(1939-05-15) The Dire Wolf
Details for The Dire Wolf
Summary: Upset by Bannon's proposal to Camilla, Demetrius and Camilla fight.
Date: May 15th 1939
Location: Hogsmeade - Fawley Farmhouse

It is a spring night. The weather is cool and overcast.

Inside of the farmhouse it looks bigger inside than it did from the outside. The entirety of the house is hardwood flooring that's lacquered thickly for ease in clean up. Where there aren't cages, kennels and other more mundane furniture the molding around the ceiling and flood and around the chair line dividing the walls in two is the same wood as the floor. Depending on the room each wall is papered and painted differently. Above the chair rail is the more decorative patterned wall paper with the background color used in a thick hardy (easily cleaned) layer of paint below the chair rail.
A stairwell leads upstairs and also down to a cellar right in front of the Front Door. The stairs also act like a wall between the two sides of the house, on one side of the stairs is a very large living room. Mounted in one wall in the living room from floor to ceiling is an aquarium that is void of water and fish, it is a place for reptiles. Warm lamps shine down from above and it's filled with many smooth logs and nooks and crannies for anything cold blooded to rest and hide.
Within the cellar is locations for the more nocturnal and light sensitive animals to stay. Not to mention it acts like a storage area and wine and root cellar. Also in the cellar is a thick wall and door of reinforced glass that is the anti chamber into a medical facility. The lab is the only sign of modern times as the rest of the house with it's 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 2 offices and studies are all decorated in a very medieval whimsical fantastical design.

It has been rather quiet at the Fawley Family Farm for a little over a month now. Demetrius has been rather quiet and too himself, and despite the scolding's from Cailla has even skipped a few sessions. He seems to be almost on autopilot, he does what needs to be done on the farm, either heads to the pub and nurses a few drink before coming back and curling up for the night or just stashing himself away in his room.

It's the last night of the three night Full Moon Phase. It's still a few hours before the sunsets but Camilla arrives at Demetrius' room and gives a light rap to the door frame since the door was ajar. "Hey there, I tought we could get something to eat together before we headed over to the Center tonight? You are a lot less grumpy in wolf form when you've eaten before hand." She gives a little smile, but she does seem a touch worried that he's already in full blown grumpy mode and she's about to get growled at.

Demetrius is sitting at the desk, his eyes focused on a book, though the sound of Camilla's voice does pull him away, enough to look up at the door. He listens to her and then shakes his head, "I will pass, not hungry." he says before his eyes move back to the book, which is titled "At The Mountains of Madness". His finger softly turns the page and he reads for a moment before saying, "Thank you though." with a small nod. The weird thing, he doesn't sound mad, grumpy or agitated, which one might fight more frightening then him actually mad or grumpy, considering the situation.

Camilla nods her head slowly. "Alright, I'll be downstairs and be back up in two hours for the walk to the Center." He's reading so she doesn't want to interrupt so that's all she says before she shrugs off of the door frame and turns to head downstairs as she mentioned. After fishing around in the ice box a moment there's that tale tell slapping thump of butcher paper against the counter. The scents of the very fresh raw rib-eye steaks fill the house quickly once she's opened the paper up. Some clanging goes on as she sets the cast iron pan up on the stove letting it sit on the stove and get a real good heat on it. Cami likes her meat like a werewolf does, barely seared and just warmed through but more rare than medium rare. She salts one piece of meat and then more scents of her searing the steak fill the house. While it's searing she stirs up some chopped onions and wild mushrooms in some bacon grease. The second thick and juicy rib-eye is left unseasoned, cause she knows he prefers his meat plain and even less cooked than she cooks hers. It's kept out, just in case he changes his mind.

Demetrius smells more then anything the smell of the meat. Though he stands or should I say sits his ground, his eyes moving across the pages, as he waits timing things now, for when he thinks Camilla will have finished hers and left the area. Sitting down his book silently he shift up from the desk, wearing a simple V-Neck poet's shirt and a rough pair of pants and boots, he attempts to move to the location of the ribeye, being unnoticed. Because he is rather hungry.

