(1939-04-03) The Hoarse Valkyrie
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Summary: Finally feeling well enough to answer questions using paper and quill, Auror's question The Valkyrie.
Date: April 3rd 1939
Location: St. Mungo's Hospital - Spell Damage Ward
Plot: The_Banshee
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It is a spring night. The weather is warm and drizzling.

This area of the hospital has been set up for a double purpose. At the beginning of the ward are multiple stations ment to deal with transitory cases that only need the attention of Medi-wizards or Healers for a few hours. These stations have a small adjustable bed and a rolling chair and a stand with all the necessary tools to deal with any kind of temporary damage caused by misfiring or misused spells. The back of the ward has been designed to resemble a boarding house with individual rooms for each patient. These rooms are separated from the primary ward by a set of double doors securely locked by multiple charms. Over the doors a large wooden signs reads:
"Spells Damage Ward. Long Term Care Wing."
During the night this ward is illuminated by the ever present light globes floating around the ceiling.

The very large woman (yes that's been confirmed) has been removed from her props, wig and armor and the make up has also been removed. While the Armor turned out to be heavily padded the 40 something woman within is still on the plump side. Her things have been stored in the closet for the Auror's to take back to their office for evidence. Thin black and very spiky short hair is what was underneath the almost yarn like golden braided wigs has signs of grey peppered throughout. Beady brown eyes, instead of the Valkyrie's blue were discovered when Graham dispelled charms placed on the Valkyrie. Her squinting and such just made this change rather inconsequential. Several tubes go into the Valkyrie's mouth from potion bottles that dangle and drip into her mouth slowly but steadily doing their best to mend the woman's shredded vocal chords. Miserably she sits in her bed, conscious and squinting at those that are collecting around for her questioning.

The MLE's resident trouble-making rookie decided to come along with the Valkyrie to the hospital initially. Once the woman was settled in and seen to, Rena was able to breathe a good deal easier. The whole incident at the Ministry had been very upsetting… Well, it had been humourous at first, but once things took a sinister turn, it wasn't such a laugh anymore.
Currently standing aside, somewhat timidly - if her demeanor is any indication - the small redhead keeps her hands folded before herself as she watches the large woman cautiously. How does one ask one with tubes in their mouth 'How are you feeling?'

"M'am?" Rena asks quietly, finally inching forward a bit. "Are you…feeling at all better?"

Leonardo Zabini doesn't belong here. He really shouldn't be here. But then again, Leo has a knack for being places that he doesn't belong. That's just part of being a Zabini. Right now, though, he's doing the complete opposite of making a spectacle of himself or attempting to draw attention, since he's here on a much more personal note. He's just kind of keeping himself to what would pass as the shadows, tucked away into a corner and paying close attention to the patient and those that are making inquiries of said patient. And if the quill in his hand is any indication, he may or may not be jotting down random things in that leather bound journal in his hands. Huh.

Shelley, for her part, had not gone along with the witch initially. She'd filed a preliminary report on the incident, brought the 'spear' up to be logged as evidence - all those useful sorts of things that would keep her out of the hair of the Healers while they did their… healing thing.
Besides. She didn't much care for the hospital.
Still. Questioning a victim was one of the few 'real' tasks she was able to perform as an auror these days - so it was no surprise to anyone when she offered to help with the interview, and took the floo over to the hospital - stepping into the Spell Damage ward, and being directed by a nurse towards the correct room.

The infirmed woman looks less groggy than she has up until this meeting. But she gives those asking how she's feeling with an incredulous, 'What do you think!?' expression. Beady eyes look towards Keenan but upon getting a look that says the tubes are not to be taken out yet she looks to Rena and makes a gesture of a hand holding a quill and writing in the air.

With charts still in hand, Keenan glances up as people seem to file into the room. "I'm afraid that our patient is unable to speak at the moment," he informs the first to enter once the question is asked. "The damage has been quite extensive…" one hand flips through the chart to find a blank sheet of parchment, which he hands over with a quick spell to hold it in the air, so that she won't have to bend and disturb the tubes. Finishing a notation, he then hands over the quill, settling the charts back where they belong.

