(1939-06-28) Hogwarts End-of-Term Feast, 1938-39
Details for Hogwarts End-of-Term Feast, 1938-39
Summary: The End-of-Term Feast and Graduation Ceremony of 1939
Date: June 28th, 1939
Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall

Filing in with a group of students freshly back from Hogsmeade, Dean glances around the Great Hall with a sucker stick hanging from the corner of his mouth, and a boater's hat propped slightly crooked on his head. At a ~look~ from one of the Professors, he quickly pulls off the hat and stuffs it in his robes before making his way towards the Hufflepuff table.

Josie makes her way in with some of the other Gryffindors, lagging a little behind as she looks quickly around the Hall for those she knows from other houses. That only lasts a moment before she hurries to join her Housemates at their table.

Madeline looks up as Josie sits near her, beaming at her housemate brightly. "Hello!" She swings her feet idly, a copy of that science fiction magazine she's often spotted reading tucked in beside her. "Gosh, it's hard to believe the whole school year's gone, isn't it?"

Dean takes a seat on the bench next to a group of boys he knows from his class. He passes around greetings before looking up and down the table, searching for anyone else he may know. He spots a fellow Pirate enter the Hall and tries to wave at her with a smile.

Briar looks to be extremely sentimental right now. As the students of her table gets settled she 'patrols' around. Each and every Hufflepuff is given at least a hand shake upwards of a side hug from the Prefect. In each little act of saying farewell she does her annual 'slip of the treats'. Just a little yellow and black pouch that has inside of it, 'speech tidings' which are little shortbread cookies in the form of small badgers. Perfect to slip into the mouth and let them melt there while waiting for the feast to pop up after speeches.

Lucian stands in a corner of the room, hands clasped behind his back in sentinel fashion. His eyes train primarily on his housemates in Slytherin. More than a few narrowed eyes and scoffing sniggers are aimed his way, with whispers of "blood traitor" and "couldn't cut it in the Magijugend." But the blond prefect maintains his calm, focused on performing his duty.

Josie smiles back to Madeline, "I know! Last year seemed to take forever, but this year's just gone by so quick." Glancing up, she spots Dean's wave, and whether his wave was aimed at her or Madeline she returns it anyway with a cheerful smile. Then another wave towards Lucian as she spots him.

For probably the first time in months, Morgana looks rested. Her uniform isn't wrinkled like she slept in it the night before, and her hair has been freshly trimmed, so no more long bangs bothering her eyes. She's also patrolling around the room a bit, mostly stopping and chatting with a few Ravenclaws. She looks ansty, like she's ready to burst out of this building the fist chance she gets, but rules are rules.

Colton is given one last smack up the back side of the head to tide him over the summer from Pringle as he was walking in hand in hand with Solstice. "I'll miss you too sir." After rubbing the stinging bit of scalp he gives Josie's robes a little tug that offer and ask for her to sit with him and Solstice. Maddie is also given a smile and a tilt of the head, she's free to pile in over with them too!

Madeline likewise waves cheerfully at Dean, before returning her attention to Josie. "I can't beliiiieve we have to wait three whole months before we can do any magic. That's going to be so haaaaard." She lets out a sigh. "I mean, now that I know about it and everything!"

Lucian catches the wave from Josie, and a smile forms on his stoic face. It brings more accusatory looks, but let them be damned. Gryffindor or not, Josie is practically Lucian's sister. Of course, that all lasts until Morgana crosses his line of sight, and his eyes trail after her, losing his focus for a moment.

Dean gives a second wave for either Madeline or Josie and grins crookedly. He taps his fingers on the table impatiently as he waits for the feast to begin. One of his roommates playfully tries to grab at his sucker stick and Dean laughs and bats his arm away as he talks with a mouthful of the candy. "I 'old you ta 'git yer own!"

Josie looks up to Colton and grins, and looks back to Madeline, "C'mon, let's sit with them." Then she nods quickly as she stands to start moving towards Colton and Solstice, and says, "I know. Especially chores, you think, that would be so much easier with magic. But, it's worth it, following the rules. Wouldn't wanna get kicked out of Hogwarts."

