(1939-06-09) Seventh Year Sentimentality
Details for Seventh Year Sentimentality
Summary: Kaiden comes across Briar basking in the Garden. They wax nostalgic and discuss life after Hogwarts.
Date: June 9th, 1939
Location: Hogwarts - Gardens

Briar sits on one of the stone benches in the garden and is simply seeming to take a break from NEWTS and is getting a little nostalgic as she looks around the garden that she had a major hand in tending to. Bare feet stroke and glide through the grass and she's in out of tie and has the top button of her shirt opened for a causual appearance as she soaks up the sun like the flowers around her. Face up towards the setting sun and eyes closed, just basking.

"Gorgeous…the sunset, I mean," remarks Kaiden as he approaches Briar, a smile on his face. He, too, is loosened up as the school year is winding close to an end. He moves to stand next to the bench and asks, "Would you care for some company?"

Briar blinks her eyes open and smiles over at Kaiden. "I have never been able to get used to the Isle's lack of sun." She takes her shoes stuffed with her socks off of the more open side of the bench next to her and places them down in the grass by her feet. "But I am really going to miss this garden." She looks around the garden once more and takes a deep nostalgic laced breath.

Kaiden has a seat next to Briar and turns his eyes out to the sunset, "Yeah…I'm going to miss a lot of things about this place, I imagine." He laces his fingers together and drops them in his lap, the smile on his face wavering for a moment before it returns to its usual state. "How's Xander?"

Briar looks over at him curiously. "Yeah? Like what?" Then to answer his question about Xander she gives a friendly smile. "Good I think, you probably see him more than I do. NEWTs have kept us both pretty busy. Miss him, but that's the way things go at this stage I guess."

"The people, I suppose. I imagine we're all going to be going our seperate ways, you know?" Kaiden says with a shrug, looking over to her, "And I hardly ever see anyone, anymore. I'm actually wrapped up in studying for once."

Briar looks a bit sad and nods, "Separate ways. Yeah. You still going to try for Quidditch?" Her toes curl up in the grass and bits of green poke out between them. "It's exam times, everyone is consumed in tests."

Kaiden looks over to Briar and nods, saying, "Yeah, I think that's where I want to be. It's enough time off that I can still pursue my art, y'know? But I'll still be making enough money to get by if the art doesn't work out. It's the smart plan."

Briar absolutely lights up when she hears that he is going to persue his art. "That's great! I'm so glad you're going to keep going with your art. Would you still be interested in doing things for my Florist shops?" She asks with a smile and a little shoulder bump.

Kaiden nods and says, "Yeah, when Morgana and I were a thing, she convinced me to keep it going." He shrugs as he looks over to her and says, "I'd love to, if you'd have me, of course."

Briar smirks, "You don't seem to believe in yourself unless you've got a girl boosting your ego. You should work on that Sykes. But none the less. I'm glad she did. I didn't even know you were a thing. You're sort of hard to keep up with in that area. Not to mention I sort of gave up trying to keep track. But yes, of course I'll still have you. That is if I can even get the damn store going." She vibrates ther lips in a weary chuffing.

"I'm sure you'll be fine, Briar. You're kind of good at what you do, after all," Kaiden remarks with a smirk, returning the shoulder bump he received earlier.

Briar bumps him right back with a growing smile. "Good at it, and able to prove to the Muggle -and- Goblin Banks that I'm good for it and can run a business right out of Hogwarts is another thing entirely. Worst comes to worse, I'll be working at the Gift Shop at St. Mungos for a while to prove myself." She shrugs before giving him another bump of the shoulder, grinning now.

"Well, y'know, my name has enough pull with the banks that I could get yur foot in the door if you need me to," says Kaiden looking over to her, his eyebrows raised as he waits for a response.

Briar looks grateful, but she also shakes her head. "Thanks, but no, I couldn't let you do that. You know me, I've got to do this on my own, or the end result won't be gratifying enough for me to stick with it." Another shoulder bump, "The art will be fine."

Kaiden nods to her and leans over to give her a peck on the cheek, "You know you've got me whenever you need me, Briar." He stands up and stretches, offering, "I think I should get back to the grind for now, though."

Briar can't help herself, she reaches out to tickle his sides when he stretches like she'd always do before things went to pot. "Alright. Good luck. What are you taking now anyways?"

"Mostly Charms and DADA," Kaiden says, batting at her hands to avoid the savage tickling. "How about yourself?" He stands in front of her, a hand resting on his hip.

Briar smiles up at him with a chuckle. "Standing there doesn't suit, you've got a halo." With the sun setting behind him. "Herbology and Charms of course." Since that is the one class she did know he was taking, since they take it together. "So if you want to do any Charms study…" She gives a shrug and a soft little smile.

Kaiden grins at her and says, "I'll think about it. Wouldn't wanna upset your boy-toy, though." He slips the hand into his pocket and says, "I'll see you around, Briar." With that, the Sykes boy turns and begins to make his way inside.

Briar flicks some torn up grass at him with her foot. "Don't call him that. You were doing so good too." She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. But she has learned over the years how to quickly just shake off his nonsence so she once more just turns to the sun and takes a deep breath to center herself.

"I like Xander. I just don't think he cares all that much for me," says Kaiden as he steps through the door.

Briar calls after him, "I wonder why!?" Mutters about him calling Xander a boy-toy. But then she realized she rose to his bait once again and grumbles and tries to sigh out and relax herself once more.

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