(1939-06-25) End of Term Chit Chat
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Summary: Dean and Oscar have a chat and make plans for a prank.
Date: 1939-06-25
Location: Hufflepuff Common Room

Sunk down into an over-stuffed chair, Dean has his violin propped under a lazy chin while his feet are up on a nearby ottoman. Despite his lazy manner, he runs the bow across the strings in a quick jovial song. A couple of first years are dancing a jig to the music, to Dean's bemusement.

Oscar makes his way down the stairs from the boys dorm looking as if he's barely slept a wink the previous night. He offers a smile towards Dean taking note of the boys violin, as he makes his way over to an empty chair. "Want me to grab my guitar, and join in?" Oscar asks with a friendly voice motioning to the violin, as he sits down into his chair chair with a good deal of unintentional force, causing the chair itself to creak slightly.

Dean finishes the song with a flourish as Oscar flops down, and he uses the tip of his bow to tip an imaginary hat. "Alright, Oscar?" The firsties laugh in a circle at the excitement before they gather on one of the couches, talking amongst themselves. "I'm not opposed to a duet. Just passing some time before exam marks come out." He idly runs the bow across the strings in a soft low tone. "M'bit anxious about my Potions and Runes marks. Don't think Slug was too impressed, and Black just scares the bahjeezus out of me."

Oscar smiles off towards the first years as they run of to do their own thing, before shaking his head, and turning back to Dean "Come on, you'll do fine as long as you're a puff, you'll be levels above the rough." He rattles off with a bit of a muscle inflection to his speech, trying to make his rather cheesy words of wisdom into some sort of minisong. Oscar leans back in his chair slightly, rubbing on the sides of his head, as he lets out a low sigh before saying "Besides, I've been here offering help to anyone who needs it for most of the year with the other members of the Mud Club"

Dean grins a bit at the words. "You're a poet and didn't even know it." He chuckles before letting out a sign and letting the violin and bow slide down to rest between him and the two over-stuffed chair arms. "I won't flunk, I'm not a complete failure. I just don't have the talent with Herbology or Potions like some folks do." He waves the bow in Oscar's general direction. "Like you. You're brilliant in the greenhouse. I just try to copy and hope I do half as well." He grins a bit as he uses the bow to scratch at his coarse hair. "Good thing I don't plan on being a healer, eh? Might grow people extra arms or summat."

Oscar leans over towards dean speaking in a fake whisper "Don't tell anyone but I'm terrible when it comes to anything conjuration" he admits with a bit of a smile "I can accidentally summon the chickens, then you can give them extra wings" Oscar adds with a slightly bigger grin, before saying "We can make a whole business out of it." He laughs quietly to himself.
Dean laughs out loud at the idea. "I don't think we'll make much of a living off of that, partner." He lets the laugh fade to a chuckle. "I'm pretty good at Charms if I say so myself. Still learning the conjuration part, but wouldn't mind giving you some pointers. Then I won't feel bad when I ask for help with tree-bush things."

"Tree-Bush things" Oscar repeats with a bit of a grin, before asking "Now is that the technical term for them?" visibly poking fun at his fellow huffnpuff, as he lets out another laugh of his own.

Dean shrugs a bit and laughs softly. "They all look the same to me. Unless they have different flowers or fruit or something, I can't tell the difference. And even then they're just an "apple tree" or "white flower bush" to me." He chuckles and shrugs yet again.

"You know" Oscar starts with a bit of a mischievous grin "I just got an idea with this talk of horticulture." He thinks for a moment on if he should continue or not before asking "You know how one of those slytherins keeps tossing quick grow weeds in my small section of the greenhouse" Oscar trails off somewhat, falling back into his own somewhat tired train of thought.
Scratching the side of his head again idly with his bow, Dean listens before he responds. "Uhhh… I know now."

Oscar explains with a bit of a low groaning sigh "That's why I'm spending so much time in their every night," The bags under his eyes from late nights clearing out weeds a bit more viable from the slightly different angle. "I clear them out, and by morning it's filled with the things again"

Dean tries to hide an amused grin at Oscar's plight. "Oh. I just thought you really liked plants." He uses this as an excuse to laugh a bit.

"Oh I do," Oscar reassures dean, with his usual smile "Doesn't mean a guy like me can't be annoyed over having to do the same project every night as opposed to adding more plants to my meager collection," He looks back over towards the fire for a moment, somewhat confused as to why it's still lit during summer.

Dean shake his head with that stupid crooked grin on his face as he listens. "Fair enough. So what's this idea of yours? "

Oscar looks into the fire for a while saying rather pointlessly."Simple" He then turns back over to dean "We return to sender" his face remaining somewhat flat as he discuses the idea.

Dean furrows his dark brows in confusion at the "simple" plan. "I don't think the owls will deliver packages to the dungeons, mate."

Oscar lets a low hmm escape his lips keeping his hands clasped over his mouth "If we got their dorm pass…" He says somewhat quietly sinking back into his chair somewhat while deep in thought. "Know any 7th years we could convince to help out?" Oscar asks half jokingly.

Giving Oscar a level look as if to say "Really?" Dean rolls his eyes a bit. "They'd probably transfig our feet into the ceiling and leave us all summer. There's only three more days until we go home, I don't think you'll be able to pull anything spectacular off before then."

"Come on it's the last three days, why wouldn't they help us to get remembered with zero consequences?" Oscar asks still not fully serious about this train of thought. "I'm just saying It'd be a good send off to end the year with."

"Osc, are you hearing yourself?" Again, Dean gives him -that- look as if Oscar just said the dumbest thing ever. "You attend this school, right? You've met Slytherin's, right? They aren't going to give you their pass any more than we would. Besides, you don't even know where in the dungeons their Common Room is."

Oscar looks towards dean for a moment before saying "I was talking one of /OUR/ seventh years" looking like he's just realized a point of confusion between the two. "I mean by now they've probably got a spell that can get them right into the Slytheren dorms."

"Oh." Dean laughs a bit nervously at the confusion. "Well, I don't really know many of the 7thers." He shrugs helplessly. "I'll ask around." He leans forward and pulls his violin case out from under the chair, laying the instrument and bow inside. "I need to get going though, I promised my roommate I'd help him try to shove his books into his chest. I swear he should have been sorted Ravenclaw."

Oscar lets out a bit of a chuckle, shaking his head, before saying somewhat definitively "If he's in our dorm, he's one of ours", He looks back over towards the fire thinking for a moment about grabbing his guitar. "We can talk about it later maybe."

Dean nods in agreement and claps Oscar on the shoulder. "Take it easy, mate." With that he heads for his room.

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