(1939-06-24) Plants!
Details for Plants!
Summary: Trouble in the greenhouses leads to more trouble, which leads to comradery and new friendships just in time for a tragic letter.
Date: Tue Jun 24, 1939
Location: In and around the hogwarts greenhouses.
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"Oscar?" the diminutive first year calls into an empty greenhouse. Hrm - the Hufflepuffs had said he was here. Madeline pats her dirigible plum in passing, turning a full circle as she looks for someone who is clearly not there. Maybe one of the other greenhouses…? First years aren't supposed to go in there but - well - she's /done/ with her first year, really, isn't she? So that makes her practically a second year!

Cautiously, the girl opens the door to the neighboring greenhouse and creeps in. "Ummm - Oscar?" she asks softly, in an uncertain voice. After all - if /someone else/ is in here, she might get in trouble!

Oscar had just finished a rather long day of schooling, and was doing his best to wind down afterwords with a bit of gardening. He'd already been working for some time when he decided that he could use a bathroom break, and fearing theft he had locked away his tools already for the short time he would be gone, leaving behind little signs of him being in the first year friendly.

Oscar didn't even hear her calls at first as he left the bathroom proper making his way back towards the greenhouse with a bit of a spring in his step. There was plenty of work left to do on his precious plants, and not nearly enough time left in the day to do any of it.

Madeline takes a few steps deeper into the off-limits greenhouse, a hand reaching out towards the writhing vine that had caught her attention. "So /neat/," she girls murmurs. Her fingers lightly brush over the vine - which moves with a swiftness she wouldn't have expected to wrap around her wrist, prompting a startled squeak from Madeline. "H-hey!" she protests. She tug back against the plant - but it's surprisingly strong, and more vines start reaching towards her. "…uh-oh."

Oscar walks rather calmly down the hall, looking to a rather nice looking muggle fobwatch to check just how much time he has left in the day before the nights cerfe. With a bit of a smile he tosses the watch away, singing to himself. "I'm gonna buy a paper doll that I can call my own" Moving in beat to his own singing "A doll that other fellows cannot steal" He clacks his feet together, not too far from the greenhouse already, the halls cleared somewhat due to the evening hours.

Madeline pulled back as hard as she could against the grip on her wrist - but in quick order, both of her ankles are snared as well, and the plant starts pull in her in. "Oh, no, no, no, no… Oscar!" It's louder this time. Hadn't they - what had Professor Beery said about- hadn't they studied a plant like this?! "Oscar!"

Oscar makes his way for the door handle before hearing a feint screaming from somewhere, his singing coming to a dead halt, as he looks about for the source drawing his wand to the ready. "Who's there?" He calls out with a rather calm voice not yet able to make out the exact words that are being said. "I swear… if this is another trick"

"Oscar?" Madeline repeats, calling loudly at the sound of a voice from nearby. Was it Oscar? Oh, please let it be Oscar. If it's Beery, he'll be awful cross with her! "Oscar, it's, ummm-" What is the name of the bloody plant? "Devil's Snare!" That's it! Now - what was it you were supposed to /do/ to stop Devil's Snare? - she'd better think of it fast, vines were wrapping around her middle.

Without thinking Oscar runs off towards the sound of Madeline's voice, quietly whispering the word "Shit" a speed in his step as he runs for the door to the offending greenhouse "Don't worry, I'm coming, just stay perfectly still" his voice calling out loudly with a sence of worry, and oddly enough authority as he makes to shove open the door to the greenhouse.

"Stand /still/?!" Madeline protests, still fighting against the plant - until it clicks in the back of her mind. Oh yeah. Stand still. Beery /had/ said that, hadn't he? "Oh no oh gosh oh no," the little first year mumbles. It feels so /wrong/ but- well. She /tries/ at least - but there's still the occasional involuntary jerk as the plant writhes and moves around her. And she's shaking. "Oscar, it's got me pretty good. What do I do?"

In one quick motion oscar slams open the door to the black covered greenhouse where the much more dangerous plants are kept in check by the much more skilled students, and with a single loud shout he motions his wand. "Lumos Maxima" The words ringing out at the top of his lungs, as a blindingly bright ball of light emanates from the tip of Oscars wand, causing the Devils snare to begin to writhe and let out an un-natural sound, as it recoils violently from Oscars wand.

As she's abruptly released, Madeline stumbles free, hurrying past Oscar and out of the greenhouse. "Sorry, I'm sorry, sorry, I thought you were in here and I- I'm sorry." Back in the /safe/ greenhouse, Madeline plops down to the floor, wrapping her arms around her legs, and breathing heavy, with tears threatening at the corners of her eyes.

Oscar lowers his wand back down to his side practically the instant that Madeline is out of the plants grasp, as to do the least ammount of damage to the plant itself, the light at the end of his wand going dark, vanishing in an instant. With a quiet motion Oscar shuts the door to the dangerous greenhouse, running his finger against the now broken panel with a low sigh, he quietly calls out "Repairo" the broken pain mending itself back together flawlessly. He then makes his way back over towards the greenhouse to which Madeline ran, not with a look of anger, but with a look of concern, as he leans against the frame of the door, saying in a calm voice "If it makes you feel any better I don't exactly plan on telling any of the teachers" He takes a moment to look over the girl with a glance making sure just at first sight she's not bleeding or anything before asking "Are you alright Madeline?"

Madeline looks up to give Oscar a grateful look - glad that the teachers won't hear about /this/ fiasco. "I'm fine," she answers him. "And I promise I won't go in there /again/ without… a teacher or something." She's still breathing heavily - but she doesn't appear hurt. "So. Okay. Devil's Snare. Light. …I remember that now. Got to pay attention in class, huh?" Well, this is one way to make sure a student won't forget a lesson!

"You're just lucky I was there to light up your life" Oscar says jokingly trying to lighten up the rather dark mood with a smile, and a friendly face, now secure in the knowledge the small first year isn't injured. He pushes himself off of the door frame, making his way over to Madeline with an extended hand offering to help her up.

"Yeah, I was," Madeline agrees, before accepting the help up. Once on her feet, though, she wraps Oscar in a grateful hug. "Thank you." She lingers there, for now - and who can blame her? After a fright like that, sometimes you just /need/ a hug.