Neither one of them is being particularly stealthy nor acutely aware. So it's just by complete accident that she comes back into the kitchen to get a refill of lemonade. Stopping short when she spies him she tilts her head at him like a curious puppy. "Changed your mind? Here let me…" She smiles to him and comes over to get his meat just the way he likes it. She is rather unaware that his quietness and distance has anything to do with anything out of the ordinary for his usual grumpiness around this time. "How's your book? I've not heard of it, what's it about?" She asks in sweet and curious tones as she tries to get his supper put together for him.

Demetrius was about to pick up the steak when he is noticed, though he does try to play it off a bit. "No just came to get a drink of water." he says with a small shrug, moving to get a glass down. "It's a book." he says a little bit indifferently, "Bought some muggle who ends up in some caves with some monsters." he says shaking his head, "But you know what, maybe those monsters don't mean i…" he starts and just shakes his head, "Doesn't matter." he says with a small shrug, as he fills his glass.

Camilla doesn't seem to believe him. She literally caught him red handed with his hand on the steak. So she continues to go through the motions of cooking him his dinner any ways. When he starts to talk about the book and the monsters she frown and lifts up a clean hand to pet at his closest bicep. "Awww honey, it matters to me. It's my job afterall. But I know that they don't mean it. It's just their nature. It doesn't mean it's wrong, just dangerous to those that don't understand. But you know, things can get better. There's research going on. Maybe in our lifetime someone will find a cure. Or at least something to dull the edge. Just don't give up hope. Please Dem."

Demetrius takes a drink of his water, "I am sure they don't, maybe they just wish people would…" he starts and shakes his head again, sitting his glass down on the counter putting his hand on Camilla's, shaking his head, "You don't need to do that Cami." he says softly, his head hanging down a little bit more, "I think I am going to move out. I will check in for moons." he says with a small shrug, his hand pulling back.

Camilla is all smiles and about to tell him nonsence about her not needing to cook for him. But what he says next is like a vaccum and it sucks her face down into something shocked and heartbroken. "Dem…" But he's knocked speech right out of her. The rip eye in her hand is dropped into the pan for no other reason than it was getting heavy. "I..I…" I don't understand!? is what she wants to cry out, but the stunning declaration has her throat in a knot.

Demetrius, reaches up and slowly tucks a bit of hair behind her ear, smiling gently. "For you and Bannon." he says softly, his eyes meet hers, staring into them for a long moment, lovingly and filled with desire. "I love you Camilla." he says so softly that it hurts him, his hand continues to move down and stroke her cheek, "I don't think I can deal with that much karmatic justice." he says with a chuckle, "Staying here, watching both of you grow old and love each other." he says pulling his hand away slowly.

Like a gold fish out of water her mouth opens and shuts. His first reason has her about to retort something to the likes of 'I haven't said yes!' But then out comes the rug from under her. He's said it! They had a silent agreement that they wouldn't actually say it out loud! "Dem…" She's rarely ever this thrown off of her game. But it was just so sudden and out of the blue! The touch to her cheek does have her tilting away a little bit. Just to make sure that it's only the pads of his fingers that are touching her and she's safe from his fingernails. "What are you talking about?" Her confusion demands clarification before she can thread together more words than that.

Demetrius looks like he actually might be on the verge of tears, "I am talking about you, Cami." he says smiling softly. "Eventually, you are going to forget about me, one way or another…" he says shaking his head, both his hands moving through his hair again, his head shaking, "I love you Camilla and I can never have you." he says his eyes closing tightly, "The though of spending the rest of my days in the background…" he starts his jaw clenching, "The thought of all of this, I just can't Cami…" he says with a deep frustrated sigh, "I am not strong enough…" he says, a tear slowly running down his cheek now.

Well past the verge, she does have tears tumbling down her cheeks before he even begins to explain. More and more she looks frustrated by her lack of ability to speak! To the point where she just gets so frustrated she thumps her fist against his chest and growls, "No!" That is all she can manage to say as her world whirls around her and distorts beyond her reckoning. Another thump with her other hand harmlessly strikes him against his other pectoral.

Demetrius seems rather unphased by the barrage of hits, though it does give him enough of a shock, that not another tear escapes his eyes. He lets her, he doesn't stop her, he just stands there and takes hit after hit. "I can't stop loving you Cami." he says with a small sigh, his head turning, "Don't you understand?" he says softly, though he does break a soft smile, "Maybe I will go live in a cave and chase muggle geologists around." he says trying to lighten the mood.

