(1939-04-27) The Daily Prophet - Catapults Misfire -- Kestrels Squeak By
Details for Catapults Misfire — Kestrels Squeak By
Summary: Overview of the Kenmare-Caerphilly Quidditch Match
Date: April 27, 1939
Location: N/A

Sunday's long-awaited match between the Kenmare Kestrels and the Caerphilly Catapults — two-teams with a long rivalry in the league — was a nail-biter from start to finish, as both teams' Seekers were caught in dizzying aerial duels from the word go. The Kestrels' Glenda Moody at one point even executed a perfect aerial dismount-flip-remount before hitting the ground in a particularly death-defying moment when faced with two of the Catapults' fearsome beaters and separated from her team, drawing gasps from the crowd.

Both teams' seekers were incredibly on-point, making the success or failure of the match rest on their teammates. For a long time the game was stuck at love; the moment one team would finally manage to score the quaffle, the other side would immediately rally for a score or two, neither side getting more than two goals ahead of the other for most of the match. The virtual stalemate was broken when the Catapults' Laurie Gilbert attempted the famed Lady of the Lake pass when he lacked sufficient horizontal clearance from a Kestrel chaser shooting up his blind spot, Danica Flynn, who intercepted the quaffle with her broom bristles in a tailspin that bankshot the ball deep into Catapult territory, where Kellar Kellogg drove it home for a 3 goal lead. At that point, the Catapults seemed to fancy catching kisses from Dementors instead of flying objects, slumping their offense on all fronts save their Seeker, Justin Bailey.

The loss of a coherent team behind Bailey cut him out of viable escape routes, turning his match-long duel with Moody into a farce; ten minutes later, Moody grabbed the Snitch and brought it all home. Both teams maintain their current standing in the league, but the match was positively magical, superior to most playoff games.

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