(1939-04-19) Simple Chatting at Books Unbound
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Summary: A simple conversation is made between four people at Books Unbound. Unsuspecting wizard and witches don't realize that Signe isn't one of their kind. Yet they seem to enjoy the talk somewhat even the shy ones seem to do just fine.
Date: April 19, 1939
Location: Books Unbound

A thunderclap lights up the night sky as rain pours in sheets through the streets of Diagon Alley. What better place to take shelter from such a storm than a bookshop? This dark and stormy night is perfect for curling up with a good book.
Rhyeline sits curled up in a cushiony armchair under the large, twisted tree in the middle of the store. A cup of cocoa warms the young one's hands. Taking a long, slow sip, she gazes at the pages of the book hovering before her in mid air. She blinks at the page turns.

Braewyn enters from the rainy outside with an umbrella shading her from the rain. The umbrella is as fashionable as she is; black fabric with dabbles of purple embroidery that also match the purple shade on the handle.

Once inside she taps the umbrella handle to cause it to close before she turns it upside down to let the rain dribble down. She gives it a touch of her wand though to fully dry it off. Then she hangs the loop on the end of the handle onto her wrist right before she begins her trek inwards of the bookstore.

A few minutes later, another figure steps in, with a large black umbrella himself extending from the end of his wand. He pauses, halfway out the door as he waits for Braewyn to step enough in for him to continue "Pardon me." he rumbles. Soon the reason for his hurridness is seen, as two other, younger Wizards were following him. With a snap and flick, the umbrella vanishes and he tucks the wand into his walking stick securely. "Ahh. I miss this smell." he remarks.

Rhyeline peeks out from behind her book as someone else steps into the shop. Recognizing the fashionable witch drying off her umbrella, Rhyeline pulls the levitating book into her lap. The little one parts her lips to murmur a soft greeting, but then pauses when Chaucer follows with two younger wizards in tow. In silence, the girl watches a bit hesitantly.
Rhyeline gives you a cookie.

Signe has been here for a short time already - standing near a shelf of cookbooks, reading the spines of the book, with her head tilted. Her attire is entirely muggle - from her coat, to her dress, to her fashionably high heels. A hat is perches neatly on her hair to further protect her from the foul weather outside.
After long consideration, she pulls out one of the books, and starts to flip through it - lifting her gaze towards the door as it opens, and several people step inside. None are familiar, though - not that she really expected them to be.

Chaucer gave a glance to his two shadows, and sighs, moving about the bookstore like he knew it quite well, humming as he looked and browsed. Then he chuckles "Only in London can you find a bookstore open at this hour." he notes aloud. Then he pauses, feelin eyes upon him. "Eh? " and a look about.

Braewyn smiles widely first at Rhyeline giving a little wink. A moment later she nods to Chaucer at the two wizards in tow. "I always enjoy visiting a bookstore. Smell is great." Her eyes look out at the rest of the store noting Signe. She does reply to Rhyeline, "Hello."

Rhyeline watches Chaucer and his shadows with a good measure of caution. Her young, dark gaze shifts to Braewyn as the witch greets her. "Good evening…" she murmurs, finding her voice.

Signe meets Braewyn's eyes with a small smile, then looks back down at her book. She reads through the list of recipes, turning the pages slowly - and then flipping through, deeper in the book, to study one of the recipes.

"Can I help you miss? " asks Chaucer, finally spotting Rhyeline looking at him from between the stacks. He props his cane against a shelf to pull a book down and flip through it himself.

Rhyeline sits curled up in a cushiony chair under the shop's large tree. She clings tight to the cup of cocoa in her lap, a bit overwhelmed by the entrance of so many. Biting her lower lip as she peers over at Chaucer, she shakes her head. "N-no, sir…"

Braewyn gives a quick glance about once. Her brows raise but she doesn't ask her question just yet. "You're here alone, Ms. Diderot?" She takes a few steps closer to Rhyeline then turns to view Chaucer with her eyes falling on Signe once in awhile. "I am curious of your umbrella, sir." voicing this to Chaucer. "Rather unique."

Signe closes the book, and then reaches for one she'd set aside earlier. She carries both books to one of the seats under the tree, smoothing her skirts as she sits. She flips them both open, balancing them on her lap so she can compare the two books.

