(1939-05-18) Hogwarts Quidditch 1938-39, Game 06 - Ravenclaw vs Gryffindor
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Summary: Game six of the 1938-39 Hogwarts Quidditch Season — Ravenclaw vs Gryffindor Final Score: Ravenclaw - 200, Gryffindor - 80.
Date: 1939-05-218
Location: Quidditch Pitch and Stands

The Gryffindor Team


The Ravenclaw Team


In the Stands


Levi moves through the seats having decided that the game will be fun to watch. He does enjoy the sport even when he isn't playing in them though that is much more fun and exciting, the Hufflepuff seeker will decide where he is will work for the purposes of watching and plops down onto the bench. He will look about to see who else will gather here before turning towards the pitch to see the teams preparing for the match to come.

While the notebook Alexei has brought with him to the stands might not be needed anymore, since the rest of the games have been played, old habits are hard to break, right? And so he has it with him as he walks over to one of the benches, the same one that Levi's on, it would seem, and seats himself, expression a bit thoughtful now.

Kimiko bounces on her tiptoes, waving a crimson pennant with "GRYFFINDOR" in bold golden letters on it. On her head is a familiar sight at any Gryffindor game: her felt lion hat, with its great mane hanging around her shoulders. "Gooooo Gryffindor! Huzzah!"

Walking out into the stands, Virgil's scarf is customarily pulled up across his face and today is no exception. He holds a pale hand to the cloth as he hacks away and finds a seat. A broad flappy brimmed wizard hat concealing his eyes from the sun, the only exposed skin is the tips of his fingers. Looking around, he looks for an older student who will protect him from bullies and situates himself near enough that he might be gain some measure of protection. "Go Ravenclaw!" he yells out when he hears yelling for the other team, his voice strained.

Elise starts the game all fast and furious-like, spurred on by previous failures to play more aggressively than usual. And for a minute or two there, it looks like it might do her well — that is, until her determination to get the quaffle makes her lose track of a bludger. The bludger sails toward her and clips the bristles of her broom, sending her into a tailspin. She shrieks, unable to regain control for a heart-stopping few seconds. At last, only a few meters from the ground, she pulls out of it and starts rising once again.

He spots the others as they filter in. Levi will wave to those around him. It doesn't seem he's chasing sides on who to win the match but here to see a good game is all. It is something to be in the stands and hear all the cheers as he watches as they seem to be starting the match though one player he recognizes the young student gets clipped and he leans forward until she's able to pull out of the tailspin "Yikes, close."

Settling into the game, Elspeth drops back slightly, her eyes watching the quaffle as it is passed, learning the pattern and calculating her chance to steal in and disrupt the pattern.

"RAAAWWWWR!" Angelus lets out a roar as he flies out onto the field, pumping a fist into the air. "Lions for the win!" First thing is first. He flies around near the stands, occasionally lifting his hand in a gesture for noise. "YEEEEA!" And he twirls away, taking up his position, royal blue eyes scanning the field. And he shoots off for his mark, smirking as he pulls up close to Elspeth. "Oh, hi, Rosen."

Alexei winces as he sees the bludger clipping the broom. "Always hate those," he remarks, before he watches the rest of the happenings, taking down a few notes every now and then.

Now Elise is on the lookout for bludgers, reminded that they could easily knock her off her broom, which would certainly spell disaster. So when Angus bats one her way, she does a tricky roll to avoid being hit. It would look so cool in bullet-time. And what do you know? While she upside down, she manages to catch the quaffle in her hand. She rights herself and zooms toward the goals, dodging random Gryffindor players like a pro, almost. AND THEN SHE SCORES! With a triumphant scream, Elise flies away from the goal posts with both hands in the air and a huge grin on he face.

THE Garrett Sykes is like a madman on his broomstick. The way he's swirling and twirling about, dipping in and out of possible Ravenclaw Bludger Territory and then some, it's almost like he was born for this. Speed is impressive. Style is even more so. And he doesn't hesitate to skim past the crowd and offer a hearty wink to a random Witch in the crowd to make sure that they are cheering for his side. He even flies upside down a few times to make it look extra good. That almost gets him knocked senseless, but he manages to recover in the nick of time. After all, that's what Quidditch Stars do. And yes, Gryffangirls, he will be available for snogging post-match.

Elspeth doesn't have time to reply to Angelus's greeting, because she's spotted her chance. Darting forward as the quaffle goes from Gryffindor to Gryffindor, she steals the ball mid air, and swoops down. the unexpected move catches the Keeper at the wrong ring, and she makes the quick score. Nothing fancy, just the quaffle through the hoop, and then she's back on the pitch, almost as if nothing happened. The game isn't over until the snitch is caught, and she'll save celebration for that time, playing hard until the whistle blows, and she looks up to see Idrissa cluthing the snitch. With an English "hurrah!" She waves her fist over her head.

Niko was just starting to get warmed up, but the game is over. Though before it is done and over Niko does get in at least one good swing of his bat, sending a bludger flying towards Gabriel. Pulling up on his broom, as he watches it fly towards his target, just in time to catch the Ravenclaws catching the snitch, causing him to let out a loud and frustrated groan as he runs his hands through his hair.

On the pitch, Hooch soars about and nearly misses the fact that Idrissa catches the snitch only a mere few flutters of it's wings after being freed from its box. She was just announcing the tally of "Ravenclaw: 50 points! Gryffindor an AMAZING 80 points! Well done! Oh my, Ravenclaw catches the snitch!" She gives a mighty blow of her whistle, "Ravenclaw Wins! 80 points to 200 points!"

Kimiko gives a slight "awwww" in moementary sadness that her team has lost. But never to be a sore loser, she gives a cheer in congratulations for Ravenclaw, then resumes calling out to the Gryffindors for a game well played!
On the pitch, Colton could be snogging with Idrissa for how much they are tangled up in each other trying both to catch the snitch. Perhaps it's this reason that has Colton a bit *ahem* distracted enough that Idrissa's fingers wrap around the snitch a moment before his do. There's a momentary curse in Shelta under his breath, but then he's giving Idrissa a big smile and wink and even claps for her as she takes in her moment of glory.

"YES!" Elise screams when Hooch announces the win for her team. "HURRAH!" She'll rush toward Idrissa, proud and happy and beaming. "Way to go! That's our seeker!"

Hopping to his feet, Virgil sheds the layers of rain off his garb and starts out of the stands. "Raven-CLAW! Raven-CLAW!" he yells out over and over, getting a chant going as he heads back to the common room for the celebration. His voice is still weak and raw, and his finger tips poke out at his scarf a little as he walks.

Novak 'The Freak' leaps to his feet, raising his fist in the air. "Woo!" he yells, he joins his large hands together and starts to clap. Gosh, that was awesome. He smiles, he's overjoyed I mean.. his house won! Though, he claps for Gryffindor aswell before bringing himself down onto his seat, he too follows behind Virgil and heads towards the common room. Man, what a game!

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