(1939-06-05) A Visit to the Park
Details for A Visit to the Park
Summary: Mae takes a stroll to the park and meets a new friend.
Date: (1939 06-05)
Location: Green Park

It's early afternoon before it becomes too warm still a nice cool spring day so far. The part is a good place to relax after ones had a long day or even if one has a day off. It's a rather large part and during these hours one may go a while without seeing anyone, and so Graham sits lightly on a familiar bench it would seem working the night shift has left him with the need to relax as he sits reading and taking sips from a drink at his side occasionally a bite of food.

Mae is out wondering through the park, biding her time, looking down at a piece of paper reading it, letting her feet carry her, she finally stops next to the bench and half collapses/plops onto the bench taking in a deep breath, that paper still in her hands, its a newspaper article from a muggle newspaper, it looks a little old but not by much.

Graham will look up from his book at the sound of approach. He's not looking really cautious but its sort of an occupational hazard not to know who's around you sometimes. The young man will take another drink as the woman comes and sits down at the bench. "Good Afternoon. Quite a nice day to be outside in the park." he says kindly after a moment giving a smile. He's dressed to be out in muggle public in his muggle best which at least shows he knows what he is doing out here.

Mae is dressed to suit the location as well, in a rather nice blue dress, and well boots it seems though all but the bottom half are hidden from her dress, she turns to look at the man as she carefully folds that paper and puts it into a pocket her eyes are watery, perhaps fighting back tears as she she takes in a deep breath and nods "Hello." is all she says.

The young man turns slightly on the bench to face the newcomer more properly though when he says she looks watery eyed concern covers his face. Graham is the sort to worry even though he's just met someone kind of like now. "Um, I don't mean to pry but are you alright?" he asks the other his voice showing the concern. She may seem vaguely familure but he cannot really place a name so introductions are in order "I'm Graham Cohen." he offers a hand over.

Mae smiles softly "Just past memories." she says softly reaching over to the hand she gently shakes it. "I am Mae, Mae Bell Tompson" she says with a slight giggle. "I was just remembering something that happened a year ago to this day." she gives a weak smile. "Glad to see this place hasn't changed much in a year."
Graham will nod to the others words and shake the hand as it's accepted. "It's nice to meet you, and yes memories can be good for that on occasion well both good and bad." The young man glances to his basket before back up listening to the other. "Yes, the park seems to be a stronghold that way the seasons change and the look may vary but mostly all the same." he glances to the pond a moment "I brought some food and drinks with me if you'd like your welcome to them."

Mae smiles and shakes her head softly "No I couldn't impose." she says softly looking at the pond and smiling. "I just hope." she looks around "Mungos is still in the same place." she lets out a smile and a small wink. "Not that they could ever move it of course."
"Your alright it's not imposing at all, but my offer stands of course." Graham says looking back to the other from the pond as he re-focuses his attention the others words catch him and the meaning of them also the wink. The young man is always surprised on how often he runs into witch and wizard kind when he least expects it. "I should hope not at least, that would be a trick for sure though." he is curious "So what sort of work do you do?"
Mae smiles, "Yeah I am fine I just need to get a start on my training if they will take me in." she nods "as for work nothing at the moment, hence I am going to Mungos to get into training there, Not to sure which specialty's I will go into, well I do know at least Trauma, my pops would have been so proud." her eyes water again but she seems to exert control over them.

Graham nods impressed by the choice of careers "That is an important job healer, but if it suits you then i'd say go for it." He ponders a moment longer but will stay quiet on his own work unless asked it does tend to wierd some people out for some reason. "I am friends with one of the head healers there, perhaps I can setup a gathering would be good to get some input maybe? If that would help anyways."

Mae looks over with a rather large smile on her face "ohh really, yeah that would help a lot I don't even know who I need to go talk to, I got all the grades and newts needed." she says rather carefully making sure no muggles are happening by. "It runs in my blood, pops was a paramed…" she suddenly shuts her mouth and looks down as if letting out some kind of secret. She looks almost afraid at the moment as she looks over with big eyes.

"Of course, i'll talk to him, i'm sure he'll be able to help get you on the right track at least." Graham says glad to see the other smiling properly and hey good grades and all that are important too. He does look a bit curious as she speaks though as she pauses an eyebrow raises "Paramedic? That's excellent." he says even s she looks down "Are you sure your okay?"

Mae nods softly "Just that some don't like our kind." she whispers softly "You understand." her father being a paramedic clearly means he was a muggle so she surely must be half blood. "I try not to come out and tell people I really don't like being called names, my father was a good man he helped save lives. I know I shouldn't be ashamed of who I am but I can't stand people putting down my father." it is clear her father meant more to her than anything, as a few tears drop, she keeps looking down.

Graham sort of figured that is what it had to be but shakes his head slightly "That is true, and I wouldn't want anyone to say anything bad about you. I'm half-blood myself so I understand, though i'm a firm believer that blood purity stuff is non-sense" he says giving the other a small smile "You have every right to be proud of your father." he doesn't like that this topic upsets her but not really much he can do for the moment.

