(1939-04-13) Cider, Breakups, Quidditch, and Owls
Details for Cider, Breakups, Quidditch, and Owls
Summary: Graham and Elise chat over a late lunch.
Date: 1939-04-13
Location: Leaky Cauldron

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, the weather is fairly nice, and so people move out and about and not as many are inside the pub. It is likely this could have to do with the in between main lunch and dinner crowds too. One who is here enjoying a bite to eat is Graham, he has become a regular — more so in the last few months than he could have been considered one before then. He looks over a book, funny enough of cooking recipes, in between bites.

Seated at the next table is a little girl of about twelve years in rather fabulous pale green robes embroidered with vines and flowers. The embroidery has been enchanted to appear to be swaying in a gentle breeze. Her dark brown hair is tied in braids on either side of her head, with matching ribbons. There are two other plates at the table besides the one in front of her, with half-eaten meals, although the girl is alone. She leans back in her chair and fiddles with her napkin, and heaves a sigh.

Graham is brought up from his book at the sound of the sigh. He can really get into his books at times, forsaking many other things like noticing things around him, the man turns now though to look at the other table and spots a familiar figure. The Auror smiles "Ah, miss Harper, was wondering if I'd run into you before the holidays had ended. Is anything the matter?" he greets and will ask closing the book lightly now.

Elise looks over at Graham. "Oh, Mr. Cohen, hello," she says. "I didn't notice you there." She starts smoothing the napkin and sits up a bit straighter. "Just my parents have left me here because my brother said something was the matter at the shop, and it's terribly lonely to eat all alone. And now the food is cold." She pouts a little bit.

"Likely because I was buried in my book." Graham holds up the recipe on preparing fish in fancy ways with a chuckle. The Auror will look to the other bowls and nod in agreement "That is rather lonely indeed. Would you care to join me till they get back?" he will ask to the other taking another bite of his food while he waits for her response.

"Alright!" Elise agrees brightly. She picks up her tea and stands up, crossing the short distance to join him at his table. "Ew, fish," she says, making a face at the book. "I'm allergic to seafood. Not the best thing when you live on an island. Maybe that's what's going to kill me," she muses. She sips her tea.

Graham sets the book down lightly "Yes, a friend has asked me to teach her how to make a certain dish and so I'm studying." The Auror explains to the other a bit at least though he listens to her story "Maybe not, but there are lots else to eat and I'm sure you'll be fine." he says though taking a drink himself "So, how are things at school?" he asks.

Elise shrugs. "Of course." When he asks his question she considers it for a bit. "Well. A couple of students died when they went into the Forbidden Forest," she informs him seriously. "Killed by trolls. I didn't know them well, but it was shocking and quite sad. So there's that. And Ravenclaw hasn't won any of its games, which is also sad. And I still have a crush on a boy who doesn't even like girls, yet. But at least we're friends, so that's nice. And… I keep jumping at shadows, you know. And having bad dreams. And Luci's been rather distant, lately — all wrapped up in Hufflepuff goings-on." Elise sighs again. "At least my grades are good."

"I had heard about the trolls, and yes, that is very sad. I am sure the department of magical creatures will look into that though." Graham knows this really isn't a comfort but still why did they go into the woods at all, he clears this as he cannot do much about it. "Sounds like you're having a rough year Miss Elise, but I assure you it will get better and easier as time goes on, there is plenty of time for that boy to notice you, grades are good, of course, as well." he tries to be reassuring.

Elise nods and sips her tea again. "And what about you, Mr. Cohen? How are things in your life?" She pauses and tilts her head thoughtfully. "Are you married?" she asks, looking at his hand for a ring. "Do you have a family?"

Graham takes another drink from his cider setting it down as the student asks about his own affairs. It is only fair given he asked her for an update for him to answer, but how to respond exactly "I am not married, no, i'm afraid I have recently just been broken up with after about a year." He says trying for a smile though how well this works it is hard to say. "So, have my parents but no family of my own just yet." he adds.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Elise says, giving him a sympathetic look. "That must have been hard." She'll pat his hand consolingly if he lets her. "Perhaps you could get a dog," she suggests. "They're ever so nice. I saw a policeman with a little Scottish terrier that followed him everywhere he went. It was quite wonderful." She grins at the thought. "I'd get a dog if my parents let me, but I can't bring it to school. Besides, I've got Jeeves, my owl… even if he isn't what you'd call affectionate."

"Thank you, it is appreciated." Graham will not recoil at the hand pat though odd to him being consoled by the student all the same. "It was rather difficult yes, but I have good friends and a cat and an owl." he says on the positive side of things, taking another bite to eat. "Owls take longer to warm up to people, but they can be good pets and of course rather useful too." He pauses "From what you said before, you did make your House team after all?" he asks curiously a smile coming back to his face.

"I did," Elise tells him. "Not that I've done them much good." She sighs again. "I'd really like to have won a game, this season. Looks like we'll have to pull for next year, instead."

Graham smiles "Well, congratulations on that, it is an accomplishment to have done so at your age." he will take a drink "You're young still, and I'm sure the team will be even better next year, I have to cheer for my home team, after all. I was a Ravenclaw, as well, when I was in school." He grins.

Elise beams at him. "Thank you," she says. "Perhaps you could come to our next game," she suggests.

"You're quite welcome, not many people are just instantly good at things. It usually takes lots of practice." Graham adds to what he had said before "Since you wanted to be on the team I imagine you'll put in the effort." he ponders her suggestion a moment "I will certain try if I am able to get away from work." he agrees.

Elise smiles at him, but just then her parents walk through the door. "Oh! It's my mum and dad," she tells him. "I'll get back to our table. Thank you for the company!"

Graham returns the smile from the student easily enough. "Of course, it was good to see you again Miss Harper, and likewise, of course." The auror will say taking a drink and bite to eat he wonders if he should continue trying to beat the recipe into his head or just give it a break a moment.

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