The withering gaze is enough to cause Rena to shrink back again. She knows the woman must be feeling terrible, but… she does mean well.
For a confused second, the redheaded woman stares at the Valkyrie with her lips parted slightly. Then, the Eureka moment! "Oh! Yes, of course! Right away!" She answers quickly. Pad and quill… pad and quill… Where are they? She rummages in her purse. She looks around the room, to no avail. For a moment, her gaze falls upon Leonardo, and she gives the man a decidedly quizzical look with one quirked eyebrow.
Keenan saves the day by providing the pad and pen necessary for the large woman to 'speak' to them, thus distracting Rena's attention away from Leonardo again - probably fortunately for him.

Feeling eyes on him, Leonardo just kind of offers a bit of a smile and a wave of his hand. He wasn't trying to interrupt or anything but he's definitely noticeable. He's hard to miss really, sometimes. With a quick clearing of his throat, he stands up straighter, about ready to proclaim some grandiose excuse as to why he's here and what he's doing but then distractions are in his favor and he's moving himself to perhaps a more hard to notice spot. As in behind those that are gathering and attempting to plant himself somewhat closer to the door. Well, that and he's going to want to see what gets written on the floating parchment. Better view and all that, right?

Stepping into the room, Shelley nods to Rena first, then focuses her attention on the 'Valkyrie' in her bed. "Ma'am. Glad to see you're awake again." Her attention shifts to Keenan next - a small quirk at the corner of her lips as she adds, "And that you're in excellent hands. Healer O'Shea."
After that, her gaze flicks Leonardo - her eyebrows going up. Isn't that the laughably arrogant ass from the Leaky Cauldron? Was he involved in this somehow, then?

"Auror Prewett," the healer answers lightly to the woman, a slight twitch at the corner of his lips revealing a dimple. "I've yet to have the pleasure of the rest here, though," and he raises his eyebrows first to the skulker, then settles on Rena as she seems to be at the forefront.

The Vigilante is still a bit dopey and her fingers are sluggish, so her writing isn't exactly a breeze to descipher either, the script is large and takes up a full sheet of the pad with only six words in Healer Keenan's signature gold ink.

    (, /                                          ,              
      /    _   _ _   _     _  _  __  _/_     __    __   _     _  
  ___/__   (_(/ (_(_/_)_  (__(_(_/_)_(__(_(_/ (__(_/ (_(_/_  (_(_
(__ /                         .-/                     .-/        
                             (_/                     (_/         
   ______                  __       __)                  
  (, /    )        /)     (, )  |  /  ,               /) 
    /    / _   __ (/_        | /| /     _   _   __  _(/  
  _/___ /_(_(_/ (_/(__       |/ |/  _(_'_)_(_(_/ (_(_(_  
(_/___ /                     /  |     .-/                

(I was capturing a Dark Wizard)

Oh, thank goodness - Shelley's here. Rena isn't the only Auror in the room anymore! It's nice to have that taken off her shoulders.
Leonardo receives another slightly confused - if very brief - glance. She probably ought to ask who the Dickens he is, given the past experiences she's had with strangers in the hospital. St. Mungos hardly feels safe, these days… But the Valkyrie seems more important, and the man doesn't seem to be a threat.
"Rena Lee," she says absently to Keenan, turning back to the large woman's bed as she writes with the quill. She offers a weak, but genuine smile in greeting. Then, she reads the pretty golden writing and takes on an incredulous expression: "Madam, you ought not to 'ave done that! You're lucky, you are, to 'ave gotten away in one piece!" She scolds after a moment's thought.

Good girl, Rena. Don't ask WHO the Dark Wizard was…

A rather haughty look comes across the Valkyrie's features. It's clear enough in that look alone that she doesn't take well to the scolding from the young auror.

