(1939-04-01) The Cycloom
Details for The Cycloom
Summary: A little festive party is put together by Laurence outside of his shop to celebrate Spring Break and to reveal his latest invention, The Cycloom!
Date: April 1st 1939
Location: South Verdic Alley, Outside Flights of Fancy Broomshop

There are several displays that have been set up outside of the Flights of Fancy broom shops, tables with treats and raffels and the like, a place where quick tune-ups and polishes are being done as there are things like…lemonade and other refreshing drinks available, chilled wine. Some decadent sweets, mini-cakes and tartlets as well as a healthy amount of bacon and sausages, rolls etc…picnic foods as the door to Flights of Fancy has been left open as its the first day of Spring Break, and a celebration of sorts is being hosted by the broom shop and whoever else on the street who wishes to participate.

The owner of the broomshop can be found wearing a loose fitting white button-down top and a pair of light grey trousers, boots on his feet and a light grey fedora perched at a jaunty angle as he's currently hanging a few lanterns up outside of the shop, his turtledove fluttering around behind him. He balances on a small wooden block, with a tart held between his lips.

"Oh my, I didn't quite expect it to be this busy," Rena remarks as an aside to Takeshi. The young healer appears to have been dragged along by his redheaded fiance on her little foray to Laurence's shop, this time. She wanted to pick up her new, special broom - but she wasn't expecting a party. And one can scarcely blame her for glancing at Takeshi with a hint of slight worry as they approach.
However, catching sight of the shop's proprietor - and his marvelous fedora - Rena forgets her worries momentarily. Brightly, she calls out: "I love your 'at, Mister Toulson! It's right smart on you," with a warm smile.

Takeshi who by the amazing miracle that is Rena, is actually out of his Healer Robes and is sporting a simple black suit and tie with a white shirt. A simple black messenger bag hangs at his size and his hands are in his pockets, "I am sure it will be fine, Rena." he says warmly offering her a smile, as if trying to reassure her, not himself. "I could even be fun, perhaps." he says nodding slowly, trying to avert his eyes of anything that he may consider out of place, "Indeed, the hat looks wonderful." he adds offering Laurence a small nod in greeting.

Graham is making his way down the alley. Perhaps he had heard about the event or just happy accident its hard to say. The young man will approach and spotting familiar faces continue "Hello you two he will say to Rena and Takeshi he smiles glad to see them out. He looks to the shop owner "Good Day Laurence. "

Linc is sporting a beard and a fedora and a cute as a button little blond toddler up on his shoulders. It's a good thing he's wearing the hat or his hair would be a mess, as it is the dip in the hat is filled with crumbs and drips from the treats the little girl is chowing down on. For once Linc is trying for a bit of incognito at this event, here to have some daddy daughter time without a bunch of paparazzi, hence the beard and the hat that's on low. The only thing that could really give him away is the silver arrow with blue fletching that's wrapped around his wrist as a bracelet. Said bracelet gives a sparkle when he extends a canvas bag that's right stuffed with Quidditch memorabilia to Laurence. Briony waves her sticky hands at Laurence and gives him a big smile. "I signed pictures!" Linc chuckles and points to a picture of a pitch and it's got crayon scratches of a 3 year olds signature on it. "She wanted to do what I was doing. Anything I can do to help out Larry?"

Laurence hops down off the block, taking the time to shove the rest of the tart into his mouth, chewing thickly as he tips his hat to Rena, swallowing and brushing off his mouth before plucking the hat off his head when they are close enough in an attempt to set it on Rena's head with a small smile. "Its /Laurence/…remember that, but seeing as you're such a delectable morsel of cherry cobbler, I can forgive the slip." He turns bow his head politely at Takeshi, giving him a thorough once over before winking. "And now I see why she's resisted my charms so far…its a shame." He turns smoothly to accept the bag from Linc, his smile brightening as he looks at Briony with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Did you make sure you sign a picture for me too? So I can put it up on my wall? Its not often I get a picture signed by such an adorable little princess." He sets the bag down on a table and gives Linc a chin-up. "Just enjoy yourself mostly, thanks for taking the time to sign things…I may have some of the little brooms, the low ones for the kidlets to hop on a bit later, or some to paint." He lifts a hand to wave to Graham as well. "Hey mate, grab a drink or something sweet!"

Takeshi does reassure Rena with his words. Now she doesn't seem to have a reason in the world to worry. As long as he's alright, she knows everything will be fine.
"Sorry - Laurence," Rena corrects herself with a slightly shy smile. She tends to forget to call people by their first names until she's been reminded a couple of times. His compliments to her looks only cause her to blush more hotly though, and she glances toward Takeshi, hoping he doesn't take it badly.
However, Rena is easily distracted. Once the hat is placed on her head, she laughs, tilting it at a cute angle with her hands: "'Ow do I look?" She asks playfully, turning between Takeshi, Laurence and now Graham, who has just walked into her line of sight. A friendly smile is also flashed at Linc and his little one - with whom she isn't acquainted.