A almost adorable hiccup comes from Camilla that heralds some sobbing. "This is your home!" She demands. "You belong here with me and Josie and Lucian and Bannon! You are a part of this crazy family of ours. A cave isn't where you belong. You belong here as much as I know Bannon belongs to the city. Don't you understand? It's always been you. Since Hogwarts it's been you. But that stupid World Cup and that stupid Bludger and that STUPID Black Forest filled with stupid werewolves both brought you to me and took you away from me. All of this horror brought us together, so I hate it and love it at the same time. I won't let you go." She shakes her head and gathers up the front of his shirt into her balled up fists. "No."

Demetrius shakes his head, "I don't belong here Cami…" he says closing his eyes, taking a deep breath, though he can't help but to let out a small chuckle as she goes on her little rant. "God Cami, I wish I wouldn't have been so blind." he says his thumb moving to softly stroke her forehead, being careful. "Now that I can see… I would have traded it all." he says his eyes closing again, "I would have traded every game, every autograph, every moment in the spotlight just to have you, Cami." he says ever so softly, "But that stupid World Cup, that stupid Bludger, that stupid Black Forest filled with stupid werewolves."
He starts softly, pull his hand back, "It let me know what an idiot I was not to see you." he says taking a deep breath, "I wasn't strong enough then to see it, now I am not strong enough to watch it Cami." he says slowly, "You, Josie, Bannon and Lucian will all continue on just fine with out me." he says with a forced smile, "Just look at this last month, I cut myself off, hide away and you were all just fine." he says with a small shrug, "I can't just be the Farm Hand, you every day regrets being so blind, that he has to watch you grow old, happy and in love with another man."

Camilla shoves him. "Don't! You don't get to tell me how I'm going to live my life or with who. If you think you're just here as a farm hand then I just might skin you tonight and have myself a nice werewolf throw rug. Or if you think this month has been easy for me. You're strong, then I'm a coward because I don't know what's going on right now. But we are not going to discuss this any further because it's getting too close to sunset and I'm just too blind sided, offended and heartbroken to even puzzle together any semblence of being able to talk to you any more. So we'll talk more in the morning, but right now I'm going to make you your dinner, we are going to walk to the center and we are going to act like you didn't drop this bomb on me an hour before sun down on a full moon."

Demetrius shakes his head letting himself stumble a bit from the shove, "But you get to tell me No I am not leaving? You get to sit back and tell me all the time about hope that doesn't exist?" he spits out more harshly then he intended too, "I am poison Cami." he says though the words hit him hard then perhaps he thought they would, he takes a step back and sits in the chair, shaking his head, "You always do that, you always deflect." he says with a deep sigh, "We are not going to act like anything, Cami." he says looking up at her, his hands rub his temples, "I love you Cami, I love you more then I have ever loved anything and I am tired of not saying it." he says shaking his head.

Camilla waves the spatula she's using to press down on the steak and give it a good hissing sear before flipping it over. So it's dripping with juices that she doesn't care about as she wags it around like it was her finger. "I said enough Dem. Please. This is too much. I'm the one that's going to be left with this argument fresh. You get to have a break from it for twelve hours. I don't want it to be like this. Please, let's both just calm down and try to have a nice dinner. It's already getting dimmer out there. Please?" The last please is almost sobbed out as she pleads for the torture to be postponed.

Demetrius actually looks hurt, almost crushed, a look of shock all over his face and body, "A break?" he words softly, before the words actually escape his lips, "A break?" he says standing up, "Yeah I get a break from a little fight." hey says his jaw clenching, "You of all people Cami…" he says a mixture of anger and pain, runs through his face, his whole body tense, "Yeah because I would rather be a killing machine and carrier of a curse that has ruined my life for twelve hours, because I would rather loose control of every ounce of humanity I have, to not be able to keep from people I care about. Yeah great break." he says, his head shaking, "Forget the food." he says shaking his head, "I will have one of the other Rangers check me into my cage, for my break." he says with a wave of his hand and moving to leave.

Camilla picks up and slams down the pan off of the stove, the grease splatters onto her arm. "I didn't say it like that! Don't twist my words Dem. You are trying to vilify me to make leaving easier and I'm not going to let that happen. Just stop, please!" Tears are in her eyes again as she goes to the sink to try to wash and cool her burns. "Take your steak, it's done. I don't want either of us to say things we are going to regret. You're just in a bad mood because it's the full moon. We're going to be alright Dem. Just calm down, please."