"Ah. " Chaucer almost looked disappointed. He nods at Braewin at that "Ah yes. A nice gentleman showed me the spell years ago. Its not very well known, but useful at least when not in front of muggles." he flips the book's page.

Rhyeline's dark gaze flits to Braewyn and with a small nod, she confirms her guard's absence. At that disappointed look of disapproval from the elderly wizard, Rhyeline bites her lower lip. Sinking a bit deeper in her chair, she brings her cup of cocoa to her lips for a long slow sip. Hidden behind her cup, the little mouse of a girl watches Signe's approach. She can't help but gaze at the books she carries with a hushed curiosity.

"Well, I must say you should sport it more often. Make others jealous or curious. May get you meeting all sorts of people. That is if you don't mind some chatter from a stranger." Braewyn replies to Chaucer but she does notice Rhyeline's confirmation. "Oh, my dear you'll have to tell me how you did achieve such a feat as to not have your escorts nearby." She looks around the bookstore again. "Or are they hiding in the shadows somewhere." her eyes squinting to see if she can recognize any movement. Again when her eyes land on Signe, she gives a smile.

"Well, it catches people's attention. But when they turn away all invitations of discussion about it - save yourself - its tricky." remarks Chaucer, glancing meaningfully to Rhyeline again "Ah. you have escorts as well then? Come on out, dont be shy. My words only bite a little."

Signe never seems to meet eyes for long - looking at the others with a shy and uncertain smiles. Rhyeline she studies for a moment longer than the others - she seems more reserved, something the younger singer can appreciate. Her attention quickly returns to her book, however, her fingers tracing a list of ingredients down the length of the page.

A subtle blush warms Rhyeline's cheeks as she watches Braewyn and Chaucer. In a rather soft tone, she responds to their questions. "Yes, sir… I have- have escorts. But… they are… discreet." She glances to Braewyn. "Don't follow so close anymore…"

Braewyn laughs softly, "I only speak up because I see an umbrella as a fashion accessory. Plus, I am somewhat rather outspoken." to Chaucer. One side of her lip raises up slightly. "Oh. You will have to tell me how their discretion came to be. I am very impressed. I should ask is there…" She smiles widely. "I see it right there." A finger goes out to point to Rhyeline's hand where the ring is on it. "Has the date been set?"

Not at all a moment later is she walking over to Signe. "I'm Braewyn. How are you?"

Chaucer ahs at Braewin "I am the opposite. I see it as a useful tool -sunshade, keeps snow and rain of you, distraction device, bird spooker, that sort of thing. I am outspoken too but likely in a different way." he looks back to Rhyeline again and then blinks at this news he gets passively "oh. Congratulations, if I may say so."

Signe looks surprised by the abruptness of Braewyn's approach, and greets the woman with a small smile. "I'm Signe," she answers. "And I'm fine, thank you. Just… looking for a recipe book. I thought I might try my hand at cooking a bit more."

The blush in Rhyeline's cheeks deepens until they burn with warmth. "N-not yet… but… thank you." She offers a small, respectful nod of gratitude to Chaucer. As Signe speaks up, the little one watches her curiously. "…what- what sort of- of cooking?"

"I do love Italian food and some of the French pastries. But cooking is not at all my forte." making her comment to Signe. To Chaucer, Braewyn bows her head, "I am a fashion designer. I take to functional accessories as well as something that is appealing to the eyes. I don't like to be without a matching outfit one bit. I'd like fall over and die from such a thing." smirking.

"My dear, let me know when there is a date set." another wink is given to Rhyeline. "I promise I won't tell another soul about that ring."

"Practice makes perfect. If you burn it ten times, keep burning it until it stops burning." remarks Chaucer simply. And then to Rhyeline again "So you speak to everyone but me then miss? " he asks, half teasingly.

"I- well, I was hoping for a French cookbook - I do so love French food - but they all seem to be /in/ French, and I can't read it very well at all," Signe explains softly. "So I may simply have to settle for a book of British cooking."

