(1939-04-05) It's as Easy as Falling off a Bike
Details for It's as Easy as Falling off a Bike
Summary: Signe teaches Graham how to ride a bike
Date: April 5, 1939
Location: The Park

Signe has secured /two/ bikes for the day - her own, and that of her roommate, Mildred. Mildred had been kind enough to ride her bike to the park, and then hop on the bus to finish her daily errands - Signe had given her word that she and her friend would make sure both bikes made it home safely.
Likely this would involve magic - but Mildred didn't need to know this.
At the moment, Signe was waiting on a bench, a page of sheet music in her hands as it often was.

Graham has made his way to the park that was agreed upon. He has exchanged his more wizardy clothes for his blending in type really a shirt and pants which are more like to those which others are seen wearing as he passes them. It isnt overly long before he finds the one he came to see and smiles as he approaches "Good day, it seems like it will be a nice one." he says breaking his silence "I never did ask may I call you Signe?" he is a tad nervous for this lesson so it might come out a bit fast but hopefuly she understands.

"It is, isn't it? We're quite lucky - given how much rain we've seen of late." Signe smiles at Graham, putting away her sheet music, and rising to her feet. At his question, she hesitates a moment, and then nods, offering Graham a slightly uncertain smile. "Of course. If you should like - I see no reason why not."

"Absolutely, that would have rathere postponed things a bit. I would imagine." Graham watches her as she puts the music away and stands up "I seem always to be the last to switch to using first names, but I like to ask first. Of course you can call me Graham." he says as well before pausing he looks over to the two bikes which have been procured for there veture. "I hope all has been well with you since we last met?" he will ask.

"Well? Yes. I mean…" Signe glances to the side for a moment before adding, "I heard from my Professor. He /is/ involved in a production of La Boheme, only…"

Graham will watch the other as she speaks though he does recall the conversation about the opera at her words. He cannot immediately read if this is good or bad news "Oh? What did he have to say?" he asks curiosity is in his voice now though inside he really really hopes for good news for the other. The auror waits patiently however for her to speak.

"Rather than Mimi, he's quiet insistent that I would be the perfect fit for /Musetta/," Signe responds, a little color creeping into her cheeks. "And I'm afraid I'm not entirely certain I agree…"

The auror will look to her as she speaks about the substitution of roles. Graham looks to her more closely at her expression and to the blush on her face, he is running through his mind to find the information he knows about this production "That must mean though that he trusts strongly in your voice though Signe." he will break his silence "What has you concerned about it?" he wonders after a moment.

"I- well. I've never played a role that's quite so… forward. But, well. It is /acting/, isn't it? It's rather the point." Signe glances down, adding, "If you had seen a production, I'm sure you'd understand. I'm fairly certain he's doing this on purpose - to push me."

Graham will ponder further "I only vaguely remember the plot i'm afraid it has been sometime since I had read the book about it." The young man says still trying to pull information which doesn't seem to be there. He nods after she has spoken. "Perhaps he is, but I must agree from having seen you on stage that you would be larger than life if you chose to accept the role." he will smile once again "I would have to buy proper good seats for the show."

"Oh, gracious, I'm not sure I want people I know to have good seats to seeing me… act like a floosy," Signe admits, her cheeks brightening. "Still - I imagine I'll say yes. It doesn't do to aggrevate the Professors, even out of school, so unless I have a very solid excuse…"

The young man will frown slightly at her words "It would be just that though, an act nobody who knows you would believe that it was anything more." Graham says to her as she continues. "I think you'll be brilliant and this of course would get your name out to many who will come see your shows and they can be even more amazed." he will smile warmly to the other its clear he thinks she can do it and will be great. "I'm sure your able to give it some thought before you have to answer?"

"Oh, I know that," Signe answers. Yet still… "And I do have a bit before I must give him an answer - though I suppose I'll have to tell him yes."

Graham nods and gives a reassuring smile "Well you can think about it some and see if it is what you want to do." he will say though it seems she has made up her mind almost at lest he does take a deep breath. "If you do accept the part and dont want me to come, I wont. I don't want to make you more nervous or anything."

