(1939-05-01) Hogwarts May Day Festival 1939
Details for Hogwarts May Day Festival 1939
Summary: Hogwarts hosts it annual May Day Festival.
Date: May 1st, 1939
Location: Hogwarts - Garden

It is a spring day. The weather is warm and fair.

Sculpted box woods and grafted flowering trees border fountains and statuary, benches of a wide variety of shapes and sizes affording a person the opportunity to stop and appreciate the beauty here or a quiet moment from the courtyard. A riot of salvia and geraniums are visible from one angle, maroon begonias alongside tall and bright scarlet bee balm blaze from the southern corner. Black eyes susans, contrast with rising sunflowers, tightly-clustered heads of sunny marigold and goldenrod bob lazily in the breezes that blow from the west. Across from the sunflowers, a profusion of green in the form of hostas and ferns coupled with Canterbury bells and even a few pitcher plants twist in a wilder jungle of more loosely-controlled foliage. Deep blue foxgloves, creeping lobelia and Siberian iris serenely fill the northern corner. Seventh Year Herbology students tend the garden of their own House's colors, those who truly care for their duties obviously taking visible pride in the health of their flowers.

SCENE: May Day in the Hogwarts Gardens the Head Girl is crowned the May Queen and there is Morris Dancing and Maypole Dancing. Each house has their own pole with house color ribbons and then a central large pole is the finale and it is decorated in all four house colored ribbons.

Levi has decided to be sociable-like and leave the common room for something other than matches. He is dressed down but lightly for the festival day since he isn't entirely sure what all will be included for the day. He walks down the path towards the gardens at a slow pace as he tries to see what is happening before he reaches the location.

Briar is at a table next to the main entrance to the Gardens. On the table is stacks and piles of flower crowns, necklaces and bracelets. Some have more masculine designs and those she'll pass over to the boys. There are belts of bells and ribbons and plenty of traditional accessories. The Musically inclined part of Arts club is already gathered and are playing the traditional song. Currently it's "Speed on the Plough". "Happy May Day!" She jangles her own bells she's wearing from her wrists with a big smile.

Madeline loves May Day. At home, she would make little bouquets of flowers, and walk to the neighbor's houses - then she'd knock on the door and run away, leaving the flowers behind. It was great fun, in her mind, and she was a little sad that she couldn't do it anymore - so she was eager to see what Hogwarts had to offer in its place.

She skips into the garden, beaming at Briar and waving a hand cheerfully. "Hello!" she greets the older student. "Oh - these are great!" she declares before settling a crown of yellow and pink flowers on her head. "So cheerful. Can I have some of the bells, too? I want to dance!"

Having decided to take a break from whatever he was doing, Alexei is making his way along from near the viaduct, looking a bit lost in thought at the moment. He hasn't noticed where he is or what is going on there, it would seem now.

Queen for a day? Morgana forgot that this was part of being Head Girl, however there isn't much she's been focusing on lately that hadn't come out of a book or a classroom. Either way, she's managed to pull herself away from her studies to make an appearance in the gardens. Pausing by Briar's table, she'll smooth over the May Queen get-up she was provided and gives her a polite nod. "Everything looks lovely." She says, keeping a weary on on the plants in the garden and making sure to stay far away from any of those that seem too alive.

He will approach the table at the main entrance "Hey, hmm I suppose these ones are more for the boys?" he asks with a chuckle motioning to the designs on some of the items on the table. Levi will turn as a younger student rushes by and seems very excited. He cannot help but grin at Madeline's enthusiasm.

Briar happily passes over a few strands of bells to Madeline. "Of course! I'll be looking for you out there. Have fun Maddie!" She wiggles her fingers and gives Alexei a wide grin as she leans over to try and get a flower necklace over his head. "Very handsome." She smirks while winking at her housemate and captain. Then to Morgana she smiles a bit proudly. "Thank you. A good May day to you May Queen. I've got necklaces and bracelets for you if you'd like. Your crown will come later. I hope you like it." To Levi she smirks a bit, "They are all for the boys, pick one whatever one out that you want."

Chastity comes gliding in, followed by a tiny, and very fluffy white kitten. Looking around she smiles brightly, her eyes twinkling in delight, moving over to find a cup of punch she watches the people around her.

Alexei blinks a few times as the flower necklace is put over his head, causing him to come to a stop now. "Ah… Thanks?" he replies to Briar, offering a grin in return now. Looking around for a few moments as he seems to realize where he is.