"Well - plus I have Asher, Miriam and Saul to worry about!" Madeline comments as she follows Josie - talking about the three jewish children that Madeline's parents took in. "If they saw me doing chores with magic…" She shakes her head. She'd hate to think about how much trouble /that/ would cause!

The Knights of Walpurgis are some of the main culprits of the looks of derision and disappointment towards Lucian - and every other Mud Blood and Mud Blood Lover in the room. Bowen Nott mutters and hisses to the rest of the Knights that surround him, "This place would be so much better without them. The distraction alone of all their whining gone would make for a better educational enviroment."

Another Knight nods his head but then Tom Riddle proposes, "Perhaps, but what should be done with them? Can't just have a bunch of ignorant muggles who develop powers running around having uncontrolled bouts of magic."

This is when and where a Non-Knight leans into the conversation, Soleil Parkinson adds her two knuts to the Slytherin conversation. "If Unity has their way, there will be no more statute, so no more worry about muggle-borns ruining everything for the rest of us when they start to first show their magics."

Abraxas Malfoy, Knight of Walpurgis, snears about the whole talk, "You are ruining my appetite with all of this talk of Mud Bloods. Did you hear about this Hitler? He's putting all the lesser Muggles into these camps where they work. That might not be such a bad idea…" The conversation of the Knights continues quietly amongst themselves.

Morgana finishes her rounds, pausing by the tall, stoic and statue like Proudmore, folding her hands behind her back as she stands next to him. "You know, you could be a little less excited to be out of here, I think the younger children are getting a little jealous of you." She teases, reaching up to adjust her robe one more time before things get started.

Dean watches the animated conversation from the Slytherin's across the room, and is suddenly glad the Hufflepuff table is on the opposite side of the Hall. He spins the stick in his mouth idly as he looks from the greenies to the other students at other tables, looking for his friends and classmates. He waves to a few, and sticks a teasing tongue out at a few others, who return the favor.

From behind Dean comes the most dreaded scottish brogue the school has ever known. "Mister Hawthorn, if yee desire to have that stick lodged in the back of your throat for the rest of the feast, by all means, continue to disrespect the school and keep sucking on it." Pringle gives a little brush of his fingers over the back side of his hand as if cleaning it for the immenant smacking Dean might receive.

Briar momentarily joins the group of clustering prefects, Morgana and Lucian are both given hugs and hand shakes and as well, they get slipped some End of Term Treats. "It was an honor and pleasure working with you this year."

Dean pales a bit at that familiar voice behind him. He turns slowly and looks up at Caretaker and immediately spits out "Tho thorry thir…" He closes his eyes as he realizes what he's doing, and quickly pulls the brown colored sucker from his mouth. He wraps it up in a handkerchief and stuffs it into a pocket as he repeats much more clearly. "So sorry, sir."

Lucian smirks to Morgana, even showing a hint of a genuine smile. "I'm just want to leave here saying I stuck to it until the end. But tomorrow can't come soon enough." At Briar's approach, he offers a wary smile, and is caught a bit off guard by the hug. But he returns it, chuckles awkwardly. "As opposed to last year? Yeah, I guess it was a good year for us." Emphasis on the "us".

Josie grins and nods to Madeline and says, as she sits down by Colton, "Yeah, you might end up in jail if they see magic." Then she says, "I'm gonna be going back to London this summer, to live with my dad. Haven't been to London except to visit or shop in two whole years."

Morgana returns to hugs and nods her head toward Briar. "Thanks for your help this year, it was invaluable." She does smile, and while the hug was unexpected, she's been getting a lot of them this year. Turning back to Lucian she raises her brow. "Are you riding the train back, or are you just going to walk home?"
"I'll ride the train to London and back," Lucian confirms. "Like I said, I want to do my job right until the end. Though…I'll be looking forward to stepping off the train again in Hogsmeade. The end of the end. I'm so ready to move on."

