(1939-05-02) Dead Things and Dance Partners
Details for Dead Things and Dance Partners
Summary: The library is the place to study for NEWTs, and apparently to socialize.
Date: 2 May, 1939
Location: Hogwarts Library
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Lucian pushes himself along on one of the tall, rolling ladders to reach the highest shelves of books, skimming titles as he goes. On a table near the end of the aisle he is occupying, his Defence Against the Dark Arts book sits open, along with a number of tomes on the subject of the Living Dead, and a sheet of notes in his handwriting.

Morgana has been in and out of the library all day, looking for books and scrolls on various sorts of things. There is another paper she's working on, and this time for History, but it doesn't help to get sources from other fields of study. Setting her things down on what she thinks is a random table, she notices a familiar script on a note and pauses to look up the ladder. "How is the weather up there?" She asks in as loud of a whisper that she dare uses.

Gresham speeds into the library, and disappears betwixt the shelves of ancient texts, all man-on-a-mission. He does his best to avoid bumping into folks, though accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. He returns from the aether and stakes out a spot at a distant table, laying out stacks of scrolls and books, as well as half-used notebooks and quills, before cracking open the first book and setting to work.

Lucian glances down, his frustrated frown turning to a smile when he sees Morgana's face looking up at him. He makes his way down the ladder, sighing on the last few rungs. "Cloudy," he mutters quietly, "with a chance of 'my book has been checked out.' I'm looking for 'Living Death: The Myth of Immortality' by Ivanna L'Frevre. I thought there were several copies. I don't suppose you checked out one of them?"

Gresham continues to make notes, thumbing through page after page of the ancient tomes. If one were to only glance at him, not stopping to really look at him, one might think he's just drawing lines, not actually writing notes… but yes, indeed, he is writing notes, he's just very good at being a quick writer.

"If only there were some person, some magical person who could tell you what books were in stock and what ones were not." Morgana says, raising her brow a bit. "I'm sure that would be very helpful for a library to have a person who could do that." Yes, Morgana is teasing Lucian a bit, but when he mentions the book title, she'll pull one of the many out of her arms and dangle it in front of him. "Maybe I did, however it will cost you."

Lucian gives her a tight smirk, shaking his head. "I knew it. See? Why should I go to Madam Patil when I've got you?" He steps closer to her, invading her personal space a bit. "Sooo, what's your price, then?"

Morgana will raise her brow once she feels her personal space invaded and does a quick once over of the isle. "You should go to her, because it is her job, and I only happened to have this book since we are in the same class." Shaking her head she appears to ponder it over and even goes as far as to open her mouth, but shuts it quickly. Apparently she remembers where they are. "Price to be given at a later date." She says, passing the book to him.

Lucian takes the volume, still grinning and far too close to her. "I see. So I owe you an open-ended debt? This could get me into trouble, I think." He glances down at the book, grimacing at the cover image — an emaciated vampire gazing vainly into a mirror. "There's a handsome fellow. So, can I help you find anything? I think I've memorized this section by now."

"He's so charming." However when Lucian mentions it being opened ended, she'll smirk and take a step back, leaning over the table to scribble something on a piece of parchment. Folding it several times she'll leave it in a shirt pocket and nod. "My terms are outlined thusly, I hope you find them reasonable." She says, lightly patting the paper a bit. "Did you enjoy May Day?" She says changing the subject for a moment.

Lucian watches her curiously, letting her have her bit of fun. He pulls out a chair, gesturing invitingly to sit at his table. "You know, I actually did. It was nice spending time with Chastity without any other family around. She can be pretty sweet when she's not being completely spoiled." Taking his own seat, he slips his fingers into his pocket to take out the note and read it silently.

"She seems to be very sweet, and a little devious, but I wouldn't hold it against her." Morgana says with a smirk as she settles into the chair at the table. Her small pile of books and scrolls get set on it as well, and she prods at them with her finger. "Her kitten was rather cute, though I have to say I was not fond of having a bird swoop at me while I am on top of someone's shoulders."

