(1939-04-27) Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 05 - Hufflepuff vs Slytherin
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 05 - Hufflepuff vs Slytherin
Summary: Game Five of the 1938-39 Hogwarts Quidditch Season — Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin. Final Score: Hufflepuff - 250. Slytherin - 70.
Date: 1939-04-27
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands

The Hufflepuff Team


The Slytherin Team


In the Stands


A display of unbelievable hazing greets the early birds to the Quidditch Game. Three Hufflepuff first years have been wrapped in rope and hung, not by the rope, but by the backs of their yanked up under pants dangling from the three scoring hoops on the Hufflepuff side of the pitch. Madam Hooch has just spotted them and is handling getting them down. But it's too late… a good portion of the stands (mostly from the Slytherin section) is in peels of snickering and laughter.

Very little snickering comes from the Ravenclaw section. A few of the ones that hang out with Slytherin a good amount of the time had their own smirks and sniggers, but Myrus stays silent, just watching with some delayed interest. Granted, he had only recently been catching up on the goings on in the wizarding world at large past Hogwarts proper, but most of it had caught him by surprise. Wizards attacking other wizards. It was all over muggles and their nonexistant place in the magical world. Myrus was left a little miffed about it all, but something to be done would have to wait until he found like-minded individuals. And to find those would take careful insight and delicate word selection without outright going to the Majigujend or however it was pronounced. They seemed like a part of the problem and not a part of the solution to him.

He sits on the side of the Ravenclaw box nearest the Slytherin side, so he could still speak with those few that talked to him after the whole incident concerning him and a Slytherin girl and all that a while back. He seems to have come to terms that he was more like them than he ever wanted to admit, but he still keeps ties with several in certain circles in his own house, Gryffindor and sometimes Hufflepuff. Namely Artemis in the latter.

For now, he waits for the game to start almost impatiently, "Can they just get them down already so the game can start?" He scoffs, and makes a bit of an irritated face.

Madeline Has joined the scene!

Madeline climbs up to the stands, somehow talked into attenting once again, despite the fact that she doesn't much care for the sport. Being greeted by the sight of three Hufflepuff's hung up from the goal posts, though, brings her to an abrupt stop. "Oh. That's just… well. Mean," she says to no one in particular. She really hopes the staff of the prefects find out who did that! People are just so horrid sometimes!

"Mischief!" croaks out the girl's raven, having already perched on the back of the stands, attracted by the activity.

"…oh, great. You're going to cause trouble, too, aren't you?"

Riddle isn't laughing or snickering either. Simply watching on with a very blank expression. Though his closest friends seem to be whispering with each other and laughing the most. That is until Tom reaches out and presses the back of his hand against their arms. A simple nudge and they quickly quiet down. Tom does lean over enough, "You can almost smell them from here. The poor lads." Riddle at least sounds sincere.

In the stands below Hooch gets the boys on stretchers and they are taken off to the infirmary to re-hydrate and be untied. The referee then shares a few words with Pringle and he nods and looks to be on the war path as he goes to the base of the pitch and while the game is starting to be prepared for he paces about like a blood hound looking for clues.

Artemis is shocked when she arrives at the stands. "That is TERRIBLE. Just DREADFUL," she calls out, pursing her lips as she looks around sharply, giving warning looks to anyone who laughs.

Angelus arrives with friends, but he falls completely silent when one of his friends points out the display at the hoops. He frowns, letting out a sigh as he shakes his head, looking away. "There are good pranks," he says as if teaching his friends, "and then there are ones that get carried away." And he makes his way up to the top of the stands.

The top of the stands is where Madeline goes - taking a seat near her raven, who immediately starts toying with his owner's blonde hair. "Mess with mine all you want - just so long as you leave the others alone. You hear me?" She chastizes her bird. "I'm glad they got them down," she adds under her breath. Maybe she should make them some cards, or send some flowers or something. They're bound to be feeling depressed and embarrassed after being put through something like that…

Artemis lets out a heavy breath, looking down the stands. The thought passed through her mind to leave, but she doesn't. She needs to support Noalan and her House, though the pom-poms in her hands have been lowered, seeming a little more down and less eager to use them to cheer for Slytherin and Hufflepuff.

And Angelus sits patiently, chatting amongst his friends as he waits for the game to start. He's not going to let a little prank bother him even if he doesn't find it funny. As he spies Madeline arriving close by, he sighs out, leaning back (his hands propped on his seat) in a more comfortable position. A smirk flicks against his lips. "Are you lost, Evans?"

Zayn can be seen sitting around a few Slytherin's though he seems to be paying more attention to his fellow House Mates then anything down on the field, he has never really enjoyed the violent sport of Quidditch, he is just there to make sure that no one from his house at least, makes a fool of themselves or the house.

