(1939-04-15) Rolo Gastley
Details for Rolo Gastley
Summary: At long last, Graham and Rena are given the location of Rolo Gastley, and he has quite a bit to say about the mysterious Vengals.
Date: 15 April, 1939
Location: Borgin and Burkes, Knockturn Alley
Plot: Forgotten Shadows
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It took a few days after Graham sent the name off to Cruentus's contact, but at last, word arrived about the location of Rolo Gastley. The vampire's instructions were specific: Dress inconspicuously and go to Borgin and Burkes on Knockturn Alley just after closing time. Do not identify yourselves as Aurors, though the proprietors will be aware of your true identities. Do exactly as you are told. Of course, closing time for Borgin and Burkes is well into the dark of the morning, before sunrise.

Graham has dressed down or at least taken the instructions to mean he doesn't wear any MLE insignia's or a badge or anything flashy. He does indeed look just like any other partaker of the alley. He will walk down the alley way though not a usual path for him to go into Knockturn Alley he will wait for another it seems before heading that direction so they can walk together. While he waits he goes over the instructions and perhaps some alternative plans.

Dressed down. For Rena Lee, this means she must forego her almost trademarked classy way of dressing herself. No suit with perfectly matched hat, gloves and shoes; no silk stockings… Being as particular as she is about the way she looks, this almost smacks of torture. But, for the sake of a mission, she can deal with it. And so, tonight she wears a simple skirt and sweater ensemble with plain shoes. Although it's difficult for a redhead to blend into her surroundings, she's certainly trying her best.

Alert and walking beside Graham, Rena makes every effort to not seem tense or worried about what might (or might not) happen over the course of the evening. For all intents and purposes, they appear to be a pair of friends out for a stroll.

The door of Borgin and Burkes swings open upon their arrival, permitting entrance to the dimly lit shop. Standing by the mounted skulls is a sharp-faced gentlewizard with his wand in hand. Behind him, a feather duster kicks up a light cloud as it clears the dust from the skulls. This man is no stranger to the Auror Office. Caractacus Burke II narrows his gaze at their appearance, pinching his thin lips. "Shut the door behind you," he says with no small measure of irritability in his voice, "and lock it. I should like to have this over and done with as quickly as possible."

"Thank you for coming with Rena if things get hairy though, get yourself out hm?" Graham will say in a whisper over to her. The door opening gets the young mans attention and he will enter into the shop as there isn't really a turning back now. It is only after Rena enters that he will turn back slightly to shut and lock the door behind them though it doesn't seem the wisest action to take. The shop owner gets a look now. "Of course."

More than anything, Rena keenly wants to ask Graham WHY he asked her to come along with him. Lately, she's begun to feel like she's more trouble than she's worth to the office… and frankly, the Ministry's problem child. However, as it is neither the time nor place to remark on such things, the young woman simply flashes a confident smile at her friend by way of reply.

Mister Burke causes Rena to sober down quite abruptly. Slipping through the door quietly, she keeps herself to herself quite pointedly at the moment. Rather like a kid in a store who's been told not to touch ANYTHING. Graham is her senior here, and she'll follow his lead and do what he says… hopefully.

Caractacus takes a moment to look each of them over, his pinched scowl never changing. "Follow me. You have an hour. No more. And if you speak to that bloodsucking bastard any time soon, you tell him this is the end of it. My debt is paid." Seething agitation, Burke beckons them to follow him to the back of the shop, behind a number of standing shelves full of bone talismans, jars of eyes and various organs, a collection of gold medallions that might be South American in origin, and sundry other strange and Dark artefacts. As last, the little labyrinth ends in a locked door. The door opens to a stairwell leading down to a basement level, with several more doors heavily secured with a variety of locks and charms. Caractus selects one of them, clacking open the locks, and creaking the door open to reveal a cramped room containing a stuffed mattress, a wooden chair, and a small table bearing a lit lantern and a half-eaten plate of food. Huddled on the mattress is an old, bald man. He looks up fearfully at the trio in the doorway, scuttling away to the corner. Caractacus sighs, "Gastley. These two are here to talk to you. They are the ones Vermilion sent." He nods to the Aurors, "One hour," and then he heads up the stairs once more.

Graham takes the moment of silence to look back to the other auror making sure she's okay. The smile gets a nod before he'll turn back as they are lead into the room "Thank you, and if I see him, I will pass that along." it isnt like to happen and who would want to give the vampire bad news like that. The young man's focus than shifts to Gastley who gets a nod he will look to Rena to have her shut the door. "Hello, Mr Gastley. Our time is limited so we'll just get to it. I'm sure you have some understanding as to why we are here?"

