(1939-04-29) Sense and Sensibility
Details for Sense and Sensibility
Summary: Felicity goes to Thomas' book store to try to talk some sense into him.
Date: April 29th, 1939
Location: Diagon Alley - Books Unbound
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It is a spring afternoon. The weather is warm and drizzling.

From the outside, this bookstore looks rather simple. Red bricks build up this two story building, with a large front window and three windows on the top story. On the large store front window, in large, crisp, golden letters, the words 'Books Unbound' is written, while a large wooden sign hands sideways above the black door, with the carved image of a stack of books.

Almost every inch of wall space has been lined with deep wooden bookshelves. Each lined with various books ranging from muggle to wizard literature. Dark hardwood cherry floors line this shop, with a large spiral staircase leading up to the loft on the right side. A bridge has been built between the right and left loft, connecting them. In the center of the store, a large twisted tree with dark green leaves, appears to have grown right out of the floor, it's twisted gnarly branches point to various sections, with small signs hanging off them pointing to different sections of books.

Underneath the tree several sofas, cushiony armchairs and coffee tables have been placed haphazardly, all apparently mixed and match, creating a rather eclectic look. By the door a large dark cherry bar can be seen, long enough to seat about five people, on the simple oaken bar stools. A large silver espresso machine, sits in the middle along with a small glass case of baked goods. Behind the bar, several shelves of boxes various types of tea, mismatched coffee cups and plates, can be seen below a large black sign with the days menu. Often times, the store's manx cat, can be seen slinking through the store or hiding in the tree, trying to get one of the multicolored song birds that have made the tree their home.

Felicity is an extremely busy woman. Which is why she is still single even though she's much older than Phil. She has not been seen by Thomas since that extremely awkward breakfast that was sprung on her. But time doesn't seem to have helped change her mind away from this whole engagement thing being a complete mistake, at least by her shrewd expression as she enters the shop and looks around it.

It is a slow morning for Thomas, who is leaning against the bar, reading the Daily Prophet, with a half empty green square mug of coffee sitting next to what is left of a pastry. As Felicity enters, he looks up from his paper and greets her with a warm smile, "Ah Felicity Rowle, looking for anything in particular today?" he says warmly.

Felicity approaches the bar and places her hands down on it and then drums her fingers on the bartop. Her short but well manicured nails clack along in the drumming. "Yes, Mr. Carrow. I am looking for you. My family and I would like to know your intentions towards Philomena and if you do intend to marry her, even if it's against her families wishes." Like a scalpel this Rowle is. To the point and straight to the bone.

Thomas folds the paper properly and sits it on the bar top, not saying anything but simply picking up his coffee and taking a slow sip his eyes of Felicity, "Miss Rowle, despite the fact that today is a rather slow day, I do not come to St. Mungo's to speak with you." he says politely looking over his coffee at her, "Though I must ask, is this due to the disagreement I am having with my family?" he asks pointedly.

Felicity retorts like the answer should be quite obvious, "I do not live at St. Mungos, Mr. Carrow. I also would have not addressed you so personally if you actually had any customers within your shop. The whole matter is quite unseemly to be direct." Because she wasn't already being direct? "They way in which you both have gone about this ridiculous engagement is the precise cause, however your family is just in their disagreement with you. You've not proven yourself a reliable and accountable person Mr. Carrow. With Phil as she is, she is going to require such a man to be her husband. We love our Philomena and we do not wish her hardship in the future. Because she will inevitable realize how foolish she was to become engaged a week after romantically linking herself to a man that gives up a steady, well esteemed position at the Ministry by acting the fool and dashing off without any word. If you had a daughter, or a beloved sister who is known to have a record for making poor choices in her counterparts, and had fallen in with a man who's done as I have listed… would you be supportive in the mistake she's making?"

Thomas waves his hand a dismissing what she is saying as he sits his coffee down on the bar, "First the point is that, yes you can come by anything but none the less, wouldn't it have been in better taste to arrive closer to when I close my doors for the night?" he says with a small sigh, "As far as my position at the Ministry, I am not at liberty to speak about the grounds for my dismissal." he says looking around the shop slowly, "Also I am rather fond of my shop, it does well enough, perhaps I am not as financial stable as I once was, but I believe it is the passion that drives an individual, certainly as a Healer, who dedicates far more hours then most in other professions for a similar wage, you are capable of understanding passion." he continues with a small nod.
"As far as my relationship with Phil extends, it seems simply that you, Miss Rowle do not approve of it and I apologize if some how I have upset you, I wasn't aware that I required to ask you for her hand and when I did speak to your parents, they at the time voiced no desire for me not to take her hand, if they have changed their minds, they have yet to voice this concern to me, thus this is the first time I would be hearing about, a concern in regards to me and the relationship Phil and I have entered." he says nodding.