Mae wipes her eyes "still, I am staying at the leaky cauldron right now, until I can find a place, I can easily find work when I am not training at the hospital." she smiles taking in a deep breath. "sorry if I seem so close to tears," she sighs softly "I have been a bit well emountaional lately, You know how it gets when you bottle things up inside."

"I did the same actually when I started training." Graham says and this is true he moved down to London with no place to live but he does look curious "I think you'll be paid for training on the job though, I may be wrong but I was paid when I started." He chuckles "I work for the ministry, MLE auror's office." he finally will say to the other but shakes his head lightly "It's quite alright, I know that feeling well myself."

Mae nods "I am not sure but still it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra on the side, you never know when you might need it." she smiles "It wouldn't be so bad to send a little to mom as well. I am sure she would love it."

Graham grins a bit at the words but in agreement "Yeah I sort of did the same, well I saved up for my own place in town firstly because it seemed to make the most amount of sense." he gives a small shrug and takes another sip from the drink he's brought to the park with him. "So what house were you in, in school i mean?"

Mae grins softly "The mightly Hufflepuff." she stretches some sliding down a little getting comfy on the bench. "Though honestly I spent most of my time in the library, doing research or reading up on topics I had researched, she grins. "I scored quite high on my potions and charms test. I excelled in both charms and glammars." she gives a wink. "Useful stuff."

"I know a few awesome Hufflepuff's even an auror so very mighty indeed." Graham isn't poking fun but is smiling friendly as the story she tells strikes a cord with how he had been at school. "I was a Ravenclaw, i've been told I spent far too much time with my nose buried in books or in dueling club but I still had fun." He will nod to the last bit "Absolutely, gotta be a good study to be a healer for certain."

Mae nods "I did my best and worked hard, I may be a little rusty it has been a year since I finished school." she smiles "but I still remember well. She stretches again, "I am just anxious to get in and start learning again, I know it will take a few years to get the rank of healer but with some hard work I will be a healer."

Graham chuckles "We seem to have the same story in school, though path to different jobs." The auror is glad for the company and someone who understands being a bit bookish is always nice considering many who don't. "I imagine it will fly by once you get into it. I'm sure you'll be a fine healer and though I hope not to use my assigned bed at St Mungo's much more then I have already. I'll be glad for another healer in the wards." he says grinning.

Mae grins and nods and smiles "Not to mention a cute face like mine?" she teases softly giving a chuckle. "Though I hear most of them are young, then again in the world we finish school and all." she quiets down as a muggle passes by. "You should only have to visit because your bringing someone in, alas it doesn't work that way all the time."

The auror will take a drink though he finishes in time to listen and grins at the teasing. "I'm sure that cannot make these worse no." Graham says lightly though listening he'll nod in agreement "It does seem so, though not all are a mixture of energy and experience probably works well there." the last statement gets a sigh "It would be nice, but there's a reason unfortunately that one of the "perks" of being accepted as an auror is an assigned bed at the hospital. Though i've been on both sides helping others get there and patient myself."

Mae nods and smiles "Silly we haven't got a program like the muggles, where they respond to you, stablize, then transport." she frowns "But there just isn't enough I know dad always loved his job but was always overworked." she nods "then there is the issue of well you know out in public can't have any muggles happening by." she nods.

Graham ponders this a moment "Huh.. that does seem to make sense, but muggles always have a way of surprising me they are very capable of thinking up new ideas and putting them into action." The young man says and its true he belives that one of the things he likes best about being in public like the park is people watching. He's still listening though and gives a small shrug "If lives were at stake i'm afraid i'd likely be in trouble though would be one to help them any way i'm able."

Mae nods "Not to mention putting a healer in harms way is not something most would be ok with, there is a risk going into the field, sometimes people don't like you treating someone, and just flat out attacks you." she softly pausing for a few moments looking out at the pond, "there is good and bad in any idea, it is figuring out how to weigh the good and the bad so it is equal." she smiles softly, "we could easily teach auror's basic first aid easy enough, if anything it would great for basic preservation of life."

"That's true, I dont like others tasking unessisary risks if it can be helped, though sometimes it cannot of course." Graham says in reaponse turning again to glance to the others "I would hope healers being attacked doesnt happen often." he winces at the thought but after a moment moves on with the conversation the last idea gets a chuckle again "Funny you should mention that, not manditory or anything but i've taught myself some healing type spells. Basics really Anti-choking and patch-up spells."

Mae smiles "Maybe I might have to give a suggestion after some time at Mungos, maybe even set up a basic first aid program, but that is some time down the road, but it never hurts to dream big."

Graham will finish up a bite of food "That's not a bad idea, and of course it doesn't really just gives you something to try for." this is simple enough likely "I know that i'd want to be made a full Auror and so took on a case all my own as an initiate and was able to have that come true." he means to be encouraging to the other given he's been in the situation of staying at the pub and all that himself before.