Bloodsucking bastard? Rena's eyes go wide at the words spoken by Mister Burke. It only takes the briefest of moments for her to realize that he must be talking about their 'mutual friend,' and a small shiver of dscomfort passes through her. One furtive, sidelong glance is directed at Graham… but quickly removed. She's never going to live down the exchange she had with Cruentus.

Swift and silent, Rena follows in the wake of Caractacus and Graham as they travel through the store and into its depths. The various artifacts are hard for her to ignore as they pass them by hurriedly. She's not particularly happy that they are essentially burrowing into the ground. There are no ready escapes… she doesn't like the claustraphobic feel of thier surroundings - especially upon entering the room in which Gastley sits.

Shutting the door behind them (with reservations) Rena offers Mister Gastley an encouraging smile. If nothing else, she hopes she doesn't look like a threat.

Rolo eyes, lidded with the looseness of old age, stare unwaveringly at the two Aurors. He nods his head slowly, but remains huddled where he is. "Ver-…Vermilion…t-told me," he rasps in a voice weathered by the years, and possiblly more, given the smoky scent in the air. "H-He said…I'd be safe. That…that you won't take me…so they can't g-get me."

"Quite true, the opposite really. We are trying to make it so they can "get" no-one else ever again." Graham says though he will look towards the man who in all honesty until prevent otherwise has got no part in this other than wrong place at wrong time. "So a little backstory… it was myself who went to your house… and found your and one of my own memories." He will say showing he has some knowledge of what it is they are up against. "So the question is than.. what have you remembered Mr Gastley?" he will look back to Rena now seeing the shiver he realizes this must be from the talk of the vampire but he'll motion her forward "You've read everything up, so feel free to ask questions too." he asks.

Respectful to the gentleman's old age, Rena's attitude is quite understated. "The last thing we want is for you to be 'urt, Mister Gastley," she says with genuine feeling, trying her best to reassure the elderly man. Still worried about their current situation, she hangs back from the other two. In fact, she remains pressed up against the door with one hand on the latch.

A terse nod is directed at Graham, accompanied by a faint smile. However, Rena hasn't any intention on interrupting Gastley's train of thought at the moment. For now, she just waits to hear what he has to say of his memories returning to him.

Rolo blinks in surprise at the revelation that Graham has been in his home. He gives a shudder of his thin, feeble limbs, hugging himself. "They was in my 'ouse. They was there…for years. I dunno 'ow I din't remember 'em before. I seen 'em! Every day! I'd see 'em, then…then jus' forget. Them people…livin' right there wif me."

Graham glances back to the elderly man a moment and nods in agreement to the words Rena speaks. He has noticed where she stands and perhaps follows the trail of thought mouthing "Locking spell?" trying to weight being shut in versus unauthorized entry. He leaves the choice to her however looking back as Rolo speaks. "Yes it seems so, they are adept at memory charms and they removed your memories for exactly that purpose." he is focused now though. "I need to know, who was there and descriptions or names how many. What were they doing there exactly and any kind of schedule or anyhing where they might show back up there. Did they speak of any other locations they were using?" time is short and so getting everything out is important.

"Don't reproach yourself for it, sir. You mustn't feel like it's your fault," Rena remarks from the sidelines, quite sorry for the old man's distress. "Remembering is the important thing - so we can stop them from ever doing 'arm again."

Pausing, her dark eyes lock onto Graham's and she appears to be torn between following his suggestion and remaining planted against the door. Hesitantly, she releases the latch from her grasp and directs her wand at the door. "Colloportus," she commands, causing it to lock firmly. However, she then returns to guard duty beside it, unwilling to let go of her paranoia.

"I…it's so much to remember," Rolo stammers. "It all come floodin' back at once. Still 'ard makin' sense of it. There was…a girl. She done live in me attic regular…I fink. She were called…I-…Idina. I 'eard 'em call 'er 'at. It were 'er an'…she 'ad a bruvver, I fink. Young. School age. Name o' Vermus. 'E come by lots. Used to like pokin' me and laughin' when I'd forget. They're da come sometimes, t-to. Par…Parn…somefing. I fink they 'ad diff'rent mums, though. But none o' them was the worst. Merlin…the worst were Parn's cousin. I won't never forget 'at deep voice…them evil eyes. Callus, he were called. First time I seen 'im, 'e tol' me…'e said 'If you ever remember me, Mister Gastley…I'll carve the memory from yer brain myself.' Showed me the knife 'e'd do it wif, too. 'At were right 'fore they took 'at Muggle woman upstairs."