"Nope, I know just where I'm going," Madeline informs Angelus just before she sits. After a short time playing with her hair, Mischief flutters down to the bench beside her, and then jumps up into her lap, tugging at her robes instead. "Oh, stop being such a little brat," she says fondly. "You're looking for the treats, aren't you?"

Myrus chatters amongst a few of his fellow Ravenclaws, most of them taking a thoughtful approach to it. 'Presumably Slytherin did that as a mental tactic.' 'But Hufflepuff has such pep usually, it might not affect them.'

Myrus remains silent after a couple comments about it and speculation on why it was done. He looks to those that arrived recently to other house stands. Artemis, that brings a little smile to his face, but then he looks the opposite direction, hearing a voice that was all too familiar to him. Zayn at least gets a nod. What transpired between he and the snake was.. over, at least on Myrus' end. So a simple nod, and Rus looks back to the pitch after a moment of broodiness, and awaits the start of the game with hands folded together in front of him and elbows on his thighs.

A hum escapes Angelus as he arches a brow, smirking. "You do?" he queries, and casts a glance between the friends he's sitting with. His voice drops to whisper, shaking his head, before he flicks his royal blue eyes toward Madeline. "First years don't usually sit up here. It's reserved for older years," he explains, shrugging simply. "And me," he adds in with a proud grin, lifting his head importantly. "Being the Star player and an Eibon." His grin widens as he winks.

Loudly, Angelus says, "Don't lose your focus, Noah!"

"If you wanna sit up here without me - and let Mischief entertain himself without met to try to stop him…" Madeline offers, shrugging her shoulders and then rolling her eyes. "You're welcome to. But I think everyone'll enjoy the game more if I'm up here, keeping him busy." The bird in question is poking at her chest now, prompting a sigh from Maddie. "Mischief, that's rude. Stop it."

Looking between the rest of his team, Alexei offers a grin. "You all know what I'm going to say. Fight hard, give it all we have, and we'll see what we can do." Stepping a little away, as he prepares himself mentally for what's to come now.

Artemis is sitting down with her pom-poms in her lap, just watching the field. A smile does linger softly over her face, but she's working at bringing back her enthusiasm. She does call out though to her friend.

Loudly, Artemis says, "Be safe, Noalan. No getting yourself hurt, you hear me?"

"Aye captain." Seamus says politely to Alexei, a look of utter concentration on the blonde's face. He is preparing himself for this as Quidditch can often bring out the worst in other players.

Artemis offers a reserved smile over to Myrus, too.

Zayn offers Myrus a simple nod back. Before he snaps his finger at a Slytherin Second year, giving him a scolding look and shaking his head, clearly telling to cut out whatever he was doing. With a sigh, he reaches up and runs his hand through his hair slowly.

Angelus eyes the said raven, lifting a brow as he smirks. A grin flashes over his face as he nods to Madeline. "Yes, I don't think people will mind if you stay."

Myrus just seems impatient for the game to begin. It wasn't his house playing today, so the usual stretch of time that was filled with anticipation was now with some sort of boredom since that excitement was absent. Artemis' smile a few moments ago puts him in a bit of a pondering mode, but he looks out to the pitch during this time of thought, as other Ravenclaws sitting around him start to take preemptive 'monetar evaluations' of the soon-to-start game. Not gambling, of course not. The numbers were never mentioned, previously written down then probably burned after being committed to memory. So here, people were merely naming the team they were placing their 'studies' on. Two papers, two silver coins. Ten words, ten copper. A whole book, was a galleon. But they made sure it was 'all in good fun' just to have something said to place on a team. Not money.. of course. Gambling is illegal for those not of age.

Madeline gives Angelus a look that just says, 'See?' mixed with a good dose of amusement. She turns her attention back down to her bird - who has thankfully stopped poking her in the chest. "That's better, you little troublemaker. Here - I brought you this." She pulls out a bit of string that she's tied to a shiney metal ring - and offers this over to the bird. He immediately starts tugging and pulling at the string. "Thought you'd like that."

As the game starts and the balls go flying Lillian is able to get off a rather quick and early shot in the game. Aiming at Levi, the Hufflepuff's seeker, she smacks the bludger with her bat full swing, the bludger shooting off in the sky towards Levi, as Lillian pulls her broom back, waiting to see if she hits her mark. Sadly not, the bludger, flies past Levi's head, barely missing a direct hit on her target, this however doesn't stop her from shooting off towards the next bludger, flying closs to the Slytherin stands, doing a barrel roll as she flies by, her bat in hand.

Intercept, steal, lose Quaffle, reclaim, pass. That's how things keeps on going for Alexei, who as usual seems to prefer doing the setup plays for his fellow chasers. He's glancing around to keep an eye on the rest of the happenings too, a brief cheer escaping him as he sees Levi managing to avoid getting hit now.