"So long as all of the pants on the crown are no longer living everything shall be fine." It is no secret that the Head Girl does not get on well with green living things. "But sure, pass them on over and I"ll get myself properly attired." She does look a bit fidgety, either due to all of the attention that is likely to be on her later, or the fact that she can't help that not studying guilt she can't shake.

"Oh, I'll be there!" Madeline exclaims brightly, taking the bells and ribbons, and jingling them as she twirls. "What fun! Hello!" she adds cheerfully to Levi. "Do you dance? Come dance! Everyone should come dance!" she declares before skipping towards an open space.

Levi chuckles a bit "Fair enough." the young man grabs a bracelet he can wear and will slip it on before looking about another moment. "All set for the moment." he says turning as he is spoken to. "I am not sure, haven't tried to dance perhaps in a little while I will try." he looks back at the words about the crown and things. "I'm sure it'll be fun."

Briar calls over to Chastity, "Hey Baby Proudmore? Do you want some flowers?" She gives a head wreath a little inviting wiggle. "I think you would look very pretty in this. Aaaaand…" She picks up a bracelet of flowers, "this for your kitten? Make sure it doesn't wander too far." The prefect that knows these gardens like the back of her hand gently warns, "The back plot over there has a few plants that might be dangerous for the kitten." Then she's back to giving out bells and flowers and ribbons greeting everyone with, "Happy May Day!"

Chastity lifts her head when she hears Proudmore and blinks, "Ohh! Yes flowers would be quite lovely." She moves to Briar and looks down at Crystal, "Oh don't worry she'll stay with me, she's far too pampered to be running off too far." Like owner like pet. Taking the flowers she looks over them a moment to make sure there's no bugs in them before she places the loop on her hair and then kneels down to put the other around the kitten's neck.

Out on the dance floor, Madeline is bouncing, twirling and spinning. She's an enthusiastic dancer! But not a particularly skilled one. Hey, at least the girl is having fun, and at least she can jangle her bells with the beat.

Morgana has gathered her necklace and bracelet and is mingling about the crowd, greeting people when need be, and of course graciously accepting bows when people wish to do so. It isn't demanded, yet. Either way she has at least found herself a refreshment, but is no where near being as relaxed as she should be.

Stepping a bit to the side now, Alexei just watches the crowds at the moment. Muttering something to himself as he looks between the others present, expression still a bit thoughtful.

Lucian steps toward the edge of the festivities with a hint of trepidation. Spotting his little sister, he steps toward Chastity and squats beside her, resting on the balls of his feet. "Cute," he says, adjusting a flower in her hair. It's one of those awkward moments of trying to be affectionate to someone he's had rare opportunity to build a relationship with.

Chastity looks over and beams, "Lucian!" She smiles brightly and says, "I haven't seen you in a long time!" She looks down and says, "This is Crystal, daddy bought her for me while we were on Spring Break." She rises and says, "How are you mister Prefect? Have you seen Victor around here?"

Briar behind Lucian's back selects a very colorful and flamboyant set of hair wreath and necklace and wiggles it around and waves at Chastity trying to get her attention. She lifts a finger up in a secretive shh and then points to the flowers and then to Lucian and then puts them on the edge of the table where Chastity can easily reach them and give them to the older Proudmore.

Lucian does his best to hide his grimace at the mention of his other half-sibling. "Victor…ah, no. I think he's been hiding out since he lost his prefecture. I'll bet Actaeon will have his hide for that." He gives the cat a smile, reaching his hand out to allow Crystal to decide if she wants to be pet.

Studying for O.W.L.s can sometimes suck one in until they fall asleep on their books. Even a Ravenclaw can occasionally succumb to the overstudy nap. So it is that a particular Ravenclaw Prefect is finally showing up, Elspeth's hair braided and wearing soft, simple, apple-green robes perfect for the season the day celebrates.

Morgana seeing Alexei lingering around the edge of the party she'll quietly walk over to him, brushing some hair out of her face. "Excuse me, Moscovitz? I remember someone telling me at some point that you speak Russian." She does however spot Lucian as he enters, but doesn't want to interrupt his sibling bonding moment. Instead she simply waves toward him while she lingers.

Chastity blinks a moment as Briar tries to get her attention then ohs and smirks a little, "Oh probably, daddy was always very strict with him. But he'll be proud cause one day I'll be a Gryffindor Prefect." She nods and reaches over to take the flowers, and since Lucian is still kneeling she attempts to plop the wreath right down on his head.