Sticky gooey little fingers are held up, three to be exact and Briony informs Laurence, "I did tree. You have one!" She glows in the light of Laurence's compliment and she pats the messy fedora top her daddy, Linc's head, "I'm a princess Daddy! He said!" The famous Palancher smile can't be hidden by the beard and he nods, crumbs tumbling. "He did, and you are!" Laurence is given a friendly clap and squeeze to his shoulder. "This is great. Thanks for it." He turns that smile to the others congregating around their host and makes crumbs tumble again as he tugs the brim of his fedora in greeting to them before he steps away so Briony can get taken from his shoulders safely.

Takeshi runs his hand through his hair slowly, "Cherry cobbler?" he says to Laurence's comment about Rena being a morsel of cherry cobbler, looking a bit dismayed. Then Laurence's comment about him reaches his ears, "Oh… thank… you." he replies, before looking between Laurence to Rena, "Your a delicate morsel?" he asks softly, looking deeply into Rena's eyes for a moment, before suddenly shaking his head, "I love you." he says offering her a warm smile. When the hate is placed on Rena's head, "Adorable" is Takeshi's reply, with a gentle smile.

With a bag clutched in her hands, weighted by a few small purchases, Signe rounds the corner and finds herself faced with the various tables of good - surprise on her features, followed by a smile. Her gaze is drawn naturally to the child held in her father's arms, and her smile only widens. Who /doesn't/ love children, after all? What a darling thing!

"I just might thanks. " Graham says to Laurence before he returns the smile "Very spiffy." he will agree he looks to the healer a moment but offers a tip of his hat in further greeting. He will look back in time to spot Signe he will wave to her and motion her over "Hello again." he chuckles

"Your arm candy summed it up, Adorable." Laurence replies to both Rena and Takeshi as he looks between the two about the hat as he laughs softly and runs his fingers through his hair as he blows a kiss to Briony, holding up three fingers to mirror her own motion before he just grins at Linc as he watches the interplay between the father and his daughter before looking back to Takeshi. He tilts his head slightly as he notes Signe's approach and he smiles slowly as he lifts a hand. "What's this? A beautiful woman without a drink in her hand, come! Join us." He beckons all friendly like before having to turn to accept a few coins from somebody exiting the shop and he in turn select a bottle of oil from a table to offer them before nodding towards the table with signed Quiddich goodies and murmuring something to the young man that leaves him blushing red and then he's back to looking to his guests, taking a deep breath. He snaps his fingers and points to Rena. "Ahh, yes, speaking of singing (best not to ask the context)…I dooo have a surprise for you, lovely." He cups a hand around his mouth. "Who wants to see what I spend my hours doing each day? I mean…besides being a handsome devil?"

Among those drawn to the festivities is the demure witch, Bailey Potter. She is in casual active-wear today; a modest cream-coloured peasant's blouse and men's trousers under dark crimson robes. Spotting Graham, she approaches reticently, leaning into his field of vision with a small wave and friendly smile.

Some color creeps into Signe's cheeks as she's addressed and offered a drink, but she does smile at Laurence and answers his greeting with a nod of her head.
It's Graham she moves towards - seeming to find reassurance in the person most familiar to her out of those present. "Hello," she echoes softly, as she stops beside him, both hands clutching the bag in front of her.

Rena is a girl who is known for having a warm and ready smile for almost anyone; but somehow, the smile meant for Takeshi is just a little different. It's radiant, but calm and serene; and there's a light and warmth in her eyes that no one else seems to bring out. "I love you, too," she replies softly, forgetting the fact that they are surrounded by an ever-increasing crowd of people.
Laurence breaks her out of her reverie, however. She turns and looks at him with a hint of confusion for a second. But then, she realizes and comes back to life: "Oh! Is it ready?" She asks excitedly, now scarcely able to contain herself.

Takeshi smiles at Graham, "Hello Mr. Coheen, you look well." he says warmly, to Graham before looking at the dispalys, "Very nice brooms, was it Mr. Laurence?" he says nodding, before he hears himself being refereed to as arm candy. Though he just lets out a soft chuckle, before looking back to Graham, "So Mr. Coheen, has work been treating you well?" he inquires tilting his head a bit to the right. His hand moves wrapping around Rena's waist softly, smiling at her, his eyes moving across Laurence for a moment. "What's ready?" he asks curiously tilting his eyes moving back to Rena for a moment.