Still rather pink, Rhyeline gives a small nod to Braewyn. At Chaucer's half-teasing words, the young witch blinks, hesitating. "I… forgive me, sir… I didn't mean-" She pauses, peeking over at Signe when she mentions how the books are in French, but then she looks once more to Chaucer. She bites her lower lip, realizing she'd gotten distracted.

Braewyn tilts her head, "Sir, Ms Diderot is somewhat shy. She means no offense if she doesn't chat with you. I know I have to coax her into speaking at times with me." She says the last part rather affectionately. She is listening to Signe and in reply she says, "If you find a French cookbook, I can interpret it for you. I'm sure others know French to help you out as well. Plus after awhile, you'll surely know how to quickly understand a recipe in French."

"I am not offended. If I was offended I would have been shouting and sounding offended." explains Chaucer simply as he looks rom one to the other, leaning on his cane as he looks back to Rhyeline "Miss Diderot it was? No need to apologise. Just speak is all I ask." he points out to her. "I do not know french, I cannot help with that. I Can recall the name of the charm master who taught me the umbrella spell though if you want."

"I'm not so sure," Signe answers Braewyn, a little color creeping into her own cheeks. "And besides - I'm so new to cooking. Do I really want to add the difficulty of using a book I can't read to learn?" She glances briefly from Braewyn, to Rhyeline and Chaucer, before looking back down at the books.

Although her blush deepens, Rhyeline offers Braewyn a small, subtle smile of appreciation. Peeking back over at Chaucer, she nods. "Yes, sir… I will do my best…" Then, once again, she looks to Signe. "French cooking can be quite complicated… but… I'm sure Thomas could find a book for you in English with some French recipes. And- and until then… you could perhaps… start with a more simple recipe book…"

Chaucer considers, then sighs "So many book ideas to publish and print." he looks sad for a long moment, and snaps the book shut with a loud CLAP.

Braewyn dips her brows as she glances to Rhyeline. "I think people do like it when you speak, my dear. They really do." She grins with encouragement but she nods to Signe. "I think Ms. Diderot has given some sound advice I can't think to add to it." She chuckles slightly when she hears the book clap shut. "Indeed so many ideas to publish. However my ideas would be on fashion and maybe singing."

"No real reason to limit myself to just one cookery book," Signe agrees. "In the long run. This one does seem to have some French recipes in it," she adds, tapping one of the books on her lap.

Rhyeline flinches just a bit as Chaucer snaps the book shut. Braewyn's encouragement seems to only deepen the little mouse's shyness. She peeks over at Signe, the little one just nods a bit. Setting aside her empty cup and hugging the book to her chest, looks to the others and murmurs, "It- it was nice to see you this evening. However… I… I should… be going…"

Braewyn nods once to Rhyeline, "I will speak with you soon, my dear." She watches her shy friend for a moment longer then her eyes look to Signe. "I can speak to a few of my contacts in France to see if they can send me some recipes for a beginner cook. I have traveled for a time and thus some of my contacts have encouraged me to learn cooking. I'll say that I'll learn through you. Or rather be around to taste tast for you if you don't mind."

"Well if you insist." he nods at the two ladies speaking o cooking and fashion "I do instructional books myself, and a few reprinted classics I think every wizard should read."

"I, umm… I'm not entirely sure that would be practical," Signe answers Braewyn, the color in her cheeks deepening. She watches Rhyeline for a moment as she prepares to depart, and then looks to Chaucer, her expression curious. What sorts of books, she wonders, does he feel are so important for every day wizards?

Braewyn chuckles softly, "Whichever you feel comfortable with, Signe. I'm happy to help wherever I can." She asks, "Which books are you suggesting, sir? I have a few personal books I always lone out to my employees but those are topic specific. Namely for drawing and colors."

Rhyeline dips into a slow, graceful curtsy and even offers Braewyn a small smile. Still clinging to the book she'd purchased earlier, the little witch makes her way to the door. The storm has disappated. A delicate drizzle is all that remains to disturb the lamplight in the puddles outside.

"For you or people in general? To be honest I was speaking to a very nice amorous couple the other night about a 'Introduction to Muggles' book that I think would help a lot of people."

"I don't often have people over, is all," Signe explains softly. At least - not /wizarding/ sorts. "It's not that I don't appreciate the offer to help, of course," she adds.