"I'm sure I'll visit London - not sure when, though. I mean - my uncle found me some wizardy things to go visit last summer, and during winter and spring breaks, so he'll probably find me something this summer too - and it might be in London. Who knows!" Madeline blathers cheerfully as she settles into place. She spots Adam at the Hufflepuff table then, and starts mouthing something to him, while miming things with her hands, her expression animated. She seems to fully expect him to understand every single motion - though whether or not he does is anyone's guess.

Colton and Solstice hold hands under the table, take that Pringle! But his other hand reaches out to give the top of Josie and Maddie's heads a very little affectionate ruffle. "The Ministry also knows if you cast magic. My trick that helpd me over the summer is that I put my wand at Gringotts. So when we went shoppin' for supplies at the end, I'd pick it up." He gives a shrugs. "Helped me keep on the narrow." Cause he needs all the help he can get!

Briar nods with a smile to Lucian, "Yes, I'm very proud of what we've done this year." It's not the subtlest of subtexted compliments towards Lucian, but it is what it is. "Should get back before Pringle chokes out Dean." She winces and then gives Dean an 'are you bonkers!?' expression as she tries to diffuse the situation by assure Pringle, "I have this sir." She extends her hand to take the hanky wrapped lolli from the boy so that Pringle can watch and see the exchange and not have a leg to stand on in further threats. But once Pringle's back is turned a treat pouch is passed to Dean, "Be /careful/."

Josie is sitting with Madeline, Colton, and Solstice at one end of the Gryffindor table. She looks up to Colton and asks, "But what if you get attacked or someone's life's in danger? I'm gonna keep my wand with me, for sure. Hidden, but with me."

Madeline nods in agreement with Josie. "Yeah! I mean - what if there's an accident on the farm? I'm allowed to use my magic if someone's in danger!" An uncertain look crosses her face. "I mean - I can, can't I? If my dad has an accident and needs help - I can use it even if there are Muggles, can't I?"

Looking even more crestfallen at Briar's look than he did when Pringle himself loomed over him, Dean eventually gives the Prefect a thankful and apologetic smile. "Sorry, Briar. Guess I got caught up in the end of school fever." He grins crookedly at the pouch and makes it vanish into his robe, eyeing Pringle's back. "I'm going to miss you! What will we do without you to knock us around more gently than him?"

Cillian is late, yes…he's late but he had to pack and the amount of junk (aka, treats and treasures) he has…well, he had alot of work to do. But he's here. He shows up at the door, bending over to rest his hands on his knees before straightening back up as he makes his way to his table, waving and blowing kisses to certain people as usual and he's wearing one of his canvas satchels as usual as he slides into his seat and chuckles lowly to himself. "Oi! Did ye get the party started without me?"

Morgana nods her head to Lucian. "Well I think that's admirable. I'd just floo or apperate home, but my grandparents really want to pickk me up from the train station one more time. It's all… sentmental." Looking around the room, she'll lean forward and murmur something quietly to the Slytherin Prefect.

Lucian lifts his brow at Morgana, lowering his own voice to continue their quiet conversation.

Briar gives Dean's earlobe a very gentle and affectionate little tug, she even looks like she might get misty eyed. The Mud Club well knows her worries about what will happen to them all next year. "Oh I don't know, /try/ to do your best to stay out of trouble, and try to help others do the same? Who knows, maybe try for Prefect."

Colton gives a little shrug and nod of his head, "Good points Jo-zers. I was lucky I suppose, things weren't so…/crazy/ when I was a lad." A whole year ago, when he turned 16.

Dean grins stupidly at the tug, but at the mention of trying for Prefect, he sits up a little straighter and arches one eyebrow in thought. He straightens out his robe and holds it like a gentleman. "There's an idea!" He grin fades a bit as he glances at Pringle's back again. He shrugs a bit and finally winks at Briar. "Guess we'll see. You'll come visit, eh?"

Josie nods quickly to Madeline and says, "Only if lives are in danger, though. So, only biggest emergencies." She nods quickly again to Colton. Then she grins, as Cillian shows up, "Hello! Nope, you didn't miss anything, still waiting to eat."

