(1939-04-12) With Worms or Without?
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Summary: Augustin shops at Sorcha's store, and Rena stops in.
Date: 1939-04-12
Location: MacDiarmarda Apothecary

Evening coming on means most of the shops in the alley are starting to close for the day. This one is no exception, the redhead behind the counter seems to be in the process of cleaning up. Using her wand she flicks a few things back into place in some of the harder to reach shelves, bottles and boxes sliding into place as she glances about to make sure that she's gotten everything put in its home again.

Gus comes in with a list in his hand which is rather long. He's in dark grey robes that match his eyes, and a black mourning band is tied around one arm. He pauses for a moment just inside the door before moving farther into the shop. "Hello," he says to Sorcha. He gives a little wave, fluttering the list.

"Oh, good evening." Sorcha says, smiling brightly when the bell tinkles and someone moves into the shop. She comes back up to the counter and rests her arms on the wooden boards with a pleasant glance at the young man as he makes his way over, "How can I help you? I see you have a list?"

"Yeah," Gus says. He moves up to the counter and presents the list to her. It's all standard wizarding household stuff, nothing exotic or hard to procure or too expensive. Ingredients for common potions to cure headaches and colds, prevent boils, ward off nightmares, repel garden gnomes, that kind of thing. "Haven't been in here since I was a little kid," he murmurs, looking around. "The last person behind the counter wasn't nearly as pretty," he says, and flashes her a bit of a teasing grin.

She reaches out for the list with a grin, "Well, in all likelihood it was either my Gran or my sister." Sorcha reviews the items and starts towards a nearby shelf, "Unless it was my brother. In which case I agree, he's quite rugged." She takes down a jar and sets it on a workstation, moving to the next, "Do you have a preference on the wormwood with worms in or out?"

Gus laughs a bit. "It was a bloke," he says. He considers her question, furrowing his eyebrows thoughtfully. "I dunno," he admits. "My mother used to do all the shopping for us." He drums his fingers on the counter. "What do you recommend?"

"Well, what is it that you're planning to use it for?" Sorcha asks as she continues to get some of the other items down for him and set them on the counter near the scales, "If you're looking to make some gnome repellent worms in is quite effective. However if you're looking at something more like a belfry deterrent then you likely want to go for worms out." She sets the list down on the workbench and takes out some brown paper parcels to measure onto.

"Ah, well… it's gnomes we want to repel," Augustin says. "They're looking to be quite prolific in the vineyards, this year, and we can't have that. We need this crop." He leans his elbows on the counter. "Lizette isn't going to like it," he says grinning. "She'll be eleven, soon, and she intensely dislikes anything creepy-crawly."

Smiling, Sorcha says, "Oh, they're harmless. You shouldn't even need to tell her, she won't notice if she isn't poking about too closely." She takes down the last jar and goes to the scale to start measuring out the amounts that are listed on the paper. "Is she planning to take Creatures at school? That would be quite uncomfortable I would think."

"You know, I haven't asked her," Gus says. "I'll tell her it's not all unicorns and fairies, but whether or not she'll listen to me is another story." He watches as she measures things out. "I'm Gus," by the way," he introduces himself. "Augustin Rousseau."

"Sisters can't be counted on for listening to things like that." Sorcha agrees, offering a smile, "Sorcha O'Shea. Naimh's my sister, it's her shop really." She pauses a moment in closing a jar, "Are you Mrs. Rousseau's son? I was terribly sorry to hear about everything that happened. She was a lovely woman."

"No, I guess they can't," Gus agrees with a smile. That smile fades a bit when she mentions his mother, and he looks down at the counter. He nods. "Yeah," he says. He's quiet for a few seconds, and then clears his throat. "Thank you," he tells her. And everything is awkward, now. He lifts a hand and runs it back and forth across his hair a few times in a nervous gesture that makes the strands stick out every which-way. "So. Sorcha, eh? Sounds Irish."

She offers a sympathetic smile as it obviously strikes home that Gus wasn't thinking quite so much about everything right that moment. But when he mentions her name she takes the opportunity to move along with the conversation, "It is, yes." Sorcha, on the other hand, does not sound Irish at all. In fact if anything she sounds like a Londoner.

Gus sounds like he's from the south - Kent, really. In a few years when he's not as young it'll be charming, perhaps. "Well, you sound rather like a native," he tells her with another smile.
You invite Rena to meet you for RP.

"I was raised in town." Sorcha replies, confirming Augustin's observation, "The rest of my family can't pass for anything but, though I don't know that they'd wish to do anything but." She continues measuring out the herbs and when she reaches the amount from the note she writes something on the brown paper with a dark pencil before she picks up the scoop-like side and pours it into the center of the page before she begins to fold in the edges.

"Have you ever seen a leprechaun?" Gus asks, clearly teasing, now. "I hear that Muggles have a legend that if you capture one they'll give you a pot of gold." He chuckles at the idea. "Something about rainbows," he says airly, waving a hand in the air sort of vaguely.

