINK THEY DID THIS TO HER TO PUNISH US MORE THAN ANYTHING. BLOODY 'COMEDIAN' DARK WIZARDS AND THEIR CURSES!" One of the rookie shouts trying to be heard over the opera and also because he can't hear himself with the ear muffs on. Once he's debriefed he rather quickly along with the other rookie back up into the elevator to return to their patrol and leave the Valkyrie in the capable hands of their co-workers.

Graham enters just behind Rena but he doesn't need to even have been fully in the room to hear the mess going on, he can at least now see what's happening though what is seen is something which he never thought he would have done today he does spot Shelley though smirking as she seems quite keen to stay put. His hands come to his ears a moment though he looks to those who were escorting the woman as if asking why they are doing such. "I am not so sure about not using the spell, but try it without first." he says he will move to see if he can approach though when she turns to him he recognizes the song raising a brow. He can hear some of what is said by the hitwizards. He will raise his wand towards the other "Finite." he calls out if it's truly a curse perhaps this will fix it.

Shelley just beams at Rena, not seeming in the least bothered by the other's disapproval. Graham is greeted with a simple nod. She still seems content to let her two coworkers deal with it - though just for a moment a hint of sympathy shows on her features at the mention of a 'curse.'

Still quite remarkably puzzled. Despite being debriefed by the hitwizards before they flee the scene, Rena casts a quizzical look at Graham. Once the "Valkyrie" turns her attentions (and her song) upon her fellow Auror, Rena has to stifle back laughter: "I think you found a REAL friend," she kids. It's a harmless ribbing, after all.
As Graham is her senior officer, as it were, she allows him to take the lead on de-spelling the woman. However, she does try her best to reason with their larger-than-life visitor with a genial smile: "Alright now, madam. You've sung a right good song, but the opera's over now…" she reaches out to carefully grasp the shaft of the spear in hopes of lowering it and /maybe/ gently getting it away from her.

The Valkyrie's volume is rather immediately knocked down to something that is only achieved by natural voice. It doesn't stop the singing however, nor does it make the singing any more pleasant. The Valkyrie can sing about as well as mermaids can above water!

Graham was distracted by the singing no doubt and his spell isn't quite on par with how he can cast it. He will look back to Rena at her words and chuckle "Thanks Rena." he says though the singing is lowered it is still happening though he isn't sure if it is now spell or what. One more go why not couldn't hurt. "Finite." he will say again careful not to catch his co-worker in the spell either way if successful or not he will approach closer as well. "Come now ma'am lets get you a seat and perhaps some tea." he will say turning to look at an office aid with a question if they will get this for them. He looks back to the woman who was brought in for any sign of what happened.

"I gotta say - I'm gonna make an effort to steer clear of whoever did /that/ to her," Shelley remarks with dry amusement. "Wow. To go so far as transfiguring her clothes…" I mean - well. One assumes the woman didn't just walk around like that, you know, /usually/.

Hugh steps quietly into the office. Soft padding steps. And then stops, in mild surprise. « Do I see a Rhine Maiden?» he asks, in German.

"Well, thank goodness that's over…" Rena mutters to herself, casting a brief glance to the heavens. Another accustatory look is shot in Shelley's general direction, catching Hugh in the sweep of her eyes accidentlly. Realizing that, she flashes an apologetic smile at the other Auror entering the scene before returning her attention to their "Valkyrie."
"Please, madam, you need to let us /help/ you," she tries the sympathetic approach, now hopefully able to wrest away the spear from their visitor once and for all.

The Valkyrie seems to be quite insulted at the suggestion that her garb is not something to be worn, perhaps answering any question if it was 'she' or the Dark Wizard that played dress up by suddenly changing the love song into none other than the Ride of the Valkyries. "~OVER HERE WITH YOUR HORSE!~" Then what comes from her is sung instrumental belting. She is spurned and Shelley will pay the price! But there is a moment where within her eyes as they look to Rena as she continues to belt and sing as loudly as she can a glimmer of pleading. Her knuckles go white in gripping her props even more tightly when move is made to wrest them away from her. Especially the spear.

Hugh's brow lifts, "Interesting." And then he switches back to German, and a rather bad light baritone reccitativo, «Madame, will you tell your STO-RY, that we may echo in your GLO-RY.»

"~BAH bah BAH BAHH! Bah ba ba BAHH bah ba ba BAAAAAAAH!~" Those pleading Valkyrie eyes look towards Hugh. It seems he's speaking in a way that reaches her, but she doesn't (ironically) seem to understand German!

Graham will turn as another auror approaches though he is quick to look back as his spell seems to have no affect so this isn't a curse at least no placed on her anyways. He will look over her a moment and to the spear when he sees a slot near the handle wonder what that is for the look which is on her face causes him to speak "We can help you." he says calmly trying to help, the young man turns back listening and understanding the german spoken. "Careful Rena with that spear." he will say, at least until they can figure things out.