  (, /     ,  /)    /)                   /)    
    /___,    // _/_(/     __    _   _  _(/  _  
 ) /     _(_(/_ (__/ )_   / (__(/__(/_(_(_ /_)_
     /)             ,            
 _  //  _  _  __     __   _      
(__(/__(/_(_(_/ (__(_/ (_(_/_ o  

(Filth needs cleaning.)

Shelley snorts at Rena's reaction, and the woman's words. "Charming," she remarks. "Not that I disagree. What is your name, ma'am? And who, precisely, were you pursuing?" she asks.

First she proudly writes and displays,

    ______)          __    __)                        
   (, /  /)         (, )  /      /) /)           ,    
     /  (/    _        | /  _   // (/_      __      _ 
  ) /   / )__(/_       |/  (_(_(/_ /(__(_/_/ (__(__(/_
 (_/                   |              .-/             

(The Valkyrie)
For all to see and then her tongue pokes out of her lips and between a couple of tubes as she lifts the pad so high she could use one of her double chins as a easel for the pad. Diligently she scribbles and scratches on another fresh piece of paper. She's going to burn right through the pad if this keeps up.

Keenan nods at the offhand introduction from Rena, and waits, almost expecting the answer given for a name. He raises one eyebrow towards Shelley, loosely crossing her arms as he watches the patient, then tilts his head slightly as he looks to the quill she uses.

Finally after bit by bit her tongue pokes out more and more as she concentrates deeper and deeper on the sketch she's working on. It truly has the airs of an artist at work, and not someone in the hot seat, as she is…but finally she flips the pad around to present a 'picture' of her target.

           /___, : .___\
          _) >=-( )-=< (_
         ( (    / \    ) )
          \_\  ((_))  /_/
            |)/  :  \(|
            \   '"`   /
            |   `-'   |

Rena looks somewhat abashed. After her initial scolding of the woman, now she just stands back, looking slightly hurt. She tries very hard to accquit herself as an Auror well. She's even arrested users of the dark arts in her short time with the MLE. In the background, she murmurs from beneath a hot blush: "I do my best…"
Stepping a little closer as the Valkyrie works on her drawing, Rena watches with an air of distinct caution. When at last the work is revealed, the young woman stares at it for a long time with big brown eyes. She blinks once… and then twice, and then she turns to Shelley: "Don't 'e look a little like your dad?"

"Right. The Banshee wasn't enough." Now they have 'the Valkyrie.' Wonderful.
She watches the woman work, studying the sketch with a thoughtful expression - until Rena distracts her. "Wh- no! That looks nothing like my father," she counters, giving the other auror a consternated look. Why would you even- She shakes her head, and turns back to the sketch. "It looks like Titty. Don't it? Gorithab Tittinsor, that wizard that abused all those women. Though…" She points to the symbol at the center of the hat. "Army of Truth? That's new."

Shelley done piss the fanatic off. Beady eyes go wide and after a few moments of angrily scratching at the paper. She displays what she's written with an angry shake of it about.

  (, /    )            /)             ,          
    /---(  _  __   _  (/    _   _       _     _  
 ) / ____)(_(_/ (_/_)_/ )__(/__(/_  _(_/_)_  (_(_
(_/ (                                            
   ____  ___) _____) _____     ___    /  /  
  (, /   /  /       (, /   ) /(,  )  /  /   
    /---/   )__       /__ / /    /  /  /    
 ) /   (__/        ) /   \_/    /  o  o     
(_/      (_____)  (_/     (___ /

(Banshee is a HERO!!)

One of the hospital Orderlies comes into the room and offers Healer Keenan a folded up piece of parchment with a wax seal of a silvery white, pressed into the wax is a four-leaf clover. "Message came for The Valkyrie." The patient who's still rather fuming gives a wave to Keenan to read it if he would. She has been getting quite a bit of fan mail and perhaps she wants the Aurors to hear of the glowing praises.

Within the message has been done with a quik-quotes quill so identifying the clover green inked handwriting is impossible.

