(1939-06-15) Tempest in a Teacup
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Summary: Graham and Seren run into each other again and make a stab at afternoon tea, though it is cut short.
Date: 6/15/1939
Location: Ministry of Magic Atrium; Cafe Tasseo, Diagon Alley

It's the end of the workday for many at the Ministry at least those who aren't overly busy or something. The place is nearly always busy with people moving here and there and the main atrium is the hub of it all. Graham is stepping off one of the lifts along with another auror. "It wasn't funny at all really." though the other seems to think it was as they split directions. The young man will move off to find a bench to sit lightly on not wishing to be in the way.

It just so happens there is a witch already sitting on the other end of that bench. She is in the process of carefully folding her work robes, which are then tucked carefully into her leather satchel, leaving her more or less suitable to walk the Muggle World for a while on her way home. She is in the process of shaking out a light rain jacket when she finally spots Graham. With a friendly smile of recognition, Seren nods to the young man and sets her jacket in her lap instead of putting it on. "Hello again, Mister Cohen. Any interesting zoo adventures since we last met?"

Graham will turn on the bench as he's spoken to. "I'm sorry Miss Bryce, I guess I was distracted. Work was a bit too excited today." he will say though offers over a smile of his own before answering the question "I'm afraid not, but a plan to go to the zoo soon so maybe that'll change. It is good to see you again though, how has yourself and work been?" he will ask curious since the last time they'd spoken.

"Not nearly as exciting, I'm going to guess," Seren answers, laughing softly. "Though the backlog of patent requests means I can sometimes pick something out of the queue just to make my day more interesting. A minor luxury, and possibly breaking protocol, but who knows! It could be an important discovery, right?" She pauses to wave to a pair of witches who exit from the elevators and turn toward one of the fireplaces, then she turns back to Graham. "Why was work exciting? Did you need to dispose of any evilly possessed bicycles?"

"Well, that would be interesting though if you had a hand in helping to patent an important invention or a new spell or something. I wont say anything so your secret is safe." Graham watches the other though when she speaks about possessed bicycles he chuckles "Ah if only it were that sort of day." he teases back in return. "I'm afraid it was more of the bad wizard who doesn't really want to go to prison tries to blow up your friend Graham here kind of day." he still speaks lightly however.

Seren's humour fades as she studies Graham more closely. "You're all in one piece, though, I assume, going by your tone," she replies a moment later, though her own tone is a carefully polite one. "And… you were successful?" She pauses a moment as she repositions the jacket from her lap onto her satchel beside her. "I mean… if it's not confidential, of course."

Graham will frown but only from making her unhappy. The smile returns lightly after a moment "I'm sorry didnt mean to bring you down, yes i'm quite in one piece just an occupational hazard i'm afraid." He will explain though answering her other question as well "Yes I was successful. No injuries or anything."

Seren smiles in response and nods once, then watches as a drenched wizard appears from one of the fireplaces and stomps toward an elevator, trailing greasy water after him which is is cleaned up quickly enough by an alert custodian. "Better prison than death, I would think," she comments, turning her attention back to Graham. "Then again, not all prisons are… created equal, I suppose."

"You would think so, i've said the same many times but it doesn't seem to get through i'm afraid." Graham turns back towards the other a moment as she watches the rain soaked wizard enter "If you don't have far to go I can make you impervious to water, I mean it might be more comfortable of a trip home that way?" He will say or offer though ponders "If you aren't headed home perhaps you wouldn't mind company for a bit to eat and a drink?" he says friendly.

Seren laughs and shakes her head. "I could do the same, but then I wouldn't have the joy of passing one of my mother's favourite markets on the way home," she replies, narrow shoulders shrugging slightly. "Otherwise I'd just apparate. After being away for so many years, I've discovered I really rather missed London. Even two years back now, it hasn't worn off. May as well enjoy it, rain, fishmongers and all. However, I wouldn't say no to tea somewhere."

Graham grins and will nod "Well that does sound quite nice actually." He speaks about the walk home though of course she could apparate but he is overly helpful at times or so he's been told. The young man will listen to the rest and ponders "Nothing wrong with enjoying London, i'm still finding new and fun things here." there is a pause while he thinks. "There is a tea-shop in Diagon Alley which is very nice."

"There is indeed," Seren replies as she stands. She still slips into her jacket but does not bother closing it. Not when there are such handy methods of travel to get from one wizarding area to another. "Lead the way, Mister Cohen," she adds once her satchel is safely settled over her shoulder.

He will pull himself up to standing as well. The Auror looks to make sure he has everything he needs with him from the office before he will nod to the other a friendly smile coming to his face. Graham will meetup to the side of the other begin walking towards the floo exits where they can wait in line for an exit. "If you'd like you can call me Graham." he will say before taking the floo.

Seren enters with Graham and takes a moment to charm the last few specks of Floo powder from herself and the dampness from her shoes before entering the cafe properly. She looks around the room briefly, then smiles at the auror before gesturing toward one of the tables. "I have to admit," she comments, perhaps a continuation of their conversation from the direction of the Leaky Cauldron, "when I was growing up, the stories about aurors always seemed a bit like fairy tales. Monsters, evil warlocks, knights and maidens. It's strange to think of it like another occupation. Check into the office, punch your card, get down to the day's business of rubbish and rebels."

The young man pauses likewise not wishing to drip or anything inside of the tea-shop. Graham looks over as she speaks further continuing the conversation. "I heard the same stories in school glory and honor, duels. I suppose it is all how you see it, there are some who are just thrill seekers in the office. I wanted to help people myself." he says with a grin though he'll move to the table and pull a chair out for her, before he himself moves to sit down.

Seren quietly thanks Graham as she takes a seat, then she pauses a moment to request an afternoon tea for them both before she folds her hands primly on the edge of the little table. "I suppose that's true of all our professions," she replies, agreeing. "One of the researchers I worked with in Berlin was really only in it to steal ideas for his own ambitions. He didn't last long," she adds with a small grin. "And here, working in the Games and Sports division, well…" She trails off and laughs softly. "You can probably imagine some of the sorts that attracts."

Graham will move around and take his seat smiling as she orders tea for them both. "Thank you, though its my treat good to have company." The auror will say still listening as she speaks of other jobs nodding in agreement "That's very true, people are different and will see things the way they want to do so." he sighs though "I've known a few professional Quidditch players and while one was a good friend, others well I suppose confidence is a key trait for that game."

Seren lets out a surprised laugh and nods a couple times as her dark eyes twinkle at Graham. "Is it ever," she agrees, then laughs again, though more quietly this time. "Even when their playing career is over, that particular element seems to go on indefinitely." She breaks off as the server levitates a service tray toward them, but rather than let the woman serve them, Seren waves her off and reaches to pour milk into her magically warmed cup before gesturing to the other, silently asking what Graham likes in his own tea. Before she can see the answer, however, a tiny scops owl swoops in and very nearly tips itself over the teapot before managing to offer its little leg toward Seren, where a tiny curl of paper is attached. Seren sets down the milk and barely gets the message off before the owl heads right back out again. The woman lets out a quiet sigh and gives Graham an apologetic look. "I'm afraid I'm going to need to owe you one, Mister Cohen." A moment later, she amends, "Graham. Family duties are calling." She stands again and thanks the proprietor for the service as she prepares to leave, then nods one last time to Graham before disapperating with a crack.

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