Felicity gives Thomas a pointed look. "No I could not, this is the first bit of truly free time I've had in months. As you've pointed out I'm in the business of saving lives Mr. Carrow. I'm not sorry one bit that I can not arrive at your leisure. It's called dedication Mr. Carrow, not passion. My job is very hard, but I do not give up on it and on a whim decide to turn my back on it and flit off to do something that's more enjoyable. These are red flags Mr. Carrow. My parents might walk on egg shells to not displease Phil. Which is perhaps why she is how she is with commitment. But none the less someone must try to talk sense into one of you. Phil is to high in the clouds to listen to reason. So I have come to try to appeal to your senses. If you do care for Philomena then let her go. Save yourself some heartbreak as well. Do you think you're the first person she's been engaged to?" She shakes her head. "I'm here for your own good as much as I am here for my sister. This will end badly. Do what is right, she needs a steadfast man. No someone as impulsive as you are."

"Exactly the point Miss Rowle." Thomas says reaching into his vest and removing a pack of Chesterfields and pulling out a snipe and pinching it between his lips, "You clearly do not like me making assumptions about your position as a Healer." he says before lighting the snipe and taking a long hard drag off of it. "So please, Miss Rowle do not make assumptions that you have even the slightest, that you have a small inkling, or even a fleeting thought about the amount of worked and dedication, I gave the I.M.C." he says, with a small nod, "As I said I am not at Liberty to discuss the grounds on which I left, I am sure you have heard rumors, but they are simply that, rumors. So unless you have read the sealed case file, I would appreciate, you understanding that you have not a single clue about what you speak of." he says taking another drag off his snipe.
"On the topic of Phil, as I stated I was not aware that I required your permission." he says reaching over on the bar and pulling an ashtray closer to him, tapping the butt and allowing the ash to slowly float down into it. "On one term you speak of appealing to my sense, then on the next you speak about how I am simply impulsive." he says looking at her curious, "While acting on impulse is the exact opposite as acting within sense, and considering forethought." he says nodding, "So perhaps you can clarify, am I impulsive or full of sense that can be reasoned with?" he says tilting his head waiting for her answer.

Felicity frowns, she does not handle these sorts of interactions well. "I have not made assumptions about anything. I have based my opinion on you purely in the fact of your actions. I do not know the details, however something wrong must have been done in order for a sealed case file and dismissal to have happened. Once again I will not apologize for thinking my sister could do better. This has nothing to do about permission, it has everything to do with what's right and logical. Neither you nor my sister seem to have a lick of sense between you. So my attempt at appealing to you to take the right action is obviously a waste of my time. So I will bid you good day so you can think on this instead of have some knee jerk reaction to fight with me instead." A little pop of her fingers in a light slap of the bartop is given to push herself from the light lean and with a nod she gathers herself up to take her exit. A hand waving in front of her face to cast away any drifting smoke.

Thomas takes a drag off his cigarette, looking at Felicity, "The German Ministry of Magic was breaking an international agreement and regulation, with an on going investigation in both Germany and England." he says tapping his cigarette, clearly not looking pleased about the current conversation, "The investigation, has a certain individual's life at stake, so the concealment and lie about a certain item in question, was putting that person in harm's way." he says with a small shrug.
"Perhaps I lack sense, but I used a regulation that doesn't exist, acting on my own, claiming to be working under I.M.C. guidelines, to uncover the truth of the situation." he continues, "Though I believe in that case, I made the right choice." he says with a small shrug, "If sacrificing my job, my career and my reputation, allowing myself to be the scapegoat, to save someone else." he says with a small shrug, his eyes meeting Felicity's, "Then so be it, because to me, while that was impulsive, was right and logical." he says putting out his snipe, "Miss Rowle, I do hope that in our next meeting, you will accept that perhaps, what you perceive about me, these facts about my actions, you have weighed and chosen, based now on two small meetings, could indeed be wrong. Perhaps, take a moment to actually get to know and perhaps understand me, before you attempt to explain to me, who and what I am." he says reaching to grab his paper again from the bar.

Felicity turns at the door, "You had my sister not a week after confiding in me that she could possibly love you as she was weeping about her latest relationship debacle to having her springing an engagement announcement on me, despite her well knowing my social issues. I shall let you take that information and mull it over and perhaps then you will finally realize just what I think about this, and why. Good day." The door is swung open and she steps out. She does however call back, "Thank you for the wonderful time, you have a very fine collection of books." A handful of Ravenclaw alumni was in the area, overheard and they veer in towards the shop. For all she seems to dislike what's happened and how it's happened she at least is not petty enough to wish him, or his business harm. She is simply protective over her impulsive and commitment handicapped sister and is trying to save Thomas the grief she is sure will come if they continue.

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