(1939-05-15) First Year Charms Class
Details for First Year Charms Class
Summary: Viridian has the students practice the Fire-Making Spell in the Charmitorium.
Date: May 15th 1939
Location: Hogwarts - Charmitorium

Viridian awaits the class to file in. To each student as they enter he gives a nod and places a check on the list that hovers before him. "We will be going down into the Charmitorium today students. So don't take your usual seats. As you pass me, hold up your wand and say the following, 'I promise by my wand that I will not use what I learn in this class to harm others or cause distruction of school property.' I surely would hate to hear that you have broke your promise to me, the terrible things it would do to your grades. Now, single file, down into the charmitorium. Pair up once downstairs."

Chastity comes gliding gracefully in, as if the girl were on the dance floor, she smiles to Viridian and says, "Good morning Professor." holding up her wand she says, "I Promise by my wand that I will not use what I learn in this class to harm other, or cause destruction of school property." All in all to the young Proudmore girl they are one in the same. Looking around for a partner she starts to follow the professor to the charmitorium.

Anemone files in one the first, standing off to the side as the other students file, in hands behind her back, rocking gently on the balls of her feet, keeping quiet. She slowly raises her wand and does as she is instructed to do repeating the words perfectly, albeit it is quite quiet as she says it. She files past quickly to the charmitorium as instructed, but as far as finding a partner, that is something she seems shy about.

Viridian gives nods and a look of dedication to each student as they make their vow. Then once everyone is down in the Charmitorium he shows off a little and casts, "in-SEN-dee-o" crisp and clear. His wand makes gesture that could draw a wishbone looking glyph in the air and a jet of flame leaps through the pitch black darkness of the charmitorium. A massive bonfire in the middle of the enormous room instantly erupts into a blaze and illuminates the Charmitorium that is set up like a Beltane Festival. There are many different piles of tinder, then a small camp fire sized pile of firewood. Several Scarecrows line along the walls as well. There are only two piles of wood set up to be bonfires. "Now that I have illuminated your task for the day." He breaks to give his trademark smirking closed lip self-amused laugh that comes out rather, 'ahmm-hmmm-hmm', but he soon continues, "Find your partners and each pair start at their own tinder piles. The first of the pair to light their tinder pile will earn house points. Begin."

Vincent and Antonin immediately pair up, that's no surprise, the Slytherin boys always partner up in classes. When Antonin gets their little tinder bundle lit first he is awarded 'Five Points to Slytherin'. Vincent seems a touch angry at himself mostly because Antonin only beat him by a matter of seconds.

Chastity ohs and gives a little polite clap for the professor. She takes a deep breath and pulls her wand from the sleeve of her robes and with a very practiced swish and flick she says, "In-sin-de-o!"

Anemone is partnered up with some other first year boy, and she watches him try several times managing to get it on his last try she braces herself before mimicking the professor perfectly pointing her wand at her tinder and she chats the incantation "In-sin-de-o!"

Viridian is rather suddenly behind Chastity hovering in all his green looming glory. Wasn't he just across the room helping Emily? "'in-SEN-dee-o' Miss Proudmore. You have the em-FA-sis on the wrong sy-LA-bill." Ahmm-hmm-hmm. "Now again. 'in-SEN-dee-o'! Say it like you want something to catch fire. The wand work is very good. Continue." He glances towards Anemone who's not very far off and similarly instructs. "I want to hear it, crisp and clear, in-SEN-dee-o. Let's put some fire into our fire-making class, now let me see it!"

Chastity gives a bit of a jerk as suddenly the Professor is behind her she ooooh and says, "In /sen/ de o.. right right, thank you professor." She beams at the man and turns back to her partner and says, "Sen, sen sen…" She takes a deep breath and tries one more time, "In-sen-dee-o!" Again, swish, flick the young woman sets her target ablaze!

Anemone corrects her wording and tries once more this time her target tinder erupts into flames, and she smiles and beams proudly.

Viridian claps proudly as well. "Excellent students. Now, let's try something a bit larger, hmm? If you wish you can continue to practice on the tinder piles. A wise witch and wizard never over extends themselves. It's called Witchcraft for a reason, it is a craft that must be practiced and respected if it is going to be honed into the art that it's meant to be."

When Viridian approaches Vincent and Antonin in his rounds about the students they visibly close ranks. Antonin sharply and quickly points out, "We've got it Professor." The title is said with a complete lack of respect. But it's like water off a duck's back and Viridian cooly continues on his rounds. "Who wants a try at a bonfire?"

Chastity ohs as she turns her attention towards the bonfire and looks to her partner, she beams a bright smile and says, "All we can do is try!" She takes a deep breath and with her wand's movement she says, "Incendio!" A bolt of red flies from her wand, but.. the wood only smolders, there is no real blaze, "Well foo!!!"

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