(1939-06-16) Rain and Biscuits
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Summary: Cillian and Elise enjoy the view from the castle roof during a rainy afternoon.
Date: 1939-06-16
Location: West Parapet

It's exams week, and Elise, like many Ravenclaws, has been walking around with a distracted sort of air about her, her arms full of books at all times, her nose buried in them, and buried in her notes, even during meal times. Just now, though she's standing on the west parapet with a tin of half-eaten biscuits near her elbow on the stone wall. She's got an umbrella over her, because there's a bit of a drizzle, which hides the setting sun behind silver-limned clouds.

"Ye do know ye could try eatin' all yer notes and book pages to see if ye can remember the answers any better but imagine how hard that'll be on the digestion?" Cillian chirps brightly as he has made his way up the stairs, grinning to himself as he fidgets with a pair of pan pipes. He's got on his robes (because he has to) and his longish hair's all a mess but he's smiling, why? Because its drizzling. He has his normal goodie bag and his stuffed knapsack.

Elise turns to see him approach, and gives him a wan smile. "I think I'll pass, thanks," she tells him. Then she jiggles her umbrella slightly. "Room for two," she offers. Her hair, while not wet, is rather frizzy from the humidity of the rain, and clings to her forehead and cheeks in wispy little curls where it's escaped from her braids. "Want a biscuit?" she offers as well, gesturing to the tin, which is also benefiting from her umbrella.

"Oi, trust me. We'll get the biggest book o' spells ever, grind all the pages into a paste, and 'ave it with some type of crunchy biscuit." Cillian sticks out his tongue before shaking his head at the umbrella. "The sky be weepin' with joy, I dun wanna miss a ting." He winks and then reaches for a cookie when its offered. "Thank ye kindly! How are ye holdin' up?" Omnomnomnom.

"Gross!" Elise says, wrinkling her nose at the idea. When Cillian opens the tin, written on the inside with some kind of indelible ink is a message from her parents. Happy birthday Elise. Love, Mum and Dad. "I like the smell of rain," Elise tells him, turning her face to the soggy grey vista spread out below them. As for his question, she shrugs a bit. "I'm alright. Finals haven't been as terrifying as I thought they'd be, which is good I suppose. Probably means I'll get good grades. What about you?"

Cillian has to laugh softly, smiling a bit sadly when he reads the message in the tin and then he looks back to Elise as he chews thoughtfully, eyebrows over his eye patch raising a fraction. A shoulder is shrugged as he sighs softly. "I study a bit before I go to bed or when I cannae be sleepin' but…ye know me. I dun worry so much about the grades as I do makin' the grades so that me Father doesn't get all sour faced and gaspy and take it out on me Da who'll just be celebratin' the fact that I can fit 10 chocolate bonbons in me mouth at one time."

"Only ten?" Elise asks with a grin. "I would have bet on an even dozen, myself." She sticks her hand out from under the shelter of the umbrella, feels the drops landing there, feather-soft and tiny. "Oh, bother," she says, and folds up the umbrella. She leans it against the parapet and tilts her face toward the sky. Her hair is quickly plastered down, and her robes become sodden. "It's not as cold as I thought it would be!" she exclaims, rather surprised.

"Its beautiful isn't it?" Cillian grins as he watches the girl get rained on as well and he whoops out a cheer, laughing and shaking his hair out a bit. "And I can do a decent 15 if I be stoppin' breathing for a bit." He winks and then sighs softly, draping an arm over Elise's shoulders if allowed. "Can ye imagine we're almost gonna be third years next year?"

"It is!" Elise agrees, sticking her tongue out for a moment to catch a few drops. She giggles at the image of him with 15 bonbons in his mouth. "Sure, but can you close your mouth around so many?" she asks teasingly. When he drapes his arm across her shoulders, she snuggles into him and slips her own arm around the back of his waist. "I know," she says. "I feel like it was only yesterday that they put the Sorting Hat on my head." She's quiet for a moment. "Cil?"

Cillian gives Elise a little one armed hug and smiles as he closes his eyes and turns his face up a bit to enjoy the rain as he is wont to do. He does open his good eye to peer at Elise. "We'll have to see if i can." He sticks out his tongue before sighing softly and shaking his head. "It was yesterday someday ago I suppose in a way…" He tails off. "Mmhm?" He replies when his name is said.

Elise looks up at him. "Will you come visit me this summer? Mum and Dad said you're welcome. We're going to be visiting the sea side at least once a week. You can bring your fathers if you like - or come on your own. There are ever so many things to do there. We can explore the forest for ages. There's a cave absolutely full of bats," she tells him eagerly. "And badgers and deer and squirrels everywhere!"

Cillian considers that for a few moments. "I supposed I could be doin' that. But ye 'ave to promise to come for me birthday, me Da has got us a boat and everyting that we can go out on for a few days to be proper pirates and all." He grins. "So I will be comin' to visit ye, iffen ye promise to be comin' to visit me as well. Me da'll love to meet some of me friends."

Elise's arm squeezes his waist and she grins up at him. "Terrific!" she says happily. "I do promise. The boat sounds absolutely lovely!" She looks down at the view again, still smiling. "I suppose Mum might want to make me a birthday cake when I get home," she muses. "I didn't get any here, and she does make the nicest red velvet with vanilla frosting. If you can't come for that, I'll save you a slice," she promises.

Cillian frowns a bit. "Well I didn't be makin' a red //velve/t/ but I did make ye a chocolate cake! I got to use the kitchen in domestics and everting, it was 'ard to make the little butterflies and the ribbons with the blue and yellow frostin' but I didn't know ye liked red velvet better." He worries his bottom lip.

Elise turns her face up to look at him again, a frown between her eyebrows. "What are you talking about?" she asks, utterly mystified. "You never gave me any cake. Well… not for my birthday, and not that looked like that." She pulls back a fraction of an inch, the better to watch him worry his bottom lip.

"Oi! I did." Cillian insists. "I gave it to one of them girls in yer 'ouse and I told them the happy birthday to say and every ting." He huffs. "Dun tell me ye didn't get it, it was small but it had 3 butterflies and two 'air ribbons on it and then yer name in curvy letters."

"I never did!" Elise says, her big brown eyes opened wide in surprise. "It sounds absolutely lovely - and here I thought everyone but Mum and Dad had forgotten. Even Luci didn't even say Happy Birthday to me," she tells him. Her eyes get a little misty and she smiles again. "Even if someone else ate it, it means a lot to me that you went to all that trouble to make me a cake. I wish I'd gotten to taste it though. I bet it was delicious!"

Cillian splutters eyebrows shooting up as he just gapes for a moment and then he sighs softly and hugs Elise tightly. "I'll never forget yer birthday. Its when yer older than me for a little while and a celebration of ye being born and being here to be me friend." He murmurs softly. "Oh. It was the best cake I ever made I'm sure of it." He sighs. "Alright, time to be gettin' ye off the roof before ye catch a cold in the rain." He offers his arm and reaches to retrieve the tin of biscuits. "And I shall tell ye more about the cake ye never saw."

"Me?" Elise asks with a grin. "I'm a hardy Quidditch player, it's your constitution we need to worry about," she teases him. She picks up the umbrella and hooks it over her arm, reaching for Cillian's other arm with her free hand and accompanying him into the castle. He's certainly cheered her up, and she will chat avidly with him about the cake she never saw until they part ways in the halls.

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