"Hey Cap'n!" Madeline greets Cillian, before giving Josie a relieved look. Good. "I'm /definitely/ keeping my wand on me. And - well - if Asher and Miriam and Saul see it - I can just tell them it's all for make-believe, right?" She beams brightly. "We can 'play' at wizards and witches all summer. It'd be pretty funny!"

Morgana simply smirks at the taller boy and shrugs her shoulders, letting that quiet conversation continue. She does however wave to a few of her house mates as they slip into their spots at Ravenclaw table.

Cillian snorts softly and shakes his head as he reaches into his goodie bag, rummaging around a bit before chuckling. "Ye both…" He nods towards Madeline and Josie. "Must be sure to be comin' to me birthday. Me da' has promised us a ship for like…three days or so. He'll send out invites this summer." Then he tilts his head back a bit and looks towards the ceiling, narrowing his eyes.

As the last few students filter in, Mr. Pringle shuts the doors with a menacing sound that only he seems to be able to coax from them — like prison gates closing. The students are all gathered, anyone coming late will surely spend one final evening in Pringle's office.

With the doors shut, Headmaster Flint rises from his seat at the high table and steps to the podium.

"Oh, I'd love to! I'm sure I can work out something with my parents - maybe my uncle can bring me over, or I can get somewhere with a floo," Madeline agrees eagerly. "I've never been out on a boat!" But as the doors slam shut, she looks first to Pringle, and then over to Flint.

Morgana cuts her conversation short and nods her head toward Lucian and heads back to the Ravenclaw table, sitting toward the end of it, near the front. She waits quietly, wondering just what Flint is going to have in store for them now.

Briar beams down at Dean, "I'll be working the Gift Shop at Mungo's all summer, maybe longer, it all depends on how much 'Real Life Experience' the damn Goblins determine I have before they'll let me start my own Florist Shop, but who knows, maybe I'll just work at the Gift Shop and enjoy not having the Boss and Owner responsobilities. So you know where to find me. Though only if you promise me you'll not try for Mungo's by getting hurt." With the doors closing she takes the hint and sits down with a very deep breath. This is a lot more emotional for Briar, much more than she expected.

Lucian escorts the last few chattering Slytherins to their table, then moving to take his own place at the end of it. When a few younger Slytherins pretend not to notice him, he simply shoves his way in, perhaps "accidentally" elbowing one in the ribs.

"AHEM!" Headmaster's Flint's voice booms through the Great Hall, enhanced by a powerful Amplification Charm to drown out all other voices. "Your attention." He waits only a few moments for silence to fall, giving Mr. Pringle a sharp gaze to silently direct him to take action against anyone that does not comply. Though Mr. Pringle seems not to notice.

Flint continues nonetheless. "This year has been a tumultuous one. The behaviour of the student body has been questionable at best. Brazen defiance against school faculty, an illegal duel, even a gross violation of the most important of rules, leading to the deaths of two students. Disgraceful.

"It is for this reason that I have been in contact with the Board of Governors to discuss reforms for next year that will address these various issues. Among these will be some form of alternative education program for students with disciplinary problems and special educational needs. Clearly, the mixing of, even within a single house, is no longer a sustainable model for Hogwarts."

Flint scans the room with a narrow gaze, and just when it looks as if he is about to go on, he simply steps away from the podium, returning to his seat at the high table.

Josie nods quickly and says to Cillian, "'Course we'll be there! Well, I will anywasy. I…" She jumps as the doors slam shut and quickly quiets to look up to the Headmaster.

Dean grins at Briar and turns back to the table as she sits. When Flint calls for attention, he lowers his voice to whisper; "Promise!" and winks at her before turning to face the staff table.

Morgana looks over to Pringle, raising her brow just a touch, but she doesn't seem to react more than that. Flint's words however cause her lips to press together in a hard firm line, and she looks like she might says something next to her, but she decides that perhaps that is a horrible idea.