Oscar moves a bit at first, just a bit surprised at the sudden hug, but he lets Madeline give him a hug without any sort of strugle just letting out a sigh, saying. "No problem Madeline" He patts her on the back returning the hug for just a moment trying to comfort the scared first year. Assuming she eventually lets go of the hug, he would do the same, asking rather calmly. "Was there anything you needed out here?"

"Oh, umm, right," Madeline mumbles quietly, reaching up wipe at her eyes quickly - and hoping Oscar doesn't really notice. "Well - it's silly really, I guess, it's only- you said your da' runs a florist shop, and you help him sometimes, so I thought maybe- it could be nice if I brought some flowers home for my mum on the train, and maybe you could help me put together a real nice bouquet for her. I've never really done a bouquet before, you see."

Oscar warmly smiles at her, before responding with a pleasant "Sure, I've actually got a few flowers from back home that would make for a lovely bouquet," He motions over to the small out of place patch in the greenhouse with plants that all seem to be rather strangly enough non magical in nature with a small line around them over which none of the other plants seem to cross. "We can make a project of it, when I'm not studying for exams."

Madeline follows Oscar's gesture towards the mundane plants, studying them for a moment, before looking back up at Oscar and nodding. "We can't use /any/ obviously magical plants. I mean - my parents know about magic now, but we're living with some German Jewish kids - and /they/ don't know."

Oscar takes a moment to think to himself, before moving over towards a small locked box which he unlocks with a small brass key. He pulls out a small number of gardening implements that he had stored away when he'd left for the bathroom. He asks rather politely "Well what's your mothers favorite color?" placing on a pair of gloves as he speaks to do some minor garden work.

"Ummm," Madeline answers, a frown on her features as she tries to figure out the answer to a very good question. "Yellow, maybe? She has a lot of… you know, sunshiney yellow things? And yellow's a nice flowery color. Daffodils and sunflowers and things. Though sunflowers are too big of course."

"Yellow" Oscar repeats quietly to himself, as he kneels down beside the small selection of plants at the foot of the rather nice shrubbery now covered in blue flowers which have recently come into a full bloom. "We could throw together some roses, and mums for your mum" He lets out a little bit of a chuckle looking back over towards Madeline with a genuine looking smile.

"Oh, she would love roses!" Madeline says brightly. "We have some growing around the cottage. She's very fond of them." She beams at Oscar, following him - though she does glance briefly towards the door that would lead her to the greenhouse she's most definitely not going back into. Yet.

"How would you feel about white roses, and yellow Chrysanthemums, with yellow lilies for that extra pop?" Oscar asks motioning his hands with the word pop to add emphases to the word, before he goes right to work cleaning up the base of the shrubbery, fully trying to distract Madeline from the horror of the earlier moment, moving the conversation fully to happier subjects.

Oh, she's recovered from the horror, now. That look she'd given the door - it was considering. Curious. Perhaps even /determined/ - but, well, in her moment of panic she /had/ promised not to go back in there… Damnit all.

"Oh, that's sounds like it'd be nice. I bet she'd love it!" Madeline says brightly, beaming at Oscar.

Oscar lets out a low sigh under his breath, shaking his head as if knowing her intentions, before speaking up in his cheery voice "Tell you what, I'll have it ready by the last day of school for you, and won't even charge you for it," He digs down into the base of one of the freshly planted weeds, grabbing it out by the top, before shoving it back onto the new trimming pile.

"Well - I'll help too. I mean, if you want. Maybe I'll learn something! Never hurts to learn something new." Not that she's /ever/ going to be a florist. "Plus - then I get to tell mum I made it," Madeline adds cheerfully. "With help, of course. Not like I'd take /aaaall/ the credit. That's not fair."

Oscar smirks slightly, as he begins to fill back in the dirt arround the spot where he had just pulled the magical weed from the base of his prized shrubbery. "That's what I like to hear" He says rather happily, making sure to add only just enough dirt, flattening it back down smooth, so it's hardly noticeable that the weed was ever there in the first place. "With luck I just might convince you to be a florist yet." He muses.

"Nope! I'm gonna tame dragons! Not many of those in a florist's shop!" Madeline answers brightly. "So, umm. What kind of shrub is that, anyways?" she asks, indicating the bush Oscar has been lavishing such attention on.

Oscar snips off a bit of overhang from the shrub, collecting it with care, though he stops for a moment to explain to Madeline "It's a highly magically modified Elliottia Racemosa, found only in very small ammounts in the state of georgia," He reaches out to the shrub, pulling off a small sluglike creature that he sits off to the side on the ground. "It's a pet project of mine," Oscar explains in a somewhat materoffact way.

"So it's, umm, from America?" Madeline asks curiously, moving closer. No wonder she didn't recognize it! She reaches out to gently touch the plant, feeling the texture of its leaves. "You know - I get a magazine sent to me from America. Every month. It's really good!"

"That's right, it's from across the pond." Oscar comments, watching as Madeline reaches out to touch the plant, keeping watch moreso on the plant itself, almost as if half expecting it to try and attack her. The plant, however doesn't seem to do much of anything barring the continuation of being a rather well trimmed shrub, so his worry seems unfounded. "What kind of magazine do you get from there?" Carlos asks dusting something off of the base of the shrub.

It's called 'Astounding Science Fiction!'" Madeline explains excitedly. "It has the greeeeeatest stories. Have you read any of them? About other worlds, and the distant future, and traveling between stars, and ray guns, and weird alien creatures and monsters and all sorts of exciting stuff!"

"What's a ray gun?" Oscar asks in a rather earnest manner, as he leans back from the plant before him, looking over towards Madeline a confused look acrossed his face as if she's completely lost him.

"Well - you know what guns are, right? It's like that - only they shoot out these rays of light that can hurt people. They're not really real - they're just in the stories, you see. It's science /fiction/," Madeline explains blithely.

"I bet if you wanted, you could try and make one of those with the right combination of spells." Oscar comments still looking over towards Madeline, moving his finger about as if to hammer the idea home, while sitting on his knees.