"No, it would probably be silly to keep you away only… Just don't tell me what night you come," Signe begs quietly. "I think it would make me more self-conscious."

The auror smiles but it isnt teasing but agreement "I can do that of course. I dont want you to be worried." Graham will say to her this term is easy to agree to "I hope you dont mind me saying, but I really do think you will be brilliant Signe." he says though glances back to the bikes a moment before back to the other.

"I hope so," Signe agrees. "Professor Parker must believe so as well." And Graham will simply have to accept the fact that she values her Professor's opinion on this subject more, and quite naturally so.
She catches his glance at the bikes, and offers Graham an amused smile. "Shall I demonstrate how it is done before you give it a try yourself?"

Graham nods in agreement "Of course he does, he has known you longer than I have by far. I dont think he would push you if he didnt think you couldn't handle it." The young man looks from her back to the bikes a moment and chuckles to her words "Yes, please and any hints or anything would be much appreciated." he says he does shift from foot to foot slightly a tad nervous now as he wonders what he will have to do.

"Try not to fall?" Signe offers a bit of facetious advice, giving Graham a wry smile, before moving towards her bike. "To be honest - speed is rather key. If you're going too slow, you'll be rather wobbly. So you must be going quickly enough to give yourself some stability - but not so quickly that you will be terribly injured if you do have an accident. These here on the handles," she taps one lightly, "are the brakes. They'll stop you. Take your foot off the pedal, and place it on the ground when you stop."
Without any other words, the young singer, puts one leg over her bike, and kicks up the kick stand. She puts her right foot on the lower pedal, and leans towards her left foot. "You're going to want to kick off with one foot, and stand up on your other foot as you sit down, and get your foot into place. Then you start pedaling."
She demonstates her words, riding in ovals up and down the path before adding, "I wouldn't try a sharp turn just yet, though," as she uses her break, and puts her foot down to stablize herself.

The young man laughs "Very funny." but Graham is just teasing in return and he smiles though as she shows the proper way to ride the bike he watches closely not wanting to miss something like how to stop or any pointers she gives. The auror will step closer and off to the side near where the other bike is as she continues speaking "So far so good, well until I fall off of course." he will clap though "Very well done." he comments.

"And you probably will," Signe offers wryly. She puts her kickstand into place, then moves closer to Graham, offering quietly, "Are there any spells you can put on yourself…? To cushion you against a fall? Or would they all be too noticeable to the Muggles?"

Graham will nod in understanding about possibly falling off the bicyle which doesn't really sound pleasant but it is part of learning he supposes. He watches her as she approaches and speaks with lowered volume, he ponders a moment "Perhaps one, but lets see I can use it on that area over there and ride around there so if I fall I can land on it?" the auror walks over to the spot he mentions hoping she will follow "What do you think?"

"How large an area?" Signe asks uncertainly. "You wouldn't want to turn too sharply - as I said. And… what would happen if a Muggle walked through the area? Would they notice?" she asks with a curious tone.

The auror will turn back to listen "It depends I could probably do twenty feet or so maybe a little more." Graham will say the next question gets an odd look well it is a cussioning charm invisible but they would feel like they were walking on a soft surface I imagine. Suppose if they walked through it they may notice." He adds after thinking about it some.

"I'll leave it up to your discretion," Signe answers calmly. "I don't know all that much about spells, and what might be discrete, and what might not… I'm sure you'd know better."

<FS3> Graham rolls Charms-4: Good Success.

"I will give it a shot, it seems like the park is empty enough for now. I can always dis-spell it if need be." Graham says to her watching her a moment to make sure she really is okay though he will turn his back to the busiest part of the park where the street is of course. It seems he doesn't wish to use his wand unless he has to he'll hold out his hand to where he had mentioned he has to really concentrate this time. "Pulvino." he speaks there is a small flash but hidden well as it is daylight and no noticeable change to the ground "Come see?"