"I know it is a lot and they only took one of mine Mr Gastley, so it is likely much worse for you." Graham will say sympathetically he will look across though hoping to get some information as he begins to speak. He is committing it to memory for now new names are always a good thing, but it is the last name that he knows best of course. "I'm sorry to press but we can stop this make it safe to come out of hiding, any information at all as to what they were doing or where they might be. You say they took a muggle woman upstairs.. Is that an older memory?" he will ask a tad confused.

Rena is decently well-read on the whole case. She's been dealing with it - in one way or another - ever since her arrival at the office. Like Graham, the young woman listens intently with deep concern in her eyes. She too is commiting the names to memory as best as possible, if only as backup. Her main concern still seems to be to listen for anything outside of the locked door. And so, one ear remains inclined to the door as she listens to Gastley attempt to recount his tale. She looks like a coiled wire that is ready to spring at the least provocation. Perhaps she had too much sugar today.

Rolo nods, his face twisting up as tears forms in his eyes, streaking down his wrinkled face. "Aye," he croaks. "The Muggle woman…'at 'appened ages ago. Maybe…1924…no, 25. I remember, it were jus' after I were arrested for breakin' into Potages. Uh…I was let go on account o' I was drunk." The old man offers a weak, mirthless smile as he tries to justify his past crimes. He wipes his eyes of the gathered tears, and continues. "But aye, 'at woman…the screamin' and cryin'. 'Em Vengals done left one o' theirs wif me downstairs. I fink so to be sure I'd forget it all after they was done."

"Yes that was horrible, indeed Mr Gastley from all i've seen and pieced together, but how about more recent memories. Was there any talk about an object.. perhaps the word gold?" Graham tries to spark any memories which might be more help as to the current plans or hideout. "I mean really anything a location a time place of an event?" he will ask knowing that time could be running out and the information has to be there.

Rena's worries are finally outweighed by something bigger than them… namely, Mister Gastley's tears. She can't bear to see anybody cry.

Leaving her post at the door for the moment, she moves carefully over to the elderly man, occasionally letting her furtive glance flick back to the only entrance of the room. Reaching into the patch-pocket on her sweater, she tugs at a clean white handkerchief. Crouching down beside Gastley, she offers it to him as a kind gesture. "Please, Mister Gastley," she implores in as soft a voice as she can manage, despite the tension, "What do you remember about the 'Eart of Gold?" She might as well take a chance on being more direct.

Rolo watches Rena warily as she approaches. But the offered handkerchief is taken with a trembling hand and silent, mouthed thanks. He dabs his cheeks and nose, and goes on. "The 'Eart o' Gold. Aye, they talked about it. I dunno what it were. But they was expectin' it to come there. To my 'ome. Th-that was back then, though. Only…just before I remembered everyfing, they said somefin'…said they might still use me 'ouse to 'ide it. If the Aurors got too close to…" He squints, eyes searching thoughtfully. "To the machine shop. 'At's what they said. They was worried about you lot findin' some machine shop. Sounds Mugglish to me. But I wouldn' wager these folks are keen on anyfing Mugglish."

Graham will watch the exchange of the handkerchief closely each getting a glance he is patient and knows this is a difficult thing to recall and cannot lie and say there is no danger from this secret family of thieves. His focus shifts back as the man begins to speak so he can focus on getting the information. This is good information the heart may be hidden at his house but would they risk it? It is more than he had before and he nods gratefully for more information. "Hm a Machine Shop." He racks his brain a bit for anything on this place.

"Loverly," Rena breathes out, furrowing her brow in concentration: "Muggle London is chock-o-block full of machine shops." She isn't annoyed at Mister Gastley, just at the situation. "Suppose they meant something to do with the woman? If she was Muggleborn, and all." It's a genuine question and not even close to a suggestion. She really doesn't know the answer, and the faint shrug she gives would say as much.

"Oh, sh-she weren't Muggle-born," Rolo insists. "They called 'er 'Muggle'. I'm sure o' that. But you lot should know about 'er, aye? When they din't get 'at gold 'eart, they left her in me attic for you Aurors to find. They cleared me out…and o' course I forgot all about it. But I remember now."