Braewyn grins sideways, "I've spent sometime among muggles. I'm far too eccentric to turn away from any type of fashion so I do go to Milan to stare at the fashions muggles wear. Never know what will inspire me." She asks, "What are the other books do you suggest, sir? I'd love a list." Her lips shift left and right, "I understand, Signe. We can always meet at a cafe for me to do any taste testing. Or just meet there for a good cup of tea."

Chaucer puts the book back on the shelf and turns to take the still warm seat that Rhyeline had been in "Hmm. The Canterbury Tales is good. A new one has just hit the shelves too which I think is an interesting look of how Muggles see wizards, dragons and magic and such. What its' name…? " he pauses to think.

The Hobbit, Signe thinks, but does not say. She has a friend who is reading it. She looks at Chaucer for a moment - then back at Braewyn. /Why/? her eyes seem to ask. Why would this woman want to meet with her? They've never met before - they have no mutual acquaintances. /Why/?
"I- yes, we could. That might be… might be nice," she agrees.

"Ah well, its new. If it's any good we'll hear about it. And hmm." he lists off a few others too that the player cannot think of, then looks at the woman "What about you?"

Braewyn hmms as she thinks about the books he mentions, "Those both sound interesting! I will read them. Better, I'll have my models read the books and even come up with poses for the runway inspired by those books."

She claps her hands a few times, "Wonderful then! You can send me a message by owl. I'm never too busy to meet at a cafe. People are so much fun to meet and chat with. A whole world within themselves." nearly bubbles with excitement.

That is calmed down for a moment when she answers Chaucer's question, "Oh, I have no suggestions to give. I study fashions primarily. And songbooks. I keep up with my drawing and the languages besides English that I know. I would have to consult my personal library to give you a list of books that I think all should read."

Chaucer wells and looks at both "What would you say the TOP most important book is? " and then specifically to Braewin "I would suggest a picture book of nude paintings from the past few centuries. Many would look good clothed as well, but also would give them ideas for poses and postures to better appeal their shapes." then to the other lady, to wait.

Signe meets Braewyn's enthusiasm with uncertainty. "Send an owl?" she asks. "Well, I suppose I could…" It would mean going to the post office and borrowing one of /their/ owls, of course. "I don't send very many owls, but…" She could.
As to the books she values… "I'm not sure the books I find important would be as important to other people."

Chaucer says, "Stop dancing around the issue and simply answer the question, please."

Braewyn listens to Chaucer with all seriousness. "There is a book that I give to all my models the first time they are in my employment. It has pages of pictures of paintings. All the paintings have at least one person in it. I ask them to give me their honest feeling they get from the paintings. I ask them about the colors of the paintings and the landscape the people are in. I want them to be aware of more than just the clothes but what works in the backdrop."

Coming out of her deep thought, she looks at Signe, "Well if there is another way you prefer to get a message to me, let me know. I'm not too difficult to find actually. My full name is Braewyn Bridget Potts."

Chaucer's rather direct words have Signe staring fixedly down at the books in her lap. "Uhh… I particularly appreciate The Craft of Musical Composition - but that's because I'm a singer," she explains softly.
She's still looking down as she answers Braewyn as well. "I imagine an owl would be best." It's not like Braewyn's likely to have a telephone. "I'm Signe Crabbe," she adds softly.

Chaucer nods "That sounds very useful. Maybe I'll have to order it in when I reopen." he remarks at that, and then looks from one to the other "Chaucer Ollivander, if I may insert my own two cents."

Chaucer nods "That sounds very useful. Maybe I'll have to order it in when I reopen." he remarks at that, and then looks from one to the other "Chaucer Ollivander, if I may insert my own two cents."
And then to Braewyn "Ahh good. That sounds like I am preaching to the choir, eh?"

Braewyn grins, "A pleasure to meet you both." She shrugs her shoulders, "I'm very rigid in making sure my staff understands that fashion is more than looking pretty." replying to Chaucer. Then she points to Signe, "We need to meet again soon to talk about music. I also sing but I do so for parties from time to time. I do love to host galas but with a fashion runway a year away, I have to focus in on my designs. Getting the fabrics have been a bit daunting. But all so worth it."