"Not if Iiiii am!" Madeline chimes at Chastity, grinning at her fellow first year. She moves past the girl, to take a random student by the hand - it just happens to be Elspeth. "Come dance!" she exclaims cheerfully.

"Hmmm?" Oh, someone's talking to him. A brief pause as his brain registers what was said, before Alexei nods, smiling at Morgana. "That would be correct, yes," he replies. "The family is from over there, after all."

Lucian smirks, "Yeah…you become a Prefect and keep those uppity lions in check." Lucian might have caught on to Briar's and Chastity's little plot, but at just the right moment his eyes catch Morgana waving at him. He gives her an awkward smile, and a little wave back. Then, "Huh?" He is suddenly becrowned, and he gives Chastity a playful huff…until he catches sight of Briar. "Don't think I don't know you were behind this."

Several students are on the dance floor circling around the free dancing Madeline. Some of the groups are all girls, some are all boys and some are mixed. Arching flexible garlands are in the hands of the girl dancers and then move in the formulaic patterns that are a network of moves that have them displaying the arches of flowers this way and that. Up high, down low, wrapped around their fellow dancers. Another group of girl dancers have white handkerchiefs that they flip and wiggle about in the air as they too dance in what Americans call Line-Dancing. The British call it Morris Dancing and they use more props!

Levi seems to have been taken in by the band, music being one of his favorite things besides Quidditch of course. He looks over the instruments and even sneaks a peek at the sheet music to see how it is arranged before turning back to move towards the others though clearing the dance floor for the moment.

Chastity sticks her tongue out playfully at Maddy, "Brat!" She giggles at Lucian and reaches up to fix the crown, just right. When she sees her brother smile awkwardly she looks around to see just who it is!!!

Briar gives Lucian a completely too innocent look for it to be sincere. She doesn't even try. She just pokes her tongue out at Lucian and then smirks. "Happy May Day." She does however join Chastity in her search for the source of that type of grin from Lucian.

"Excellent. You see my family is from there as well, and I've been spending a bit of time with them over the holiday and I keep saying the wrong things in Russian and getting horribly embarrassed. Do you think I could get with you sometime and work out my grammar? I think that's where it's all going wrong." Morgana says, still not having gotten the hang of the language yet, but really not having a whole lot of chance to study it. Does she notice the brightly colored wreath on the Slytherin Prefect's head? Of course she does, but that is obviously not why she's snickering.

Lucian stands up, shaking his head at Briar. "You think you're so cute, Crocker." He gives Chastity's hair a ruffle, then notes that the two girls are aiming their eyes toward…aaaand Lucian quickly steps into their line of sight, hands on his hips. "Chas, you going to go play with your friends? Or do I get to dance with my sister?" Maybe he's not feeling well. Lucian is never this openly affectionate to his family.

Elspeth wanders over to Briar's table, taking advantage of the woman's preoccupation with … checking out something, to look at the flowers and bells. She's been watching the dancing, a small, bittersweet smile that caused her to shake her head and look for something else to occupy her attention, and the wreaths and flower necklaces will do just that for now.

Alexei nods a little as he hears Morgana's words, offering another smile now. "It sounds like there might be some grammar trouble there, yes. And I'll make sure to be available to help at some point. Just tel me when you have the time for it," he replies.

Chastity perks up at the mention of dancing and says, "Alright let's dance!" She smiles and says, "But then I have to go, I should be getting an owl from daddy soon, cause my birthday is tomorrow!" She grins up at the flowers in Lucian's hair and smirks, "They look good on you!"

Ah, the joy, the revelry, the happiness. Well, at least Jenny was smiling; lingering albeit on the outskirts it was hard to say how long she'd been tucked on a bench out amongst the flowers and distant to the focal point of festivities in the gardens, simply watching people come and go. At least the weather was looking up, right? Totally. Thus, did the seeker linger; content for the moment.

Lucian's brow goes up. Her birthday? "Right! Of course…um…is your house doing anything special for you?" Present. Present. Must get a present. Crap. He leads Chastity out to the Maypole to join the Morris dancing. "I…don't know if I've ever done this." He's not a complete loss. Lucian can dance, but it takes him a bit to learn these steps.

"Ah yes, I think I have some time…" Morgana reaches down, as if she was going to reach into her satchel, but that is left back in the dorm, she pats her robes over but what she's looking for isn't there. "Ehm. I'd have to look at my schedule, I'm not sure where I have free time. Maybe I should ask you when you have free time."