Demetrius stops he wasn't trying to twist her words, she hurt him, even if she doesn't see it, even if she never sees it, her saying that, cut him deeper then he thought anything she could ever say could. He wants so bad to grab her arm and fix all of this, but he can't fix any of this, for everything he is, he is right in what he said before, he is poison. Every drop of blood in him is a poison, every kiss he could give just as easily could ruin someone's life. Everything about him is poisonous, even the words he is saying to the women he loves.
Perhaps beaten down he moves and takes the steak, sitting down and just staring at it, "Is your arm okay?" he asks, that is the only thing he can ask, he knows it is not, he knows it is his fault. Why couldn't he have just died, it would have been easier on people, no that is a lie it would have been easier on him. "I am sorry." he says finally after a moment, "I won't mention it again." he says shaking his head.

Camilla uses some of the burn ointment that's right there by the soap for this reason exactly. "I'll be alright, a bit of this and it will be gone." She spins open the canister and does as mentioned and as promised the pink and swelling fade fast. She pours two glasses of lemonade and brings one over to set down for him. Then while she's behind him she wraps her arms around him and gives him a squeeze. "I'm sorry too. I want to talk about this Dem. So it bears mentioning again. Just not right before sunset on the full moon, okay?" She lowers her face and just nuzzles into the top of his head as she hugs him from behind. "We'll be fine."

Demetrius tugs on her arm softly and carefully, the same word keeps echoing through his head, 'Poison, Poison, Poison.' he nods slowly, "Eat with me?" he asks even though he knows she has already eaten, he picks up a fork and knife and cuts a tender slice of the steak, taking the bite and chewing thoughtfully. "Basically the book is about two muggle guys, they end up in this ancient city chased by monsters, well kinda, who have come back to life and are trying to kill them." he explains with a small nod.

Camilla gives him another little squeeze before she slides down into the chair beside him and turns to face him. A fruit they picked over the weekend is plucked up out of the centerpiece bowl on the table and she sinks her teeth into it as she listens to his explanation of the story. So Inferi attack a couple of muggles? Eesh." She gives a shudder and shiver, the horror genre is not her thing, gives her the willies. "What were they doing in these ruins anyways? Someone at the Ministry needs to lose their job if they aren't warding inferi infested runes right." She is fighting a smile to show that her serious tone is only put on and she's playing along to lighten the mood.

Demetrius cuts and takes another bite of his steak, chewing on it for a moment, "Well he was a Geologist, and he found these ruins and was exploring it with one of his students when it happened, he brought others but they got killed at the camp." he says nodding, "Also there was man sized blind penguins." he says tapping his chin for a moment, "Weird." he continues with a shake of his head.

Camilla shakes her head with a laugh. "Muggle Authors are so strange!" She takes another bite but she gets squirted nearly in the eye and this makes her snort laugh and quickly try to clean up. "Juicy!"

Demetrius taps his chin, slowly, "So man sized penguins are not real then?" he asks, actually sounding a little disappointed by this news, "Or is it that they are blind?"he says tapping his fork against the plate thinking for a moment, before cutting another couple of slices and eating them. "The steak is wonderful, thank you." he says with a nod, before she squirts herself in the eye, "Cami you are the only women I know who need safety goggles to eat fruit." he teases.

Camilla rubs at her eye and then makes a twisted up 'nyah' face at him when he teases her about it. "I suppose some dark wizard could blind some penguins and then enlarge them with spells. Magic makes a lot of things possible. But I was more commenting on the idea that this is the sort of thing that muggles dream up. Or maybe it is a case of someone at the ministry needing to lose their job." She takes a little bit of the fat that was cut away and with a guilty expression steals it up and puts it into her mouth. "You're welcome. Now…shall we get ready for our walk? Do you have tomorrow's clothes ready?"

Demetrius nods as he finishes up the steak and taking a sip of the lemonade, "Can't I just have a sick day?" he obviously kids as he stands up, his hand running through his hair slowly, "Suppose as ready as I can be." he says with a small shrug, "Yeah they are in the other room." he says, he sounds a lot more deflated then he did a few moments ago, with a sigh he leaves to go get the clothes, returning a few moments later, with a small wrapped package in brown paper tied with strings. Picking up the lemonade and taking another sip before cleaning up after himself, he nods, "Suppose it is that time…" he says sadly.