Linc's ears are used as reins before he can get the toddler off of his shoulders and his chest is lightly thumped with his daughters heels as she wants to stay up on his shoulders and also wants to go see what the man that called her a Princess wants her to see. So it is with the corner of his eyes twitching in pain that Linc keeps his daughter on his shoulders and returns back towards Laurence. "Daddy? What's debil?" The little girl that's grown up in a secular home has only just now been exposed to the word. "It's a bad creature some Muggles believe in." Briony looks shocked, "He's not a bad creature!" She then yells at Laurence, "You not a bad creature! You call me Princess!" That complement seems to be the ultimate absolver of bad behavior to the toddler. Her father is just too busy trying not to crack up to correct or help.

Those unnaturally icy blue eyes catch a glimpse of Bailey and his lips curve in a hint of a smile as he bows his head in a silent greeting before he's being scolded by a toddler and he turns to face the little princess, eyeing Linc with a smirk before looking back to the little girl. "Because you /are/ a Princess. Very well! I stand corrected. Attention one and all, by royal decree of the little Princess, I am /not/ a Devil…which means as handsome as I may be I am completely absolved of any and all actions that do not leave me pristine and innocent!" He bows deeply to the Linc-Briony combo. "Thank you, your highness. I will make sure you get a bag of chocolate biscuits before you return home! And possibly a wooden pony." Yes, send the child home with lots of sugar. Then he is turning to look back at Rena with a gallant bow as more people gather round. He does not at Takeshi as well. "Yes, just Laurence…" A one moment finger is held up as he makes his way backwards into his shop and is gone for a few moments before returning with something draped in white cloth…its not quite as easily maneuvered as a normal broom but he sets it out on an empty table.

Having failed to grab Graham's attention in the hubbub of the party, Bailey moves on, determining to greet him later. On her way to inspect the culinary offerings laid out, she passes near Laurence, Linc, and Briony, the latter earning an adoring smile.

Signe smiles uneasily when Graham takes his leave, and then turns to watch as Laurence brings out the covered shape. The man is strange, and overly flamboyant - not something she's entirely comfortable with. Maybe she should simply move along and finish her errands? She clutches her bag a little tighter.

Rena almost seems to be slightly surprised by the fact that Takeshi slips his arm around her waist. Maybe it's something that others do frequently… but she's never actually known him to do it in public before. However, she tries not to show /too/ much surprise.
The exchange between Laurence and Briony distracts Rena from her current line of thought quite easily, causing her to stifle a giggle behind her hand. The child is utterly adorable, and Laurence amuses her to no end. "Oh," She blushes, remembering that she might have possibly failed to mention to Takeshi that she commissioned a particularly special ride from the master broommaker… "Just after my birthday, I dropped by Flights of Fancy and commissioned Laurence to make me a broom." She explains hurriedly. Of course, now the sheet-covered object arrives, and she can't tear her expectant eyes from it.

Linc gives Laurence a knowing look followed by a playful glare. He's very well aware of just what Laurence is up to with sending his toddler home with sugar! But he grins and bounces the girl on his shoulders as she throws up her sticky messy hands into the air and gives a proper princess, "You most kind!" She then bows back as much as she's able with her father's head and hat in her way. But then she's staying all leaned forward, her elbows on top of her father's hat and her chin in her hands. Blue eyes wide and mouth shaped in an O in wonder as she calls, "I wanna see! I wanna see!" No, she didn't inherit her father's theatrical penchants at all. Nooooo. Linc smirks, "I'm guessing it's a broom." He gets bopped on the head, she also inherited her mother's no nonsense tolerance. "No break surprise Daddy!" … "Yes princess."

"Now, there are many who believe that you can't combine or really mix muggle and wizarding things well…I know for a fact that's not true due to…" He trails off as he glances at Briony before pursing his lips, see, he can be good! "Due to the fact, that its not the origin of a person or item that makes it spectacular but in fact…the actions or application of something…when little miss Strawberry shortcake came into my shop, she doubted, she questioned, she feared but my job, ladies and gentlemen, is to turn /any/ flying fantasy into a reality." A Laurence speaks he uses his wand which is untucked from wherever he keeps that damn thing to flick certain holders/stand pieces in place so he can place the 'surprise' up in a mid-flight like position, suspended for the time being before he whips the cloth off of it, to reveal something that's probably never been seen by most before:

this broom's design is unique that's for sure, the base light weight yet slightly thicker than a normal broom, tapered and curved to give it that feminine edge. The woods used are sanded and well polished, and a bit fragrant…the cedar scent tamed with a hint of something warm and spicy and it gleams with a rich peacock blue shade, its been painted with highlights of white and shimmery green to almost seem to glow and gleam royally in the right light. Instead of a normal grip, there's a pair of silver bicycle handles that are secured with a band of silver metal where a grip would normal start, they rise up elegantly with dark blue leather used to create the twin grips on either handle bar, a tiny silver bell sits between the two just begging to be rang. A dark blue and white banana bicycle seat is secured with a pair of little silver springs where a person would straddle the broom…cushioning charms utilized and a few stabalizing charms as the broom is sensative to the rider's movements, compensating for the extra parts. The bristle binders are a silver as well, leaving the bristles subtle tapered to allow for maneuverability. There's a simple unicorn carved into the wood between the seat and handlebars. - At a softly whispered word, the charm allows it to glow a light blue.

Signe was just beginning to siddle away when the broom is unvealed and she pauses to stare, one hand going to cover her mouth and the look of surprise and amusement that registers there. "I have never seen…" she begins softly, before trailing off into silence.

Having acquired a mini-cake to munch on, Bailey is drawn back to the gathered crowd by the sight of the unusual broom. She gives Laurence a curious, and mildly skeptical look.

Linc's expression is a bit pinched. The pro-quidditch player is looking at the conglomeration of both of his heritage's in a way that can't exactly be put to words. A bit confused, a bit amused, a bit what the hell is that thing, a bit that's the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. Meanwhile about a foot above him Briony's expression is complete joy! She oooos and claps and giggles loudly. "Want! Want! Want!" Once again Laurence receives a playful 'now look what you've done' expression.

Referred to again as another variety of pastery, Rena, flashes a feigned warning glance at Laurence that is quite obviously playful. Her excitement about the broom only builds as he speaks, however, and she almost bounces in place while waiting for the anticipation to end. And then… the work of beauty is unveiled, leaving her awed and speechless for a moment.
Slowly, she steps forward and timidly begins to run her hands along its gorgeous lines with a disbelieving expression that says: 'Is it really /mine/?' Like a kid who just got what they wished for on Christmas morning.

"Oooh… Laurence…" Rena breathlessly breaks her silence, bringing her gaze to meet with the Master Broommaker's. The poor fellow undoubtedly isn't prepared for what happens next. In a blink of an eye, Rena takes a light-footed leap and throws her arms around Laurence's neck. She even plants a kiss on his cheek, leaving behind an enthusiastic imprint of her lipstick on his skin. "It's more wonderful than I ever dreamed!"

The broommaker's flashes a grin at Briony, turning his head to watch Rena's reaction and then he blinks as he hears two very familiar words leave Rena's lips, followed by the hug which he stumbles back a bit into, returning it with a soft laugh as he arches an eyebrow and just smiles. "Hey, I'm an /expert/ a fulfilling fantasies." He just pulls back a bit and lifts an arm. "This here, is the Rena-Cycloom. Its a design, looks more outlandish than it is, if a person desires…the extra bits can be removed and shift the broom to the more traditional piece of fly-ware." He takes a deep breath. "Sitting upright on a bloom does reduce the speed, but the idea of the broom is to help train a person to ride more comfortably, on something more familiar, as their body slowly adjusts…the foot rests are adjustable, and will require the rider to learn how to lean into turns and steer less with their arms, and more with their legs and hips."

Takeshi smiles faintly as he watches the scene unfold, his hand moving up and running through his hair slowly, if a bit nervously, "It is indeed a sight. Very you Love." he says slowly with a small nod taking a step closer, his eyes moving across the Cycloom for a few moments taking it in, "Indeed a very fine piece of craftsmanship." he says nodding with a smile, "Perhaps I should have you make me one, can you make one that nothing ever gets out of place with and is perfectly symmetrical?" he asks playfully.

Rena is absolutely over the moon. She's so happy with her utterly outlandish broom (which is a real work of art) that she's practically beside herself. And while Laurence is making the proper introductions of the Cycloom to the crowd at hand, Takeshi's approach causes her to release the Broommaker completely. He is pounced and then pulled into a joyfull spinning hug that ends with her unashamedly kissing him on the lips. Yes folks, right in front of everybody. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds - not right now, anyway. Poor boy. He's marrying a chaotic ball of fire, apparently.

"Alriiight then, you are /more/ than welcome and I think I could hook you up with something lovely too, I shall leave you to deal with your fiance's…oh /gods/ you have no idea how fortunate you are to have such a fiery little one." Laurence just laughs softly and raises his hands a bit. "Okay, now…I see a lovely woman in the crowd who also is due a wonderful surprise…if the golden goddess wants to get her present now, she can step forward if not…well hehehe, I can think of many other fun things we all can do."