The hand reaching out to pull her to dance had managed to pull Elspeth through one round of the dance before she ended up at her place by the table.

Chastity looks to the dancing and gives a few nods, she taps her foot, "Oh it looks easy enough, spin around the maypole, and back around, then high, then low.." She points to it and says, "Look it's like braiding hair.. almost." She looks around and says, "I don't know what the Gryffindors are doing, they will probably try to surprise me!"

Madeline spends most of the festival at the dance floor — twirling, whirling, and delighting in getting captured by the garlands.

Artemis is rushing, out of breath as she makes her way to the gardens. The event is something she most definitely wants to make, but she was working on things until last minute and, well, of course Emi went past the time. "Oh no. Oh no. Oh no!" she lets out breathily as her gaze scans the crowd. "Elspeth!" Hopping over to her friend, she offers a beaming smile. "What did I miss?"

Lucian's attention is split between his half-sister and…something else in the crowd. "Hm? Oh, well…maybe this weekend we can have our own little party. I'll see if I can get a room in the castle for just us to have a private dinner. Perks of being a Prefect, you know." He gives Chastity a wink.

Chastity smiles up at Lucian and says, "I'd like that." She looks up as someone calls her name, "Hey Chastity!!! You have a package by owl! It's up in the dorm" She gives a tiny happy sound and then hugs her big brother before reaching down to scoop up Crystal, "I'll see you around Lucian!!!"

"Just let me check my schedule when I get back to the common room, and I'll get back to you?" Alexei asks, with a quiet smile now, nodding a bit as he does. Glancing around at the various people present as well now.

Angelus wouldn't miss out on a social gathering. He's around, dressed in fancy robes made out of silk, blues and white twining together to make patterns. He's sitting on a bench, chatting amongst friends while his blue eyes flick over the dancing.

"You have not been missing anything, Emi," Elspeth smiles. "I should maybe go dancing some more, one of the firsties in my house pulled me in earlier, but…" Her teeth pull at her lower lip, and she doesn't finish the sentence. "Here," reaching to the table, the Ravenclaw lifts a wreath of yellow daisies with dark centers and plops it on the Hufflepuff's head. "This is perfect for you."

"Just let me check my schedule when I get back to the common room, and I'll get back to you?" Alexei asks, with a quiet smile now, nodding a bit as he does. Glancing around at the various people present as well now.

Even a seemingly endless bundle of energy can only dance and twirl for so long. In this case, it's just until Madeline raven decided to try to attack some of the streamers decorating the gardens. "Mischief!" Madeline chastizes her bird. "Get down here! It's pretty, and you'll spoil it!"

"Come and find me at dinner and I am sure we can discuss it." Morgana says with a nod of her head, and seeing that the dancing has picked up a bit she'll gesture toward the 'floor'. "I suppose I should should get out there for a bit, at least show my face." And with that she'll slip off in that direction, joining the other Ravenclaws on the dance floor.

Alexei nods, "I will," he replies, before he adds, "And yes, keeping up appearances is important, right?" He doesn't move for the dance floor himself, content with watching the dancing for now.

Gresham enters the room, wanders over to the Slytherin pole, and glances up and down… and up.. and down at it, pondering. He moves away from the pole, and wades into the social swimming pool.

With Emi settled with flowers in her hair, and having found a wreath of green and white for herself, Elspeth gives a smile as her friend moves off, being sure she's seen Alphard, 'just over there'. Her gaze is drawn upwards by Mischeif, and she gives a half grin as poor Maddie's fun is once more interrupted. Nodding her head to Alexei as she passes, she finds her way to the Ravnclaw enclave dancing on the floor, and joins them with little fanfare.

"Come down here - I have treats," the first year adds in a wheedling tone. This seems to do it, because the raven flutters to the ground, letting out a caw, and looking up at her expectantly.

"Okay, sure, but first - big wings. Biiiiiiiig wings," she urges the bird. After a momentary hesitation, the bird spreads his wings wide. "Oh, good!" she says enthusiastically before giving the bird a bit of dried meat.

Morgana is happily dancing away with other Ravenclaws, waiting for the rest of the festivies to get moving.

Alexei smiles, as he still keeps on watching the people on the dance floor. A brief smile is offered to Elspeth as she passes, then he's back to looking around again.

