(1939-04-03) A Long Days Night
Details for A Long Days Night
Summary: After a long day Bannon visits his girls and big relationship things happen between him and Camilla.
Date: April 3rd 1939
Location: Hogsmeade - Fawley Farmhouse - Living Room
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It is a spring night. The weather is warm and overcast.

Inside of the farmhouse it looks bigger inside than it did from the outside. The entirety of the house is hardwood flooring that's lacquered thickly for ease in clean up. Where there aren't cages, kennels and other more mundane furniture the molding around the ceiling and flood and around the chair line dividing the walls in two is the same wood as the floor. Depending on the room each wall is papered and painted differently. Above the chair rail is the more decorative patterned wall paper with the background color used in a thick hardy (easily cleaned) layer of paint below the chair rail.
A stairwell leads upstairs and also down to a cellar right in front of the Front Door. The stairs also act like a wall between the two sides of the house, on one side of the stairs is a very large living room. Mounted in one wall in the living room from floor to ceiling is an aquarium that is void of water and fish, it is a place for reptiles. Warm lamps shine down from above and it's filled with many smooth logs and nooks and crannies for anything cold blooded to rest and hide.
Within the cellar is locations for the more nocturnal and light sensitive animals to stay. Not to mention it acts like a storage area and wine and root cellar. Also in the cellar is a thick wall and door of reinforced glass that is the anti chamber into a medical facility. The lab is the only sign of modern times as the rest of the house with it's 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 2 offices and studies are all decorated in a very medieval whimsical fantastical design.

It's been a big day! Early dinner after a good solid wash up and Josie is tuckered out upstairs in her bed dreaming about Granian Girly Names. In typical unwinding before bed ritual Camill is sitting on the couch in front of a modest fire as the weather is starting to warm up some. A cup of something hot and steamy and spiked liberally cupped in her hands. She keeps her feet warm under the lion laying down at her feet. Her lap is kept warm by the badger that is curled up in a ball ontop of the plush grey terry cloth robe Cami is wearing with a matching grey terry towel that's masterfully tied around her hair. Pursed lips blow over the drink to help it cool down. The door is open but the screen door is shut so she can close her eyes and listen to the nocturnal things outside.

Up the path, Bannon's feet gently patter upon the road, leading him ever steadily to the Fawley Farm home. He readjusts the bowler hat upon his head with his free hand, his walking stick gently tapping the ground. As he makes the final approach to the home, he knocks on the screen door and gently opens it. "Hello?" He calls softly, hoping it's not too late for him to be making an appearance.

Camilla is smiling into her cup, by now she knows the unique manner of how Bannon strolls. He's barely calling softly when she's already answering, "Come in B." She rolls her head to the side to look towards the screen and she smiles even wider. The empty space on the couch next to her is given a pat.

Smiling ever so slightly, he carefully removes his shoes, so as not to dirty the floor, and makes his way toward the couch. He removes his hat, placing it on the corner of the couch and he rests his walking stick against the end. Taking the seat next to Camilla, he lets out a long sigh. "And how are we this evening?" He asks, letting his gaze wonder back to Camilla, after gazing at the fire and the animals for a moment.

Camilla speaks softly even though there is no risk of disturbing anyone. It's more for her benefit in unwinding than anything else. "We are exhausted but happy. Princess Liz foaled this afternoon. It was just Josie and I. She's amazing Bannon. I asked her to name the little filly, she's been thinking on it ever since." One warm hand comes away from the cup to rest on the cushions between them, palm up and finger's splayed out in an offering to him to take her hand if he is so inclined.

"That's wonderful." Bannon says softly, nodding along. "Josie has certainly taken a fancy to this place, and she absolutely adores you. I can't imagine anyone better to have taken her in when she needed it most." He smiles a genuine smile, taking her hand in his, interlocking their fingers. "She has certainly thrived here, and the animals here thrive as well."

Camilla gives his hand an affectionate squeeze. "She has, I am blessed that a chance meeting ended so well. She misses London though. Hoping that she could maybe spend the summer with you. Spending Camp time here though. When I first took her in I thought that she was truly an orphan, Bannon. The danger from that monster has passed. There's no one out to murder us to get to you any more. You are her father Bannon, she belongs in your home, not mine. We got things backwards. I should be the one that gets visits while you get precious time you have left of watching your daughter grow up."

"I am certainly glad that there's no more danger as far as those who wish to harm my loved ones and myself…at least not specifically." Bannon smiles softly. "And…" He takes a deep breath in. He really is a father, isn't he? He knows that, of course. And he takes it upon himself to ensure she's safe, whever she is. He wants to ensure that. After a moment, he speaks. "I would be happy to have her in my home, if she truly would care to stay there. I know how much she loves it here though, I would hate to tear her away from this. Though I know she'll come back for the camp."