Although she is pristine clean (one set of charms that she learned very well as her father is a fastidious sort and drilled it into his daughter by dint of her fear of his disapproval if she ever appeared with the tiniest smduge), Sophie's robes are more serviceable than fashionable. The heavy duty fabric swishes around her calves and the leather boots as she hurries along Diagon Alley with a purpose, looking at the crowd in front of the broom shop only for the purpose of skirting around them without running into anyone. The bearded and fedoraed man is only caught out of the corner of her eye, and so it's not the man, but the shrill excitement of the toddler's voice that turns her from the doorstep with an almost guilty look of being caught red-handed about to go into the broom maker's shop. Incognito man gets a closer scrutinization and then a smile as she walks towards the pair. No, she wasn't going to Laurence's shop, nothing to see here…

Graham will smile as she takes his arm. "don't need to buy anything, just a group of friends here really." The young man follow her gaze towards the sweets table before back "It is quite alright." he will say returning her lowered volume before he will make his way over to the table easily enough though he doesn't wish to be a pest so he will stand just off to her side while she picks not wishing her to feel like an outcast or anything.

Bailey blinks at Laurence's mention of a "golden goddess." She looks left, then right, then arches an inquisitive eyebrow at him. "Well…since she's not here, I thought I might tug your ear about my broom. But I don't want to pull you away from your party."

Laurence just facepalms for a moment, hand meets forehead as he just smiles softly and shakes his head at Bailey's response. "/You/ are the golden goddess lovely. Step on up, c'mon…don't be shy." He winks and then makes his way back into the shop, pausing to take a few steps back to look Phronsie over before continuing on his journey into the shop, returning with a broom shaped object, draped with the white cloth.

Linc squints as the giggling turns a bit shrill when Briony squees upon seeing her mother. Goopy hands open and ball in desire for her mother. Linc keeps her by the ankles but bows forward enough the the girl can exchange parents. Of course as he bows the mess of crumbs and drippings of all the treats he's given Briony plop and drip onto the street between him and Phronsie. "There you are. Everything alright with that… thing you had to do at the place." Talking about the birthing of winged horses turns Linc into vagary speech. A napkin is picked up from the nearest table so that he can wipe clean his fedora.

The whirlwind that is Rena has long since released the unfortunate Healer from her grasp after kissing him unabashedly in public. Fortunately, nobody bothered to make much of the public display of affection. It's questionable as to whether or not Rena would've been terribly troubled if they did.
At any rate, after tugging her clothing straight again, the young redheaded woman returns to her gorgeous cycloom. At the same time, Laurence has moved on to bringing out another broom to reveal for the crowd. She'll wait until he's done so to ask if she can go ahead and take her new ride out for a spin.

Shifting slightly on her feet, Sophie gives a little nod to Laurence as he passes. Her dour features soften as her daughter reaches for her, but with a flick of her wand she spoils the sticky fingered fun, taking the new clean handed girl and tucking her onto her hip, freeing up a hand to brush the last clinging crumbs from Linc's hat. "A healthy colt, no complications," she replies with a bit more detail to the vague questioning. "I was just on my way home, I didn't know there was a party going on in The Alley." Now that Linc is also cleaned and can straighten, Sophie catches Bryony's nose between her fingers, teasing the little one with gentle smile.

Bailey gives Laurence a skeptical arch of her eyebrow, but she obeys, stepping forward and watching him curiously. When he returns with the covered broom, she perks up in surprise. "It's finished? I thought…I thought I was just coming to discuss…" She cannot help the pleased smile forming on her lips.

Graham will stay his ground not to be rude he looks over to Rena moment giving her an approving look at the new boom as well as glad to see the two doing so well and such motioning her over if she has the time to do so. The auror will turn back and grab a few items from the table himself. He does watch Bailey who gets a wave and smile as she seems next in line.

"This, my friend…this broom, I hope you will understand what an honor it was that you allowed me to make it for you." Laurence starts out softly before lifting the broom and whipping off the white sheet, setting up on the display stand: This broom's designed for stability yet tapered and curved to give it graceful and regal air, light weight and sturdy. Golden brown hues of wood have been sanded and worked against a grain of a rich and darker shade of gold, smoothed and gleaming in the right light. The grip along the length of the broom is lower, a single star carved into the left side of the grip…just big enough to trace with a finger tip as there's a pair of raven's wings carved along the other side of grip in the same fashion, as the shaft just past the seat is a few inches longer than normal…allowing the rider to rest their feet against golden foot rests. Made for maneuveriability, the bristles taper in an aerodynamic way, the bristle binders a dark gold color.