Madeline giggles at the idea. "Oh, that would be /fun/!" she responds. "I mean - even if it didn't really, really work like a ray gun - but just looked like one? That would be fun, too!"

"Well I don't know what one looks like but if nothing else you could try and make one out of wood" Oscar explains, taking a moment to pull out his wand saying quiet clearly "Diffindo" in an attempt to allow him to direct a bit more of his attention towards the conversation while allowing the spell to do a bit of the less complex trimming for him, on an oddly enough different plant then the shrubbery he seems to interested in. The spell not really cutting all that well into the plant but seeming to be well directed at the least with precision, so that Oscar need not stand fully back up. "It could help keep you busy during these last few weeks, when we're not working on growing that bouquet"

"Well, they tend to be kind of… bulby looking in the art in the magazine. I could show you - if you wanted to see," Madeline offers helpfully. "Lots of round and curvy lines." She mimes the shapes with her hands.

Oscar watches Madelines hand motions, and without thinking copies them slightly himself causing the top of the plant he's working on with magic to be cut down slightly in a bit of a wave type pattern, causing him to quietly curse under his breath, though he seems to quickly recover.

Madeline giggles as the plant gets inadvertently trimmed. "It's a good looking cut, Oscar!" she assures him. "You know - it'd be fun to do a shrub all fluffy and curvy like that on all sides. I think it'd look nice."

Oscar laughs rather quietly to himself at the comment, before agreeing with a rather happy sounding "Maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to make a rabbit, and have it hop right into the professors lap, see if that raises me up to an E for this year." He shakes his head, ending the spell, before speaking up to cast another his wand pointed towards the dry ground around the two plants. "Aguamenti" he calls out, a tiny dribble of water coming out from the end of his wand splattering across the ground, which causes him to simply fall silent, looking at his wand as if to ask 'Really?'

"Aguamenti?" Madeline asks in a curious tone, watching the little dribble of water. "I don't know that one yet." Then again - there's /lots/ of things she doesn't know yet. "It makes water? That must be useful. Imagine using that at my da's farm!" There's a pause - then Madeline lets out a sigh. "But I don't be able to use magic until /September/."

Oscar sighs quietly not really even angry at the series of events as much as he's amused by them. He shakes out his wand, pouring out the last of the water from it. "It's a spell I just learned this year," He points out removing one of his gloves so that he can reach into his pocket for a handkerchief. "I still don't quite have the hang of it yet," Oscar admits with a chuckle, drying off the tip of his wand with the bit of cloth the water dieing his handkerchief a dark shade of blue. "It'll be real usefull if I can ever master it though"

"Well. By the time I learn it - it'll only be another year until I'm allowed to use it at home, outside of school!" Madeline says brightly. "That'll be nice. I bet my da'll love that. I'll have to tell him about it!"

"Just remember" Oscar starts while placing his glove back onto his hand, coming to a stand in the same motion. "Can't get too used to using magic all the time" He makes his way over towards the metal watering can, grabbing it lightly with a single hand "It tends to backfire a lot of the time." He finishes off the sentence moving back over towards the little plot in the greenhouse for his plants, and begins watering them with care, sounding almost as if he's trying to act older, and more mature then he really is, as some sort of example.

"Not for the Professors!" Madeline points out brightly. "I mean - yeah. For us students, sure. And the more I use it and practice it, the better I'll get at it! Maybe I'll even learn wandless! Wouldn't that be neat?"

Oscar takes a moment to think about the prospect of anyone being able to cast without the use of the wand, allowing a low hmm to escape his lips, as he slowly starts to tip the watering can over allowing a low flow of water to escape from the nozzle on the end of the muggle device. "Now that really would be something" Oscar muses taking care to give each plant exactly the right amount of water it needs the can never emptying due to magical enchantment placed on it by the school. "I suppose you'll also master casting without speaking?" Oscar queries as he takes special care around a somewhat wilted looking plant.

"Yup!" Madeline declares brightly. "Though I don't know if I'll be able to do wandless /and/ wordless at the same time. But wouldn't /that/ be something? Magic! With just the wave of my hand!" She gestures broadly. "Or with just a /thought/!"

Oscar offers another kind smile, as he moves from one plant to the next, with a calm fluid motion of one to the next. "Someone's bound to do it eventually why not you?" He looks over towards Madeline for a moment while saying those words, before bringing his attention right back so he doesn't over water his plants.

Madeline can't help but giggle again. "Why not me!" she agrees brightly. "Hmm. Can the Ministry tell that you did magic if you did it without the wand? I /suppooooooose/ they can. And it's not like I can do much magic anyways, with Asher and Miriam and Saul around…"

"I'd assume so," Oscar muses for a moment, moving onto yet another flower. He simply nodds his head in agreement with Madelines words, using a big of extra water on several of the much more dry plants. "Don't tell anyone but I use magic on campus all the time" He winks speaking as if it's some sort of big deal, the smile on his face showing he obviously knows it's not as much of one.
Madeline can't help but giggle. "/Everyone/ does. I mean - me and Adam were doing these snowball fights…" Oscar doubtlessly knows Adam - he's a Hufflepuff first year. "They're a lot more fun with magic! Plus, you know, it's good practice. Wingardium Leviosa!" She gestures with her hand, miming lifting up a snowball - but with no want in hand, and no snow in sight…

"Some would say anything's more fun with magic" Oscar comments, turning back round in order to place the old looking watering can back on the table, before taking in a deep breath, holding his wand in one hand ready to try casting another spell. "Case in point" He motions his wand about fallowing instructions he'd been tought all the way back in his second year a whole two years ago now. "Herbivicus" He calls out in a loud demanding voice pointing his wand at a rather tiney looking lilly, a flash of light shining out from his wand causing the small lilly to suddenly burst into a fully grown lilly overed in buds and flowers, as if it had been allowed months to grow. "I still say we should try and avoid using it all the time," He smiles at the now fully grown lilly.

"WHOA!" Madeline exclaims, her eyes widening. "I haven't seen /that/ one before! That is so awesome! My da'll /love/ that one!" She giggles. "Will it work on produce? On vegetables? If we get to market with vegetables earlier than the other farms…!" First of the season always sells at a premium.