It should probably be mentioned that Artemis is in yellow and black, decorative robes - her special cheering robes. But her pom-poms, which are brought up to position just under her chin, are green and silver. "Oh, do be careful."

The quaffle stays more with the Hufflepuffs than it does the snakes. When they finally get to the end side of things, Seamus is the one in possession of the quaffle. Right now he's doing his best to get himself into scoring position without losing the quaffle. Pulling himself into a sharp climb so that he can get some ground, Seamus lobs the quaffle rather carefully through the center hoop but only after he pretends he's going to toss it through the right one.

Hooch is perhaps a touch more distracted than usual. The trouble with the Hufflepuff boys being hung by their underwear to a nail on each of the Hufflepuff Hoops before the game earlier has her vexed still. Woe to anyone who fouls during this game. She calls out the score, "Slytherin: 20 Points and 20-no 30 points for Hufflepuff. Well played Mr. Cavanaugh." Is directed at Seamus for his beyond ordinary play. Lillian as well is given a bit of a 'good attempt' nod. But then those hawk eyes of hers are back to the game.

Noalan zips between the rings, more animated in this game than usual. Despite not being the last game of the year, everyone knows this one's for all the dragon eggs. His moods high, following a particularly good throw back to his team mates that resulted in a score. Seamus's approach from below has him dropping low to protect the lower two rings, darting to intercept the perceived shot at the right one, leaving the true target wide open for a score. Blast.

Angelus focuses on the field, and winces as he shakes his head. He sighs and stands up to yell out, and then sits back down calmly as he smirks.

Loudly, Angelus says, "Don't let your team down, Noah!"

Briar is playing rather aggressively, more so than usual. Those that know her can rather easily tell that she's quite upset. The fact that one of the three first year boys from Hufflepuff that were strung was in fact a member of her Muggle and Muggle-Born support group aptly named the Mud Club has the girl known for her fire in the face of such bullying pumps her fist when they get the three goals that they do. "Come on Badgers! Let's do it for the boys!"

Soleil might be perceived as not doing much of anything at all as she sits on her broom, center pitch, and just watches for the moment. Taking in the opposing teams mood and play styles. In one play she gets the Quaffle only for it to be lost in the rebound a few plays later.

Madeline cups one hand to her mouth and shouts loudly, "GO HUFFLEPUFF!" The action surprises her raven - who drops the metal ring he was beaking at and fluttering to the sky, circling and cawing at her reprovingly. "YOU CAN DO IT!"

Angelus trails his gaze away from the Slytherin keeper with what appears to be reluctance, letting out a sigh. Certainly he doesn't want his brother to make a fool of himself. But to focus on the rest of the team, Gel follows the other players.

Loudly, Angelus says, "Black! Take out Crocker! Nice flying, Lu!"

Noalan keeps an eye on the quaffle, but he scowls in annoyance at Slytherin's poor performance. His scowl darkens every time he misses the quaffle.

Hooch seems to be very impressed with Seamus this game. She continues to keep an eye on the game. There are times when she is distracted by Pringle who is now in the stands bruskly checking the soles of student's shoes. A blow of her whistle is given before she gives the current score of, "Slytherin, 40 points. Hufflepuff, 70 Points."

This is one of the better games that Seamus has played in awhile. Truth be told that he's wondering when things will turn sideways but for now he's enjoying taking advantage of it to score against Slytherin. He's doing his level best to ensure victory for Hufflepuff and is just flying his best game ever.

After a few circles overhead, Mischief lands in Madeline's lap again, where the bird seems to be giving her a stern talking to over startling her. "Oh, com'on, Mischief. It's a game. This is how it goes." She glances towards the scores, then gives out a quiet sigh. "Not that the scores really matter." The game would have to last /forever/ for Hufflepuff to get a 150 point lead.

Briar is cheering and whooping and after sending a bludger careening after a Slytherin she twirls her bat in the air. "Alright Seamus! Butterbeer's on me tonight! Keep it up! C'mon Levi! Get that snitch!"

Once more doing the hard work, Alexei flies around, still doing his normal work out there.

As he sees Soleil have the Quaffle, Alexei dives in with another chaser to try stealing it now. "Hello, Sunshine, mind if I take this?" he offers as he tries wrestling the Quaffle away from her…

As Lillian moves towards the closest Bludger, she glances over her shoulder to see Soleil being surrounded, by various Hufflepuffs. Leaning forward on her broom and squeezing her bat tightly in her hands, her knuckles growing white, she manages to overtake the Bludger, turning on her broom quickly, she strikes the bludger with all her force, causing it to shoot out towards Alexei. The force used to hit the Bludger,causes Lillian to actually fall of the broom herself, barely catching her broom with her free hand.

