(1939-04-29) Clinic or Candy Shop
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Summary: The Candy shop seems the place for Healers to be on their time off!
Date: April 24th 1939
Location: Diagon Alley - Sweet Temptations

It is a spring night. The weather is warm and raining.

This shop is both a malt shop as well and bakery and sweetshop. Polished hardwood floors and walls painted a soft ivory give the room a welcoming and calm air. Green plants and flowers are placed in planters throughout the room and landscape paintings of the countryside cover parts of the walls. Two counters run across opposite sides of the room leaving the center area open for seating. The tables are set up for groups of two or four, the tables polished wood and the cushioned chairs made to match. The counter to the right is the malt counter, its wood polished to a high shine and cushiony bar stools lined up in front, provides a place for patrons to sample all manner of drinks that fizz, foam and steam. On the left is another counter dedicated to candy and pastries. The candies sit in elegant glass jars atop the counter with plates of every kind of pastry or cake you can imagine. There are both muggle and wizard flavors for everything sold here. A large board hangs over the front wall across from the door with a neatly organized menu of what is for sale at each counter.

It is early afternoon and after a long day at work it is always nice to relax and enjoy a drink or food. The shop Sweet Temptations is doing fairly good business today though not so busy that there isn't anywhere to sit still. Graham sits at a table with a drink in front of him an orange fizzy drink which is a bit emptied, though he leans back in his chair taking a little break or pondering what food item to get.

Felicity isn't exactly one that frequents the candy store. But she is passing by the large windows of the shop on her way to Gringotts when she spies the familiar face of one of her patients. Displaying a bit of her social imparity she gives a little knock on the window and waves to Graham. "How are you doing Auror Cohen? You are looking quite well." She calls through the glass before she heads to the door to enter and approach Graham's table.

Graham looks towards the window and will smile as he spots the other it has been quite a while. He will return the wave easily enough to the other as she enters and moves towards his table "I am quite well Miss Rowle, though you may call me Graham if you would like." he says easily "What of yourself? Would you care to join me?" he will ask motioning towards another chair at his own table.

Felicity was about to pull out a chair and help herself to a seat just as Graham actually gives the invitation. There is a pause and then a nod and she settles herself down. "I am very glad to hear that. I hope that you have been maintaining well enough. Did you keep that follow up appointment?" She looks him over to the point that she leans over enough to look under the table. "Your positioning and posture is quite good. Do you experience and lingering pain?"

"It has healed quite well, it was a tad stiff for a little afterwards but now doesn't seem to have any lingering affects or at least I don't seem to notice them if I do. I am thankful for your treatment still." Graham says he will reach over to the side and grab a menu. "If you'd like to order something it is on me." he says friendly to the other

Felicity looks a little surprised by his offer. It's clear that she is a touch on the bed mood side, or at least has come from something that's troubled her. But this seems to be just the thing to put a bit of cheer back into her. "Oh that is very kind of you Aur— Graham. I am however not sure what to order. Do you have a suggestion perhaps?"

Graham grins a bit though he is glad to see her lighten a little bit at his offer. "Hm, well my favorite things are the orange fizzy drink he motions to the drink he has." the auror ponders another moment or two before adding "I usually get the cake too or take some home to serve to any friend who might stop by so i'd suggest that."

Felicity goes a bit wide-eyed. "Oh I couldn't take a cake. I would be running amuck in the wards for all of the sugar coursing through me. Perhaps just a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the orange fizzy drink for me." She's being adventurous in just eating her, but cake is just a bit too far into the realm of wild abandon for Felicity. "Thank you."

The young man cannot help but chuckle at the imagery of the healer running around the hospital hyped up on sugar. "I must admit that is a funny thought, but I cannot be the cause alas. It will still be good though." Graham says lightly smiling as he's glad she's relaxed a bit all the same and will motion over a server so she can order. "How is all with you?" it seems she's not off the hook on this point if he can help it without being too pushy.

Felicity looks like perhaps she's getting cold feet when the server approaches her and waits for the healer to order this uncharacteristic splurge. "Hmmm, yes, thank you, I will have what Auror Cohen is having, but, hmm, yes, a scoop of ice cream, vanilla, please. Hmm, yes. Very good." She's almost curt with how polite she is. "All is not thrilling if I can be blunt." Because she's never blunt. (Sarcasm.) "I am having difficulty with my little sister and her most recent beau. They became engaged within the first week of knowing each other and I am trying to put a stop to it. My sister can do better. Not to mention Mr. Carrow will inevitable be saved from my sisters commitment phobia if he will only listen to my reason. But he has not been very perceptive."