Oscar shrugs his shoulders before repeating the exact same motions on several more of the rather recently planted flowers in his patch of garden, forcing them to grow just as much as the Lilly had working with speed and precision now making it clear just how he can grow so much in such a short time. "You should be learning this sometime next year," He comments in between castings. "Just keep in mind not to use it off campus" He says with a smile casting the spell multiple times on the same flower until it grows rather tall, and majestic, combining the effects of the spell with his special fertilizer, and the watering from earlier to reach its full potential. "At least not until the ministry gives the word that is," He casts it again on a rather puny looking rose causing it to rise high into the sky budding off into a very nice flower.

Madeline watches with awed curiosity, though at his warning about the ministry, she lets out a dramatic sigh. "Yeeeeah, I kno- OH!" Suddenly she starts to giggle. "My UNCLE knows the spell! That's how come- When I said for my birthday I wanted asparagus, and I knew we couldn't, because it was too early, but then somehow they had asparagus anyways! It was uncle Perry!"

Oscar blows a bit of air over the tip of his wand, after growing the last of the muggle flowers, before he flips his wand back around placing it away as a cowboy would holster his six-shooter. "Well it's a second year spell, so that would probably explain it," He turns back around to face Madeline saying rather confidently "When that test comes up next year, if you need any help with it, I'm the man for the job" He offers a friendly smile, before moving to place his tools back away after a relaxing evening of saving lives gardening, and just being a general badass has left him feeling a sort of high only success can bring. "You could even wind up growing indoor coconut trees in the winter" he muses as he places several tools inside of the box with great care making sure they fit just right. "If you where so inclined."

Madeline can't help but giggle. "Coconut trees? In /Buckinghamshire/?" That would certainly be a sight! "Not until Asher and Miriam and Saul 've gone home!" she asserts. It would just be too suspicious, otherwise.

Oscar smiles once more, as he looks about doing a check to make sure none of the tools are missing from their predescribed locations. " and that you're of legal age to be practicing magic off campus," Oscar adds on for her, seeing as she had forgotten. Without thinking oscar moves to close the front of the box, necking his special mixture off the side of the table, dumping the majority of its contents onto the small potted Dirigible plum, which Madeline had brought into the greenhouse, causing the small plant to begin to rumble ominously.

"Well, yeah, but I guess things've been getting worse in Germany, not better, so it's going to be a while before they can go back to their family. That's what everyone keeps saying, at least," Madeline chatters - with more solemnity than her usual cheer allowed.

…and then here plant starts to rumble. "Uh-oh. Are dirigible plums /supposed/ to do that?"

Oscar looks down towards the dirigible plum, dumbfounded at a moment, before reaching down to pick up the pot, trying to dust off as much of the fertilizer as he can, saying in a somewhat panicked voice "N-no it's really not supposed to" The pot rumbling louder, as he scoops off fertilizer.

"Is it going to be okay?" Madeline asks a bit concerned. "I mean - if it's not… I guess that's okay. I already got my marks for taking care of it. I can always grow a new one for planting by my door…"

"You know that spell I was just using" Oscar asks while moving over for the door to the greenhouse with a quick step, as the pot continues to rumble louder, sprouts beginning to come off of the small plant, at an alarming rate.

"That makes it grow fast?" Madeline asks as she follows Oscar. "Is that what's going to happen? Or is there a spell to do the opposite?" She's more curious than alarmed. "Ooo! I think it's growing flowers! It hasn't flowered before!"

Oscar nods somewhat quickly as he pushes open the door, the small plant continuing to grow at a rather alarming rate, as the pot continues to rumble, and shake in his hands, with roots beginning to grow over the sides of the pot, the plant itself growing taller then before, just barely able to fit through the doorway to the greenhouse. "Well let's just say you're plants about to get a lot bigger."

Madeline continues to follow Oscar as he carries the growing shrub. "So. Not taking it home for the summer, am I?" she asks with a quiet laugh. "Well. If it grows fruit, you could sprout one of the seeds for me into a new plant?"

Dean arrives from Grassy Knolls.

Oscar stumbles slightly as he carries the plant to an open patch of grass off to the side from the greenhouses sitting it onto the ground as it rumbles even louder then before growing taller, and wider, with fruits beginning to grow up into the air on the bush itself. Oscar rubs his arms the ever increasing weight of the plant having proven to be quite the workout. He just looks over towards Madeline scratching the back of his head as he says apologetically "I'm sorry Madeline,"

"It's alright," Madeline answers Oscar, pulling out her wand, and concentrating on a spot on the grass right next to the growing bush. "Defodio!" she declares firmly, with a gesture of her wand - her expression brightening into a delighted smile as a hole is left in the ground large enough to receive the growing root bundle. "Oh, hey! It worked!" she says brightly. "I can't usually do that one!"

Having walking around the edge of the grassy knolls, Dean adjusts the straw boaters hat on his head to shade his eyes as he squints at the scene by the greenhouse. He hefts the satchel hanging from his shoulder and wanders nearer to the two and the…. bush? tree? Whatever it is.

Oscar catches a quick glimpse of his fellow puff holding the cardigan part of his uniform over his shoulder, his pants clearly showing an evening spent working hard in the greenhouse. He seems to be somewhat embarrassed by the state of the dirigible plums, though at a glance they look to be perfectly healthy, if not growing at a rather bizarre rate. Oscars undershirt is a plain grey, and seems to work just fine at keeping him warm for the moment. Once he recognizes the student he speaks up in a rather calm voice just to say "Hey Dean", seemingly recognizing his fellow student.

The bush before the two seems to be shaking somewhat as it rapidly moves closer to reaching its full grown size, with roots spilling out over the sides of its pot. The plums themselves however look to be ripe and ready for eating.

"Hello!" Madeline greets Dean brightly, before turning her attention to Oscar. "Well. Let's get it into the hole, at least," she says brightly. "I hope the Professors don't mind us planting it here - but I suppose we can ask Professor Beery later, and help him move it if it's a problem." She approaches her large bush, reaching in to grab hold of the now-substantial trunk. "Alright. On the count of three?" she asks, looking to Oscar for confirmation before she'll start to count.