"You 'ave got to be JOKING me," Rena says tersely, casting an utterly baffled look in Hugh's direction as he joins in with the Valkyrie's singing. "Don't encourage 'er, man!"
Despite it probably being the smarter option, Rena absolutely will NOT let go of the woman's spear. She might hurt someone if she decides to gesticulate too broadly with the damn thing. Of course, now that she's getting more agitated, the much smaller redhead feels like she's got a tiger by the tail.

"But I can't just turn 'er loose, Graham!" Rena exclaims, looking just a bit worried now, despite being oblivious to what the others see. "She might break something or poke someone!"

Hugh sniffs, "Purists prefer Wagner in the original German." And then he tries again, this time in English, "Won't you tell us of your tale, which has left you so… drawn and pale?" And yes, he's probably pushing the limits of accuracy if she's a typical operatic Brunhilde.

"Do we really need /two/ singers?" Shelley agrees with Rena, giving Hugh a dubious look. "Really, Carruthers," she remarks. She finally moves closer adding towards GRaham, "Try the other one. Finite incantatem. I can never get that one to work…"

The Valkyrie doesn't seem apt to do anyone harm. She doesn't waggle the spear around aggressively, but she also isn't letting it go either. "~SIR!! HAVE THEM UNHAND ME! I HAVE DONE NOTHING! I AM ONE OF YOOOOOOOU!~" All still sung at Hugh to the tune of The Ride of the Valkyries.

"Not saying let her run loose, just be careful." Graham responds to Rena though to the others he looks over to him he will nod to Shelley perhaps the spear can be dispelled if indeed that is the cause. He will raise his wand once again "Finite Incantatem." he says this spell a bit more powerful and he'll need to concentrate so perhaps he may miss something else along the way.

Hugh lets his own wand slide into his hand, and he too keeps singing, "Rena, let her go, her intentions here to show! For if she tries to harm us, we can just expelliarmus!"

Rena is torn. Between Graham's pleading for her to stay safe, the singer's continued pleas to unhand her and let her be, and Hugh's absolutely appalling use of rhyme… She's just confused!
Finally, exasperated, the young woman just lets the Valkyrie free, jumping back from her a step: "Fine, but 'eaven 'elp you!" She says tensely, pulling out her own wand again to keep it at the ready. She refuses to be trapped into this madness and won't play along with these rhyming games. Something is /terribly/ wrong here…

"Are we allowed to kick Carruthers out for singing in rhyme?" Shelley asks, giving the initiate a dubious look. "It just /has/ to be grounds for dismissal."
She then considers the poor bewitched woman, since she seems at least partly aware of her situation, and adds, "Ma'am - would you rather be spelled into a sleep until we can sort this all out?"

The Opera Vigilante is looking about as weary and worn as the rookies that originally brought her in. Her horrible singing voice only gets worse. Ragged and rough she returns to singing the Ride of the Valkyries. But the comedy of it all soon starts to wear very thin as one of the biggest most powerful notes blood starts to bubble at her mouth and dribble down her chin and even then she tries to continue singing. Despite the sudden shredding of her over used vocal cords. This all happening just in sync with her nodding towards Shelley. Perhaps the curse she was under knew in a way that it's 'fun' was about to end. So it went out with a blood curdling bang. Within moments of the bloody climax the very large woman(?) rolls her eyes back into her skull and her eyes flutter closed and she begins to fall face flat first. TIMBER!

Hugh chivalrously….. steps right backwards. "Interesting." It's a spoken word this time. "Now might be the time to… ah, no. Perhaps not. It may be the conjunction of spear and wand that is the problem." He gestures towards the fallen woman, "Expelliarmus!"

Graham will cringe at the note as it's hit piercing his ears with a ringing which will take a moment to fade no doubt, but realizing something has gone horribly wrong as her eyes roll back in her head, he will step forward though realizing this may not be enough he speaks quickly "Perfusorius!" if sucessful he can try and lower her down lightly if not he'll try with strength alone of course.

Shelley lifts her wand, opening her lips to speak the appropriate spell - when the command suddenly collapses, and Graham catches her with a well-timed spell. "…well," she remarks, lowering her wand. "That was… interesting. Poor woman. Why didn't they take her to /St. Mungos/?" she asks, shaking her head.

The sight of blood and the large woman's extremely obvious distress causes Rena no end of panic. Her hand covers her own mouth instinctively, and she just stands by looking horrified as the Valkyrie finally lapses into silence and goes down for the count. Fortunately, Graham has the forethought to try and ease the woman's fall. And no sooner is she on the ground is Rena hurrying to her side and dropping to her knees: "Oh! Somebody needs to 'elp 'er. We need to get 'er to the 'ospital!"
Shelley speaks at almost the same time, and Rena nods vigorously, biting her lower lip and not even /trying/ to hide her own distress.

Being unconscious now, the spear is loose in her hand and there is no opposition to Hugh's disarming spell so the spear slides away from the Valkyrie who settles quite gently down onto the marble floor. Marble you see…much easier to clean than wood! "I'll floo over and send a Mediwizard!" Shouts someone towards the back of the crowd that is rather close to the fireplace and in a flash of green smoke he vanishes off. It is only a matter of two minutes from his vanishing that the Auror Initiate will return with a pair of Mediwizards.

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