Signe watches him cast the spell - surprise on her features, and looking mildly impressed. "You did it without a wand?" she asks softly. "Isn't that dreadfully difficult?" She moves to walk through the space - feeling it smoosh just slightly under her feet, "Oh, that would be much nicer to fall on I think - yes."

Graham will look about the area testing it out himself and feeling that it will be much nicer to land on should he do so. He looks back to the other trying to read the look on her face surprise first and than something else but her words bring about a response. "I thought it would be more discrete, I wasn't trying to show off or anything, but yes wandless magic is tricky." he nods to her words about the ground feeling more squishy.

"I didn't think that you were," Signe offers with amusement. She smiles at Graham - meeting his gaze more readily now than when they had first met. She even reaches out to rest an hand on his arm briefly. "Well. Nothing for it but to give the bike a try, now. As I said - push off, stand on one pedal, and sit down while you get the other foot into place. It does take a bit of practice."

<FS3> Graham rolls Chance: Failure.

The young man returns the smile to her words nodding that she didnt take his actions that way, he really doesn't want to seem a show-off-y jerk especially given he isn't that sort of person. Graham will look to the other catching her gaze a moment "I suppose so, what's the saying here goes nothing?" he says with a chuckle he moves back to where the bike had been. He wheels it back which feels a bit odd but he will move to sit astride the seat he looks back. "I meant to say thank you Signe, for offering to teach me, it was very kind and I enjoy the good company." he says sincerely to the other. His feet still are both on the ground hands on the handle bars. The auror will pick one foot up and place it on a peddle and when he thinks he'e ready at least he puts the other up and tries to peddle one.. round two.. he doesn't get enough speed though and wobbles before toppling over with the bike onto the softened spot on the ground.

"Are you alright?" Signe asks with some concern as the man tumbles, taking a step towards him. She helps free him from the bike, and stands the bike back up. "Really push off to get some speed going. Getting started is the first hurdle - and probably the toughest one."

Graham is down before he'd really had a chance to do much. The young man isn't harmed though except perhaps looking a tad foolish. He looks up to the other from where he is. "I'm okay I think." he says as she helps detangle him from the bike he is able to pull himself back up to his feet "Thank you." he'll pause listening "Hm not enough speed, but not too much speed." he makes a mental note as he accepts the bike back to start near the same place. The process is repeated until he is ready for another try. He will take a deep breath before pushing off with his foot on the ground to get him rolling before he begins to peddle he seems to do better with this part having enough speed though still a tad wobbley he is doing okay until he has to turn he knows he should slow down a little but isnt sure how much break is needed he squeezes a tad to hard "Woah." he calls as he nearly flies over the bars instead he'll fall over sort of the same way except the bike doesnt land on him. "Too much break?" he asks laughing a bit at his view of the sky."

"Oh, lovely! Very good!" Signe calls as Graham manages to get started - but then a hand goes to her mouth to cover a laugh as he brakes too hard, and crashes once again. "A little too much, yes," she agrees, hurrying to help him up once again. "But much better that time. I told you turning can also be tricky. You'll get the hang of it, though."

He chuckles as he will accept the help up of course though he is smiling, he does seem rather to be enjoying the lesson and the company he is for certain. Graham expected the laugh as well it was sort of funny that he didnt know how hard he needed to break. "It seems tricky, kind of like leaning a little and turning the wheel a little, I think I will be able to manage it perhaps than we can go for a proper ride." he says before taking his place once again he remembers to kick off and peddle and this time breaks lightly as he turns into the first corner. He has to peddle to maintain riding speed but though a tad wobbly still he does manage he seems to be doing well it isnt pretty but manageable he turns the last corner and uses the breaks where he'd started placing his feet down "How waas that?" he says grinning a bit.

Signe claps her hands as he manages the turn, beaming brightly at the man as he manages it. "Lovely! Very good! Try a few more go-arounds - and then perhaps we'll ride together through the park?" She suggests. "I could suggest riding out in the city proper quite yet - not until you're a little more steady. Not with all the cars about."