Hadrian chuckles a little as he hears Sirawen's words. "Ah, a friend of the animals, then?" he asks, after a few moments of pause, as he opens the door, holding it open for her to enter now.

Sirawen skips in as Hadrian who is a perfect gentleman, opens the door for her and she nods, "I like tiny things, they're cute." She smiles up at the man before she looks around and ooos, "Ohhh this is one of my favorite places!!!" The Lovegood woman, bounces on her toes and says, "I think some pumpkin custard sounds yummy!!!" She spots Felicity and Graham as well and gives them a happy smile and a wave."

Graham takes another drink though he is watching as she orders her drink haltingly, but still its a kind smile which she gets from him. "I hope that i've steered you correctly there." he admits when the server is gone. It is only as the topic of Phil is breached that he listens intently but is unsure on how to speak at first. "Ah, yes I suppose I didnt have time to mention I was good friends with Phil myself when last we met dragon latched on, and all." he decides to go for this route. "I've been asked to be the best man actually. So you spoke with Thomas it sounds like?" he looks up habit for doors opening the auror gives a nod to the man if seen and a smile return wave as it is given.

Felicity says matter of factly, "It was mentioned." She doesn't really possess the social graces to understand that her plan might place the Best Man in an awkward situation with her declaring she's out to break the engament. "Perhaps you can talk some sense into Mr. Carrow. Everyone just assumes a love potion or other enchantment, like and Imperius has been used. It's extremely troubling."

Hadrian smiles, nodding a little to what's being said now. "True," he replies to Sirawen, before he offers nods and smiles to the others. Moving over towards the counter now, looking a bit thoughtful as he tries to decide what to order himself.

Sirawen skips after Hadrian and slips up onto a stool crossing her legs, as she leans against the counter, "Oh or some pumpkin juice or.. some pumpkin pasties.." Anyone see a theme here?! "Oh or some jelly babies? Would you like some Jelly Babies?" She looks over to Hadrian and beams a bright smile.

"They assume one of the two's been hexed? Well the latter is more my jobs speed i'll admit, but why would they think that?" Graham does seem a tad confused on who exactly is the only thinking this is happening. "They seem so happy though." he says with a small sigh though glancing across the table a moment. "I do worry for Phil, as she is a good friend of mine, but if she's happy i'll have to support her." he doesn't wish to anger the other but yes he's placed rather in a middle position there. "I did make my follow up appointment by the way, I didnt say so earlier."

Felicity looks like she might as well be watching a unicorn prancing into the room as she watches Sirawen bounce in. The Healers are polar opposites, but Felicity does give the fellow healer a little wave and nod in greeting. Turning to Graham she comments while pointing subtle to Hadrian. "That's Hadrian Higgs, he place Quidditch for the Appleby Arrows. Do you know him? I have hoped he would sustain some minor injury enough to come into Mungos, so that I can get an autograph from him for my brother. He always is asking if a Quidditch star has come in every time I see him." Then back to the familial matter. "Phil is reckless and is going to end up hurt. Not in a manner that I could heal either." That seems to be the most troubling thing for her. When her sister is heartbroken and crying on her lap, she can't give a potion or say a spell and make her all better. "This wedding really must not happen. It's foolish and they might be happy now but when the newness fades she'll move on like she always does."

"Hmm?" Hadrian replies, before he smiles at Sirawen. "That sounds quite good, I must admit." Glancing around, he notices that subtle pointing in his direction, and raises an eyebrow lightly as he offers a smile in return now.

Sirawen spins around in her seat a little then turns to wave at Felicity and then returns to the counter, "I think they like you!" She smiles to Hadrian and gets a chocolate shake for her and one for the Quidacth player as well, totally NOT what she had went in looking for before.

The door is pushed open by yet /another/ healer, as Kahren steps in, smiling due to the lovely spring weather outside. That and the prospect of a bit of sweets. She glances around the shop, spotting several people that she recognizes and offering a nod to each. "My. Makes one wonder who's minding the hospital," she remarks with amusement, addressing no one in particular.

Graham glances back to the bar as the healer motions though he is listening to her words all the same. "I'm afraid not, but a friend of mine used to play chaser for them perhaps he knew her." he says before looking back to the Felicity. "I imagine if you asked, he'd be glad to give an autograph." he will say though her next words get a nod from the auror. "I truly hope that doesn't happen, I had seen how things with Laurence got to her before." he glances to the door as Kahren enters he'll offer a small wave to her.