"Hmm yes the aurors did find her." Graham says though he looks to Rena a moment before back to the man he does sigh "That information may be very useful indeed and hopefully we can get all of this to end not just for your sake but for many others too." he ponders any other questions which he might have right now, and one comes to him from the start of the conversation. "You said that we wouldn't take you so they couldn't get you, but why be afraid of our protection?" he asks curiously.

Rena blushes slightly. She feels a bit ignorant after being corrected about the woman being a genuine Muggle, rather than a Muggleborn. That just makes the whole thing all the more terrible, really. And the fleeting distress shows plainly in her features as she looks up at Graham. However, with time growing short on them, she asks no questions herself. She only speaks to say quickly: "We would do our utmost to protect you, sir," as she rises to her feet. Remembering the door, seemingly, she makes her way over to it again to resume her defensive post.

Rolo blinks disbelievingly at Graham and Rena both. "Be-because…they're everywhere. They was living in my 'ouse, right beside me and I didn't know! What makes you fink they ain't doin' the same in yer Ministry? I even 'eard 'em talk about an Auror cousin! These Vengals…they hide in plain sight. There ain't no tellin' 'ow many are out there!" Gastley begins to tremble violently, his mouth stretching into a fearful grimace.

The young man listens to his words and realizes he's likely correct from what he's seen and heard an experienced. He turns to look at Rena at the mention of an auror cousin and really doesn't take much thought as to what Graham's mind will stray to there at least. "Mr Gastley? Do you need something tea or anything we can make sure you get it to calm your nerves." he does feel bad for this other thrown into this without it being needed.

"Abbott," Rena mutters from her place at the door. Her voice is low, but there is distinct irritation hidden within as she meets Graham's brief glance. It's almost as though she's murmured a cuss-word in saying the woman's name.

Mister Gastley's distress causes the young woman no small distress of her own. She's dubious about Mister Burke taking kindly to a request for refreshment, given his treatment of them thus far. However, she sighs a little and offers: "If you need me to run and fetch something, I'll do my best." She is here for backup and support, after all.

"What I need is to be gettin' out o' London," Rolo croaks. "Someplace they won't find me. I ain't got long to live. B-but…I want to go peaceful in me sleep, not on the end o' some Vengal curse." The old man begins to tremble again, clutching Rena's handkerchief tightly in his bony fingers.

Graham nods his head to Rena as she speaks the name, and it is good to see they are on the page here at least. He does refocus on the man as it seems he isn't doing so well after trudging up all these thoughts for them. The idea though of her leaving to go get tea though is a bit tricky the words about getting out of London gains a nod "I am sure we can try to see to that, just us two..we'd make sure that nobody outside knew."

"I 'ave a cottage on the outskirts of 'Ogsmeade that I don't use often," Rena pipes up. "It's small, out of the way, nicely crammed… It could be a temporary stopping off place until we found a safer spot for you to spend the rest of your days in peace." She offers this freely and whole-heartedly. As she is an Auror, any property she's associated with isn't /completely/ safe as a permanant residence.

Her lips part to speak again, and she begins to take a step forward when her entire body freezes. She jumps and whirls on the door: "Graham!" she says tensely, already pointing her wand on the defensive toward it: "I 'eard something. Like someone cracking in or out of 'ere…"

Rolo was just starting to look a touch hopeful when Rena whips out her wand. "Th-they've come for me! They're gonna kill me dead!" He scrambles furiously, kicking his spindly legs to push himself further into the corner, as if it would help him go right through it.

The offer to let the man stay at her cottage is heard and he if about to speak further on this topic when she jumps like electric shock. Graham's hand slips to his sleeve where his wand is drawn out from it. "Mr Gastley please, keep your voice down he says softly though his glance is back to Rena he will raise his wand though speaking softly still "Homenum Revelio." he will say not wishing to jump to conclusions until he's certain.

Rena, for her part, refuses to back up another step. Graham has Gastley covered, and she's got herself planted firmly between the door and the others. That's two Aurors an intruder will have to pass through in order to get their way… if there is indeed an intruder. Maybe she's just being paranoid over nothing. "Steady on, lads." Rena says quietly, her voice barely above a whisper as her eyes narrow and her ears focus sharply on any further sound she might pick up on from outside of the door.

Rolo silences himself to quite whimpers, but is shaking like a leaf.

Graham glances for the return of his spell which gives him the locations of humans in the area. It shows about how things should be at least though he knows that it can be fooled by magical means. He turns to Rena now standing at the door still. "It doesn't show anything, off but keep on your guard good listening." he says still speaking a bit softly not wishing to give anything away just in case.