Camilla takes a slow soft but deep breath. It is an emotional time when you nurture not one but two creatures back to health and recuperate them back to the point that they can be released back to the life that suits them the best. Her eyes are a bit glassy as she puts on a brave smile and looks at him. "Next year she'll be able to visit me every other weekend. I'll probably get to see her more next year than ever. So I do think that you both should consider this. Her room is all set up at your apartment. Jojo's a very independent smart girl. All you really need to do is keep some Animal Noise Enchanted Chocolates well stocked and you should be fine." She chuckles sadly but puts on a brave face still. "You both will always be welcomed here." Cami lifts up their entwined hands and gives his knuckles a sweet caring kiss.

Gazing quietly at Camilla, Bannon tilts his head in query. "You know that this shall always be a home for Josie, right? And I can always apparate her here by my side. Or travel via the Floo Network." He says softly. "The wondrous thing of magic? It makes distances not so far. Those we love and care about are a mere step away." He says in a kind tone. "While I would be thrilled to have her live with me, and to be stocked up with the Animal Noise Enchanted Chocolates, there would be no question of allowing here to come visit here as much as she'd want." He chuckles softly, "Besides, I fear Godric here would be heart-broken to have his favourite Gryffindor not visit. And I'd not be able to live with myself should he pine and pine from a broken-heart. And I daresay that I would then go from his…oh, fifteenth favourite Gryffindor graduate to his least favourite Gryffindor graduate!"

Camilla takes a deep breath, one that's used to keep from crying. "Oh I know. I tried to make it clear to Jojo that that is the case. I think I like the idea of being the place she'll run away too more than it being the place she might run away from. It's not like she's some little girl in shock and awe at the world she lives in any more. So she'll be fine without a nanny or anything. So you can work without worrying about her being home alone. If it doesn't work out she can return here, if she wants. We are a family, I'm her Aunty Cami. Always will be. And I'll always be here to set you straight when you need it." She gives him a wink but she also gets all choked up.

"Oh Camilla, my darling. Please don't be sad by this!" Bannon retrieves a silk handkerchief from his pockets and lightly dabs underneath Camilla's eyes, just in case of tears. "Besides, I'm still learning what it is to become a father. Of course I'll need to be set straight once in a while." He smiles at her, shaking his head. "Not to mention I'm afraid I'll start using words such as 'eleemosynary', 'erudite', or 'mellifluous' around her. And as much as I find the spoken word to be of great importance, those are words that most rarely or never use in everyday speech." He pauses, but smiles. "And I need someone to remind me of that every now and then." He says as he leans in to give Camilla a small kiss on the lips, if she'll allow him to.

Camilla takes the kiss but slightly adjusts it to be at the far corner of her mouth. She does lean her face against his and tries to soften the gentle rejection by kissing his cheek. "Well it will be good for her to learn about those words, just don't use them like you expect her or anyone else for that matter to know them, or make her feel frustrated that she doesn't know them. I'm alright B. I'm just so happy that you two are all re-cooped enough that you can try the next stage. The Wizarding World is a magical place that makes places less far apart at times. But there are still the matters of living very different lives. She's young, so she can enjoy the benefits of living in both worlds. You and I my Proper Gent, we are old and anchored to our lives. Right? I mean, we just seem to be in different places even when we're sharing the same couch… am I the only one that feels that? I hope that I'm wrong, but I just don't sense that we want the same things in the end. We were united together for helping Josie. But now that Josie doesn't need our help any more…there is no question that we are family. But do you even love me in a way that's not as a confidant and fellow guardian over your daughter?" Her dark eyes swish from side to side as she tries to search Bannon's eyes. Searching, hoping to spot something to counter the feeling inside of her that they've been drifting apart.

Well, those are certainly loaded question if he ever heard them. Bannon doesn't leap to answer, nor does he take too long. "Camilla. I care deeply for you. Very deeply." He takes a deep breath in. "I think of you more than just a confidant and fellow guardian of Josie. And I apologize if I've made you feel otherwise." He speaks clearly, hoping to get his message across. "Affection is…well, I am a guarded person, I shall admit. It is not often that I make such a personal connection with another." He explains. The unspoken truth being that, of course, for a brief moment, Josie's mother was one such person. "Of course I love you, Camilla. 'One half of me is yours, the other half yours. Mine own, I would say; but if mine, then yours. And so all yours.'" If he's going to quote The Merchant of Venice, it might as well be that line. "All that I am, all that I ever was and ever will be, belongs to you." He tells her quietly, gazing at her intently, sincerity in his words.