Dean frowns at Flint's words, and looks from the staff table, down to some of his classmates at his own table. As his eyes travel the room, they settle on Pringle a moment and his eyebrow knit down into concern. He opens his mouth as if to say something to Briar, but thinks better of it after his most recent lecturing.

Cillian is very quiet as he tilts his head back a bit, staring at the headmaster as he speaks, unblinking with that one eye and he just tilts his head to the side.

Briar mutters actual tears in her eyes now, "By that I somehow think he means by 'mixing' has more to do with Purity than educationl challenge. I knew it. He is really going to try to segregate us, if not completely expel us." To the Mud Clubbers within her reach and gaze she gives them support and it's clear that her gears are turning on how to stop this over the summer.

Josie is clueless, it seems. It doesn't even occur to her that Flint might mean more than he's directly saying. (Which is unusual, she's usually good at picking up on subtleties.) Still, what he's directly saying isn't exactly pleasant either, and she frowns a little, glancing to various friends along the Gryffindor table who she knows get in trouble frequently.

Colton has got it, every thing said and not said by Flint has the Gryffindor with his head thunking down onto the table and some Shelta curses muttred before he translates the whole thing into two words the Brits around him can understand, "I'm buggered."

Lucian's face tightens into a scowl, then drops into guilt-ridden sorrow. His eyes shift toward the other house tables, particularly seeking out Josie and Briar.

One of the two reluctant arrivals who managed to make it in just before the doors closed, Elspeth is sitting at the end of her table with Evelyn. At Flint's words she manages to maintain a straight face, but she turns to Evelyn and flicks her fingers quickle. -We should have drunk the pumpkin juice.-

Dean looks over to Briar, his frown deepening a bit more. He whispers as quietly as he can towards her. "Wh-what? Can he do that?" Dean's shoulders sink a bit as he looks from the older girl back to Flint with a furrowed brow.

Listening to the words of their…'esteemed' headmaster, Evelyn shakes her head. Looking to Elspeth, she nods in agreement. -Agreed. I was serious about that. But we're here now, for better or for worse.- She takes a sip out of the goblet in front of her, which presently just has water in it. She lets her gaze cover the entire room, looking at the familiar faces and their reactions to the Headmaster's speech.

Briar whispers to Dean with pure American Rightousness, "He's Headmaster, with a bunch of like minded assholes on the Board. He sure as hell sounds like he's going to try, but I hope this will be the last straw for people and they will finally do something about him and his peons on the board." Usually she's more careful about her sailor mouth in front of underclassmen, but as usual, she loses the filter in her outrage. Said outrage is kept to a dull roar though and she at least outwardly keeps some composure.

Many murmurs erupt in the hall after Flint's announcement, and numerous worried glances are exchanged.

Deputy Headmaster Albus Dumbledore rises as Flint takes his seat. His eyes flicker back to the Headmaster as he approaches the podium, a haunted look lingering on his face. He lifts his hands in a calming gesture as he addresses the students. "At this time, nothing has been made policy. I am quite sure that Headmaster Flint and the Governors will not rush into any decisions lightly. In the meantime, I have no doubt that your parents will want to weigh in on this decision over the summer."

Flint's stony face tightens just a bit, and his sharp gaze fixes on Dumbledore.

Dumbledore continues, "But for now, let us all rise and give our final farewells to the student graduates of 1939. Cedric Avery, Beverly Cornfoot, Briar Crocker, Douglas Macmillan, Medusa Malfoy, Dastan Meliflua, Lucian Proudmore, Conall Quinn, Morgana Rashley, Ulysses Selwyn, Kaiden Sykes, Ria Sykes, Xander Tully. If those I just named would please come forward and be recognized for this outstanding achievement." He holds in his hand a fancy scroll with gold end caps that have the Hogwarts emblem emblazoned on them. As the students file up in alphabeticl order he offers them their writ of achievement and with a wave of his wand the House Crest on each of their robes restitches itself to be the Hogwarts Emblem. "May you all make Hogwarts proud of your further achievements in the years to come. A round of applause for our newest members of the Alumni."

