(1939-04-15) 1st Year History of Magic Class - Emeric the Evil
Details for 1st Year History of Magic Class - Emeric the Evil
Summary: Professor Binns lectures on Emeric the Evil
Date: April 15th 1939
Location: Hogwarts - History of Magic Classroom

The semi-transparent visage of the History of Magic Professor Binns drifts through the chalkboard as all of the students are getting settled. "If everyone will open their texts to page four hundred and seventy three. Today we will be discussing Emeric the Evil. Who can tell me the specifics of Emeric the Evil's wand?" He doesn't wait for hands to be raised, he just drones out the name, "Madeline Evans, tell the class what was so special about Emeric's wand?"

Emeric the Evil? Professor Binns has Madeline's full and rapt attention today, and she eagerly opens her book to the correct page. She can't /wait/ to hear about this!
But as she's asked a question, her face falls into disappointed and uncertain lines - she doesn't know that! Though, well, /wands/. She supposed to learning about wands right now! Wands are a combination of length, and wood, and magic stuff in the middle, right? So… umm…
"It, uhh, used a weird kind of wood?" she hazards hopefully.

Archie is a desk near-ish the front of the class, he was on time- dang near early most days! So as the teacher enters and informs them of a page it is only moments before he has the book opened to /just/ the right spot. His ink pot and parchment are readily at hand to allow him the ability to take notes once the lessons began. His face adopts a look of wane disbelief affixed on Maddie as her 'fantastic' answer leaks from her lips. He is silent, looking down at his book and hiding the expression on his face with idle reading.

There's a reason Josie is totally flunking History of Magic, and has been since first-year. (Well, beyond the fact that she spent most of first-year learning to read.) She has trouble enough sitting still and focusing in general, and piled on top of that, Binns' monotone voice puts her right to sleep. Sometimes literally, like today. After a spring holiday spent working outside on the farm, Binns' stuffy classroom and voice was just too much for her. Unfortunately, nobody nudged her awake when they left for the next class, and she blinks awake now, sitting in the back row, looking up and around in confusion as she finds herself surrounded by first-years.

The professor's voice is as monotone and emotionless as ever. While it has the perk of never sounding disappointed by an answer, the double edge of that is he never sounds approving or proud in a correct answer either. "Archimedes Mulciber what was the 'weird kind of wood' Ulric the Oddball's wand used?" The professor is known to occasionally get Ulric and Emeric mixed up.

Archie sits up a bit straighter as he is called upon, his face falls… in passing shock. The boy clears his throat, wracking his brain a moment. His brows furrow before he answers slowly. "Ulric had a wand of… . . oak?" He attempts but before there can be any doubt that he knew the answers to the original question asked the precocious youth continues smartly. "But Emeric the Evil is known to be one of the earlier owners of The Elder Wand. Which is 15", Elder, Thestral tail hair core." He nods, clearing his throat again and shooting Maddie a kind look. Just a glance, before his eyes are back on the teacher.

A moth takes flight out of the musty, dusty covered in cobwebs books that are behind the professor and flutters right through his head and face. The ghost squirms his nose like the flight tickled his nose before he bows his head a fraction towards Archie. "That is correct. Five Points to Gryffindor." Empty transparent eyes that are quite small within the heavy bags of his ancient face squint all the more for a moment. "Who can tell me the names of the former wielders of the Elder Wand before we continue our lecture on Ul-" he glances at Archie and corrects, "-Emeric?" His gaze goes to bore into Madeline once again, providing her the opportunity to redeem herself first.

Even if the teacher may /not/ look pleased at his correct answer, Archie makes a point of looking proud on his behalf. Overly proud, perhaps. His eyes are on his book, reading the page they had turned to in the silence between questions and answers.

Josie can't help but grin as Archie gets the right answer. Definitely Phae's brother. She glances up to Binns, and then towards the exit. No good, she'll be noticed if she leaves. So, she slumps a bit in her chair, trying to go unnoticed. Maybe Binns will forget she's in second-year.

"Oh! The /Elder/ wand!" Madeline whispers. She knows that! She beams excitedly when the professor calls on her again. "Well, the Elder wand, that's the one from the Tale of the Three Brothers, in Beedle the Bard's stories! I have that book." Then she seems to realize that's not quite what she was asked. "Umm. The brother, that was Antioch Peverell, so he had it. And then who ever killed him would have had it - I don't know /his/ name, though."

"Five Points to House Gryffindor. Which area of the world did Emeric the Evil terrorize, anyone, anyone?" Binns does seem to catch notice of the second year in the back. "Josephine Davies come down to the chalkboard and write these notes." He can't of course, chalk would go right through him.

Archie looks over his shoulder to make sure no one else was going to answer… he wasn't /that/ eager to step on anyone's toes. In lieu of seeing no one else's hand shoot up Archie slowly faces forward once more and raises a freckle spattered hand up above his mass of reddish hair fluff so it may be seen.

Binns simply silently bobs his head at Archie.

"South England." Archie quips with a shallow smile. Just that, and even before his hand has a chance to return to the table top.

Josie blinks, looking up to Binns as her name is called, but when it's just to ask for help she gets up quickly and steps over to the board. She picks up a piece of chalk and starts taking the notes, writing the answers to the first questions and then adding Archie's new answer.

At this point Binns goes into lecture mode and tells of Emeric the Evil's minute detail of his known life. It is minutes before the bells will toll to mark the end of class when he asks his final question. "What is the name of the Wizard that slaughtered Emeric in a duel to the death. Hence becoming the next owner of the Elder Wand?" By this time it really is only Archie who's still awake so those transparent sage eyes once more go to the precocious boy to indicate him for the answering.

When the teacher speaks and Josie scritches away with the chalk again the board, Archie takes notes. He is attentive without many distractions to be had right now… every so often his gaze drifts away to stare at a nearby map of Bulgaria with a dreamy cast. Looking through the map as his quill wilt to a resting perch. When he is addressed his gaze snaps back, firing off the answer like the reflex of an unmindful genius. "Egbert the Egregious." He states, rising with the bell to collect his books as his fellow students snapped awake from the sound.

Josie finishes writing the last of the notes on the board, and then puts the chalk down and starts to step for the exit as well. Slipping away casually as if that might keep Binns from commenting on her being in the wrong class. To Archie she comments, though, "You did really good."

At the bell like it's some trigger for Binns he simply fades off in his droning in the middle of giving out point rewards, turns around and floats through the chalkboard.

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