"You handled the raven with grace," Lucian assures her. "You looked really lovely up there. I-…" His eyes scan over the opened note. "Um…heh, I…what was I saying?" A hint of colour touches his face, and suddenly he is grinning from ear to ear.

"I wanted to kick the damned thing." Morgana responds, shaking her head at him, though there is a pleased smile that comes over his lips once she sees him loose his train of thought. "Is all the studying memory loss already?" She teases. "You had mentioned how lovely I was but, I think that's as far as you got.

Lucian rubs his neck, chuckling abashedly. "Yes, well, I got rather stuck on that thought. Not that you aren't beautiful every day. But yesterday was special. You really seemed to be enjoying yourself. Birds notwithstanding." He glances around to make sure no eyes are looking their way, then reaches to give her hand a quick squeeze. "There's nothing I like better than to see you smile."

"Than I'm a fine actress, maybe that should be my career." Morgana shakes her head at that thought and shrugs. "It's not that I did not enjoy it, I had a good time, but having everyone's eyes on me was a little daunting. There is a reason I want to hide in the Ministry's basement." She says with a playful smile. "Either way, it seems I have to contest with someone for a dancing partner."

Lucian chuckles. "Chastity? Yeah, maybe. I dunno…I guess I regret not really being much a part of her life until now. I don't want to see her completely ruined by my father. But I'm worried that I've missed my chance to have a real impact. After graduation, I won't really have access to her any more."

"Just because you both won't be at school doesn't mean you won't see her, or hear from her. You can Owl her of course, and that will go a long way to influence her as well. That's all I can do with my brothers and it's enough fo rnow." When he squeezes her hand, she does the same, looking up and down the isles. "How are your studies?"

"I think you underestimate the lengths my father will go to to maintain control." Lucian sighs, but nods. "I'll try. I have to try. She's still innocent, and she deserves better than what Actaeon and Gryffindor have to offer." His eyes drift to the stacks of books around his notes. "Studies are fine. Exhausting, but I think I'll be ready for NEWTs. Thank you for the book. I really think it'll make the difference on this Living Dead paper."

"I think you're underestimating not only your desire, but your sisters to get to know each other." Morgana says with a raise of her brow, reaching over to nudge him a bit. "You'll only fail if you don't try." When he mentions the book again, she'll lean over to peek at the notes he was making and nods her head. "It looks like a good start. So, do I do the responsible thing and slip away to let you work or..?"

"Don't you dare," Lucian grins. "I barely get to spend any time with you. At the very least, I'm demanding some study time together. Then…maybe we can go relax a little up on the cliffs? It's good to take time to clear your head during high-pressure times like this." He nods sagely, surely having no other agenda in mind. Surely.

Morgana smirks at him and raises her brows. "Well, my or was going to be something similar, but I could go for the cliffs. But we could put the studying on hold. Unless you're behind on that paper than we should put it first." It seems that someone might have a bit of spring fever, or is still thinking of May Day.

Lucian shuts his textbook without a word of argument. "I've got the book now. I can study tonight in bed. The paper's not due for a week, anyhow." Catching Morgana in a mood not to study? This is an impossibly rare occurrence that one simply does not ignore. He loads his study materials into his bookbag, then offers a hand to Morgana. "What was your 'or', anyhow?"

"My Or was simple." Morgana says, gathering her things and putting them in her satchel. Once everything is secure and Lucian looks ready to go she'll smirk at him. "Or, I could ask for my payment now." There is a sly spark in her eye as she takes several steps back. "Meet you out there?"

Ever a slave to impulse, Lucian reaches for Morgana's hand to bring it to his lips, right there in the middle of the library.

Morgana looks around rapidly to see if anyone has caught them, but in the end she simply gives him a shy smile and squeezes his hand. "I'll take that as a yes." She says quietly, reaching up to touch her fingers to her own lips.

Lucian lowers her hand, blue eyes shining at her. "That's not a yes. That's a 'no, I'll walk you there.'" He releases her hand, and reaches for her satchel, offering to carry it.

"Very well." Morgana says with a smirk, but she doesn't pass over her satchel. "This has far to many important essays in here, I sleep with it." She says and it almost sounds like she's serious about that. Either way she'll gesture toward the door. "Escort away."

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