(1939-04-07) Life of an Auror
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Summary: Bannon and Josie have a chat, and he tries to encourage her to consider other careers than his own.
Date: April 7th, 1939
Location: Fawley Farmhouse
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It's mid-morning and the weather is fair. Having taken the day away from the office, noting that everybody must take a day off, even if it's once in a blue moon, Bannon decides to make his way to the farm. Much like the last time, he doesn't wait for anyone to answer the door, he merely opens it up and enters the home. "Hello?" He calls out, hoping that there's someone still inside. If not, he'll have to begin a search of the farmlands.

Josie is, indeed, still inside. Which, really, is kind of strange. She's the kind of kid who spends every moment she can outdoors, usually climbing something. Of course, however, the school gives homework to be done over the holidays, so she's stuck inside today, sitting at the dining table and writing on a roll of parchment. She looks up quickly as she hears Bannon's voice, and calls, "Hi! I'm in here."

Heading into the dining room, Bannon gazes toward the studying Josie. Placing his hat on the corner of a chair, and leaning his walking cane up against the chair as well, he offers a little nod. "Ah, keeping up with your school work, I see. Excellent. It is important to work hard and to keep up to date on your work. What is it that you are working on at present?" He asks of her.

Josie smiles as she answers, "Defense Against the Dark Arts. I have to write an essay on Fire Crabs." She grins and says, "I think we have one here on the farm somewhere, so I'm gonna go look for it later."

"Fire Crabs…nasty creatures. Well, what they can do to a person, rather." Bannon nods. "Camilla would certainly know much more about them than I would. But if you require any assistance on the matter, I'd be glad to offer you as much information as I can muster from memory on the subject." Bannon offers to Josie. "And, if there's any other subject you require assistance on, I'd be happy to attempt to assist you there as well."

Josie nods and smiles. Then she hesitates a moment, and says, "Well, there is something. It's not class stuff, but in dueling club they've been teaching us the disarming charm. Can you maybe help me with that sometime before I go back?"

"Expelliarmus?" Bannon offers a nod in recognition. "Quite useful in a duel, or even to prevent a magical fight to begin with." He gives her a little smile. "I'd be…honoured to assist you in the practice. However, I am sure you realize you are not permitted to use magic outside of Hogwarts grounds. However, I am sure that I could assist you in proper technique and wand movements."

Josie nods quickly and says, "I know I can't actually cast it, but if I just hold a stick instead of a wand and show you what I'm doing…" She grins again as he goes on to say he can help with technique, and nods again. "Thank you." Then she asks, "How's your work doing? Catch any more dark wizards?"

"Of course." Bannon agrees. "It is always advantageous to be aware the technique used in performing a particular spell before actually casting said spell. And, perhaps, we may be able to convince Camilla to assist in a live example." He offers, assuming he can convince her to have the spell cast at her. Or, alternatively, for her to perform the spell on him. "My job is in a constant state of perpetual flux. At present, I am looking into multiple cases."

Josie grins and says, "That'd be brilliant. She'll help, I know she will." She then smiles and says, "Bet that's fun, going into work and it always being different, always having to be ready for anything."

"I am sure she'd be more than happy to assist in your education of defensive measures." Bannon agrees, though in a more wordy sentence than required. "It is, in fact, not fun, but rather a fact of life and the job. There is always work to be done. There are constantly witches and wizards who would rather do harm than show kindness. This job is rather the opposite of fun, it is quite difficult. However, an auror does not take the job because of levity or simplicity. We face the darkness so that others may live in the light." It may be a grim description of the job, but he merely wishes for his daughter to see the full scope of the profession.

Josie thinks about that a few moments, looking down at her parchment, and then says, "I think I understand. But doesn't it still make you happy when you stop them? When you save someone's life like when you and Lucian saved me?"

It takes a good few moments before Bannon says a word in response. "I was certainly relieved when we saved you. And I am always heartened when dark wizards and witches are prevented from causing any more harm and when we are able to retrieve those who have been taken." He says softly. "Nevertheless, the road an auror takes is one laden with hardships. As well, it can cause strain on one's personal life, at times. It is not a career I would suggest of anyone, not lightly. It is a path that one must think at length about, and one that should be discussed in depth before a final decision is made. And even then, the trials to become a full auror are quite strenuous."

Josie comments softly, "Life's 'laden with hardships'." At least, hers has been. She's quiet a moment then and says. "I dunno what I want to be yet, I dunno even what jobs are out there. But promise I'll think hard about it, and I'll talk to you. 'Long as you're around, I'll always talk to you."

Finally taking a seat near Josie, Bannon looks at her for a long, quiet moment. "There are many who view aurors with awe and amazement, who glorify the job we do, make it something it is not. I did not wish you to look upon my career as something more than it is. And, if you'd chosen it as a career path, and gotten hurt, I would have never forgiven myself." He explains. "I would not forgive myself for any person getting hurt because of me." Cheerful, that. "But, there are many wonderful careers out there, and you are young yet. You've your whole life ahead of you. Why, I imagine you'd be excellent as a magizoologist, especially with such a fine teacher as Camilla!"

Josie looks up and shakes her head, "I might still pick it, but it won't be because I think it's all… exciting and stuff. It's 'cause… I'm not just gonna sit by and let bad stuff happen. Not anymore. I'm gonna fight. Just like you."

"All I ask is that you consider other careers as well. Having the desire to be an auror to stop bad things from happening, it is a noble desire. But there are other careers that permit for that as well. There are other ways to help people." Bannon says softly. "Like being a Healer. Healers sometimes deal with the aftermath of what has happened, yes. But they can also prevent more damage from happening as well. There is so much more than just being an auror. Do not discredit it all just yet."

Josie thinks about that a moment more, then nods a little with another smile up to her father, "I promise. I'll think about other things too. I'll think about all of it." Then, she adds, "But not promising not to learn everything I can to protect myself, and my family, no matter what I end up doing."

"Well, protecting oneself, as well as knowing how to protect one's family, is always of use." Bannon agrees with her, smiling ever so slightly. "Knowing the disarming spell is a good start. The duelling club should also teach you many other spells. In addition, Charms, Transfiguration, and Defence Against the Dark Arts, should all do well in teaching you other methods of protection."

Josie nods, smiling. Then she stands up, stepping to hug her father. She holds it tightly a few moments, and then finally just says, "Thanks."

The hug may, ever so slightly, surprise Bannon. Tentatively, he allows his arms to wrap around her in the hug as well. "You are welcome." He quietly says. "I am proud to have a daughter who wants to help others. I hope you know that."

Josie steps back but looks up to Bannon with a happy smile on her face. "I'm glad."

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