Mae nods "I am sure mom would let me have a room until I got a place my own." she looks down "I just haven't had the courage to go back and face her is all." she sighs softly "Sometimes you just have to grab life by the reigns and steer it your way." she smiles "Pops used to say that."
"I'm sure she would, my parents would have let me do the same, but even apparating to and from work was going to be a journey so I decided it was best to stay here." Graham does look confused now though at the words used. "I'm prying again, sorry but what do you mean face her?"

Mae frowns softly "I vanished one year ago to this date." she looks down at her pocket with the newspaper clip inside. "One year ago to this date my father was killed over a simple argument when he was trying to transport a man to the hospital. He was off duty and should have never been there but he saw someone in trouble and tried to help them, and got killed for it." she takes a deep breath. "They never caught the man." she says softly and mutters something under her breath "they never will either." she shakes her head. "Something broke inside that day."

Graham frowns a bit himself the humor erased with the story that is told. He looks concerned for the other all the same now as he re-focuses on her listening further "That's terrible Mae i'm very sorry to hear that truly." he says his gaze focused on her now none of his stories really apply to make her feel better if he hears the muttering he doesnt let on but the last part brings a deeper frown. "If theres anything I can do to help… i'd be glad to try?" he offers not sure what else he is able to do having just met her his impulse to reach out and pat her shoulder or something isnt likely to help.

Mae smiles softly "Don't be sorry for me I made peace, that is why I am back." she says softly. "It is time to move on and start my life." she sits back "get into a job, a house, maybe a man, and some kids." she shrugs "get back on track, I have had my time. I am going to become a healer and I know my papa would be very proud."

The auror will smile looking to the her as she speaks it is good to see that she seems focused and at least has cleared things as best they can be done in this situation at least. Graham listens to the list of goals and nods to each in turn "It's great you have goals or at least an outline in place I mean even planning the future with a family, just remember to be happy though I mean sounds like you know what job will do that. I'm sure he would be."

Mae smiles warmly "Well family is important, and I love kids so I plan on having some of my own someday but first I have to get into a job at least, then find mister right." she nods with a chuckle. "I will get a stable job first." she nods.

Graham grins a bit "It is very important to me as well." The young man will say though chuckles a bit "That is a good order indeed, get your healer training started a house and the like. Sounds like everything will be in order." he says reassuringly "So when not sneaking up in aurors in the park, do you have any other hobby type things?" he asks lightly.

Mae grins and smiles "Well I have played a little with occulmency." she nods, "I seem to be good at mind stuff." she looks over at the pound as a few ducks quack and enjoy themselves in the water.

"Oh? Occlumency, that's quite the tough study I hear at least." Graham will say easily he doesnt spread that he had taken occlumency classes any further than he has to but given his job. He figured it would be a good thing to have. "I imagine you still like reading as well? I always did best at charms myself but tried to equal things out the best I could be well rounded and all that." he chuckles.

Mae nods and smiles "Yes I love to read still, I enjoy it, I have already been reading on healing spells, even practicing a few, I can mend basic wounds now." she smiles "But I was just experimenting is all." she grins

Graham chuckles a little "I'm sure you'll get all the books you can ever want to read when you begin training as a healer." He ponders this though in his mind its not a bad thing he does love to read. "I know that I got an good sized book as an auror-initiate and another as a full auror but I enjoy reading myself and teaching myself new spells like the healing ones we'd talked about. I also read these muggle spy novels which are excellent a whole series of them now."

Mae smiles "Ohh nice spy novels huh." she looks lost in thought "In my travels I came across a book." she hmms and leans over to a bag that wasn't in view when she was walking and rummages around inside. "It isn't like the usual spy novels, more of a Mystery story and detectives have to figure out who did it." she ahhhas and slowly tugs something out, it isn't a large book about about a inch thick, she grins and holds it out. The Hardy Boys, The Tower Treasure.

"Seems kind of silly probably but I enjoy them as well as other books history is another favorite of mine." Graham will watch as she removes the book from her bag leaning over on bench slightly to get a better look. "Oh that does sound interesting, i'll have to check that out next time I visit the book store."

Mae nods and smiles "It is a short story but I enjoyed it is part of a series by Nancy Drew." she smiles "it has some interesting setups, using the new stuff muggles have thought up for crime solving." she smiles "they are coming up with some crafty ways to catch criminals."

Graham grins "I never discount muggles in anything really, i'm always amazed at the way they are able to solve problems. It seems they move forward in some ways faster then we do and otherways we move faster. if there veil does end up being dropped I do wonder if we could work together kind of catch each other up and all that." he looks up a bit and sighs "I should likely head back home for a bit have to get some things ready before work." he turns on the bench "It was a pleasure to meet you though."

Mae smiles and nods "It was a pleasure, don't be a stranger, but try not to be a patient." she nods smiling as she rises from her seat with you. "I will see you around." with that she turns and starts to walk off, with smile on her face.

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