(1939-05-09) Patches and Pink Cheeks
Details for Patches and Pink Cheeks
Summary: Elise and Novak formally meet.
Date: 1939-05-09
Location: Clock Tower and Cliffs

The air is still, not a breeze present - clear and sunny skies support the weather, it's nice out. A perfect time to be out on the Cliffs & Clock Tower, something that Novak has taken advantage of. A freakishly large boy sits on the side of the antique fountain with an eagle next to him inside the clock tower courtyard. A black eye patch seems to be the second thing that stands about him besides his height; it's around his head with a cloth band, the actual patch over his left eye. He doesn't read anything, he just sits with things to think about, his mind.. to wonder.

Swift as an arrow, an owl flies past, and hot on his tail is a girl on a broom. "JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVES!" she shouts, obviously quite put out. The owl disregards her summons, however, and evades her. With some fancy feather work, he lands on a rock not far from Novak, stares with an unimpressed air at the eagle, and then swallows the fuzzy something which he'd been carrying in his talons. "No!" shouts the girl, landing half a second too late. "Argh!" she shouts, and stomps her foot in frustration. The owl blinks at her and turns away, obviously unsympathetic to his mistress' mood.

Novak cowers at the sudden eruption of yelling, clasping his hands over his head as if he was blocking punches to his skull. It takes him a second to realize that it's a girls voice, a young girls - and at the realization that he isn't in danger he moves his hands back down and places them on his laps, watching the owl eat some fuzzy food. Hmph.. must be called 'Jeeves..', Novak gazes over his shoulder finding that there is a girl mounted upon a broomstick who's on a rock neighboring him.. it's her! Novak has seen the face before from the hallways and the occasional Quidditch Game, but not once has he said a word to her.. but she looks like she's upset? "Jeeves, must be the name of your bird 'eh?" he glances back at the owl and then back to her with a smile, "Has to eat something, I guess.." he continues, "Novak, Novak Grayson II, pleasure to meet you - hun." Hun? He's really nice, overly-friendly if anything.. but that's just him.

Elise's lower lip is pouting out as she dismounts her broom. "He ate someone's puffskiene!" she exclaims. "I had a perfectly nice vole for him," she explains, brandishing the dead rodent in one hand, "But instead of eating this, he went after someone's pet! How perfectly horrible!" She tosses the vole toward the owl in a fit of pique, and Jeeves hops back from it, flapping his wings. Then, once he realizes that it's more food, he skips toward it, scoops it up, and takes off, headed for the owlry. "You'd better fly!" Elise hollers after him. "Next time I see you I'll be gathering supplies for a feather headdress!" Then she whirls toward Novak. "What?" she asks, blinking at him. "Oh, er, Elise Harper, how do you do?" The words come out in a rush, like she's simply reciting them to be polite, which is of course true.

Novak wrinkles his nose slightly at the sight of the dead rodent, but continues to listen to the 'horrible' story that Elise is telling him. He agrees, nodding along with a thin smile. "That's unfortunate, I've always been quite fond of puffskiene's.. good pets they make." Novak leaps from his bottom to his feet off the side of the antique fountain, standing tall with his six feet five inches of length. "Elise, Elise.. that's a pretty name." he smiles and adjusts his eye patch before reaching out to take her small hand into his, planting a kiss on it and giving a small shake if she lets him - "I do well, thanks for asking. You're very familiar, you play Quidditch for Ravenclaw dont'cha?" he tilts his head and raises his chin, "I'm also in Ravenclaw if you couldn't already tell." he pinches his Ravenclaw robe that he wears and lifts it off his skin a few inches outwards, but then releases his small grasp and lowers his hand to his side.

"They're sort of cute," Elise admits off the furry critters. "Father says I shouldn't have any other pets if I can't make Jeeves mind me… I suppose he's right." She sighs a bit, but brightens when he compliments her name. She allows him to take hand, and giggles when he kisses it. "Aren't you gallant?" She nods when he asks if she plays Quidditch, and when he mentions he's in Ravenclaw too she gives him a funny sort of look. "I know," she says. "I've seen you around. You older students don't usually notice us younger ones much, though." She shrugs, not really bothered by that fact. "What happened to your eye? My best friend Cillian wears a patch, too, but he's in Gryffindor. Was it a spell gone wrong?"

Novak shakes his head, "I'm not gallant, don't get that impression," he blushes, turning rosy red in the cheeks before he starts, "I'm just friendly I guess, tell me if I am being /too/ friendly." he eases her hand back to where it once was, at her side - not just un-grasping it and letting it go swaying. "We're more alike then different, the older students just need to remember that they were also young before as well." the corners of his mouth raise into a small smile, "I've noticed you, if that means anything." Novak rocks on his heels to his toes, what he /doesn't/ reveal yet is that he's the only face that he can seem to remember.. well, the only one that he cares to remember.