Camilla gives his back a rub. "Yeah, about that time honey." When he's ready she slings her gear onto her. Leather straps and belts covered in pouches and pockets and satchels. They are so much a part of her that when she does change into her fox form where these belts and pouches are turns into black spots and bars and such in her grey fur. Once at the door she hooks one of her arms into his as they always do as they walk to the center. "You can have tomorrow off. Stay in your room all day and finish your strange muggle book. Then we will talk and the day after you can come back to work."

Demetrius carefully reaches up and ever so carefully tucks a lock of hair behind her ear again, offering her a small smile. "We could always skip the book and just talk you know." he says with a small smile. Then he shrugs a little bit, "Only if you want too." he continues, pulling his arm back, just staring at her for a long moment, "Did I ever tell you the best part of being a werewolf Cami?" he asks softly, his eyes moving to lock onto hers.

Camilla smiles more up at him. "We could, you've just been obsessed with this book all month. But that's what I thought was going on, silly me." She rests her chin on his shoulder and looks up at him smiling more intrigued that he's found something that's the best part of being a werewolf. "Not yet you haven't. What is it?"

Demetrius stares into her eyes nodding a bit, "That the first thing I always see is you when I come back." he says nodding slowly, "That is the best part, knowing that you are right there, every time." he says nodding closing his eyes for a moment, "I can't think of a more amazing or beautiful thing to come back to every time." he says softly.

Camilla gives his arm he's holding a tight hug and she puts her face against his shoulder as they walk to hide the blush that even creeps into the tips of her ears. "I'll always be there too. So stop trying to push me away." A soft kiss is even planted on his shoulder before she returns to looking to where they are walking through the farm towards the Rehab center where his special accommodations for the night await. "Can I come in and rest with you tonight?"

Demetrius, doesn't touch on him trying to push her away. He doesn't see it as pushing her away, in his mind he sees it as saving her from the poison, the poison that is everything him. He walks feeling the gentle hug and kiss and it warms him, it makes him smile. When she asks him, the last question he quietly nods for a moment before saying, "Of course." he says softly, "Thank you Cami." he continues.

Camilla rests her chin on his shoulder as they walk. "Well we'll see. Sometimes Fuzzy Dem isn't in the mood for company. But if I have to I'll wait til you're sleeping and come in for a cuddle. You sometimes whine in your sleep and it breaks my heart. But usually when I sing to you it settles you down." She sings?! Camilla never sings, at least not to any human ears. But this little secret is revealed rather tenderly, hoping he'll understand just how much he means to her.

Demetrius nods slowly, "Wish I could remember it." he says slowly, with a small nod, "The nightmares…" he says slowly, rolling his shoulders slightly after he says, he never talks to anyone about them, the dreams that torment him, "Are about the Black Forest." he says with a small shrug not wanting to touch on them more then that. "But sometimes you will have to sing to me when I can actually remember it." he says with a small wink.

Camilla is already shaking her head in a nuh-uhn not going to happen manner when he even starts to suggest that she should sing to him when he's not wolfed out. "Never, I value your ears more than that." It's then that she realizes they are walking in the shade which means the sun is sinking below the mountains to the west. "Hmm…race you there…" She says playfully and pats his arm like they were playing tag and then he's off running with a big smile as she speeds through the tall grass.

Demetrius smiles softly as he watches her run off, though for a moment something hits him hard about the site, shaking his head for a moment, he doesn't object but start to run himself, though she has a pretty good head start. Truth be told he is in no hurry, he knows what awaits him. But he isn't going to let Cami win easily.

Camilla turns around and her hair blows around her and bounces as she waves him to hurry up. "Come on slow poke!" She eggs him on with a great big sparkling white smile. "You're going to be the laughing stock of the hands if you let me beat you!" She gives him one more wave before she turns to run some more, zig-zagging in the grasses to leave pretty patterns in their wake. It also allows him to easily catch up.

As Camilla turns around poking some fun at him he can't help but smile. His hand moves up and runs through his hair slowly, his eyes moving across Camilla form slowly, his eyes closing for a moment, pushing thoughts from his mind, and suddenly he really takes off. He wants so bad to just run up and wrap his arms around her, to pull her close, to old her. Her scent bounces through the air, hitting his sense and almost making him dizzy. Finally he is caught up, a small but almost sad smile on his face, "Maybe you should run more." he teases.