Dean tips the brim of his hat with his thumb and forefinger towards his housemate as he approaches. "Alright then, Oscar?" He looks at the younger student and the bush next to her and raises a confused eyebrow before he tips the brim to her as well. "Hey… Evans, right?" He looks down into the hole. "What are you two up to? Need some help?

"Just accidentally dumped my whole bag of fertilizer that I made for the Herbology test on Madeline's Dirigible plum bush" Oscar admits pulling back out his want and motioning for Madeline to move out of the way so he can cast a spell "Trying to get it into the ground before it gets too big" He continues sounding not too proud of himself, yet still rather confident, and cheery. "You know Mobiliarbus right?" He asks dean, while readying himself to work through the motions of the spell, pointing his wand directly for the bush as it continues to do a bit more filling out looking rather ragged, and unkept, yet covered in plums.

"You! Madeline Evans!" the girl confirms brightly. "You can call me Maddie, if you want."

But then Oscar is asking her to move. "Oh," Madeline gets out of the way, curious to watch this new spell at work. "My hole's big enough, right? It looks pretty big." But the roots are pretty sizable. "I hope it's big enough," she mumbles quietly.

Gauging the distance between them and the actual greenhouse, Dean lets his satchel slide from his shoulder to land in the grass with a soft muted thump. "Yeah, I know it. I don't know if we're allowed to use magic out here, though." Regardless of this, he pulls his wand from his robe and stands on the opposite side of the bush-tree-plant-thing from Oscar.

"Don't worry Dean", Oscar states confidently "If they call us out on it, I'll take the fall," He tries to time his motions perfectly with Dean calling out "Mobiliarbus", while running his wand through the motions of casting the fairly simple spell to allow the tree to levitate, and with help forces the tree bush shrub plant to lift off of the ground out of its pot high into the air. "You've got nothing to worry about"

Madeline almost looks /put out/ at Dean's protest. It's a harmless little spell! It's not like they made the bush grow on purpose! They clearly need to get it into the ground! And then surprised by Oscar's offer to take the fall. Though - that doesn't quite sit right given that earlier… "No, no. I will. I mean, I can say I told you guys to do it, so…"

With a shrug, Dean holds out his wand. "No worries here, I was just commenting." He grins crookedly while swishing and flicking his wand in a practiced manner while muttering "Mobiliarbus." He tries to focus his spell on the lower part of the plant to balance it out, while following his wand in sync with Oscar's.

Oscar offers a warm smile towards the first year student, still focusing on moving the treebushthing. With a great deal of effort the two are able to move the plant safely into the pre-prepared hole, which fits the roots of the now full sized dirigible plum snugly. Oscar looks between Madeline dean, and the treebushthing, letting out a sigh of relief.

"Well. That was an unexpected turn," Madeline says brightly, as she gets in under the bush and starts filling the hole back up with the dirt. "And I'm looking forward to trying one of the plums! Do you think you could sprout the seed for me?" she asks Oscar cheerfully. "Though I suppose I could get my uncle to do it for me next week, after I get picked up from the train."

Dean slips his wand back into his robe and kneels down to help Madeline push the dirt forward. The bridge of his nose wrinkles a bit as he works. "Never cared for this kind of work, but glad to use a charm in a real situation!" He grins at the other two for only a moment before the wrinkles return.

"Hey, if you spent more time with me out in the greenhouse you'd get to use them a bit more often," Oscar speaks in a completely joking manner, more so trying to get his goat in a friendly manner then anything else, as he joins in on the dirt filling in party. "Working with plants is good for the mind," he adds on with a bit of a smile, more then happy to work with his hands, tucking his wand away between his belt and his pants.

"The mind?" Madeline asks. "Dunno about that. But it's sure relaxing. I mean, not my favorite thing, but it's hard to be mad when you're working with plants. Getting your hands into the dirt. You know?" She looks between the two older students, while pushing some more dirt into the hole.

Patting the dirt down perhaps a bit more than he should, or with slightly more force, Dean finally shrugs at his work and stands, dusting off his knees and palms. "I'm hopeless at it. You'd be wasting your time." He winks at Oscar and shrugs again at the tree…bush…? "So uhhh.. what is this thing?"

Oscar stands back up after smoothing out the last of the dirt, calmly explaining "It's a dirigible plum bush, with about a hundred doses of my special blend of quick grow fertilizer," Oscar scratches the back of his head for a moment, before placing back on his hufflepuff jacket "You can take one of the plums if you want, they're perfectly safe," Oscar finishes the sentence off before looking at a small fob-watch from his pocket.

With the hole filled, Madeline is on her feet, and happily picks one of her plums. "I wasn't expecting her to have much fruit for years yet!" She says brightly before taking a bite. Juice runs down her chin as she says with a mouthful of plum, "I'f goo'!"

Watching Madeline try the fruit, Dean looks a bit unconvinced. Still, he takes a decent looking plum, and tosses it from hand to hand, before smelling it. With a shrug he slips up the flap of his satchel and drops the fruit inside. "Maybe you should make a pie with all these plums, Oscar." he comments with a smirk as he smooths out the flap on the satchel and straightens back up.

Oscar lets out a low chuckle looking over the rather large tree saying quite plainly "Not my call Dean, it's the little ladies bush, so it's her call what gets done with the fruit." He offers a smile, oddly trying to act the very mature lead by example type despite only being a fourth going on fifth year student. "Though I've heard the fruit gives you the power to accept the extraordinary" He shakes his head, placing a single hand on the bark of the rather nicely grown tall bush, before continuing on with "Whatever that means."

"Oh, a pie sounds like a great idea!" Madeline says excitedly. "Maybe I can take the fruit home with me and me and my mum could make the pie together!" She jumps up and down and claps her hands excitedly. Literally. That's just the way things are, sometimes, with Madeline.

Dean laughs lightly at Madeline's excitement. "You get as excited about pie as I do." He grins at her and nods firmly at her idea to take the fruit home. "Sounds like fun. Just make sure you bring me some back at the start of next term!" He winks at her and turns to inspect the bush-tree, trying to act as if he knows one bush-tree from another.