Lucian lingers at the edge of the festivities, looking on like a good Prefect. Though he seems to be taking a particular interest in a gaggle of Ravenclaws. Perhaps not so surprising, given how uncharacteristically troublesome the eagles have been this year.

Elspeth pauses on her way past Alexei, "nice match, the other day," she offers, then she grins as she slips around the Slytherin without running into him desipte the crowd to approach Morgana. "Hullo, May Queen. You are being… very festive," she greets her housemate with a grin.

"Okay, now, turn this way…" Madeline twirls her finger counter clockwise, and her bird obliges by spinning in a circle to the left. "And the other way…" She twirls her finger clockwise, and the bird spins to the right. "You're so smart, Mischief!" she says brightly.

"Mischief!" the bird croaks in agreement, before eating the next bit of dried meat it's offered.

Gresham glides up next to Lucian, like a dementor roaming the halls of Azkaban. He seems to be having conflicting emotions.. on one hand, there are Mudbloods wandering about, and as a Slytherin, and a Pureblood, he can't abide by that.. on the other hand, he's a student, and he does want to have fun..

"Well, I occasionally allow myself to do so, however once these festivities are done it's back to work. There is only a little more than a month left and I feel like there is still so much to do." Morgana replies, pausing in her dance to catch her breath, since the dancing is apparently serious Ravenclaw business.

"Alright, now Mischief… Attack!" Madeline declares.

The raven cocks his head at her.

The little first year bursts into giggles. "That's what I thought. Come on, you — let's go find a bit more fun." She starts moving back towards the festivities, her large, black bird strutting along after her.

Lucian glances over at Gresham when he appears. "Ollivander," he says in greeting. "You look glum," he adds rather matter-of-factly. Lucian has reliably been the place to go to enjoy some dark clouds. But lately it hasn't been the case as much. Maybe he's just been too focused on studying for NEWTs to brood properly.

"Thanks," Alexei replies to Elspeth, offering a brief grin. Staying where he is for a little while longer at least.

Briar comes away from dancing with a laugh and panting. She takes a few breaths and then fans her face. Then Patil and Berry waves her down and makes gestures to their heads. Briar seems to know what they are getting at and she nods and goes to the flower covered table and bends over to get underneath it. The drummers start and Beery steps to be center of it all at the main Maypole at the center. "May I have your attention, please! It's time for the crowning!" He claps his hands with a very big toothy smile. He waves his hand beckoning Morgana over.

Elspeth chuckles and nods. "I am understanding. I was having to wake myself from my - " Whatever she was having to wake herself from will have to wait as attention is called for, and very person she is talking to has to leave their vicinity.

Morgana was just about to gravitate else where to do some more socializing, however that's when Beery makes the announcement, and her eyes go a bit wide. Surely, by now, the Head Girl would be used to having everyone's eyes on her, however being the center of attention still isn't something she's used to. So smoothing over her robes she'll clear her throat and make her excuses to the group of Ravenclaws she is with and join the Professor. She does manage to put on a bit of a smile.

Madeline stops near Elspeth - ignoring her bird who decides to start playing with the bottom hem of her robe, now that she's stationary. "Do they do this every year?" Madeline asks the older student in a curious voice, tone lowered to almost a whisper.

Lucian stands at attention at Professor Beery's announcement. "It's the crowning," he says suddenly, and strides toward the Maypole, weaving through the crowd to get right up by the action. He offers Morgana a big, proud smile, nodding encouragingly.

Gresham glides in behind Lucian, standing next to him, his robes fluttering and settling as he finds himself a spot from which to watch the event.

Glancing down slightly to see the firstie next to her, Elspeth nods once. "It is being a spring tradition at Hogwarts," she affirms to Madeline. She lowers her voice, directing her words only to the fellow muggle-born's ears. "In some ways, wizards and witches are being the same as muggles, but they are not wishing to admit this. They are celebrating many things that our families celebrate."

Madeline nods with agreement. "They sure do," she agrees brightly, but quietly. "And it's a nice little party, at any rate. I love dancing, don't you?"

Alexei watches the proceedings in quiet now, not saying anything for the moment.

Briar brings over a pillow that has something upon it with a shroud that's also woven with flowers covering it up. But on top of the shroud is a wreath that's wrapped in thick ribbons of each house color. As Briar approaches, letting Morgana go before her from the side Ogg thuds his big booted feet along the floor at the base of the main May Pole. The (rumored) half troll gets down on one knee next to the spot Morgana is ushered into. Briar stands next to Beery and faces him. To begin with the Herbology Professor claps and looks towards the musicians who play a regal and jaunty tune. He takes up the wreath that's on top of what's hidden on the pillow and offers it to Ogg to hold. "If my Queen would do me the honor of kneeling?"