Camilla wetly raspberries at him before giving him a little playful shove backwards and then redoubles her efforts. There's a little gust of wind that blows the grass and she ducks down into it. Seemingly disappearing. If she's moving under the cover of the grass the wind covers such movement. Eventually though there is a bit of movement at a fallen tree that is on the border of the Center's property and theirs. A grey fox with tail wagging devilishly and her lips drawn up in a smile. She so cheated and she knows it!

Demetrius playfully stumbles back a bit, before she is gone. His eyes move across the area slowly, then he spots her, and yes she did cheat. "Cheater." he says with a roll of his shoulders, "Lucky you don't change into a lamb, I rather enjoy them." he says shooting her a playful glance, before he puts his hands behind his head and starts to walk in the direction towards the center.

Camilla turns around and flicks her tail up at him before she looks back and crosses her fox eyes and lulls out her tongue before shaking her head to complete the sass expression. Then she leaps down and continues the bounding sprint into the Center. When he catches up she's back to her human self and she's looking very smug. Her feet up on her desk, crossed at the ankles and her arms up above her head, fingers interlocked behind her head. "I didn't cheat. I simply used the skills available to me."

"Cheat." Demetrius says, though his tone is playfully. He reaches over again, for the third time now and tucks a bit of stray hair back out of her face and behind her ear. "What am I like?" he asks curiously, still walking, "When I am changed, that is." he says looking over his shoulder at Cami, waiting for her to answer, "Is there still any of me there?" he asks curiously.

Camilla smiles when he tucks her hair behind her ears, it of course springs free when she moves to stand back up and walk him to his personal cage. It is of course quite comfortable. Cami does her best to make sure the usually used cages don't look and feel like a prison. It's really a very nice place for a wolf to hang out. She stands and leans on the frame of the door into his cage. "You are a very large and handsome wolf. Before I've changed myself you try to kill me of course. But when I am a fox, to me you seem yourself. It's all you Dem, in my eyes. I never see a monster. I see you, you just look different and you're on the worse grumpy tear ever. I know better than to think you won't hurt me. You're a wild animal, hungry, hurting and pissed off at me for having you in here." She gestures inside the cage as she waits for him to undress behind the bars where there is a bit of a privacy screen. It's a familiar routine, she waits and takes his clothes, it's all professional. There's a towel for him to put on and wait for the change. "My feelings for you don't change…even when you're in angry mode. 36 hours a month you're just in a different skin with different points of view. That's really not that much time when you think about it. And we get to spend it together. So that's alright in my book."

Demetrius is all too familiar with the routine, his hand moves up and runs through his hair though before he starts letting out a small sigh. Even when the clothes are off he doesn't say anything, he stays silent. "I wish I could say I would never hurt you Cami." is the first thin he says, nodding to himself, even though she can't see him. "But I know that is a lie." he continues with another sigh, "I just don't feel like it is me, Cami." he says with a small sigh.
"You say it is me, you can tell, I am just out of my element, that I am not a monster, but this is a curse." he says rolling his shoulders, "If you couldn't change forms, I would be a monster." he says with a sigh, "But I am glad we get to spend it together, even though I don't recall a single moment of it." he says with a small chuckle.

Camilla shakes her head and rests her hands over his as she takes the pile of his worn clothes from him. "No one can say 'I would never hurt you', /no one/. I'm not so naive as to think that would be the truth from anyone. I know that you would never wish me harm. If I was scared of a little harm, I wouldn't do what I do. It's a sickness, a dark disease that like a fever has you delirious and unaware of what you're doing or saying. Just instead of a cough and rash, you turn into a wolf. It's contagious and mysterious so caution and consciousness of these facts must never be forgotten. But it's still you." One hand lifts to cup his cheek before she steps back and closes the cage door.
She smiles softly at him as The Change starts, being there for him, giving him something to focus on through the pain. Another step back is taken and it keeps her clear of the lashing claws and snarling fings that snap at her once the Change is complete. Tears tumble down her cheeks and she finishes, "And I still love you." She lifts up his clothes in her arms and nuzzles her face into them, taking in his scent as she carries the bundle to the closet. More sets of claws and teeth gnash at her through the bars of other cells as she passes by out of reach. "Good night Raff, good night Kyle. You both behave now too."

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