Straining against the little noise in the room, Rena can't hear another thing. Graham seems to have found nothing in his own search, which causes her no small frustration. Frowning, she makes a half-turn toward her fellow Auror and shrugs her shoulders a little bit: "We can't just sit in 'ere like rats in a 'ole. You say there's nothing there - fair enough. But, I'd best 'ave a wander 'round to see." Pausing, she holds up her hand before Graham can object: "You can protect Mister Gastley better'n I can, and you know it. You need to stay 'ere and guard 'im. E's too important."

The young man glances from Gastley to Rena a moment and she does know Graham well he is about to say this might not be a good idea, but thinks better of it. She has to get chances to work the same as he was given at first. It is a hard job they have and dangerous more often than hard. "Okay, but if you aren't back quickly, i'm coming after you.. there is a reason I like to work in pairs when possible." he says kind of a trade off.

Rena heaves a tiny, put-upon sigh. "I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail," she says, flashing a smile that drips with feigned confidence. She turns away quickly to hide the look of fear in her eyes. Swallowing hard, the young woman draws in breath to steady herself before undoing the lock spell she placed upon the door a short time ago. There's nothing for it, now. And maybe nothing is wrong… aside from a case of butterflies in the stomach.

Slipping quietly through the doorway with wand at the ready, Rena steps out into the hall; still anxious and searching for trouble.

The stairs leading up remain dark, though the dim light of the shop above can still be seen at the edges of the door at the top. As Rena moves, all is silent, until…oh wait, that's just the sound of Rena's heart booming in her chest.

Graham looks to the other at her words and there is worry in his face and no he cannot help it being his nature and all of that sort of thing. "Please do." he says as she speaks of being right back. He holds his wand at the ready following her over to the door. When she unlocks the door and slips out he will remain there at the door keeping it cracked and his eyes and ears peeled for any sigh that something has gone wrong.

If Rena could tell her heart to shut up, she would. Dratted thing pounding in her ears and making it hard to hear. It seems that nothing is amiss… nothing she can detect in the faint light coming from the upstairs area. Slowly, carefully, she inches her way forward toward the stairs. Pausing her step, she attempts the same spell that Graham did while in the cell - for the sake of her own peace of mind. "Homenum Revelio," she murmurs.

The spell reveals all… and nothing, really. Rena stares out into the darkness, seeing the unseen - but it isn't anything particularly troubling. Not wasting any more time, the young woman turns again and arrives at the cell door momentarily.

"Only me from over the sea," she says in a whisper, slipping back through the door. "I couldn't see nothing, Graham. Only other person I noticed must've been in the building next door."

Rolo stammers out a whisper, "You got to get me out of 'ere. I d-don't want to die in this basement!"

Graham waits and is patient though he is still glancing out of the crack he's left in the door. He spots her making her way back down the hall towards him when she speaks he will open the door to allow her back inside. "I sensed the same, but still we should be ready for any surprised just in case." he glances back to Gastley before to her once again "Are you sure you want to allow him at your cottage?" he says in a voice not above a whisper to her directly.

"I can't think of a better place, can you?" Rena says, giving a small and slghtly helpless shrug of her shoulders. At this point, she'd do anything to alleviate the old man's suffering and fear. If they don't get him out of this place soon, he's going to keel over with a stroke or heart attack - and neither of them are equipped to deal with that eventuality.

Moving over to Gastley's side, she attempts to take his arm: "If you can bear a trip by Floo, we'll get you to my cottage and you'll 'ave a safe place to spend the night. You'll 'ave guards to keep you safe, and I can 'ave a kettle going in a trice once we get there, I promise you." Because obviously, the old man needs a good cup of tea.

Rolo eyes Rena's hands warily, but she seems to be his ticket out of her, so he nods and allows her to help him up. He is unbelievably light. He stands with a bit of a hunch, every part of him trembling, and looking like he might just crumble at any moment.

"Not immediately, but this is important.. only Worthington.. can see the report about this. I mean nothing goes into the files even." Graham figures she can understand again why this would have to be the case. "Mr Gastley please walk between us we'll take you to the Leaky Cauldron to use the floo." the man probably would be up for being side-along apparated in his state.

"Of course," Rena says tensely, looking at Graham with a faintly worried expression. "I understand." Sometimes, she forgets just how direly serious and secretive aspects of this tangled-web case happen to be. However, his remark about journeying to the Leaky Cauldron causes Rena's eyebrows to arch in alarm: "Graham! We can't walk 'im all the way to the Leaky C! It's too dangerous. This store 'as a fireplace upstairs. Let's just use /it./" Yes, they are arguing over the head of a frail old man as they walk on either side of him, climbing the staircase.