Soleil clutches tightly to the Quaffle glowering at Alexei and then the rest of the opposing chasers as she's surrounded! "Back off 'ruskie'. You're going to get…" There's a bit of a smugness to the straight expression of concentration when Lillian's bludge meets Alexei right as she says, "…hurt." Then she uses the hole the bludgered Alexei leaves and sails out of her trap. She passes off the Quaffle and then takes a moment to give Lillian a salute for her help.

Not seeing the Bludger come in, it hits Alexei between the shoulders, sending him spinning out of oontrol for a little while now.

Madeline gasps as one of the players slips from her broom - gripping it by one hand - and lets out a sympathetic sound as another is hit by a bludger. She can't believe people don't get /killed/ by this more often! She reaches out to try to pet her raven - but he moves away from the touch and pecks at her hand. "Ow. Okay, fine. Still mad because I cheered."

Myrus watches the game, affixed on various things happening at different times. Trying to keep an eye on the entire game at large.

Angelus watches the game, nodding approvingly or wincing.

Artemis is so, so nervous as she watches the game. But she does cheer, not just for Hufflepuff but for Slytherin. Plus the occasional warnings to be safe. She lets out a breath, turning her head away as she squeaks. Seeking comfort, her hand reaches for Myrus' hand. "I can't watch."

It's clearly a losing battle just now, but if they can just hold out long enough perhaps they can turn it around and pull ahead. They only need to be three scores up when the snitch is caught. Noalan desperately guards the hoop, managing at least one good save in the mess. He does his best to keep his eyes on Seamus, as most of the scoring seems to be coming from him. He's so focused, that he misses the call that the snitch was caught, and only realizes once everyone ceases play. His eyes immediately check the score board. A wrinkling of his nose is the only outward sign of his disgust. "Good game all, good season." He says, voice flat.

After having recovered, Alexei moves into a defensive position, holding his position in the air for the moment. He takes a moment to look around for a few moments to see where his teammates are, moving his shoulders a little as well, as they are quite sore from his run in with the Bludger.

Hooch blows the final trumpeting whistle when Levi comes out with the snitch! "Hufflepuff Wins! Final score of Slytherin at 70 Points and Hufflepuff with 250 points. Well played, both teams."

The excitement and eagerness returns as Hufflepuff wins. She rises to her feet abruptly, green and silver pom-poms wavering in the air as she squeals with delight! "Great job, Badgers! Great show!" Then the excitement melts away as her eyes track the field for Noalan, he expression visibly saddening. "Excuse me," she says, turning to the students she's sitting by and making her way from the stands and hopping down to the field.

Hufflepuff wins, and Angelus smirks as he lifts his head slightly. "Well that's that." He glances at his friends. "I suppose a congratulations is in order." And he stands, smiling softly.

"YEEEEEAH Hufflepuff!" Madeline cheers - which sets off her bird again, sending him circling over head while his owner giggles. Jumpy thing, ain't he? "Oh, get back down here, Mischief! A little noise never hurt anyone."

The Ravens around Myrus are either crushed or elated by the Hufflepuff victory over Slytherin. Myrus himself just applauds calmly for a few moments before he stands up, and is already on his way out, unless someone actively tries to speak to or engage him some way.

"S-Sorry," Artemis turns to Myrus with a little blush, withdrawing her hand. "I've got to go check on Noalan." And with that, she departs.

Myrus did, though, at least turn his hand upward to give Artemis' hand a little squeeze when she was trying not to look. But he would never admit it.

Once the game has ended, Artemis comes from the stands quickly. She does quick look around, gasping out breathily. She calls out first to her team. "Hufflepuff! Well done, all of you! I'm so proud!" She shrieks shrilly, excitedly. But then she looks around, finds Noalan, and she's off to fling her arms around behind him. "Oh, Noalan! You were excellent, regardless of who won."

As the game comes to an end, Zayn stands up and claps, even though his team hasn't one. When a couple of other Slytherins start to boo, he moves towards them and explains that, as gentleman they have an obligation for sportsman like conduct and if he sees them acting that way again they will certain loose points for the House. Adjusting his robes and smoothing them off, he leaves the stands now, saying "Well Played" to the Quidditch team, even though he knows they can't hear him.

Briar as promised since all of the Hufflepuff Team members are of Age, Briar lands and gives each of her team a hug. "Time to get to the Three Broomsticks! Butterbeers are my treat! That was amazing guys!" Seamus in particular gets a good squeezing hug from the American expate.

"Great game, everyone," Alexei says as he lands. Pausing for a few moments at the hug, before he hugs back. At the mention of going to the Three Broomsticks, he smiles. "I'll be there soon…"

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