(1939-05-14) Giggles and Bubbles
Details for Giggles and Bubbles
Summary: Customers come into the London Rousseau Vineyards shop.
Date: 1939-05-14
Location: Rousseau Vineyards

It's midday on a Wednesday, and the sun is shining cheerfully outside. The flowers in the window-sill planter nod merrily on their stems. Just inside the shop, Gus is sweeping - not that the gleaming floors need it. Still, it's something to do, to keep busy. He is dressed today in nearly-silver grey robes, rather like his eyes, and round his arm is a black mourning band. Despite his somber dress, he is, like the sunshine and the flowers, in a rather happy mood. He whistles a sailor's shanty while he works, filling the little shop with an upbeat melody.

Sirawen comes bouncing happily in, her big green eyes take in the room around her as she skids to a bit of a stop, and gives a giggle. She starts to make her way through the shop, her attention flitting from one bottle of wine to another and back again. She pauses in front of a selection of whites and starts to stare at them for a good long while, a vacant gaze on her face. She hmms and taps her lips and then leans in realllllly close to the bottles looking at the contents within.

Having gotten away from the office a bit early today, Beryl decided to see how she fared with running a few errands. She's been doing pretty well - all things considered - and picking up some new wine happens to rest fairly high on the list of things to do. The bar at home has become somewhat depleted over the last month or so, due to her inability to get out of the house and do things. She had heard through the grapevine (pardon the joke) that the fine Rousseau wines could be purchased in this new shop. And it's about time she dropped by to see what they have on offer.
Quietly, the lady in red slips through the shop door, bringing with her a little gust of warm springtime breeze. Pausing to brush her unruly auburn curls back from her face with the back of her hand, she spots the young gentleman as he sweeps and whistles while he works. "Good afternoon," Beryl offers with a little smile. Her eyes drift toward Sirawen with a hint of uncertainty.

Stepping in rather thoughtfully, Hadrian looks around for a few moments, before he heads over in the general direction of the selection of whites, a bit slowly. Offering a nod as he sees there's someone present there, before he looks between the bottles again now.

"Good afternoon, miss," Gus says jovially to Sirawen when she bounces in. "Good afternoon to you, miss," he says a moment later when Beryl walks through the door. "Good afternoon, sir," he offers to Hadrian. Quickly, he steps behind the counter and puts the broom away, then steps out with his hands clasped behind his back and his head tilted just a bit to one side. "How may I be of service, today?" he asks, addressing all three of them at once, uncertain who needs his help, and who is fine on their own.

Sirawen giggles at Gus as he speaks and gives a wave, "Oh yes I do think I need a bunch of help! BUnches and bunches." She adjusts her robes a little and says, "I am looking for some white wine for some mussels, you know the things in the shell.. not the.." She flexes and says,"Grrrr." She looks over to see who else has entered and her smiles widens more, if that is possible, upon seeing Hadrian, bounce on her tones she turns to Gus once more and says, "Anyways, daddy says don't cook with a wine you won't drink."

Again, a hint of uncertainty as Beryl's cool green gaze follows Hadrian and the extremely bouncy lady over by the white wines. By comparison, she is extremely prim, reserved and composed. One might almost think she was up-tight. However, the other woman's enthusiasm does cause her a restrained little chuckle. Her attention is inexplicably focused on Sirawen (her clothing most of all) for a moment before Augustin breaks into her thoughts.
"Please, first come, first serve," Beryl replies in a light, silvery voice, flashing an amiable smile as she indicates Sirawen. She was there first, after all. "I can wait a little… if I might have a seat in the meantime though, it would be much appreciated."

Hadrian offers a polite nod as he hears Augustus, offering the man a little nod now. "Ladies first," he replies, offering a smile to both the women now. "I hope all three of you are well on this afternoon?"

"You have a wise father," Gus tells Sirawen with a smile that's meant to be charming. "These wines, here, are best suited to shellfish," he tells her. "Depending on how you cook them, let's see…" he points to three on the shelf. "If you'd like to follow me, I can give you a taste, so you can decide for yourself which will be best for your mussels." He motions toward the front counter, where two stools await. "Absolutely, miss," he tells Beryl. "There's room for two. I can fetch you samples as well, if you're interested." He goes behind the counter and pulls out a box with tiny sample bottles of wine in it, as well as three glasses and a spittoon so that they don't have to actually swallow the wine they're tasting. "I'm well, sir, thank you for asking," Gus replies to Hadrian. "And yourself?"

Sirawen giggles and says, "Clams and mussels with linguine in a garlic white wine sauce?" She looks over the tiny bottles and gives a squee, "Ohhhhh look they're soooooo cute!" She is dressed in her midwife's robes, the patch of Saint Mungo's over her heart, "Oh I think I'll just take what you suggest, no need to taste them all!" She looks to Beryl and then to Hadrian, "I wouldn't want to hold people up!" She waves to Hadrian, "Hi!!!"

And thereafter, Augustin makes sure that his customers are well taken care of, and leave satisfied with both his service and the product.

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