Gresham continues to watch the goings on, with moderate inter- — oh, look, birds. Trees. … Oh, right, May pole. He resumes watching the 'Queen'.

Morgana follows along, looking at that pillow and is hoping that the crown isn't made of any sort of living plant. For some reasons he can't seem to bring up what it looked like in the past. The reassuring nod from Lucian does cause her to widen that nervous smile of hers, but other than that she is doing her best to keep her nerves calmed. "Of course." She says to the professor of her least favorite subject. Gathering up her robes, she does as she is asked and kneels down, while folding her hands in her lap.

Biting her lower lip slightly with humor curving at the corners of her mouth as she watches the head girl, Elspeth inclines her head to Madeline. "Sometimes," she agrees in a hushed voice to the question of dancing. She links her hands loosely behind her as she watches.

Madeline beams up at Elspeth, then turns her attention to watching Morgana as she kneels. Unfortunately, she doesn't notice quite yet that her raven has stopped playing with her hem — and has started creeeeeping forward through the crowd of students, towards the crowning ceremony.

Beery leans over and folds back the shroud. It's not exactly living, but an enchantment when an eagle uncurls from the pillow and stretches out it's wings to reveal that it's made from bronze gilded vines for the framework of the eagle with bluebells that lay along the framework like fluttering feathers that chime like fairy bells. Beery holds up the eagle as it spreads it's wings out majestically for all to see, before it settles back down and folds its wings back so the wings create the crown around the Queens head. "It's just an enchantment, they aren't alive." Briar whispers to the head girl with a hopeful smile. Since hearing about the Head Girls wariness about the living, moving plants she loves so much, Briar actually removed the flowers she had in her hair which were living, dancing flowers.

Once the eagle has become a crown again Beery leans forward to perch the crown on Morgana's head. "In ancient times before Christianity and before the statute of secrecy, Muggles, witches and wizards alike celebrated Beltane together, the start of the Summer Season. It was a day to appease the fairy kind. For good luck in the year, trick and bad luck free. A young woman was crowned queen of the festival and she then took the May Pole Wreath and was carried to the Pole, it's placed atop and in so she opens up the peace pact and blesses the ceremony where he subjects dance and weave the may pole. Upon completion of the weaving of the May Pole the pact is sealed and we may enjoy a fertile and blessed Summer. Traditions have of course changed over the years. But it is wise to remember, that we all once worked very well together to prevent the Fairy kind from running amuck across the land." He finally settles the crown on Morgana's head and claps while Ogg leans in to gently scoop her up and put her on his shoulder so he can carry her to the Maypole.

Lucian's brow goes up at the sight of the rather impressive crown. He gazes on with a rather dopey grin, oblivious to the poor First Year whose view he is blocking.

Gresham glances at the crown, hmphs, shrugs, and practically fades into the shadows. That's how he rolls…err, glides…err…SOMETHING!

Hey, I want to see-" Madeline starts, standing tiptoe and craning her neck to try to get a view of the crown. She does, of course - when Morgana is lifted up, and given the wreath. And her bird, drawn by everyone's attention, suddenly takes wing, seemingly intent on snatching up the wreath.

"MISCHIEF!" the little firstie cries. That bird!

Morgana leans into Briar and gives her a nod. "Thanks." Because living plants on her head would have made this worse! However she'll let Beery talk about the history of the holiday, and she can't help but be slightly impressed by the crown and it's enchantments. Once it is on her head she'll take a second to adjust it, but she doesn't have long before she's hoisted up on Ogg's shoulder. Much to her dismay, she gives out a girly yelp of surprise and has to steady herself before she gets that wreath ready, to get up on the may pole. "You know… a ladder would have worked just fine, or a broom, I do have a broom." She says looking down at all the little people, or at least they look little. Just about when she's about to put the wreath where it goes, some obnoxious bird starts flying in her direction and she has to cling it to her chest. "This wreath is not for you." She calls out to it.