"Every Muggle knows that one," a small, cheery voice remarks from the offside. In the midst of the discussion between Sorcha and Gus, another redheaded girl seems to have popped into the Apothecary shop. "Supposed to be that you follow a rainbow to its end and you'll find a pot of gold waiting there." Rena adds as she closes the door quietly behind her. "I never 'ad the chance to chase down a rainbow and test the story out. I wanted to - but we don't get many of them 'ere in London town."
It may seem rude to break into the middle of a conversation in this manner, but the young woman seems amiable enough - and certainly not intending any harm, by the looks of her.

Smiling yet, Sorcha says, "As it happens, I haven't." When the other ginger girl comes in with the story she nods with a brighter grin, "That's it, yes. And I haven't gotten a chance to try myself, though you're right it seems like it would be a grand adventure to try out." She nods to the shop itself, "Feel free to have a look around, I'll be with you as soon as I've finished this out."

"I'm inundated by gorgeous gingers," Gus observes, giving the incoming Rena a smile. He's a cutie-pie at seventeen - in a few years he might be the kind of bloke girls set their caps for. "Not that I'm complaining, mind you," he adds with a cheesy wink to the both of them. "Partial to redheads, myself - like Titian."

Rena flashes a warm smile at the pair and moves along to the offside and out of the way. Her jaunty little hat - embellished by peacock feathers - is accidentally knocked askew by bumping into a bunch of hanging herbs. Thankfully, there isn't any harm done, aside from a dusting of dried leaf bits falling onto Rena's jacket.
She chuckles at her clumsiness, and flicks them off carefully before her attention is drawn back to Augustus. His remark about Titian cause her to think for a moment. Then, something seems to dawn on her: "Oh! Cor, I remember 'im, of course. I know I've seen some of 'is works in the museum."

Starting on the next package, Sorcha lays out the paper and marks it in advance before she starts takes the lid off the jar and starts to carefully tip the contents out onto the scale. "He's… Italian? Or some such. I've seen some of them, I believe." She sets the jar down and leans over a bit to check the measures on the other side, ensuring that they're giving her the right numbers, "Is there something in particular that you're looking for, miss?"

Gus brightens at the mention of the museum. "Which one?" he asks curiously. He eyes her hat when it's knocked askew, and boggles at the peacock feathers for a few seconds. "Is he?" Gus asks Sorcha, then shrugs. "I've not been able to study art as much as I've wanted to." There's definitely regret in his tone, there.

"The Victoria and Albert…" Rena answers Augustus absently, peering down into a barrel of rather unquestionably disgusting looking ingredients. Potion-making…
"Oh, but there's nothing to stop you from studying things on your own!" Rena then exclaims, peeking out from behind another rather large bunch of herbs. Dodging around it deftly, she offers an encouraging smile to Augustin: "There are museums and libraries! Also, if you can save a bit of money every so often, you can buy books. There's nothing to say you can't learn by yourself. You seem like a clever lad."
Remembering Sorcha's question, Rena lowers her voice and clears her throat quietly: "Star Grass Salve. It's just a good idea to 'ave it on 'and in my line of work."

Smiling as the others talk, Sorcha continues to get together Gus's items. She folds up another parcel and fastens it and sets it by the register, making a note on the list before she starts to wrap up the wormwood. When Rena tells him about books and going to museums she grins a little but doesn't interrupt, letting them continue their conversation. When Rena mentions what she's in for, Sorcha nods, "Of course, I have some made up. What line of work is that?"

"Love that one," Gus says of the museum. He raises his eyebrows at Rena's enthusiastic encouragement, and smiles a bit. "Well, that's all true," he says. "Except I don't have much time, do I? What I do have is…" But he trails off and shakes his head. "Never mind, no one wants to hear my drama." He laughs a bit, and turns to Sorcha. "You don't sell any potions that will give me more hours in the day, do you?" he asks half-jokingly.

"Auror office." Rena answers Sorcha's question without hesitation. "I'm just an initiate, though. Not that that means I don't get into plenty of trouble." She then adds with a slightly wry little smile.
Augustin is given a rather questioning glance - a bit laced with mild concern. Unsure as to whether or not she should ask, the young woman bites her lower lip thoughtfully before speaking up again: "Still, don't give up on your dreams. Things can change when you ain't looking for them to." She says instead, trying to be encouraging. It's the least she can do under the circumstances.

"Oh!" Sorcha says with a bit of surprise when Rena reveals that she's part of the MLE. She brings the parcels over to the register with a smile for Augustin, "Not time specifically no, sorry. But, depending on what's taking up your time sometimes there are potions or charms that can make it more efficient certainly." She takes all the parcels and stacks them up, smallest on top, using a flick of her wand to tie a string around all of them for a handle, "That'll be 5 galleons. She's right, however, you should make sure that with everything you take time to also pursue what you enjoy. Perhaps find a way to join it with the business at the vineyard?"

Gus winces a bit at the price - but it was a rather long list. Seems he's playing catch-up to the chores and errands his mother used to take care of. Still, he drags out his coin purse and puts the money on the counter. "Thank you," he tells her. As to their advice, he can only shrug - a very French gesture. "I enjoy being there for my family," he assures them. He picks up his parcels. "You ladies have an enjoyable evening," he says, and with a polite nod and a pleasant smile, off he goes.