Linc ruffles his daughter's hair and chuckles when the girl is soon trying to climb her mother to get on her shoulders so she can, "See Surprise!" She wants to watch Laurence reveal the next broom. This makes Linc chuckle and move to help her get situated so her mother doesn't get a knee in the ear or sandal sole on the cheek. "Good." He remarks about the colt and leans in to give Phronsie aka Sophie's forehead a quick kiss. Of course now that the trio are together there is a faint stirring of recognition of who the bearded man is in the crowd. Phronsie and especially Phronsie with Briony are known faces on tabloids and magazines, usually together with Linc. So the beard is no longer the greatest of disguises.

All smiles, Rena pries herself away from her broom once more upon noticing Graham beckoning her over to his side. She may long to play with her new toy, but friends come first. "Ello," she says happily, raising her voice enough to be heard over the chatter and pleasant din as she approaches Graham. "What do you think of the new Cycloom?" She asks, forcing herself not to giggle.
Bailey's broom is unveiled, and another gorgeous (and far more respectable witch's broom) is revealed for the audience. "Cor! Ain't 'e a wonder, though?" Rena asides to Graham.

Bailey's jaw drops at the lovely work of art Laurence presents. "Merlin," she breathes. "Laurence, it's beautiful." She steps up, hesitantly reaching to touch it. "I can't believe you did this for me. Will you tell me what you were thinking about when you added these designs?" She gently runs a fingertip over the star and the raven's wings.

Laurence tilts his head to the side and smiles slowly to himself as he watches Bailey's response and he strokes a finger along the shaft of the broom, stopping his hand before it can touch her own and he just bows his head. "Keep your eyes on your star, Atalanta, and I promised you a pair of wings so to speak so you can dance amongst them as well." He shrugs a shoulder and grins. "But I'm glad you like it." He lifts his head to smile at Briony and hold up an 'OKAY' sign, stage whispering. "She likes the surprise." Before looking back to the others with a bit of a bow.

"Well it's brilliant of course." Graham turns back to look at Signe a moment he's not sure if they've met so might as well try. "Rena this is Signe Crabbe, and this is Rena Lee, she works in the same department as me as well as being a friend." he loks to the newly unveiled broom "Very nice indeed." he agrees with her.

Linc is able to clap and whistle upon the reveal of the golden broom. Fingers going into his mouth to give a cat call like whistle towards the broom. The half broom half bike thing puzzled him. But this broom, well it's getting a reaction from the Broom Lover like it was a sexy pin-up. His clapping is thunderous as well. "Look at that sexy thing." He tells Phronsie with that Palancher grin of his. Briony is looking at her daddy funny. "Mommy sexy. That a BROOM Daddy!" He reaches up chuckling to boop her nose. "Yes, mommy is."

Pulling her hair to the side while Linc helps the little one get settled, Sophie straightens with her hands wrapped loosely around Briony's ankles in time for the reveal of the broom. Her eyes round appreciatively, her expression becoming a little more reverent. A quidditch player in her own right from Hogwarts, the woman knows brooms almost as well as the man next to her. "What do you think, Bri?" she asks, tilting her head sideways to glance up.
Her hypersenstivity picks up on the shift around her, and she bites the corner of her lip. "Sorry," she murmurs to Linc, leaning a little closer. "I didn't mean to spoil your cover." Then she straightens, looking backto the lucky woman who now owns the broom.

Bailey nods solemnly as Laurence explains, their conversations coming flooding back to her. She takes a deep breath, her smile positively glowing. Then, with the kind of impulse one might have expected of Rena, but is entirely uncharacteristic of Bailey, she throws her arms around Laurence in a warm embrace. "Thank you," she whispers in his ear.

"Lovely to meet you, Miss Crabbe! Pleasure's mine, I'm sure," Rena says enthusiastically when Graham makes the introductions between them. "If you'll excuse me, though, I want to take the Cycloom out for a spin."
Bubbly as ever, she bounces away to have a quiet word with Takeshi before moving back to her Flights of Fancy original creation. "Laurence - alright if I test fly this beauty now?" She asks first, not wanting to simply whisk it away.

Laurence chuckles lowly as he watches Bailey and then his eyes widen a bit when he's hugged and he just blinks several times, gently patting her back as he returns the hug and nods, murmuring. "You are most welcome." He pulls back a bit and takes a deep breath as he glances over at Rena. "Hey why not, just remember you will have to lean forward a bit to get your feet in the rests…clear some room people, broom testing will be happening." He looks to Bailey. "Well, and I'm sure I don't need to tell /you/ what to do with your broom either."

Linc shrugs to Phronsie's apology. "Meh, nothing to be sorry for." He slides one strong arm around behind her back. But upon realizing the Cycloom was going to be tested the tall man cranes upwards even more with complete attention to the maiden flight of that puzzling contraption.