Graham sighs as they begin the slow walk out of the place his wand still held in his hand ready for usage should he need to. The words from Rena get a worried look before he speaks. "It does, but do you trust the shop keeper here not to tell anyone who asks with a bit of coin where we went?" he explains why he is uncertain on that point as they continue he is still got his eyes and ears on alert for anything odd.

Rolo just whimpers quietly, allowing himself to be led along by the two Aurors. The elderly man would seem to be out of options, anyhow.

The trio's entrance into the shop itself is greeted with dead silence. Not a peep can be heard from the proprietor, and soon it is obvious why. When they emerge from the maze of shelves, Caractactus Burke can be seen sprawled on the floor in the middle of his store. The front door of the shop is ajar, letting in the cool, early morning air.

"Bloody 'ell," Rena says under her breath as her eyes fall upon the scene. Her voice is thin and tight. One fleeting glance is spared Graham before she rushes forward to Caractacus' prone body. Crouching beside him, she immediately takes his wrist into her hand to feel for a pulse: "Please don't be 'urt badly, Mister Burke," she pleads. Even as she does this, her gaze darts around the shop and to the open door. Who could have done this - and why? And where are they now?

The procession rather comes to a quick halt as the man is out cold in front of them. Graham lists his arm now hia wand held more at the ready as they take the few more steps forward. He watches Rena move by to where the man is laying on the floor. He is looking around a bit more actively now to see if anything else looks out of place.

Burkes's pulse isn't all that Rena finds. The man's clothes are splotched and streaked with some substance that shimmers iridescently in the candlelight. One such splotch is quite clearly in the shape of a handprint on the breast of Caractacus's jacket.

Meanwhile, Graham's search reveals the same shimmering marks on the floor, forming partial footprints, and another streak on the door itself.

The young woman's eyes half-close for a moment as she allows herself to breathe again. Caractacus is alive…

Opening her eyes once more, she is met with the strange, iridescent splotches. This causes her to blink and slowly lay the fallen man's arm down once more. A backward glance is shot toward Graham before she refocuses on the substance. "What is this stuff?" She asks thinly, reaching out to touch her fingers to it furtively.

He cant place it immediately from just looking at it, though perhaps he'll glance around for a vial to scrape some into. Graham has another thought though it isn't likely to help "Revela Parsus." he speaks pointing at one of the larger bits of the left over substance.

The substance is rather slick to the touch, even on the unconscious man's clothing, where it sits atop the fabric, not soaking in.

Rolo has backed against a shelving unit, staying out of the way.

Rena's nose wrinkles a little, and she makes a face as she feels the slickness of the substance. For her part, she hasn't a clue what it may be…aside from somewhat disgusting. Graham is sorting it out, however, and Gastley is back out of the way. The store is empty and the front door hangs open. There seems to be only one logical thing to do, and that is to stand up and walk out the door to have a look up and down the street. And that's exactly what Rena does.

As the sky outside begins to show the first faint signs of the arriving sun, it is no surprise that Knockturn Alley is as empty as a graveyard.

"Yech. It's made up of some fairly nasty things, but I recall seeing it before now a potion kind of." Graham says to the other auror as he stands about at the door he can still speak to her. "It was a lubricant, place that made it had a funny name Slicketyslip Lubricant." he says recalling the information from something he'd worked before though likely unrelated to now.

Caractacus Burke groans, still not exactly conscious, but at least not comatose, either. Rolo jumps at the groan, looking more anxious by the moment. "Th-they was 'ere, wasn't they? We got to go. You s-said we could go. F-Floo…powder…" He shuffles toward the fireplace, searching about for the store's Floo powder supply.

"Nevermind that, Mister Gastley. I've got some," Rena says as cheerily as possible. Reaching her arm into what seems like a pretty small purse, she shuffles around a bit before finding what she's looking for. Withdrawing it from the bag, she has the floo powder ready and in hand. "Let's get a move on," she says firmly.

Rolo eagerly follows Rena into the fireplace, careful not to stammer as he speaks the address. The two vanish into green flames, leaving Graham to tend to the awakening Caractacus Burke, who looks up at Graham with an irritable scowl. "About time you got here," he mutters. "I wasn't about to wait around all night. You tell that bloodsucking bastard that after this, we're even. My debt is paid. Now let's get this over with."

Oh, dear.

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