(1939-05-18) The Daily Prophet - Harpies Dodge the Arrows
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Summary: Overview of the Holyhead-Appleby Quidditch match.
Date: May 18, 1939
Location: N/A

Sunday's game was a hard fought contest of wills, but in the end, the Holyhead Harpies pulled out yet another much-needed underdog victory over the favorite-to-win, the Appleby Arrows. While the Harpies played well — with Keeper Myra Weaver at last living up to the lofty expectations her off-the-field banter set for her — the Arrows really seemed to be off their game, with recent off-the-field drama certainly taking its toll.

Star player Jocunda Sykes just didn't have enough tricks up her robe when it counted, as the Holyhead Harpies were able to contain her most of the game. "It's disappointing," she said after the game. "We left it all out there on the field and just fell short," she added. Sykes has faltered recently under the pressures of her amazing fame, family emergencies, and political dramas — and her flagging morale is only one of many issues the Arrows must conquer to reclaim their famous poise and command of the sky. If the former Champions want to earn their title again any time soon, they can't risk another year like 1939.

The Arrows need to learn from the example of the Falmouth Falcons this year, another all-star team that has had similar coordination issues and interpersonal dramatics, but has not been so weighed down by them. Partially, it's better strategies; the heavy offensive lean of the Falcons works well with their roster's talents and becomes a reasonable fallback when the coordination just isn't casting with a working wand, while the Arrows' preference for defense demands consistent cooperative play. But there is also the fact that the Arrows just have had much heavier issues to deal with this year.

The Arrows lost that game more than the Harpies won it, but the Harpies have plenty to be proud of as they continue the last parts of this season. Anyone who's still counting them as underdogs clearly hasn't paid enough attention to their track record this year.

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