(1939-04-13) The Daily Prophet - Ballycastle Bats Away Portree's Pride
Details for Ballycastle Bats Away Portree's Pride
Summary: Overview of the Ballycastle Bats-Pride of Portree Quidditch match
Date: April 13, 1939
Location: N/A

Could the Ballycastle Bats' victory over the Pride of Portree be a sign of things to come? Sunday's outcome could have implications for the future of both teams, although question marks remain. Ballycastle's key to victory was consistently gaining the upper hand in the struggle for pitch position. The Pride seemed to be off their game, with the recent off-the-field drama certainly taking its toll.

Ballycastle Beater Finnegan Quigley showed that he has what it takes to fit into Bats' new dynamic. He said after the game, "The coaches told me to just go out there have fun and execute. I just did my thing and it all worked out today." Quigley will have to build on Sunday's performance if Ballycastle Bats hope to continue their success, but things certainly look promising.

Meaghan MacDougal, Keeper for the Pride, looked confident and aggressive, but let the game slowly slide out of her grasp as she slowly ran out of stamina. "It's disappointing," she said after the game. "We left it all out there on the pitch and just fell short," she added. Meaghan MacDougal needs to learn to play within herself for her team to find success; sometimes you need to go out there and remember to play your position and rely on your team for the rest.

The pressure is mounting on Pride of Portree to reverse a poor start to the season, but they can't let it get to them. The defense can't continue to rely on the Blitzen Ballet to shore up the big holes in their offense. They'll need to be more fundamentally sound in passing situations without rolling the dice and exposing themselves for potential big plays. Even the offense's few strong points were less-than-inspiring, stalling numerous times in opponent territory.

Call Ballycastle Bats lucky if you want, but great teams make their own luck. Both the Bats and the Pride know they will need to make adjustments to beat quality teams, but only one team looks like they're able to build on that knowledge right now.

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