As Dumbledore speaks of parents weighing in, Elspeth does crack a little bit of a smirk towards Evelyn. It's a wry expression of mixed emotions as she considers what some of those parents might say, and how much weight the words of two muggles, one of them foreign, would carry in such a debate. However, the presentation of scrolls to the graduating seventh years brings her up a little, and she cheers genuinely for them.

Dean shakes his head in disgust. "What a bunch of jerks. Karma is a—" He cuts off as Dumbledore takes the podium and Dean nods to the Deputy Headmaster. "I bet Professor Dumbledore doesn't let it stand" And at the Professors words, Dean nods curtly as if the two had an understanding. As Briar's name is called, he tries to change his face from negative emotions to a warm and comforting smile. He nudges her as he whispers, "Go! It's your time to shine!"

Josie looks back to Colton and says, "This is stupid. Someone'll figure out how to stop this." Then she looks back up, and relaxes a little at Dumbledore's reassurance that it isn't policy yet. Then there's the call for the graduates and she starts clapping. Loudly when Briar and Lucian are called up.

As Mr. Pringle wanders the aisles, his eyes fall once again upon Dean. He stares for longer than is comfortable, then simply takes out a quill, and writes something down in a small pocketbook.

Offering a little understanding smile to Elspeth, Evelyn shrugs. If only her parents were around. Though, she supposes she could always ask her aunt and uncle to speak, but she isn't sure how much that would help. As she listens to Dumbledore, she smiles, clapping for those graduating. Glancing at Elspeth, she signs, -Just imagine when it's our time to graduate…just two more years!-

The little Pirate captain just arches the eyebrow over his eyepatch, expression determined for a moment before he just smiles slowly to himself. As if he's accepting a challenge. But for now he just claps enthusiastically for those graduating.

Lucian rises when his name is called, and balks when his eyes meet Ria's. He waits for her to head up before him, then trails at the back of the Slytherin line. He seeks Morgana's eyes as he approaches the podium, and actually smiles to Dumbledore as he receives his writ and shakes the professor's hand..

Morgana gets out of her seat when her name is called, going up in front of the room and standing next to the Head Boy as their writs are handed out. She does smile back toward Lucian and some of her fellow year mates as they join her up there. Though there is a slight frown as the Ravenclaw crest goes away, replaced by the Hogwarts Crest. Either way, she thanks Dumbledore as he passes her by, before looking out over the sea of students that are going to be left behind.

Briar blinks and takes another deep breath, she too seems to try to bolster her own mood. She is not going to let Flint ruin this for her! A little side hug is offered to Conall, Kaiden and Xander as they all rise from the Hufflepuff table and head for the line-up. It's with a big warm smile that she waves gratefully to those that are clapping for them.

Dean applauds for the graduates as they make their way through the procession. He glances again at Pringle as he nears, frowning and knitting his eyebrows down at the lingering glare, but quickly looks back to the graduating students.

Josie continues clapping until she glances towards the Slytherin table, when she shouts loudly back towards the graduates, "Watch out!"

Glancing again towards Pringle as he continues down between the tables, Dean stops his gaze at the Slytherin table and he stands just as Josie shouts. He points at Antonin Dolohov and shouts out; "Oy! Look out!"

An actual audible gasp can be heard from Evelyn by all those sitting around her at the Ravenclaw table. She quickly draws her wand as she sees Antonin Dolohov at the Slytherin table about to chuck what appears to be a large container, possibly a bladder, filled with…something at the graduates. As she lifts up her wand, she notices Elspeth raising hers as well at the same time. Evelyn swishes and flicks her wand and says, quietly, "Wingardium Leviosa!" Causing the item to be yanked from Antonin's hands and lifts above his head.

Almost in tandem with her friend, as if they're almost of the same mind, Elspeth's wand raises and swishes in the air. Just as Dolohov looks up in startled surprise, his mudball poofs and rains down a sparkly array of confetti, pinks, purples and magentas with sickly greenish yellow scattered in… drifting down into his open mouth causing him to sputter. Anton, the would-be mud splatterer now looks as if a sparkly unicorn puked on him.

