(1939-05-06) Search Warrant Request
Details for Search Warrant Requests
Summary: Arthur submits the required report for a lawful search and seizure of some Carrow business, in regards to the Ilbert Carrow case.
Date: 1939-05-06
Location: Ministry of Magic, M.L.E. - Auror's Office - Arthur's Desk

- Written on Auror's Office Letterhead and moved to be delivered to Chief Worthington -

DATE: May 06, 1939
SUBJECT: Request of Search Warrants
LOCATIONS: Books Unbound, Carrow Investment Services, Steele Travel


As of the date listed above, I am formally requesting three Search Warrants for the three locations listed above.

1) I am the applicant for these search warrants. I am a sworn Auror employed by the British Ministry of Magic, as an Auror to the Magical Law Enforcement, Auror's Office. I do herby state that there is reasonable cause that the possibility of the crime of HARBORING A WANTED CRIMINAL section 536, of the British Ministry of Magic's Wanted Criminal Laws is being committed at the following places of busniess: BOOKS UNBOUND - OWNED BY THOMAS CARROW. CARROW INVESTMENT SERVICES - OWNED BY HECTOR CARROW. STEELE TRAVEL - OWNED BY MIKHALE CARROW. All located within LONDON, BRITIAN.

The facts supporting my statement above and the request for special authority set out below on information and belief are as follows:

A) As of the time, Ilbert Carrow has been accused of committing the crime(s) of using the Cruciatous and Killing Curse, on muggles during a celebration, it is well known that he has been under an intense manhunt lead by myself. It is with just cause and do reasoning, that I believe that he is receiving aide from friends or family. To avoid an conviction and avoid additional slander towards the Carrow name. I believe at this time or previously, Ilbert has been to one of these locations since the arrant for his arrest was issued.

B) Books Unbound and Thomas Carrow, would provide an excellent safe house or cover house for those attempting to avoid M.L.E. detection. It is well known with in the Ministry of Magic, that Thomas Carrow was dismissed from his duties within the I.M.C. he obviously has a strong understanding of Magical Law and his obsession, which I believe to be false, with muggles will provide him the knowledge to hid a wanted Wizard in the muggle world as he attempts to create a strong defensive case for the wanted.

C) Carrow Investment Services, owned by Hector Carrow. This would provide an wanted individual with the means temporary or permeant to financially evade M.L.E. officials, as Ilbert Carrow has so far done, by a lack a financial trail that can be found. Hector Carrow is a successful investor and would be capable of hiding and cooking books. Which is why I am requesting SPECIAL AUTHORITY, to seize his financial records for further review after the search has been complete.

D) Steele Travel owned by Mikhale Carrow, which will be noted for the record is the older brother of Thomas Carrow, who has also had a "falling" out with the Carrow line. Mikhale Carrow is trained in the skills of acquiring requested items and planning and using travel to possibly hide a fugitive of the law.

2) With the information provided above, it is clear how the three combined, could temporary hide a fugitive of law, insure the fugitive had proper funds and then to move him out of the country to avoid further detection. I with due hope for proper and swift justice sincerely hope this is not the case. But is a required necessity to insure all possibilities and paths are taken to ensure Ilbert Carrow is brought to justice to stand trail for his crimes.

Auror Arthur Winters Nightingale


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