Felicity replies to Kahren quite seriously but with a smile for herself at how witty she's about to be. "Well there's many more than four healers at St. Mungos. But I suppose the odds of us all being in the same place in our time off is quite a high degree in an example of serendipity." She nods and then turns back to the table as her orange fizz with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it is brought to her. "Oh, I wouldn't want to be one of those people that bothered a famous person while they were just trying to live their every day lives." No, they need to be injured and under her care before she'd feel comfortable asking them for an autograph. "But that is exactly what I am worried about. Unfortunately Mr. Carrow is not very sensible to the proof I presented him that this engagement is a folly."

Hadrian smiles a little as he hears Sirawen's words. "Unless they're fans of some of the other teams, and are angry at me for playing well," he remarks a bit lightly, before he adds, "But nobody's attacked me yet, and that is a good sign, right?"

Sirawen sits up a little on her stool and says, "I think so!! And if they do attack you!" She reaches into the pocket of her robes and pulls out a tiny little owl, "This is Moona, she'll protect you." The little creature, owlishly blinks at the bright lights and flutters up to sit on Sirawen's shoulder eyeing Hadrian a moment or to. Hearing Kahren enter she gives a bright smile and an excited wave to the other healer!

"Certainly there's more than four but - as you said - seeing as there's so many of us here at once, by mere happenstance… Makes you feel like no one's minding the fort," Kahren remarks before moving past the pair and towards Hadrian and Sirawen at the counter. "Afternoon, Sirawen!" she greets the woman, smiling at the enthusiastic greeting. "Mind a bit more company? I was thinking of ordering something - maybe a slice of cake?" she muses to herself.
Hadrian smiles, nodding a bit as he listens now, looking towards the little owl Sirawen brought out from her pocket. A brief pause as he loks to Kahren as well, he offers the woman a nod and a smile. "Have a seat," he offers to her.

Sirawen beams at Kahren and says, "Hiii hi hi!" She pets Moona who is up on her shoulder, the tiny owl coos softly and closes its eyes goign back to snoozing, "This is my friend Hadrian, we're here for.. Well I ordered milk shakes!! Oh I wonder if there's a cherry on top. The pumpkin pasties are good.. but chocolate is always better!" She looks up at Hadrian, "You like cherries?"

"I have a weakness for chocolate myself," Kahren admits as she slips onto one of the stools. "A milk shake sounds tempting as well. Hmm," she says thoughtfully. "Darling little owl - what species is it?" she asks, before turning her attention to Hadrian.
"Kahren Umbridge," she offers, along with her hand.

"Cherries are always good," Hadrian replies, before he reaches out to shake that offered hand. "Hadrian Higgs," he introduces himself. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Umbridge."

Sirawen looks over her shoulder at her owl as she gets her milkshake and Hadrian gets one as well, "This is Moona, she's a saw-whet owl, usually found over in the colonies but I saw her and thought…." She gives a squee, and picks up her cherry off the heap of whipped cream and brings it to her mouth, "She's so cute, sleepy most of the time though."

Mikhale enters in from the Alley, an array of paper wrapped boxes in his arms. He moves to a nearby counter, "Order In." he calls to the owner, "These caramels tooks some work.. but I found the always smooth, never sticky caramels."

"The pleasure's all mine," Kahren responds - without showing any sign she recognizes his name. Her attention returns to Sirawen and the owl as she muses, "I think that's the same sort of owl I saw at Boudica's veterinary clinic the other day. A little stray. An auror - Miss Lee - took the little thing in. It was simply darling, and such an amazingly sweet little bird."

Hadrian smiles, nodding as he listens again now. He keeps silent for the moment, looking between the others for now.

Sirawen noms on her cherry and nods to Kahren and says, "Awwwwww the poor little thing, well I am glad someone will love it." She leans forward as she spots Mikhale and gives him a wiggle of her fingers, before she begins to suck the thick liquid through a tiny straw.

Mikhale smiles to Sirawen, he reaches into the box and removes a super-caramel, "Here.. This will last longer than that milkshake." he tosses it her way.

Kahren finally settles on a chocolate and peppermint cake, and orders it before looking back towards Sirawen. "Well - if Miss Lee hadn't, I swear I would have been tempted myself. Never seen such a sweet little owl! She'll be lucky with that one."

Sirawen is back to talking about owls when Mikhale tosses the carmel at her, and BONK! It gets her right in the head. BLinking she turns her big green eyes to the man and stares at him, for a moment it looks like the midwife is wavering on the verge of crying then she starts to giggle. She puts a hand to her mouth and she reaches down to get the candy< "Thank you!!!" She turns her attention back to Kahren, "Ohhh that looks good!" She pockets the piece of caramel in her robe.

Mikhale gives the boxes to the shop owner, who then gives him an envelope. Mik places it in his coat before he moves over to Sirawen, "May I join you?" he asks, while sitting. "I'm sorry, that must have seemed like I meant to cold clock you with a caramel."