Morgana was watching as that boy got ready to lob that bladder full of mud at her year mate, and while she did reach for her wand, there were several other Ravenclaws who took care of that for her. Smirking, she look's toward Dumbledore and gently folds her hands behind her back. "Five Points from Slytherin, for inappropriate behavoir. Consider that my last act as Head Girl."

Briar was just whispering some sentimental stuff to those around here when WHOAH! "Uh, Lucian?!" She looks at him with a tilted head but her hands instinctively come up to cling to the front of his robes and duck into his protective stretched out stance. But when she realizes she's doing it, the Independent Stubborn Streak in her widens and she stands up straight with it, wand in her hand she looks over Lucian's shoulder. A burst of laughter at the sight of her attacker. "I think the coast is clear Lucelot," She teases but lowers her voice to a genuine, "Thank you." to him.

The event is over with, Dolohov looking like the sad result of a Peeves rampage, before the faculty can even react. Pringle, of course, is storming toward Antonin. Dumbledore bring his wand down on the podium with a resounding thud that sends a visible, and LOUD, wave of sound through the room. Harmless, but attention-grabbing. "E-NOUGH!" he bellows, his face displaying none of the anger evident in his voice. "Make that fifty points from Slytherin, for disrespecting the sanctity of Hogwarts tradition."

A bit quieter, the amused voice of Professor Mopsus can be heard intoning, "Fifty points to Ravenclaw, for protecting said sanctity."

Lucian gives Briar a solemn nod, lowering his arms, and quite grateful that he is not covered in mud.

Flint frowns down at Antonin, then nods to Pringle. "You know what to do with him, Mr. Pringle."

The caretaker nods to the headmaster, grinning like a hungry ghoul. "Aye, sir. I know exatly what to do with him." With a handful of Antonin's robes, he drags the young man out of the Great Hall, leaving a sparkling trail behind him.

Having expected to be docked points for using magic outside of classes, Elspeth was steeling herself for the blow, even it would have been worth it. When first Morgana, then Dumbledore come down against Dolohov and Slytherin, her mouth drops open. Then, Mopsus adds his fifty points to Ravenclaw for their deeds, and, for perhaps that first time that year, she smiles broadly, without reserve. Just under table level, she offers her hand to Evelyn for a low five finger wiggle tap.

Dean lowers his hand as the two Ravenclaws go to work. He grins and plants his fists on his hips, laughing heartily with the rest of the Hufflepuffs at Antonin's new festive look. At Dumbledore's forceful shout, Dean quickly sits back down on the bench as if someone had physically knocked his knees out from under him. He continues to laugh with the others though until Pringle takes the boy away. His laugh trails off and he frowns. Regardless of the Slytherin being a git, he wouldn't wish being dragged off by Pringle on anyone.

Watching in amazement, Evelyn grins widely as object gets turned into confetti. Not what she was expecting at all, but suddenly she's happy she got dragged down to the Feast. Not only that, but she and Elspeth aren't getting in trouble for using the magic outside of class and common room? And Ravenclaw has been given points from Mopsus? Well, it definitely is turning out to be a good Feast! She grins happily at Elspeth and, under the table, 'low fives' her friend. They done good!

Josie relaxes back into her seat, giggling at the colourful display as well. She quiets quickly, though still grins, as Dumbledore calls for quiet and points are taken and handed out.

The Knights of Walpurgis must not have an 'all for one, one for all' motto, not in the face of Unicorn Puke Confetti. There is suddenly a very wide berth around the boy giving Pringle ample room to strong arm the firstie. When the doors close behind them in that special grim way, something more morose follows, the wailing begs of a First Year.

"Or fifty points." Morgana says with a smirk, looking toward Dumbledore with an approving nod, but doesn't dare look toward Flint. Mopsus gets a smile as well, looking glad to finally have more points for her house. Even if it's not going to really change the outcome at this point. "So, shall we go back to our tables?" She says to Lucian and Briar.