At the mention of Braewyn's singing, Signe looks up towards the other woman, surprised registering on her features. "Do you? Uh… yes. It'd be lovely to discuss music with someone else."

"Good good. A proper thing, and making sure nothing is unappropriate." remarks the oldtimer as he stands again, movin to pull another book out "Ah, this one. They fixed the mistake I see."

Braewyn claps her hands again, "See, Signe, I knew there was a reason we should chat again. I still like to meet new people though."

Her attention is taken away again, "Which mistake did they fix? Oh, I forgot to ask, you own your own bookstore, Mister Ollivander?"

"I actually own a Publishing Company, though I am thinking of opening a bookstore." he remarks at that "Ah yes. There was a printing run of this book which had a very important word removed intentionally. An attempt at Sabotage. " he clears his throat and recites "Thou Shalt NOT kill."

"I suppose there was," Signe agrees, offering Braewyn a look that is part hopeful - part cautions.
She looks at Chaucer next - her expression surprised and appalled. "They printed a book that commanded people to kill?" she asks.

Braewyn blinks several times in surprise. "Why would anyone want to sabotage a book like so? Sometimes I cannot understand people. As fascinating as they are." She sighs softly, "I enjoy people when the mysteries about them aren't filled with negativity. I still can't imagine the reasoning behind doing that to such a book." She is clearly befuddled.

"It was sabotage by a competitor." explains Chaucer, putting the book back "The original line was as I just read it. The competitor wanted to ruin his opponents' reputation, so snuck in and changed the printing plates - Muggles use large metal plates with the words on them with metal pieces to 'stamp' each book, kind of like our wax seals you could say - all at once. He changed it so it said that. He got caught though and fined HEAVILY. Those books are pretty valuable now." he explains.

"How… altogether strange," Signe remarks. Not the wat that Muggles make books, mind - but the way that these competitors treated each other. "I wish people would be more decent to each other. It's unreasonable."

Braewyn shakes her head, "Competition is strong in the fashion industry. I have to be very secretive about what I plan to make else there is a strong chance that other fashion designers will steal my idea to be shown publicly first. Sometimes the competitive nature of others bothers me but I have to keep strong." She frowns, "Sad that competition is cutthroat in other industries."

Chaucer ohs "It gets worse. When dinosaur bones — something like dragons, but they don't live anymore — were first found, they would break into each others' places and DESTROY The bones." he shakes his head "Of course, some Wizards are just as infantile. " he points out.

"Break them?" Signe repeats in surprised. "It's just shameful. They're only disgracing themselves," she points out. "You would think they would realize that."

Braewyn shakes her head sadly, "Some people are very greedy. They are driven by this greedy. Greed for fame. Greed for prestige or reputation." She twitches her nose, "I have met many such people over my career. I also have had the luck to meet people who are quite the opposite of greedy. Thus, in turn I am rather generous. Most will say I'm eccentric but I like being called that though." She smirks before continuing on. "I'm not sure how to break someone's habit of greed other than ignoring them."

"Indeed. Its somewhat better now, but I think its just over competitiveness AND greed. Wizards are no better -we're all still human. Just some of us are magical." he remarks at both the ladies. "Greed is a hard one to break yes." he agrees, nodding solemnly.

"I will admit - it can be quite competitive in the musical profession," Signe murmurs quietly. "It can be rather unnerving, really. But I always have my friends with me." And they give the diminutive singer their constant support.

"Well I'll be sure to support you, Signe. I'm not at all competitive with others. I'm only competitive with myself. I want to always do better than before." Braeywn grins but now she steps away from them. "I suppose I should get going. I was hoping to speak with the bookstore owner but he seems busy." She gives them a dramatic curtsey. "Good to meet you both. And I hope I get the chance to speak with you again soon." A finger points to Signe, "And we shall meet at a cafe soon. I won't forget." She bows her head, "Have a good day." Then the umbrella is pulled off her wrist to get ready to be used.

Once Braewyn leaves the other two, Signe shrugs before she goes back to reading her cookbooks and Chaucer finds himself lost in staring at the titles of books on the shelves. He mutters to himself once in awhile over a book, something about revised copies needing to be published.

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