Bailey draws back from the hug, blushing softly. In this light, even her hair looks a bit red. "Ah…yes. I…I think I'll save the maiden voyage for later. Listen, I can go fetch the rest of your payment now. I didn't think I'd be collecting the broom today, so I didn't bring it all with me."

Takeshi can't help but smile at Rena and her excitement, his hand moving through his hair slowly, watching his soon to be wife with a smile. "You are adorable Rena." he says with an affirmative nod, before smiling at Laurence, "I do a lot of flying from here to Hogsmeade on St. Mungo's business." he explains with a chuckle, as he waits for Rena to take her new broom for a spin.

Carefully shifting her Cycloom into a good starting position, Rena doesn't seem to be even remotely hesitant about this ride. Normally, she's a bit nervous when preparing to fly. For some reason, this time, she appears to be feeling fearless. Maybe her broomflying troubles were mostly mental to begin with.
Settling in comfortably on the seat like a pro, her feet are on the rests and her hands are on the handlebars. "Alright then," she says with palpable excitement, glancing at Takeshi with a smile. She pauses only long enough to test the silver bell and make it ring out: Ching-ching! "Up and away!" Rena exclaims.

And just like that, the outlandish Cycloom swishes away into the air, taking a graceful arc. At last, someone found a way to help Rena fly with confidence. The only problem now, will be getting her to come back down to earth.

Following Linc's gaze, Sophie gets her first look at the other broom, and blinks once. A very sheltered pureblood, she has no idea what's been fastened to the broom. A glance upwards appreciates his easy forgiveness, and the strength of his arm seems to relax her trepidation, and she returns a curious gaze to the blue broom about to be taken for a ride. "So, our daughter knows 'sexy' already?" Her eyes follow the broom, and she asks, "what kind of grip is on that broom? I've never seen anything like it… and I thought I knew quite a bit about brooms." Her brows are puzzled.

"And to meet you, Miss Lee," Signe replies before the woman is bouncing off to try her broom. She follows Rena with her gaze as she talks to Takeshi - quickly looking away again, rather than stare at the woman and her sweetheart. The red-haired witch has her attention again, however, as she circles out of sight on the broom. "What a very odd broom…" she remarks quietly, before glancing aside at Graham. "Have you ever tried a bicycle?"

Linc entirely focuses on not being in the dog house. "Well, she does have ears and hears me describing you quite a bit." Nice save! "That my darling is bicycle handles. Like my motocycle…just without the engine and a broom attached instead." As the cycloom zips out of sight he confesses, "I'm still not quite sure how I like that one. But like Larry said, it's probably good for a real novice to train on."

"This is a party, lovely, don't worry about the payment and all that, just pet and caress and show that broom you're her new owner and you're happy as can be and whenever you have it, you can bring it then, just a little each month or however you want to handle it." Laurence speaks softly to Bailey before he has to grin as he looks from one person to another as they prepare to witness the…spectacle of the Cycloom. He just prays someone doesn't ask him for a Automoboom next. Seriously.
Phronsie pages: what is Rugrat's actual name? I forget…

Bailey laughs softly. "Pet and caress her? Laurence, there are children here," she admonishes teasingly. Still, when she lifts the broom from the stand to feel its weight, she does handle it with a certain sensual reverence.
You paged Phronsie with 'So do I, that's why it's Rugrat. ;P Probably should go with Junior. ;P'
From afar, Phronsie grins. "Good enough."

"MmHmm," Sophie replies to the explanation of Briony's vocabulary. "And you like those bicycle handles," she asks, tilting her head sideways so she can look up to the little blonde perched on her shoulders. "Or is it just the little ringy bell that you want, so you can ring it at Junior when he gets in your way?" She gives a little jiggle to the toddler as she glances back at Laurence and Bailey as the woman protests at children overhearing. "I'm sure she's heard worse from her father," is offered with grin.

Graham will watch the other auror as she moves to take a ride on her new broom he cant help but as she chuckles out of view. He will look back to Signe as she speaks though "It is indeed, custom made for her though." he says the question gets a shake of his head "I havent, i've seen them riding through town. Is it difficult to learn? Perhaps you could teach me?" the young man says. "Have you been up on a broom before perhaps a family member or family friend?" he uses her term but not meanly he gives a small grin.
Bailey has partially disconnected.

Linc smirks and points to Bailey's broom. "That's the one I was calling sexy. That 'Cycloom' is cute - if perplexing. Yep!" He agrees with Phronsie's assessment of his little girls hearing. "But that's just one kid present." He winks up at the woman and her new broom. "Though count me in line for some petting and caressing?" He quickly adds before he's elbowed. "The /broom/. I would love a closer look."