Dearest Valkyrie,
I am very sorry for the harm that has come to you. When I first started my mission I did not have the foresight to ever think that someone else would emulate what I have done. I myself have very special training. It is what has allowed me to do what I do over the years. I have suffered myself on plenty of occasion. I can not condone your actions. While I appreciate that you must feel like you are the only one that can get this done, know that I don't do what I do because I don't think the Auror's can't do their jobs. I do what I do because there are just some things an Auror can't do. Please give the Auror's trying to help you respect and co-operation.

All of my best and well wishes on your full recovery.

~ The Banshee

Rena gives a helpless little shrug in response to Shelley's remark. She can't help it if there was SOME little similarity between… Oh, well, nevermind. On to other things!
"Oh…oh dear," Rena says, glancing at the drawing first and then back to Shelley. Her brow furrows a good deal at the mention of the name. Needless to say, she has reason enough to be troubled by the news. Of course, the Valkyrie's irritation at Shelley's remark causes her to break her train of thought. Her drops mouth open to say something…when a message arrives and obliterates everything else.
"Well, I'll be damned!" Rena exclaims, once the message has been read. "I suppose we should be grateful, but I ain't feeling particularly appreciative at the moment." She asides to Shelley, looking somewhat frazzled.

The healer shifts, narrowing his eyes at the drawing, then they shift to the 'Valkyrie'. At the shaking of the Banshee proclomation, he bites at the inside of his lip, but remains silent. At the entrance of the orderly, he takes the missage to hand over, but when the woman requests he read it, he opens and scans it. Glancing up once he looks to her, "are ye sure ye wish me to read this aloud?" At her look, he gives in, reading it in an even tone, without adding too much inflection. Refolding the note, he looks calmly to the woman, guaging her reaction to see if she'll need a potion to calm her again.

She probably will after Shelley's done speaking.
"Ma'am - the Banshee's got talent. I'll give 'im that. But what he doesn't have is good sense. Working this job, even with the support of the Auror's office, is dangerous work, and I'm lucky enough to be /living/ proof of that. Others," and certainly there are those in the room who know who she's refering to as her expression tightens, "aren't so fortunate.
"Given who you were after, you're lucky you weren't raped and tortured, and if you like that to remain true, I strongly suggest you don't interfer in the work of the auror's office. If you have a lead on any of the slime we're looking for - please let us know.
"Now. How did you track down Titty. …nsor." Stop calling him 'Titty' in an interview, Shelley. Geeze.

The Valkyrie needs a potion alright. She also needs that orderly to keep her from pulling out the tubes in her fit. Once the calming potion is given and she's been restrained the orderly makes motions to escort the Auror's out of the room. "Can come back later if you have any further questions." In otherwords what she was just given is going to knock her out in three…two…one…

ZZZZZ ZZZZZ                     ZZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZ                 
       Z     Z                         Z     Z     Z     Z                  
zz    Z     Z   zz  zz  zz  zz  zz    Z     Z     Z     Z   zz  zz  zz  zz  
 z   Z     Z     z   z   z   z   z   Z     Z     Z     Z     z   z   z   z  
 zz ZZZZZ ZZZZZ  zz  zz  zz  zz  zz ZZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZ ZZZZZ  zz  zz  zz  zz

"Well, that was about as enlightening as a bag of bricks to the 'ead." Rena grumbles as they exit the room. "A vigilante who's copycatting a vigilante who bit off more than they could chew. Now what do we do?" She asks of Shelley, giving another helpless shrug. She may be a consultant Auror, but she's still Rena's senior, and the younger woman always defers to those who rank above her - even if only by technicality. She's just respectful that way.

"Find something to charge her with. Interfering with an investigation. Endangering the public. …bad taste. She /choose/ to wear that get up? Ridiculous," Shelley remarks. "And track down the Hitwizards that brought her in. Smack on the back of the head for bringing her to the Ministry instead of St. Mungo's - then ask where they picked her up. We gotta go over the site with a fine toothed comb - see if there's any witnesses, any clues…"

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