Oscar nods his head, finally flipping open the frosty frantically ticking fob-watch, glancing down at its face with interest. He lets out a low hmm, watching it tick by before vocalizing "If you're offering you could always pack a slice with an owl to send the both of us" A smile shown from one ear to the other as he counts the seconds, the watch oddly enough ticking twice for a single second.

"Well - I don't have an owl. But I have a raven! But if I know him - he might stop somewhere, open the package, and /eat/ the pie," Madeline explains, giggling. "Mischief is just, well, a little.. well, he's Mischief."

Shaking his head at Madeline, Dean chuckles. "I think regardless of their name, most pets would sneak some of the pie." He glances at Oscar and his watch. "Classes are over, have an appointment somewhere?" He asks playfully, but still raises his eyebrows in interest at the watch.

"I bet he has a date with a giiiiirl," Maddie interjects.

Oscar flips closed his fob-watch, letting out a low chuckle before shaking his head, quietly muttering something along the lines of "No, nothing like that" the smile on his face fading slightly, as he leans his one arm against the tree, holding his free hand around the now closed locket. "Just an appointment."

Madeline leans over towards Dean to whisper loudly, "With a giiiiiirl," then she grins at Oscar to show she's just kidding.

"You know, these are really good." She tosses aside the first pit - and picks a second plum.

Dean squints one eye closed against the sun, then adjusts his hat down a bit more as he watches Oscar. At his claim of an appointment Dean twists his mouth as if not convinced and mumbles a "Uh huh…"

Oscar tosses the small fob-watch back into his pocket, raising his own eyebrows to look towards the two. "Don't make me levitate you both in the air, and smack your heads together" He says jokingly looking as if about ready to quickdraw his wand only to just smile and laugh.

"I think you'd have a hard time explaining how that was studying for a class," Madeline counters, sticking out her tongue playfully, before taking another bite of her plum.

"Befides," she adds with her mouthful. "I run fas'."

Dean rolls his eyes and chuckles. "I might not know one shrub from a tree, or how to plant the whosits and cross-polinate the whatsits, but I can weave a mean charm, you don't scare me." He grins at his housemate before sitting down in the shade of the tree-bush. He flicks away the discarded pit as he grins at Madeline as she makes her declaration. "Most firsties can."

"Horticulture not your strong suit?" Oscar asks while pushing himself off from the tree and placing his hands back inside the pockets of his uniform pants. "and come on we all know who would win in a fight between the three of us" He holds up his hands as if to point to himself speaking again to say

"They pack a mean punch," Madeline agrees with a giggle. "But if Mischief was here - my money'd be on him. You don't know how vicious that raven can be. Novak was tickling me, and I guess Mischief thought he was hurting me, and he /attacked/ poor Novak! Umm." She looks one way, and the other way, before mumbling, "but don't tell the Professors that."

Leaning back on his elbows and crossing his legs, Dean arches an eyebrow at the girl. "Was he hurt badly? Ravens have really sharp beaks don't they?" He shudders a bit inwards at the thought of being attacked by a raven. Those beedy eyes.

Oscar seems somewhat concerned that Madelines crow would attack people just like that, though he cools himself down, leaning his back against the tree while looking up towards the sky as if still waiting for something to happen in the early to mid evening air. He lets out a low sigh, saying something unintelligible under his breath or maybe just enjoying the cool breeze, and light drizzle the weather provides.

"Just… some scratches on his neck. I mean, it did bleed, but he was okay," Madeline answers, her cheeks coloring. "I'm working on teaching Mischief some better manners," she adds hastily. "But it's, you know… It's tricky."

Shaking himself out of his reverie, Dean smiles warmly at Madeline. "Don't sweat it. Ravens are supposed to be one of the smartest birds. I'm sure you'll get Mischief to learn some manners." He grins a bit playfully before he adds jokingly; "You'll have him serving tea and plum pie before long, no doubt."

"You might even find a way to teach him to use his own wand" Oscar muses, keeping his attention to the horizon, as he reaches into his pocket holding onto the oddity of a muggle time keeping device. He thinks to himself quietly before saying "Might even teach him to be a better caster then me or Dean here," He smiles over towards Dean with a bit of a grin.

"Yeah, well, he's already shown and affinity for wands," Madeline mutters. "He stole Adam's one day." She lets out a loud sigh. "He's /too/ smart - that's the problem!" she asserts.

Dean smirks at Oscar's words, but suddenly looks a bit somber at the mention of the raven's wand experience. "Yikes. That sounds worrisome. Remind me to keep my wand a bow hidden when he's around. I don't think my grandmum would be too happy with me if I needed a new one of either." He grins a bit at the thought of his grandmothers consternation, but lets it slide away at the thought of the preceding lecture he'd get.

Oscar looks over towards Madeline looking somewhat shocked for a moment, before finally just saying "Sorry for joking around then, looks like your raven might just wind up running for minister of magic." His voice sounding oddly genuine for such a silly topic, almost as if the idea has just creeped into his head and terrified Oscar to no end, showing him to most obviously still be a kid, as he tucks his wand back away under his shirt the same way a mobster would hide his gun for easy access.

"Well…" Madeline says quietly. "He's kept on a jess now - while I'm at school. Until I can get him trained up, better. I'm gonna try leaving him more freedom when I'm at home - I hate seeing him stuck in a cage, and on a jess, but Professor Kettleburn insisted."

Dean spits out a laugh at Oscar's Minister joke. He cuts the laugh off and frowns at Madeline at her words and tries to offer a warm smile. "We're almost out for break, so you can let him have some freedom then. Let's hope he learns some manners, though. Most of the owls in the owlery don't take sass from anyone." He chuckles and winks at Madeline jokingly.

Chastity arrives from Viaduct Courtyard.

Three students sit and stand by a recently planted Dirigible plum Treebushthing, Two hufflepuff students and one from Gryffendore. The three seem to be having something of a fun conversation near the Treebushthing. Conversations drifting from the topic of Ravens running for prime minister, to dates, and all manner of oddball topics. The Treebushthing they're sat around seems abnormally large for a Dirigible plum treebushthing with the all too massive plums floating lazily up on the treebushthing. The sun is starting to get somewhat low in the sky, and of the three the eldest still only a fourth year student seems to be mainly focused on the horizon watching for something off in the distance.'