Graham grins and is pleased to see the other so happy, it really is catching as he cannot help but smile after listening to her words he will nod in agreement. "Through the park sounds good, perhaps I can purchase my own bike and we can ride together?" he will say having enjoyed his first trip he will kick off and try to match his previous sucess. It starts much like the same very careful and a tad off balance with each trip around getting slightly better.

"Perhaps we can," Signe agrees. She watches him go around several times, then retrieves her own bike, riding around the cushioned area with him a few times. "Can you turn it off, before we go?" she suggests. "Or does it wear off on its own?"

<FS3> Graham rolls Charms-7: Great Success.

The auror enjoys his few times around, but even more so when the singer joins him for a few more laps of the impromptu track they have made. Graham looks to the middle a moment as she speaks and he answers in lowered volume. "It would wear off, but probably too risky to leave it here until it does. He must stop the bike and place his feet down as he holds his hand out again "Finite." this one seems to take a bit more effort than even the last did but another flash and the soft ground affect is gone.

Signe watches as he does the magic again - showing perhaps the briefest hint of longing. She loves her life - and yet still…
"Well then. Shall we?" she asks, gesturing along one of the paths.

Graham will turn back after wards if he catches her look towards where he'd broken his first spell he will not make notice that he did instead he just smiles warmly to her. "You are a great teacher." he will say honestly though he looks towards the path she motions to. "Sure lets give it a try." he agrees taking his starting position he will push off though he is looking to stick near the other without crashing into her of course.

Signe starts off - glancing back to see if Graham follows. She takes the lead - speeding up to guide him onto the correct path when there are forks in the road - and then dropping back to glide beside them afterwards. She smiles, seeming quite happy to be riding through a beautiful park on a bright, early-spring day.

The young man is smiling as the bike ride starts and is glad to let her take the lead to go down the right path. Graham is grinning as they continue "I should brought a picnic basket. Maybe next time." he will say one of time times they are riding beside each other it is a little while of just enjoying the ride until another time he checks around them before speaking to the other. "I can understand why you wouldnt want to go flying.. this is much better." he says.

"Yes, next time," Signe agrees. "We can strap it to the back of my bike." And not his. She's far less likely to crash and spoil the food. "Such a lovely park, isn't it?" she asks. Then nods, "Just there is the Sykes estate - I went there several times as a young girl - such a lovely home. I heard what happened - do you imagine it's been repaired, by now?"

Graham will take a bit of time to look around himself once he's gotten used to not going in a pattern on the trails. "That sounds like a great idea, perhaps I can learn to make that food you liked from the restaurant the fish, dish. Will help so I can teach you to make it after of course i've not forgotten." he will turn to look where she points "I would think it has been repaired since. I mean I would hope so."

"Poisson en Papillote!" Signe calls to him. "Not sure it's the best choice for a picnic, though. It's best fresh from the oven - still puffed from its own steam."

"I see your point. Wouldnt want it to get cold or anything." Graham says as she speaks still following the trail riding beside her when he is able "Well you can still pick what you would like to have." he says after a few more moments of just enjoying the parks various features.

"Oh, I don't know," Signe answers. "I'll think on it some. Something to look foward to!" She glances aside at Graham before adding, "I told Mildred that I'd get both bikes home on my own. Could you help me with that…?"

Graham will look back to pay attention to where he is going more often than not but he does take sidelong looks to the other as well as nod "It is, I hope the weather holds i'm long overdue for a trip to the London Zoo." Graham smiles though he is still listening to her question "Of course I can, it is the very least I can do." he responds to her easily enough.

"Good. Thank you. I thought you wouldn't mind," Signe answers brightly. "The Zoo?" she adds. "Going with some friends? That ought to be a lovely trip."

The auror has to pay attention to a bit of a windy part of the trail but he is listening to her "Of course not. I am glad to help whenever I can." is added about the first part as she speaks though about the Zoo he will shake his head "I am not sure if anyone was planning on going with me though I may ask if my sister would like to, but if you'd like to come your more than welcome." Graham smiles over to the other.