"Alright," Elise says amiably. He towers over her - Elise is rather petite because she's 12 and she's just a dainty girl, anyway. "I'd hope you'd notice me, if you've been to a Quidditch game," she says breezily. "Not too many players out there at a time, after all!" Is that a blush on her cheeks? Possibly. Or maybe it's just the sun. "So…" she half-points at his eye patch. "Is it a terribly story?" she asks. "I mean… do you not want to talk about it? I don't mind, if you don't, only I'm terribly curious about it, and being a Ravenclaw yourself I'm sure you appreciate the agony of unsatisfied curiosity."

Novak chuckles at her remark, "Oh sure, I'd /have/ to notice you.. but it's different.." he trails off and then starts back new in a different path of conversation, based on a question she had! He points to his eye patch, "It's not a huge interesting story like you think it might be.. I was simply born without any sight in my left eye! I also wasn't born with any hearing in my left, so never ask me to sing!" he laughs and folds his eye patch upwards, opening his eye - revealing a plain gray eye.. which is quite the contrast compared to his ordinary green one. His eye doesn't look as white and milky as Cillian's though, just.. very gray and dark. He folds his eye patch back down and adjusts the band on his head, "Nothing surprising, sorry to have kept you on the edge of your seat." he smiles and points towards the fountain, directing her in a friendly manner to take a seat. He himself moves to where he pointed and sits on the edge of the antique fountain, his neck was starting to hurt from having to look down at her.

"Well… why wear a patch?" Elise asks, tilting her head curiously. "I know sometimes you go without it. I mean… what's the function of the patch? You're not covering up an abnormality or a hideous scar or hiding an enormous diamond behind it or anything…" She takes a seat as invited, carefully propping her broom across her lap and casting a critical eye over it.

Novak shrugs his shoulders, "I'm self-conscious about it all I guess.." he pauses to look at her broom, keeping his gaze focused on it. "I'd look pretty tacky walking around with two different colored eyes which are nothing alike." he frowns, "It just depends on when I'm in the mood to put up with a bunch of crap over it, and get teased." He shakes his head and looks into her eye(s) well with his.. eye, "Maybe you should wear /two/ eye patches, seems your hiding diamonds in them." he smiles, a compliment - he gives too much of those, but he can't help it.

"Well… doesn't the patch draw more attention?" Elise points out. "I mean… if you're self-conscious, wouldn't it be better not to wear it?" Then he says his little compliment about the diamonds. She laughs nervously and her cheeks turn pink. "Ah hah hah. Eh, well…" She clears her throat. "Just… just ignore them. Your eye looks perfectly normal. If they tease you just ignore them and go back to reading a book or something, that's my advice."

Novak nibbles on his lower lip and nods, "That's good advice.. I don't think I'll wear it anymore." He reaches behind his head and grabs the band of the eye patch and slips it off, pocketing the patch. He blinks, once, twice, thrice. He looks back down towards the broom on her lap and gently feels the handle, "That's a nice broom.. I have an ol' Oakshaft 79 back at home." he reflects, "Where did'juh get this one?"

Elise smiles a bit when he takes off the patch. "I've never heard of a broommaker named Oakshaft," Elise muses. "Though if yours was made in 1879 it's awfully old. Did you inherit it from your grandfather?" She grins down at her own broom, obviously quite proud of it. "I got it from Laurence, at Flights of Fancy, in London. Isn't it gorgeous?"

Novak scratches his chin and thinks back, "It was actually my mothers when she was a kid, though she /did/ buy it from an older woman with some saved money she had; and I am guessing that it was that woman's when she was a child." He looks back down at her broom and continues to feel over it, "It's a real beauty, you should name it after yourself." Aha! Another complement, snuck right in there. "I was thinking about maybe playing Quidditch, though it wouldn't be the smart thing to do of me.. I broke my collar bone, three fingers, and my wrist, from an accident when I was about nine, I ran into the side of a building." he laughs, "I've never been coordinated, and I imagine I never will be."

Elise blinks at him. "Name it… after myself?" she repeats, clearly having missed the compliment. Her face twists into a confused expression. "W… Why would I do that?" She tilts her head to one side and thinks about it. "I can't imagine your depth perception would be very good, with only one functioning eye," she says. "Perhaps another hobby would suit your talents better?"

Novak smiles, "Think about it, you'll get it later.. 'ere I will just tell you - I said it was a beauty, and I said you should name it after yourself because you /too/ are a beauty, cheesy.. I know." Novak smiles and scratches his head and thinks for a long moment, "I'm not sure what their would be for me, perhaps I should form my own club.. dancing club, perhaps?" he turns red in the cheeks after he says that, uh-oh.. what will she think of him? A boy dancer, and ballet too! Novak thinks she must think he's some kind of girl or something now.

Elise turns a bit more red and shifts, a bit uncomfortable, now. "Um, I should go," she says slowly. "I have to review." She stands up, clutching her broom. "You could always join the Mud Club," she suggests. Then she throws a leg over her broom and gets ready to fly away.

Novak smiles and gives a nod, "It was a pleasure talking to you, Elise." he stands up and watches her mount her broom - "Let's talk again sometime." he smiles, wider then he ever did before.. teeth and everything. Novak folds his arms over his chest and steps back, giving her room to take off.

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