"Ogg." The Groundskeeper rumbles at the Queen. "He says it's tradition." Is translated by Beery, who doesn't know what Ogg said at all. But that's his answer to the Queen's talk of a different mount. Then there is cawing, and the familiar thick and vicious Scottish Brogue cuts through the merriment, "Immobilus." Pringle targets the crow and then narrows his eyes looking for the known owner of the bird, "Someone is gonna eat crow iffin they dinnae keep tha blasted thing under control."

Beery just smiles and claps to get attention back and the musicians playing louder as Ogg carries her to the large center May pole. He's so tall however Morgana barely has to reach up to put the large wreath in place.

Briar places the pillow down on the near-by flower covered queens throne and then she moves to pick up an end of a ribbon that's laid out on the grass around the may pole. She waves to her fellow Hufflepuffs, "Come one Badger's let's weave this pole!"

"Far be it for me to break any sort of tradition." Morgana says lightly, reaching down to steady herself on Oggs shoulder. When Pringle takes care of the bird, she'll give him a nod of thanks, since that last thing she wants is the half troll flailing about while she's on his shoulder. With that taken care of she'll take the wreath and put it on top of the maypole, and she didn't even have to stretch!

The prefect bites her lip as she sees the bird's wings immobilized, and a bird that can't flutter its wings won't fly very far. Glancing around, Elspeth backs up a couple of steps, peeking over Lucian's shoulder she pulls her wand from her sleeve and uses a first year charm, simple but handy. Instead of plummeting down by the Maypole and the dancing feet, Mischief floats over to land at Madeline's feet. As soon as the crow lands, the red head tucks away her wand and glances sheepishly about.

Once the large wreath is in place Ogg carefully sets the May Queen down. He gives her a smile that's not exactly any less scary than when he's not smiling. A massive hand is gently nudged against her arm and then gestures to the ribbons. "Ogg."

"Mischief!" Madeline gasps out as her bird is immobilized and starts to fall - but then he floats towards her, gently. "Oh, thank goodness," she says quietly. She scoops up her bird, stroking his feathers, and keeping him up out of harms way. "Very sorry, Professor. I'll… I'll work on training him better, sir. I've only had him a few weeks, is all, so… so… I'll work on it more, Professor, I promise," she gets out hurriedly. "You horrid, naughty little thing," she adds towards her bird, under her breath.

The gentle nudge does cause the Head Girl to stumble just a bit, but she gives Ogg a weary smile. "Thanks." She says, clearing her throat and walking toward the ribbons as she is directed. Clearing her throat she'll gesture toward the house. "Ravenclaw, you know what to do." Hopefully she doesn't have to instruct her house how to dance about a may pole.

The bestial purr of Kettleburn's deep voice gets a sigh from the surrounding girls as he approaches Madeline and reaches out in a request for the bird. "Here girl. Let me see this Mischief of yours."

Lucian turns, looking over his shoulder at the sound of a soft-spoken "Wingardium Leviosa." He arches an eyebrow at Elspeth. But the girl is a fellow Prefect, so far be it from him to chide her for such a harmless spell. At Beery's questioning looks, he gives him a reassuring nod, and the herbology professor steps away from the Maypole to intercept Mr. Pringle, who looks about ready to roll someone's head for inappropriate spell casting.

Elspeth gives the tiniest shrug of her shoulders to Lucian, her eyes slightly apologetic, but the more apparent expression is the soft heart that couldn't bear to see a pet possibly trampled. At Morgana's call, she steps forward with the others in her house to enter the maypole dance.

"Yes, Professor," Madeline answers promptly, moving toward Kettleburn with her raven in her arms - and a suspicious amount of wetness in her arms. "I really am sorry, Professor. I am trying but - well. I named him Mischief for a reason. He's terribly naughty," she explains contritely.

Morgana spends the rest of the night either on that fancy throne of hers, or socalizing with friends. That is of course after maypole dancing and feasting has been had of course. As much as she would have liked to slip away and go bury herself in her studies, it appears that the Head Girl decided to give herself just one night off. Besides she was actually having a good time, and it's not often you get to be queen for a day.

Kettleburn takes up the bird and cradles it while he kneels down before Madeline and uses a Morris Dancing handkerchief to give her eyes and nose a little dab. "Well we are going to have to make sure he is trained, and fast. Or you are not going to be allowed to continue to have him. But don't you worry. I won't let Pringle harm a feather on his head. But until he's better trained, let's keep him in his cage, hmm?" He pats the young girls shoulder and then stands and turns to lead her away from the event so he can give Mischief a check up and give some instruction to Madeline about how to better handle the naughty bird.

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