"Perhaps I will," Signe agrees. "It's been a while since I went, myself." She glances aside at Graham, adding, "You have a sister? It's lovely you go on outings together, still."

Graham smiles more warmly "You certainly should than, as I said I enjoy your company." he responds to her having not been to the zoo in a little while. The question about him having a sister is a bit more of a long explanation. "Well she's not my sister by blood but as good as, we adopted one another as brother and sister." he says hoping this makes sense he will take looks to the other to see if he can see a reaction.

"Ah - well. It's lovely to forge such close bonds, isn't it?" Signe answers - seeming to accept this in stride. "Well, I should love to meet her sometime. And… I enjoy spending time with you as well, Graham."
She glances aside at him before adding, "She wouldn't be put off by a squib?"

"It is, happenstance meetings like the one where we met in the pub. You never know where you meet someone." Graham says using this as a good example given how the first meeting was complete accident. The young man will smile as she says she would like to meet his sister "Of course i'm sure she'd like to meet you as well." her words about enjoying spending time with him doesn't reflect on his outer face as well he had been smiling before hand but still makes him feel good. The last question gets a shake of his head first going around another bend. "Not at all, she doesn't discriminate, but she is very shy when meeting new people but it isn't based on anything its everyone even myself at first."

"Well - not like that should put me off much. I'm very shy when I first meet someone," Signe responds, letting out a laugh. "Though admittedly - how shy I am, well, it depends on where I am. People in my… music circle have no reason to mind me, but people in my /family/ circle…" The wizarding circle, of course.

Graham will chuckle following along the path before he is able to look to her more directly again. "Nothing wrong with being shy." he comments though she continues to say the difference between those she knows in the muggle world versus those in the magical world he will nod but sighs sightly. "Any of those from that side who treat you different or poorly aren't worth your time or effort anyways." he is lumping himself in with a different side perhaps? "Your a person. That is all that should matter."

"Some of them /are/ family, Graham," Signe reminds him in a wry tone. "Not my mother, as much. But my father… Well. It's a disappointment to him, I know." There's definite sadness in her voice as she says this. "Still. As I said - I'm more fortunate than most in my situation."

He listens and will nod "I'm sorry, I don't mean to speak ill of them of course." Graham says at her reminder of her own situation he ponders the difficulty's this would cause the sadness in her voice brings his attention to her in full though he has to remember riding a bike too. "I am glad your family accepts you, but I guess what I mean is that there shouldnt be any other way about it."

"I wish there weren't but… it's not the world we live in, is it?" Signe answers, falling silent after this statement - her eyes forward on the path ahead of them.

Graham shakes his head lightly "Perhaps not at the moment, but it can always change." he will say there is something new in his voice, hope perhaps that the future will be diffrent. "It is hard to tell what the future holds Signe." he will say he is watching the path and taking looks to the side towards the other internally though beating himself up how can he always say THE exact wrong thing always.

"This is true," Signe agrees. "Who knows what it will bring. And whether or not /that/ world ever changes - I will always have this one."

"That is true, i'm glad you have good friends." Graham says continuing on a bit further in silence as they ride, he isn't sure what to make of her words of magical and muggle world "Not all in the magic world think that way I mean even right now. I mean wont treat you any differently than anyone else as an example."

"I know - not everyone does. You don't," Signe agrees. "Beryl doesn't. But… enough do to make me very wary. I'm sure you can understand that?"

Graham listens to her words and sighs "Yes I can see how that would be a necessity at times. It is like at my job, those who I have to find dont wear a name tag about being a dark wizard, you dont know who is who." he says and his voice is more sincere in his understanding. "But at least you know Beryl will stand up for you, and so would I." he does manage to regain his smile a bit trying to lighten things back up.

"Beryl would go to /war/ for me," Signe answers with confidence - and a smile. "More than anyone else in my life - I'm lucky to have her. I don't know what I'd do without her."