"Yeah - I'm hoping I won't need to cage him next year. I'm teaching him a drop command, and a come command. I think those're the most important, and will stop most of his mischief. I mean - probably," Madeline offers helpfully. Chastity knows of Madeline's troublesome raven - before he was caged, he used to tap incessantly at the dorm room window, trying to get in. Or encourage his owner to go out.

Dean nods in agreement at the girl. "I agree, Maddie. Oh and maybe "Don't Kill" would be a good command." The tone and grin are both joking, but his eyes suggest he may be adding a touch of seriousness into the suggestion. He is sitting on the grass near THE tree-bush, leaning back on his elbows, a straw boater's hat is propped on his head, tilted at a funny angle to block out the setting sun's light.

Chastity comes gracefully gliding in, a small cat following along prissily after her. The young blonde witch lets her eyes search about and she spots Maddy, giving her a smile she looks around and says, "Good evening you three, pleasure to see you." She reaches down and scoops Crystal, the fluffy kitten, up and cradles her in the crook of her arm, "Do you mind if I join?"

Oscar offers Chastity a kind smile, before saying rather calmly "I don't have a problem with you joining us, so long as you don't have a problem with Dirigible Plums" He chuckles looking over towards the other two, with a cheery grin, before turning his attention back to the sky to scan for something.

"You should try one, Chastity! They're really good! This is my little dirigible plum sprout from our Herbology practical!" Now, how it got to be a full, adult size and covered with ripe plums - that's something else entirely.

Her attention turns to Dean as she adds, "Yeah, but… how do you train that?" she asks, letting out a sigh. "I suppose the 'come' might help - can't attack someone if he's flying over to me. But if he's already right next to me… hm. I could teach him a fly-off command?"

Gripping the brim of his hat with thumb and forefinger, Dean tips it towards Chastity. "Good evening." He motions to the grass by them as he speaks before turning back to Madeline. "This thing was for your exam? Beery was just happy that I didn't set anything on fire." He twists his mouth a bit in thought before adding. "Though I suppose that's a passing mark for nearly any exam, honestly."

Chastity looks to the bushtreething and says, "It looks wonderful Maddy." She daintily settles down onto the ground, arranging her robe and skirts. Settling Crystal in her lap she reaches up to grab one of the plumbs and says, "Oh I don't know if I should, they look like they're quite juicy!" Protest sounded she picks the fruit and takes a small nibble out of it. Looking to Dean and Oscar she smiles, "I'm Chastity Proudmore, pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Oscar" The fourth year student says rather plainly still looking for something, as he lets out a low sigh through his teeth, reaching back inside of his pocket for his muggle fob-watch, which can now be clearly seen as having rather intricate designs embossed across its surface. A loud double tick for each second can be heard as he flips it open looking down towards its surface once more to check the time, the face of the watch not holding on its surface the normal hours of the day, but instead symbols.

"Yup. He had us grow some seedlings - nothing dangerous, of course. Nothing like," to mention a plant completely at random, "Devil's Snare." Madeline looks towards Oscar, and giggles, then beams back at Dean. "I thought I did pretty good." Her attention turns to Chastity as she adds, "They're sooooo juicy and sweet. I'm going to pick them all and take them home to my mum so we can make a pie together!" After saying this, however, she realizes she said the taboo word: mum. A worried look starts to creep onto her features.

Dean frowns to himself a bit as Chastity introduces herself, but only replies in kind. "Dean Hawthorne. I've seen you about, good to meet you. Even if it is at end of term." He tries to offer a warm smile, but seems relieved when Madeline changes subject to a much better one: pie. He rubs at his stomach a bit. "Glad it's almost dinner." He looks between them all and watches Oscar with his time piece again. He nudges Madeline with an elbow and nods knowingly toward Oscar.

Chastity notices Dean's frown and cocks her head to one side, "Did I say something wrong?" The pureblood looks about and then to Maddy, "They are quite delicious, and they'd make a wonderful pie. And jam, for toast!" She gives a nod and looks to Oscar, "Pleasure to meet you Oscar." She gives him a pretty smile and then looks to the fob watch for a moment. The mention of the word mum doesn't seem to phase the youngest Proudmore but she does study her plum a little, "Yes a right tasty jam indeed."

"Yeah, jam, and all kinds of things" Oscar says somewhat mumbling his words, as he looks over the fob-watch the Ticktick ticktick droning on, as he looks between it and the horizon, practically counting the seconds for one reason or another, visibly distracted. At that moment however a small speck appears on the horizon, flying closer and closer, with a loud "Hoot hoot cheek" a tiny spec of an owl flying closer at a high speed, carrying something in its talons.

Madeline looks visibly relieved - just for a moment - as her little flub doesn't seem to upset Chastity. That's good. And, well, it makes sense. After all, it's been /months/ since- well. Everything happened. "Yeah, jam. They'd make pretty good jam, too. But I like pie more - a crumble. Crumble's just delicious."

Shaking his head, Dean tries to offer another smile to Chastity. He looks back to Oscar and his watch and opens his mouth to ask again about his "appointment" until he hears the familiar screech of an owl. He glances over to where the sound is coming from. "This your 'appointment', mate?"

Chastity ohs and gives a nod to Maddy, "That sounds lovely! I'll buy some from you that way the cook can make a crumble for me as well." She smiles at Maddy and looks up at the screech of the owl and lays a hand on the kitten, not wanting the owl to take off with her pet.

Oscar lets out a low hmm, holding out his arm for the absolutely tiny owl to land, the creature standing no taller then the palm of his hand at the most. "It shouldn't be" he says sounding somewhat worried, as he takes the roll of parchment from the creatures talons, tossing the owl a small round disc from his shirt pocket as payment. The small owl proceeds to walk right up Oscars arm, and sit on his shoulder, looking around at the other three, its main attention falling on the Chastity's cat. Oscar then flips closed the fob-watch tossing it back into his pocket, and pulling out his wand from beneath his shirt where it had been hidden that he can tap it to open the scroll.

"Buy? Oh, no. Just take however many you need, Chastity!" Madeline encourages the other first year, flashing her a smile. "It's not like it cost me anything - growing this bush."

