(1939-05-15) Getting in Some Practice
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Summary: Angelus is on the field when Elise and Elspeth show up early for their practice. Some talk about the upcoming game.
Date: May 5, 1939
Location: Quidditch Pitch

Angelus has been practicing a lot as of late, even after team practices. He’s found another opportunity after classes and before dinner. Dressed in quidditch gear - and thus lacking his Eye of Truth - the youth flies around near the hoops. His quaffle is tucked underneath an arm as he weaves around the posts deftly, not fast but taking his time to maneuver. Occasionally he’ll swing outward so that he’s facing the hoops, lobbing the quaffle at the goalposts before he stoops down to seize the orb again.

Elise is a girl who likes to get in her practice, too, and she and Elspeth have managed to squeeze this time into their busy schedules. With a quaffle of her own tucked under her arm, she arrives on broom in full gear. When she sees Angelus there, though, she frowns a little, uncertain if she and her teammate should continue while he's occupying the pitch. She looks back toward Elspeth and raises an eyebrow. "What do you think?" she asks.

Fixing her gauntlet on her left hand, worrying a strap that's shorter than it should be, Elspeth is keeping her team mate's brightly colored quidditch robes in the corner of her eye to see where she's going. When Elise stops and asks her question, she looks up and gives a sigh. "Always," she mutters. "We do have the pitch booked, and the others are going to be coming soon. He will have to be leaving then." She goes back to fixing her gauntlet. "He will not be learning very much from our warm up exercises, and he can fancy himself a master spy," she adds, her voice lowered so that only the girl next to her can hear.

Angelus weaves around the posts, swinging around once again and locking his gaze on the center hoop. He throws the quaffle, wincing and shaking his head as it smacks into the side of the hoop, but only to grin as it falls through the hoop on the other side regardless. He dives forward to snatch up the quaffle again, letting out a ‘huh’ as he catches a couple people down on the ground. Turning on his broom, he begins to drift downward casually, offering both girls a greeting by lifting his head. “Come to marvel at my excellence?” announces Gel with a wink, followed by a chuckle. “Looking forward to the game coming up - I could use some company to practice with.” He smiles as he tilts his head a little.

Elise reaches over, silently offering to help Elspeth with the gauntlet. "True," she agrees. "Though… you have to admit, he's rather brightly dressed to be a spy, isn't he?" She giggles a little bit. The giggle turns into a full-blown laugh at his question, but she shakes her head. "We were just here to practice," she tells him. "Since it is our practice time." Then she sighs. "By Merlin's beard, our team needs it."

"Ah, yes, but the best spies are the ones being in plain sight, " Elspeth sagely informs the younger Ravenclaw as she holds out the wrist. Her eyes roll upwards at Angelus's question, but she only shakes her head. "We can be using the practice, but we are not being /that/ bad. The Slytherin game was being over before anyone was really having a chance to play. It was being a… how do you say? Bloody fluke?" She glances up to Angelus. "We maybe are being too much for you, we would not want to be hurting you before the big game," she offers gallantly.

Angelus’ royal blue eyes focus on Elise when she laughs, a wide, delighted grin crossing his features. As he descends further, he dips his head to her in a formal-like bow over his broom handle before he straightens. “It’s what, your first year playing on the team, Harper?” Angelus tilts his head a little, arching a single brow as he lets out a hum. “You didn’t play half bad. But we want to make the upcoming game brilliant, right? Give the crowd something to cheer about.” He grins widely, which fades as his eyes flick to Elise’s side, fixing his gaze on Elspeth. He arches a brow as he stares at her thoughtfully, an eyebrow twitching as he grimaces briefly before sighing out softly. “Official practice? Oh, I can leave then - or I can sit up by the hoops and try to play keeper. Your call, Rosen.”

"Well, I suppose so," Elise agrees with Elspeth. She finishes securing the gauntlet in place and gives it an extra tug just to be sure. "That was rather abrupt," she says with a nod. "We were barely on our brooms when it was over. I know a lot of students from all the Houses were rather disappointed by the brevity." But she shrugs - what else can she do? "Yes, it is," Elise confirms for Angelus, returning his nod with one of her own. "Thank you. You're rather good, yourself!" The offer to play keeper for their practice sounds good to her. "We do have a quarter of an hour before the others show up," she muses thoughtfully, but leaves the decision to Elspeth.

With her gauntlet in place, Elspeth looks up, and gives a nod to Elise. "You are being welcome to be taking shots on Eibon if you are wanting to. It cannot be hurting. But when the others are arriving, we are desiring to have the pitch to ourselves. Your offer is being appreciated, Eibon, but our keeper is needing practice, as well." And the level gaze also knows that taking shots on the Gryffindor gives him an idea of their strategy, which is not going to happen.

The grin returns to Angelus’ features, flickering over his face as he lifts his head once. “I’m /amazing/,” corrects Angelus teasingly. He clears his throat as his expression softens, returning to a mere partial smile as he shifts his gaze onto Elspeth. He rolls his shoulders back simply, nodding his head in acknowledgement and lifting two fingers up in a salute. “Your call,” he repeats simply. When he turns back to Elise he grips his broom handle and swoops right down to the ground, hopping off to stand beside Elise. “How about it then, Harper?” He reaches out to hold out a hand. “Can I take a look at your broom?”

Elise hesitates for a second or two - she loves her broom. "Well, alright," she finally agrees. She hands it over. "Isn't it lovely?" she says, looking down at the broom with no little amount of pride. Turning to Elspeth, she nods. "Certainly, I think some practice will be good. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from Eibon, here."

Angelus takes a silent moment to examine her broom while nodding his head simply in acknowledgement to Elise. “Mhm,” he murmurs, running his fingers over the wood and touching the bristles. “It’s pretty nice,” Gel comments, lips twitching lightly in amusement as he holds it back out to her. “It rides well?” he asks, picking up his own broom again. “The Cleansweep Three is a great broom, too. Obviously if we’re going to play on the teams we need fantastic brooms instead of just second rate ones.” The youth smirks, and mounts up on his broom again and holds out his hand for Elise’s. “We are going to put on a good show this weekend, right?”

"Thank you," Elise says. "It's a very nice ride," she says proudly. She gets onto her broom, too, and assuming that Angelus means to shake her hand, she sticks hers out as well. "Assuming no one catches the Snitch in the first five minutes, we are," she agrees with a laugh. "Especially the part where we win!"

Angelus’ fingers curl around Elise’s hand, taking hold of it in a snug grip. “I suppose it does depend on how the snitch acts as well.” He chuckles lightly, trying to draw her hand closer to him as he leans with his broom rolling a little. Lowering his head, he does try to kiss the back of her hand before he releases his grip and rests both his hands back on his broom. “My cousin did catch it nicely though. I guess it kind of pays off that my aunt is the coach for the Arrows.” He smirks and rolls his shoulders. “But agreed - I do hope we get a chance to play.” He offers a wink before he flies off. “Let’s go!” he calls out, heading up to the hoops.

A mixed bag of emotions crosses Elise's face when Angelus leans over for a kiss. While she doesn't draw her hand away, it doesn't seem as if she knows whether to be flattered or embarrassed by the gesture. Either way, her cheeks turn pink. After he flies toward the hoops, she huffs. "He did that just to throw me!" she says to no one. "I'll show him!" she declares, and with that she puts her goggles on and zips after him.

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