He will listen and chuckle "I believe that she would myself." he easily agrees with her and returns the smile "I am glad you have her for a sister." Graham says though he remembers something. "The night I came to see you sing, that first time (assuming he'd have done so offscreen again at somepoint before now) I recognized her from a very brief meeting at the Leaky Cauldron, we hadnt even been introduced properly." he laughs a little. "She was a very good sister and got all the information from me she could as to why I was there to see you."

"Oh?" Signe asks, glancing aside at Graham. There's amusement in her gaze. "Did she think your attention may be… improper? Though I suspect she'd be just as likely to /encourage/ us as disuade us."

Graham will side glance catching the look from the other he will think back more properly to how the questions were being asked. "She was civil, but I do wonder what she thought of me. Trying to speak in code and riddles about my job and things isn't really a good way to make a proper impression." he says, before listening to the last of her words which he chuckles again. "Has she tried to play matchmaker before?" he will ask curiously.

"Not matchmaker, no," Signe answers with a laugh. "It's only… well. She wants me to be happy. And if she thought a match would make me happy, I'm sure she'd encourage it. If that makes more sense."

"Ah, yes it does. She would encourage anything which would bring you happiness." Graham summarizes what he thinks she means at least. "I cannot really say that is a bad thing it is a good caring thing to do. I expect though if she thought my motives improper she'd likely have told you so it sounds like anyways." he focuses on the trail a moment though does look back to her when he can. "I've played match maker once, even though you've likely noticed my words sometimes dont come out how I mean them." he grins "The two are engaged now so I did something right."

"Probably true," Signe agrees with a laugh.
"Engaged? Well that is lovely, isn't it? You must be pleased - I wish them all the best of happiness," she says brightly. They've done a loop of the park now - and are coming up to where they'd started from.

Graham smiles "I am quite pleased, they are both friends and things so far have worked out better than even I could have hoped." the auror is certainly glad for that given it could have gone the otherway around and been his fault. He looks ahead before back "Isnt that were we started from." he says though than noticing the place he'd charmed for practice which confirms it.

"Yes, we've come full circle," Signe confirms - slowing to a stop, her eyes on Graham to see if /he/ can manage to slow himself safely. Regardless of the result she adds, "You've done quite well. I thought you would."

He will have to focus squeeze the break, and not to hard it isnt the worlds best stopping taking him a bit more time than normal but he will back is bike up to beside hers. "Thank you Signe, I wouldnt have been able to without your teachings though." he says quite serious aout this part though he had so much fun he couldnt have learned without her help. Graham will move to stand if only for a moment his legs taking a moment to get used to standing now.

"Now that you know how - you shall have to get your own bike. It's a dreadfully convenient way to get about. Can't exactly use your broom about town," Signe teases in a quiet voice. "And I was happy to help - of course."

Graham grins "Absolutely, though might have to have you go with me and tell me a good bike from a bad bike." he will say teasingly back though he does look up a moment towards the sky as if pondering it before back to the other. "I suppose that would be a bad idea yes." he will put the kickstand down as he'd seen her do earlier before making his way over and if allowed will give her a hug if she doesn't wish it he will just speak otherwise. "You helped a lot, I didnt even mind falling off." he grins.

Signe has her own kickstand down by now - and she's happy to return the hug - though when she pulls away, some of that shyness has crept back into her features. "I'm not sure I have much experience telling a good bike from a bad bike… I suppose you just want to make sure it's sturdy, and not rusted."

He notices the shyness after the hug though it wasnt his intentions to make her feel awkward which he hopes he hasnt. "I suppose that makes sense, make sure the frame isnt bent things like that." Graham will say as he glances over the bike trying to decide if he can purchase a good bike though he will certainly try to do so. "You had said you needed help getting the bikes back home? Did you mean to walk them there? Or a more soft ground way? Either is fine with me."

"It's quite a walk from here," Signe answers. "I was thinking… We might walk them somewhere a bit more private, at least, and then find a more expedient means?" she suggests. "Or - well. If you called the bus for me, that would work, too."

Graham shakes his head "Nah we can use the alley between the buildings there, otherwise it still leaves you having to carry both of the bikes wherever you store them." He says this after only a brief moment of thought on the options available. "Figured asking was better than me start walking and you being confused."

