(1939-04-20) The Daily Prophet - Wigtown Wanders, But Banchory Bangs
Details for Wigtown Wanders, But Banchory Bangs
Summary: Overview of the Wigtown-Banchory Quidditch Match
Date: April 20, 1939
Location: N/A

It might be premature to say that the Banchory Bangers' victory on Sunday has secured their route to the playoffs, but the Wigtown Wanderers meandered their way straight out of the postseason. After a troubled history and a difficult first season back in the pros, the Bangers have finally found their identity as a team; what a comeback for a franchise that spent over a century in relegation as punishment for trying to use a Hebridean Black Dragon as their mascot! Despite some momentary flashes of effectiveness from a few stand-out players, the Wanderers as a whole seemed to struggle to remember what a quaffle was and how to move it through the sky.

Most notable for the Bangers this game — as with much of the season — are their so-called Beater Brothers, Warren Gallagher and Pierre Pompidou, who have an unbelievable synchronization in their batting style. Wigtown Keeper Fraiser never was able to catch his balance, getting beaten like a Boggart with a pair of pants stuck on its head; as a result, the Bangers could just waltz in the quaffle at their leisure. When the Bangers pulled out a 180 point lead, the Wanderers chose to just surrender, spiking their brooms and letting the Bangers nab the Snitch.

Wigtown needs to watch their step or things could go very poorly for their team's professional status, but the Bangers at least made it a brutal victory worth watching. Let's just hope the rest of the teams have equally exciting play to bring to their matches, or the season's entertainment has hit its peak already.

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