"Hey! I was being good." Laurence protests. "She has declared me to be good and innocent, and she is a princess." He sticks out his tongue before looking up at Briony. "What color do you want your wooden pony?" He asks curiously.

"Not terribly - especially if you have good balance," Signe explains. "But then - Muggles generally learn was children. I learned when I was… twelve or thirteen, I believe, and the other students were surprised I didn't know." She keeps her voice down as she speaks - wouldn't want anyone asking the wrong (or right…) questions. "I have been up, but not since I was very little and easy to balance on the a broom in front of my parents."

Eyebrows raise once again, and Sophie turns a little to face Linc so she can raise to her tiptoes to speak quietly to him while her daughter claps her hands and calls out, "Geeeen!" To Laurence's question as she's being addressed in her royalty once more. Settling back down to her feet, the small woman gives her man a little room to move towards the broom if that is where his current curiosity leads him.
Phronsie whispers: play your cards right and you can get some petting and caressing when you get home…

"I dunno, I think i'm okay with balance. Perhaps we can try it sometime?" Graham asks or offers whichever that would be considered. "Ah, some thought it odd i'd never been on a broom before prior to going to school, but better late than never?" he is silent a moment "If you would want to go up on a broom again i'd be glad to take you?" his voice is also lowered in volume at some parts. He is looking to the other gathering as well keeping an eye on all that's happening.

"Of course. My roommate and I both have bicycles. I'd be happy to show you. But… I'm quite alright without going up again. Thank you, though," Signe answers Graham, giving him a small smile.
Her attention is stolen by the child again, fondness showing on her features. "She's just darling - isn't she?"

"I will put it on my to-do list, one green wooden pony with hmm, what color should the hair be?" Laurence taps a finger against his chin as if in deep thought before he winks at Phronsie and then turns to see who else is still around and in need of care and consideration.

Linc's expression alters just slightly and his intent on the broom seems to shift as he looks over to his daughter. "I think little Rosebud's been out long enough, looks like she's getting a little tired. Shall we go home?" he suggests lightly. It could have to do with what Sophie said, or it could have to do with the approaching photographers who've been alerted by the presence of Linc's girls at the party.
"Bwoo," is Briony's prompt reply to hair, and she pouts a little at the mention of going home. "My pony, daddy… have to wait for my pony!"
"You're pony is going to take some time, honey," Phronsie tells the little one, also picking up on the photographers. "Remember how mommy told you little abraxans take a long time to be born? Wooden ponies take some time, too. Not as long," she's quick to assure, giving Laurence a smile and a mouthed 'thank you' as they move off. "But we'll come back when Mr. Toulson tells us the pony is here. Promise sweetheart."

Graham returns the smile "I would enjoy learning thank you." He nods to her words about going up on the broom again "No worries, just wanted to offer in case." he says really not pressing her or anything as that's not really how he is. He nods "Yes she is, shall we join the others?" he asks her looking to the broommaker and others still here.

Signe glances at the others, then towards Graham again, before giving a small, hesitant nod. "Alright," she agrees softly. "You'll have to introduce me - do you know any of them, already?"

Laurence offers another bow to Briony before he shifts slightly in the way of people trying to approach the family, doing as he always does to draw attention from some of his more famous patrons, by offering up something free and the like.

Takeshi has been browsing the brooms that had been on display looking over all of them and admiring them, finally deciding it was time he caught up with Rena, he turned and smiled at Laurence. "Thank you Mr. Laurence, I will certainly be coming back another time to place an order." he says with a smile and nod, before putting his hands back in his pocket and head down the street, offering Graham a friendly wave as he heads out, coupled with a "Take it easy Mr. Coheen."

The young man will give a small squeeze with his arm in reassurance to her hesitancy. "That's not a problem, hmm well Laurence is a master broomaker and a friend of mine." Graham motions beginning the rather short walk. "Takeshi is a healer with St Mungo's and also a friend. Miss Potter who got the second broom works with a guard service she guarded my sister for a while, also a friend." he ponders "The other two i'm unsure I met one briefly I think he's a professional quidditch player. I don't know the other i'm afraid." he will reach Laurence first "Laurence, this is Miss Signe Crabbe." he introduces firstly.

Signe offers one of her shy smiles to Takeshi as he leaves - then turns her attention to Laurence as the man is introduced. "We did see each other briefly the other day," she remarks, recalling the encounter in the book shop. "A pleasure to meet you properly, Mister Laurence." She meets his gaze only for a moment, before her eyes lower.

Laurence looks between Signe and Graham, setting aside a bottle of oil to offer a hand to Signe, bowing his head politely and smiling kindly. "The pleasure is all mine, Miss Crabbe." He looks to Graham before looking back to Signe. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

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