"Well - the bus can drop me off directly in front of my flat," Signe reminds Graham. The Knight Bus is quite convenient like that. "But I can't call it myself, of course. Rather wish I could, but…"

"Its okay, I can apparate us." Graham says in a lowered volume to her though it has been well he cant remember when he used the Knight Bus it had been so long "That is part of the changes i'll add to my proposal from the other day, about a department for helping squibs with intergrating with the muggle world since this was lacking. You should be able to call the Knight Bus."

"Yes, but… how?" Signe answers, giving Graham a puzzled look. She kicks up her kickstand so she can walk with him towards an alleyway. "You have to be able to use magic to call it."

Graham ponders a moment as he raises his kickstand as well and begins walking. "Hm, i'd have to work out a way that it could be called, maybe an item with protean charm on it, but it would have to be able to be manipulated in non magic way." He says before realizing he is thinking outloud. "That charm links many items together for a common purpose." he says to her though isn't sure yet. "I am sure something can be thought up."

"Well, if it could, I would certainly be grateful. It would make my life much simpler," Signe answers, giving Graham another smile. Whatever the reason for her seeming withdrawl after the hug - it was gone now.

"I'll think about it more and let you know what I think up, that way I can make sure my idea practical too before I go trying it out." Graham says and smiles glad to see her doing so again as well. He will wait for the coast to be clear so they can cross the street. "If the ministry wont act, perhaps preasure through the S.S.S might be able to get them moving."

"The S.S.S.?" Signe asks, glancing curiously at Graham, before turning her attention to the traffic as they cross.

Graham is being careful of traffic and so wont answer until they are safely across so he can look to her directly at the curious look. "Society for the Support of Squibs. I dont know how many members or donations they are getting these days, but they held a really big meeting a while back trying to decide for support of Unity or not." he will explain a bit about it.

"There's a society to support squibs?" Signe asks, before letting out a quiet laugh. "Another thing they don't tell us, I suppose." She smiles a bit sadly. "Well. At least there's something. I hope they do some good." She glances at Graham again, asking, "So - /did/ they support Unity?"

The young man looks apologetic "Yes, well they haven't been causing much of a stir lately, so i'm not sure if they are taking donations and helping where they can. I see no reason that they cant help with getting things improved, of course that would include getting the word out that help is available." he says though the last question gets a small shrug "There was so much debate, and it turned into repealment of secrecy laws or not so I don't know if they ever decided."

"Well. I would be curious to know what they decide - should they decide," Signe agrees. Though she has said /nothing/ about the idea of joining the group. She wonders if Beryl is even aware of it? Wouldn't she had mentioned it if she knew…?

Graham continues on while listening to her. "I can ask Elly, I belive she was there that evening. I only heard about it after the fact." the auror will admit to the other as he pushes the bike along. He has noticed she didnt ask about how to join but in this case he will not press her.

"I would appreciate it," Signe agrees, as the pair step into the alleyway. Signe would helpfully describe her neighborhood and give Graham her address - unsure if that would be enough to help him find his way to her home. Apparating, after all, was something she had experienced - but never really understood.

"Of course, it isnt a problem." Graham says to her works about appreciating his help with finding about where the society stands. He looks over to her as they reach a safe enough spot he will listen to the description and everything "I know about where that is." he will say after thinking a moment he will offer his arm to her so she can come along when he apparates.

Signe holds tightly to his arm - and to her bike - as they both pop out of existance, and crack back into reality near her apartment. Signe reels when they arrive - letting go of Graham's arm and stumbling to the nearest wall - eyes squeezed shut and one hand over her mouth as she leans against it and fights the urge to puke. She stays that way for a brief time before she finally straightens and looks back to Graham, a small smile on her features. "Been a while since I did that," she explains a bit lamely. "Anyways. Thank you for the help home. I'll see you again shortly, I'm sure." It wouldn't take her long to see both bikes put away, so she can disappear into her flat.

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