Camilla looks to him with a soft sad smile and tears roll down her cheeks as she listens to him. Only when do they start dripping from her chin and jaw does she realize she's crying and she pats her cheeks dry with the hanky. "I love you too B. As time goes on, I'm just not sure if the life we are creating is what either of us is going to be happy with in the end. We are still in love with our first loves, but they are out of reach and so I'm afraid that we are just settling for each other, because we are good friends. Don't you want to feel the same way about the woman you might spend the rest of your life with as you did JoJo's mother? I know what happened with her was a wound you may never recover from. The proportions from where I am is that Half of you is your job, the other half is mostly deservedly taken up by Josie. Near the rest is for her mother and whatever might be left is mine. I'm not angry about that. I respect that as much as I respect and adore you. I need affection Bannon, I need contact, I need warmth and someone that wants to get started on giving Josie a little sibling a /year/ ago. You nearly fainted and went face first into your plate at the littlest hint of marriage. That's you and as your friend I think that it's great and that you /should/ be dedicating your time to your daughter and not someone romantically. I just don't know what to do. I want us to work. I just don't know if my needs and vision of the sort of relationship I want with the man I'm going to spend forever with is what we have…" Her thumb rubs at the back of his hand she's still holding like a worry stone as she opens up to him. It's really the first time they've ever even discussed this sort of thing. Better late than never.

Dabbing her now wet cheeks with the handkerchief, Bannon shakes his head. "Camilla Kharna Kwaito-Fawley." He takes his time saying each of her names, while still dabbing away at some of the tears gently. "What I had with Josie's mother is long past." He sighs softly. "And I am not one to spend time with someone, as I have with you, when I do not feel something…well, it is a yearning. I care for you. I love and am in love with you, Camilla. The matter of marriage, it's a matter that shan't be taken lightly, regardless of who a person is with." He looks deeply into Camilla's eyes. If ever there were a time he'd be tempted to use his newly found skills, this would certainly be one of those times. However tempted he may be, however, he refrains from them. A thought, however, does cross his mind. Slowly, he gets down on the floor on one knee and looks up at Camilla. "Camila, I love you. And I would love nothing more than to have you by my side for the rest of my life. As such, Camilla Kharna Kwaito-Fawley, will you marry me?"

Camilla blinks and starts to go slack jawed when he seems to be making moves to get down on his knee. "Oh Bannon!" She hasps and her free hand moves to cover her mouth. Obviously she's in shock, they just went from basically breaking up to proposal in one conversation. Tears are tumbling again and now it looks like it's her turn to squirm about and look anxious at the mention of marriage. Swallowing nigh on gulping she pulls her fingers away from the bottom of her face. "Oh B." She repeats a bit more tenderly and a bit more gently. Leaning forward she places a kiss on his forehead and gives him a reluctant little tug to urge him back onto the couch. "I've got to think about this. I love you, care about you deeply as well. But there's just some things in our relationship that we need to settle first before I'll feel comfortable making such a big decision. Forgive me? Please don't be made, it's just been a really big day and I just need a bit of time to think it all over."

"If time is what you need…of course." Bannon replies quietly. He gently gives Godric a little pat, "Well, Godric…'tisn't easy being red and gold, is it?" He slowly moves himself back onto the couch. "While I'd very much like to stay…I would most understand if…" He closes his eyes and lets out a slow breath. "I'd understand if you need some space."

Camilla takes a deep breath mopping at her face she shakes her head, "Space isn't what I need, that is one of the things we should talk about. But not tonight. If you would like to stay, of course you can stay. There's plenty of bedrooms, just don't curl up in Dem's Den. I don't think you are his type. I want us to be close, even if it's just as friends and fellow guardians. So don't ever leave me please. I think it'll be best if we get this settled as soon as possible. You are a lion, it's why you drive Lucian crazy. Just please be patient and gentle and understanding with me. Please?"

"Perhaps I shall 'bunk', as it were, with Godric. A lion in a lion's den." What's this? Could Bannon actually be cracking a joke at the moment? Perhaps there's hope for him yet? He barely smiles, however. "I find the thought of losing you rather ghastly, Camilla. I hope you are keenly aware of that. I very much wish for your presence in my life." He lets out a little snort at the mention of Lucian. "There are possibly other reason for my motivating Lucian to insanity." However, this is neither the time nor the place. "Love is patient, my dear Camilla. I shall be here."

Camilla wiggles her toes enough that Godric rises. "I'm not letting you sleep on the couch. Josie will worry something is wrong if you don't stay in your usual room. I will forever be a presence in your life Bannon. Please don't worry about that. You were a Gryffindor, I was a Hufflepuff, there's no getting rid of me I promise." She leans in to give him a soft kiss to the cheek. "Sleep well, please. See you in the morning."

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