Kahren can't help but giggle when the candy hits Sirawen. "Sorry, sorry!" she adds hastily, before taking a bite of her cake. "Mmm. It is good. You can never go wrong with mint and chocolate."

Ah taking a break from the shop, Thomas does do it now and again, not very often, but it does happen. As he enters into Sweet Temptations, he stands a little bit back from the counter, his right index finger tapping his chin, clearly considering the array of options. Though he can't help but hear a voice, a familiar voice. His head turns and who should he see, with two women none the less, but Mikhale, tilting his head a bit he lets out a chuckle, taking a few steps towards the three, "Well hello there." he says to Mikhale with a chuckle.

Sirawen looks over to Mikhale as he takes a seat and she smiles, "It's alright, I'm a Lovegood! My head is harder then that candy." She beams him a bright smile and turns to Kahren, "Oh yes I agree, mint is good for so many things, and it's tasty to boot" Then those big green eyes swing to Thomas and she gives him a happy wave, "HIIIIIII!" She reaches into her pocket and brings out a bit of dried meat, to feed to the tiny owl at her shoulder.

Mikhale takes a moment to catch his breath. He winks to the red head and gives her a look like, I'll be back to you in a minute. He stands and turns to regard his brother. Extending his hands he moves to take his brother's face in his hands, "Brother..It has been too long."

Kahren glances at the two brothers for a moment - Thomas was familiar of course, though she wasn't so familiar with Mikhale. Her gaze quickly moves away from them, though - no need to pry on a reunion between family members. "I sometimes at some mint in with my tea - it's amazingly good," she remarks to Sirawen.

Thomas offers a Sirawen a small wave, "Ah Hello." he says offering her a warm smile, "Do not be…" but then, Mikhale cups his face in his hands, his head turns and he looks at Mikhale for a moment, saying between his crunched up face, "Yes… It has Mikahale… when did you get back… you know you live like a block away from me…" he says with a chuckle.

Sirawen gives a blink when Mikhale winks at her and then looks back to Kahren, "I think he may have something in his eye." She gives a nod and then turns back to her milkshake which has now thinned a little.

Mikhale turns the face cup into a hug, "I got back a week or two ago.." then pulls back, "I.. am sorry.. sometimes two blocks is enough distance to keep old habits strong."

"Um" Kahren glances at the two brothers, then away again. "I suppose that's possible?" she answers Sirawen, not entirely sure why the woman made the comment.

Thomas smiles, clearly amused. "I suppose it is." he says nodding and embracing his brother, "Did you have a good trip this time Mikhale?" he asks curiously as the hug is broken, then his attention is pulled back to the other two women, "Ah, how absolutely rude of me." he says with a smile, "Miss Umbridge how have you been?" he asks curiously, "Haven't seen you in a few weeks, not getting your books somewhere else are you?" he jabs playfully with a smile, then looking at Sirawen, "I do not believe we have met, Thomas Carrow." he says bowing his head in greeting.

Sirawen looks over to Thomas as he speaks to her and she beams a bright smile and holds out her hand, "Hello Mister Carrow! I'm Sirawen Lovegood!" She uses her stool to spin her around so she can face the men, "Pleasure to meet you." She gives a little bounce in her seat and reaches back for her shake which is mostly nothing but whipped cream now.

Mikhale steps from the introductions, seeing his brother has it well in hand. A wave of thoughts runs through Mik's head.. jumbled but there none the less.

"Mister Carrow - would I do such a thing to you?" Kahren asks, putting a hand to her heart, but giving the man an amused smile. "Things have just been a little busier than usual. We celebrated my mother's birthday yesterday - made quite a to-do of it."

Thomas smiles at Surawen offering her a small nod, "Pleasure to meet you Miss Lovegood." he says with a smile, before patting Mikhale on the back, "Mikhale wasn't causing too much problems I hope." he says giving her a playful wink before looking at Kahren, "Ah, you should have sent me an owl. I would have sent her a book on the house with my congratulations. Please, Miss Umbridge, send me an owl with her age, address and the genre she enjoys and I will make sure it gets to her quickly." he says offering her a smile, "Also I do not believe you could, as always Books Unbound is glad to call you a patron." he says with a smile.

Sirawen giggles and shakes her head, "Oh no he was just giving me a piece of candy." She finishes her shake and puts it on the counter, "I do so love getting candy from strangers." She slides off the stool and adjusts her robes, "I should be getting home! I'll need sleep before my shift at the hospital tomorrow!" She looks to the door to see what's all out there.

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