Her attention then turns to Oscar, and she lets out a quiet squeal at the owl that lands on his hand. "Ohmygoodnessit'ssocute!" she enthuses. "Is it yours?"

Dean arches an eyebrow at the little owl. "I thought it was just far away at first, but it really ~is~ that small." He grins at Madeline's reaction and nods in mock sage-yness. "Ohhhh yes, Oscar. It is so /very/ cute." He leans forward a bit to get a closer look at the owl. "I do hope it didn't strain anything carrying such a large parcel." He leans back and bites his bottom lip with a dumb grin.

Chastity blinks at the tiny thing and says, "Oohhhh how sweet!" She continues to nibble at her plum and looks to her fellow Griffyndor and shakes her head, "Are you sure Maddy? I mean I can pay for them." Of course she can, her family is rich.

Oscar holds up his wand, lightly tapping the scroll, laughing rather heartily with a bit of a "Yeah yeah, not all of us can get lucky with our owls" He looks over towards Dean for a moment giving him THAT sort of look. "He's mine alright, mom sent him to me after my hand me down owl got too old to keep making the trip" Still chuckling quietly to himself. However as Oscar starts to read the small scroll of parchment his eyes sort of lock, on one particular sentence, all the color draining from his face, as the boy falls completely silent. He slowly slides down the tree unable to take his eyes off of the parchment roll or even say a word, as he eventually finds himself sitting on the grass.

"Well, I know you /can/," Madeline answers, smiling at her friend. "But you don't /have/ to. I mean - you could give me /something/ if you really wanted to, but you don't really need to do that, either." She shrugs her shoulders. "Like I said - it didn't cost me anything. And I didn't even expect this bush to be big enough to give fruit for years yet! What a surprise."

"Well, I think he's just darling and perfect as he is, Oscar! … Oscar?" Madeline's eyes fix on the older student, as she shuffles over to sit next to him. "Oscar? Something wrong?"

Dean holds up his hands as Oscar gives him THAT look. He laughs again as he speaks. "Okay! Jeez, just sayin'." His chuckle dies off slowly as he watches Oscar read the scroll. He frowns at the visible reaction to the message. "You alright, mate? Bad news?" As Madeline moves over to Oscar, he slides across the grass to sit closer to his housemate. "What is it?"

Oscar looks about ready to cry, as he quietly rolls back up the parchment, tucking it away inside of his shirt. He takes in a deep quick breath of air, forcing back the tears, not really wanting to say a word. He flatens his expression, letting out a low breath of air, before saying in a somewhat monotone voice. "Can you hand me one of those plums" looking more towards the ground then anyone around him.

Chastity turns to watch Oscar a moment, her hand still petting Crystal, "Oscar.. what is it?" She doesn't move over to the young man, she stays where she is, her big blue eyes watching the Hufflepuff boy.

"Well, yeah sure, Oscar. Of course." Madeline pops up, snatching a ripe plum from one of the branches, and hurriedly offering it to Oscar. "If you need help with anything… Well. You helped /me/ today…" That's putting it mildly, actually.

Dean frowns at Oscar's actions and tone. He furrows his brows together but remains silent. He keeps an eye on his housemate, looking away only for a moment as he watches Madeline pluck the plum. Dean folds his legs together before him, resting his hands together in his lap as he observes.

Oscar quietly takes hold of the dirigible plum without feeling much to say for once from the usually quite talkative and flirtatious student. He looks somewhat shaken, as he takes a small quiet bite from the plum sinking his teeth in deep, and pulling back out a rather large bite. "This would make a great pie" he says with a bit of a smile, his voice sounding somewhat shaky, and quiet as he tries to make himself sound his usual self. "Should make some for the other puffs" He doesn't really seem to answer any questions about what's really wrong instead redirecting the conversation off to other discussions, as the tiny owl moves about the boys shoulder, eying the cat with a look of confusion. "If there's enough left over."

Chastity sits quietly, gently petting her cat, she looks to Maddy and then back down to Crystal who is purring happily. She takes a deep breath and says, "Thank you for the plum Maddie.. I should be heading back, it's starting to get dark. She rises gracefully and walks over to Oscar placing a delicate hand on the student's shoulder, "It was lovely meeting you all." She says softly giving a squeeze before starting back for the castle, the white fluffy kitten looking a bit pissed cause it has to walk.

Madeline watches Chastity get up, nodding to the other student. The truth is - /she/ should be going too, but leaving Oscar right now… well. It just doesn't seem right. So instead, she siddles up against him, resting her head on his shoulder. "Your fertilizer sure makes good plums," she says brightly, trying to lift the mood - though she still wishes she knew what was wrong.

He probably wouldn't appreciate it if she grabbed the note. She wishes Mischief were here - he'd probably make off with the note for her.

Not satisfied with Oscar's answers to their questions, Dean frowns at him for a long moment before finally relenting. He tips his hat again to Chastity as she stands. "See you at dinner." Dean turns back to Oscar and tries to offer a reassuring smile. "I don't think the rest of the house will be too grateful if you're the one doing the baking." He says this playfully, trying to help in raising the mood of the conversation.

Oscar lets out a somewhat forced laugh at Deans comment, already giving a slight smile from Madeline's comment. "Let's discuss it over dinner, it's getting late" Oscars voice still sounds somewhat shaky though now closer to normal, as he brings himself to a slow stand, the owl on his shoulder quietly nibbling on the corner of Oscars ear. "I'm not feeling hungry but it'll be good to eat" He attempts to offer a genuine smile failing somewhat in his intent, as he seals back shut the pocket he had tossed the note into.

"I'm hungry enough for aaaaaaall of us," Madeline offers brightly. She climbs to her feet, then links arms tightly with Oscar. She'd stick close to him - occasionally shooting vaguely worried looks up at him - as they move inside.

Grabbing his satchel as he stands, Dean throws the straps over one shoulder as he dusts off his robes. He offers a hand for Oscar to help him up as he arches a surprised eyebrow at the girl at his side. "Really Maddie. You ate half the plums on the tree. Bush. Whatever it is." He grins at her as he finishes.

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