(1939-05-04) The Daily Prophet - Clifford Unites Puddlemere, Leads to Victory
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Summary: Overview of the Clifford-Puddlemere Quidditch Match
Date: May 4, 1939
Location: N/A

It was good, steady quaffling out there this Sunday, with Puddlemere United beating the Chudley Cannons, but both teams pulling out solid performances; unfortunately for the Cannons, Puddlemere seems to simply have the more talented roster. United's key to victory was a consistent mastery of field positions, utilizing better flight performance to spread out far on the field while keeping the coordination of a tightly-knit ball of broomsticks in formation.

Puddlemere's starting Keeper, Henry Spleen, was still recovering from Thursday's catastrophic broom failure; reserve player Clifford Reese stepped up admirably in his first time starting since turning pro, having a number of high-flying saves that drew salutes even from the outplayed chasers. He credits the team's coach with helping him to handle the high pressure in the air, saying, "I thought we had everything we needed to succeed — we just went out there and stuck to a well-brewed plan." While Spleen recovers in St. Mungo's, Reese has shown that he can fit in to Puddlemere United's scheme without a hitch, as an effective leader on and off a broomstick.

Lindsey Barrett put in an equally solid performance as Chaser and captain of Chudley, well-coordinated with her teammates and rallying quickly to shifts in plays. Ultimately, however, United just seemed to have the better athleticism and stamina, able to keep playing at their peak when the Cannons needed a moment to rearm and take a breather. Barrett took the fan criticism in stride, stating that "it is what it is," and that every teammate had given their best; she could expect for no more.

The Cannon players have nothing to be ashamed of, but no one expects them to be able to go all the way with their current roster. Either they need a dramatic shake-up in talent or Coach Bagman needs an unexpected and unconventional strategy that makes full use of the Cannons' wits rather than trying to win on strong fundamentals.

As for Puddlemere United, they just need to keep up their momentum heading into the following weeks; the final score says enough.

Puddlemere United 360
Chudley Cannons 80
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