(1939-05-10) Red, Red Apples
Details for Red, Red Apples
Summary: After-dinner chatting in the great hall
Date: 1939-05-10
Location: Great Hall

It's after supper, everyone has ate and sent themselves up to their house dorms to relax - with the exception of Novak. Novak a very tall boy sits at the Ravenclaw Table with his head down and his eyes closed, his large hands resting upon the table. Two stacks of books are in front of the boy on the table, some are laid open as well as if he were reading and decided to rest. A younger boy hovers over Novak and seems to be whispering to him, the young boy nods and walks out of the Great Hall.. leaving Novak at the table, head down.. sleeping? - seems not, just thinking.

Her hair today is in a complex seven strand braid, with other smaller braids using that every hair remains to keep it out of her way. Her music echoes about the hall in odd ways.

Cayleigh sits a bit apart from.him, playing her flute softly while she studies a fifth year charms text.

There are always snacks, and its for these that Elise has come. She darts into the Great Hall, pigtails bouncing in their mauve ribbons. She's headed straight for a bowl of fruit, eyes fixed on a particularly red and shiny apple.

Novak's head slowly rises off the table at the sound of a flute? He looks around and rubs his eyes; he's not wearing his eye patch due to some advice he was given not too to long ago. Thus his dark gray left eye is shown for everyone to see, he grabs a book off the stack and places it down on the table, flicking through some pages to find where he needs to read. He -also- has a fancy for the snacks at his disposal, several apple cores lay in circles around the stacks of books. He looks around, spotting out Elise - raising a hand towards her to get her attention, "Elise!" he says in a loud voice but it keeps its friendly tone like everything he says.

Cayleigh stops playing her flute for a moment, and glances over at Elise. She begins playing something with no apparent tempo, but an obvious melody.

Elise turns her head at just the wrong time when Novak calls her. Her hand crashes into the apples and several of them go flying - including one that rolls at a fast pace toward the flutist. She starts grabbing for the apples. "Hullo, Grayson," she says.

Novak clasps his hand over his mouth, "Oops.." he manages to say as he watches the apples leave the bowl of fruit and go into the air. He vaults over the table and jogs over to help her pick up the apples, "I'm sorry, I should have held my tongue." he apologizes while snatching up the apples, placing them into the bottom of his shirt for storage. He stands from his spot on the floor and dumps the apples from his shirt back into the basket - "So-.. how 'ave you been?" he tries to make light of the situation, a smile breaking through.

Cayleigh plays a silly tune, the chicken chases the dog, and picks up the apple from the table to take a bite. "So… why so jumpy?" Her head tilts, her eyes focus. "Are you alright?" She gets up, flute in one hand and walks over.

"Since yesterday?" Elise asks as she and Novak clean up the apples. "Fine, thank you. And yourself? I see you're sans patch, today." She turns to smile a little bit at Cayleigh. "Yes, I'm alright, thank you. Not jumpy, just…" she gestures at herself awkwardly. "Uncoordinated, sometimes. The hazards of being twelve, I suppose."

Novak bites his lip slightly and shrugs, he leans against the wall now next to the fruit basket. "I'm good, thanks.. I decided against wearing the patch because of what you said." he tilts his head and smiles, only looking away to see Cayleigh standing there with a flute at her side. Novak nods with the still frozen smile, "Hello." he looks back towards Elise, "Gettin' a snack, I suppose."

Cayleigh blinks, "I'm sorry? You must be growing very quickly to be having such issues." She regards his stiff expression a moment and nods. "I greet you." She steps back from the pair slightly. "I am Cayleigh." She puts her flute back in the case hanging from her belt. "The clumsiness will pass dear.

Cayleigh says, "It did for me."

"Oh, did you?" Elise says, putting the last apple back, and then picking it up again. She polishes it on her sleeve and takes a bite, nods at him. "Hullo, Cayleigh," she says after she's swallowed her bite. She nods at the older girl. "Sure, sure, if I live that long." That's said pretty matter-of-factly. "That was nice, the flute-playing. I've never heard you do that, before, I don't think."

Novak nods in agreement, "Yeah, I liked the flute-playing as well." he smiles towards Cayleigh, "Novak, Novak Grayson II - pleasure to meet you, Cayleigh." he shakes her hand, no kiss on the knuckle? It seems Elise got special treatment. Novak crosses his arm over Elise's to grab an apple as well, taking a chomp out of it once it reaches his lips. He raises his chin after looking towards Elise, "Ooh.. that's pretty!" he pauses, reaching out to grab one of her pigtails, "I like what you did with your hair."

Cayleigh 's head tilts forwards slightly. "If you live that long… are you ill?" She fingers her flute. "My instrument was made for me by my gran, using the same materials as my wand. It is odd if you've not heard me play before." she blinks. "Bad timing?"

Elise turns her head, keeping her pigtail out of Novak's reach. The two of them and Cayleigh are standing at the table, Elise with an apple in her hand. Novak has just reached across her to grab his own apple, and then reached to get a hold of one of her pigtails, tied up in mauve ribbons. She gives him a strange sort of look and shifts a few inches away. "Um, thanks," she says. She nods at Cayleigh. "Yeah, I suppose so. Just bad timing." She tilts her head to one side. "I'm probably revising or something, in the tower, you know. But you play it prettily," she says, indicating the flute the other girl holds.

Novak frowns, lowering his hand placing it in his pocket casually. He rocks from his heels to his toes, chewing his apple while looking at the ceiling. "I uh-.. think I'm going to join the Mud Club, sounds like a worthy cause." he itches the side of his face and looks onward towards the ceiling, "Cayleigh, do you always carry your flute with you?" he asks.

Cayleigh blinks, "Thank you Elise." She looks about shortly, and picks up her book, putting it back in her over-sized ever-present belt pouch. "Yes. Ever since someone tried to take it from my trunk. Why?"

"The more the merrier," Elise says of Novak joining the Mud Club. She gives Cayleigh a sympathetic look. "Someone tried to take it from your trunk? That was mean," she says.

Novak takes another bite out of his apple with an audible chomp, swallowing it down. "Just wondering, and what an awful thing to do.. tryin' to steal peoples stuff." he shakes his head in disapproval, "Why would someone do that?" he takes another chomp out of his apple, looking at his apple almost in disgust after he takes the bite.

Cayleigh says, "Because it's special." she walks back over and offers a tiny smile to Elise. "If you ever want tutoring, I would be willing." she blinks again, "Just so you know?"

"After I joined the Mud Club my trunk was broken into," Elise sighs. "Some of my things were vandalized." Then she shrugs before shaking her head at Cayleigh. "No, thank you," she says. "I have enough on my plate, with school and Quidditch and everything else. But I appreciate the offer, anyway."

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