(1939-04-12) What's a Bicycle?
Details for What's a Bicycle?
Summary: Gus and Graham chat over cookbooks.
Date: 1939-04-12
Location: Flourish + Blotts Bookshop

It's been several months since the Sykes Family Gala of Horrors, and Gus is looking a little bit recovered. His robes are a deep grey, not quite black, and the mourning band is still present around one arm. He stands in the book store looking carefully through a book of recipes while somewhere inside his little sister peruses the shelves for whatever little girls like to read.

Graham is looking over a smaller section of books here he doesn't seem to find what he is looking for and so he will continue down the row he does spot the other in the cooking section and he does need to find something actually there. "Good Day, Mr Rousseau." he will greet the other though he is also looking for a book it seems on fish recipes or at least one that has a certain one.

Gus looks up. "Mr. Cohen," he says. "Good day to you." He shifts a bit to make room for the auror. "How are you?" he asks politely.

"Tired, but over all faring well." Graham says in return to the question he removes a book and looks through the index but doesn't find what he's looking for, and places it back on the shelf so he can continue his search "What about yourself? The weather improvement looks like it will hold this time until next winter." he asks and says lightly.

"We're good," Gus answers. "The vines are doing nicely, I think we'll have a really good crop, this year. Father is doing a bit better, and Liz is sleeping through the night. No more nightmares, not for a little while, so that's good." He gives Graham a tight smile that quickly fades. "I hear a couple of Hogwarts students were killed by trolls. Are you investigating that?"

Graham will return the smile in turn "That is good to hear, improvement and a good crop will help of course." The auror listens to the question but shakes his head lightly "I'm afraid not, that would be magical creatures, trolls are big and often mean, but I am kept to dark witches and wizards as an auror. I am sure it will be investigated though."

Gus nods. "Right," he says. "I knew those blokes." He shakes his head and is silent for a moment. "So… what are you up to, these days?" he asks curiously. "When I was a little tyke I used to think I wanted to be an Auror." He grins just a litle bit. "Most boys do, I think.:

He takes out another book looking over the index for the recipe he needs. "It is a tough thing, the school should be mostly safe. Going into the forest though." he sighs shaking his head it is a bad conversation topic. "Well work is still very busy with cases and the like." he does grin "It does seem popular as a career indeed, hmm otherwise a friend of mine taught me to ride a bicyle the other day, that was fun." he keeps things light.

Gus puts his own book back and takes out another. It seems he's looking at baking cookbooks. "When I got older I wanted to be an artist," he says quietly. Then he quirks an eyebrow at the mention of bicycles. "What's a bicycle?" he asks.

Graham finds the listing "Ah, there you are." he says as he spots this listing he'd ben searching for he will keep this book though he nods "Being an artist is good, whichever really job you think you'd enjoy doing." he question about the bicycle gets a grin. "It is a bit of muggle transportation. It has two wheels and bars you use for turning the front wheel, you peddle with your feet to make it go."

Gus frowns, trying to imagine this bicycle which Graham describes. "Two wheels?" he repeats. "How does it stay up?" He closes the book and sets it on the shelf, still frowning in thought.

The auror ponders a moment on how to answer the question in an easy way. "Yes it has two wheel's from what i've gathered after a few failed attempts my first tries it is the forward momentum which keeps you upright, and when your sitting on it with your feet on the ground, there is a little metal bar which it leans on to stay upright." Graham grins a bit "It was fun, we rode through the park a bit i'll likely get my own bicycle so I can practice."

"Hm," Gus says thoughtfully. He might have said more, but just then his little sister runs up. "Haven't you found one yet?" she demands. Then turning to the baking cookbooks she scans the titles, grabs one, and thrusts it into his hands. "This one," she orders. "Come on, let's go, we still have to get to the grocers." Gus gives Graham an apologetic look. "Well, it was nice talking with you," he says. Then he follows little Lizette to the shopkeeper to buy the book.

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