Rena seems to be a little disappointed by Augustin's remark. She knows what it's like - at least to some degree. When she was a little girl, she and her father were all that each other had in the world… and more often than not, she was forced into the position of taking care of things, as well as him.
Smiling, however, she bids the young man a friendly farewell before turning her attention back to Sorcha: "Yea, I've been at the MLE for… I suppose about six months, now. I still can't quite get used to the badge and everything. I know the job is important, but I don't feel important enough to lay claim to it, if you know what I mean."

"Good evening! Thanks for coming by, have a safe trip home." There are all sorts of things out there, after all. Sorcha turns her attention to Rena and nods, "I thought you might be newer, but that's grand. I can only imagine, it must be quite a shift. Do you enjoy it? That's the most important thing." She goes over to a shelf where there are several salves and such already made up and goes through the labels, taking down one with a carefully lettered note on the front with information about how it's application should be handled and the ingredients. "How… Never mind, is there anything else that you were looking for tonight?"

Does Rena enjoy being an Auror? It's an interesting question… and one that causes the young woman a moment's pause. "Well…" she answers at length, "I felt compelled to become an Auror, and I'm very glad that I am one. Although, sometimes, I'm not at all sure it's the most fitting thing for someone like me. I take my job seriously and do my level best to live up to it. So, I suppose the round-about answer from all that is yes."
Smiling warmly, Rena unclasps her handbag, knowing she'll have some money owed in a moment. "Besides, I've made wonderful friends since coming there - and learned a lot of things. I mean, 'eavens, if it weren't for Graham Cohen, I wouldn't be getting married, probably." This last part she adds with a faint blush.

Smiling, Sorcha nods a bit, "It's a very difficult job… if you're not certain it's your passion then it might be worthwhile to consider what about it you might be most inclined towards? Not that I'd try to discourage anyone of course, but it's certainly high stress and dangerous." When Rena mentions Graham, Sorcha's eyebrows go up a bit and she clears her throat nodding, seeming quite taken aback for some reason, "Oh? Ah… well, I suppose that's grand then, isn't it? Congratulations on your engagement… ah, was there anything else, then? That you were looking for? In the shop?"

Rena can't help but glance down fondly at the engagement ring on her left hand. Demure and petite and polite as the young woman seems, the magnificent ring is quite ostentatious by comparison. White gold, studded by small diamonds and highlighted by a much larger marquis stone in the center.
Realizing that she's staring at it wistfully, Rena quickly shakes it off: "Th-thank you very much." She stammers in a small voice, obviously still rather shy about her engagement. "And, no, the salve will be all…" Glancing up, she catches Sorcha's expression and seems to be slightly puzzled. But, then again, she tends to receive some pretty odd looks when people know to whom she is being married. Perhaps Sorcha knows, too. "'Ow much do I owe you?" Rena asks.

It's true, Sorcha does check out the ring, and clears her throat again when she sees the giant rock on the other girl's finger. She forces a smile, perhaps a bit oddly bright all things considered, shaking her head, "Don't be silly, here." She picks up the salve and puts it in a parcel bag, offering it over the counter, "I know you'll put it to good use and all, consider it a gift. Any help for the MLE of course." She glances down a moment herself, making a very precise and conscientious note on the ledger in front of her before glancing up, "Oh, ah… if this isn't being too forward… Have you heard anything from Sloan? Er, Auror MacDubsithe? He's… well, he's been out of pocket for some time and the family's startin' to be a bit worried is all."

Of course, Rena can't refuse a gift. That would be impolite! And so, she smiles warmly and accepts the parcel gratefully: "Thank you, kindly. There's generosity, for you. I only 'ope I can return a favor someday! … But, then again, maybe I don't." She says cryptically, and looking somewhat troubled. "I just mean, if an Auror is required, then you're usually in dire trouble of some kind - and that's not what I wish for at all."
Oh, just stop trying to explain yourself and make a graceful exit, Rena…
As she is about to leave, the young woman turns back and looks to be a little nonplussed: "Sloan? I'm afraid not. I remember being told about 'im some months ago… But, I've never 'ad the pleasure of meeting him, sadly. I'm sorry."

Nodding with an oddly bright smile, Sorcha says, "Of course, no, I understand what you mean. And I appreciate the sentiment. Perhaps it'll be something more simple, though? If you do hear from him if you'll ask that he let the O'Sheas know that he's up and about that'll be payment plenty, hm? Nothing too dramatic, I don't think." She gives a little wave as the other girl leaves the shop, "Stay safe, have a good evening."

"I'll be sure to stay sharp and on the lookout for any news about 'im," Rena says with genuine feeling. It's a terrible thing whenever a loved one goes missing - whether they mean to or not. "That's a promise," she adds with a firm nod.
Offering a warm little smile of encouragement to the other woman, Rena opens the door and finally takes her leave: "Thanks again, and 'ave a lovely evening!" She calls out over her shoulder before heading onto the street.

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