Lucian nods in agreement. "Yeah, before something else gets lobbed." He parts ways with the girls and the other graduates, returning to the Slytherin table, where things have gotten rather chilly.

Soleil over at the Slytherin table shakes her head with a look of disgusts and makes the most of disappointed sounds one can make, a teeth sucking tsk!

When everyone is back in their seats and settled, Dumbledore continues. "Now with that excitement behind us, let us continue. Madam Hooch? I believe you have a cup to hand out."

Madam Hooch rises with a smile, her hawkish, yellow eyes shining. Carrying in her arms the coveted Quidditch Cup, she sets it on the podium and raises her voice. "We had an excellent year for participation in Quidditch. Congratulations to all four teams for games well played. But, of course, only one house can take the cup. This year's winner of the Quidditch Cup is…Hufflepuff! Captain Alexei Moscovitz, please come claim your trophy."

When Alexei has seated himself with the cup, Flint rises again, and once more takes the podium. His grating voice fills the hall, "At last, it is time for that most prized of prizes. The House Cup. The final points stand thusly. In fourth place — to no great surprise given their earlier conduct this year — is Ravenclaw, with three hundred twenty points. In third place, Gryffindor, with five hundred twenty one points. In second place, Hufflepuff, with five hundred sixty four points. Finally, it is my great pleasure to announce that first place goes to Slytherin, with six hundred fourty nine points. Congratulations, House Slytherin, on winning the House Cup again this year." With that announcement, the Hogwarts banners in the Great Hall shimmer and flap, changing to Slytherin green with silver Slytherin crests upon them.

Soleil melts from a sour mood to elation as she claps her hands and reaches out to shake hands with all of the Slytherin's around her. Though when one of the Knights that got a bit of the confetti on his had reaches for hers it's recoiled quickly. "You put him up to that I'm sure." Another tsk before she turns to clap enthusiatically and watch the decorations turn.

Morgana takes her seat and listens as Hooch starts going on about Quidditch and her mood dampers a bit. With that she hears the final house talley and shakes her head. "Next year, I'm sure you'll all do me proud right?" However she isn't a complete sour loser. She does clap for Slytherin. See, her hands came together once. That's technically a clap.

When Hufflepuff is awarded the Quidditch Cup, Dean stands and applauds. He cheers loudly with his housemates and reaches over to clap a few of the quidditch team members on the shoulder when others do the same. His cheerfulness melts quickly when the Headmaster approaches the podium, dreading what is to come. When the announcement finally comes, Dean applauds very half-heartedly, not trying to disguise is lack of enthusiasm for the Slytherins.

Josie claps for Hufflepuff and Slytherin as each are given their cups, though the clapping is far less enthusiastic than her earlier clapping for the graduates.

Between Morgana and Briar, Slytherin get a grand total of 2 whole claps!

Lucian claps for his house winning the House Cup, but lacks the overwhelming cheers of his housemates. He's happy to win, but the victory feels hollow, somehow.

Briar does however cheer very loudly and very well, obnoxiously for the Quidditch cup. She invents the arm whirling over her head and the 'Wuoo wuoo wuoo' many decades too early.

While Evelyn gives Slytherin more than a single clap, it is not very enthusiastic. Especially compared to the clapping she gave to Hufflepuff for winning the quidditch cup. She wiggles her nose a little, looking down at the table. Is it time to eat yet? Eating always makes people feel better!

Colton is having to be consoled by Solstice after the Quidditch Cup is announced, as Seeker he of course feels the responsibility for the loss a great deal.

Chastity has been sitting at the Gryffindor table the entire time, she seems to be off in her own little world, as she has been mostly since winter break. She watches the festivities, but really she's not much one for Quittach, hippogriffs are where it's at!

When Flint makes a rather dismissive wave of his hand rather unceremoniously does the Closing Feast of 1939 appear on the tables before the students. Large roasts of Beef, 4 roasts per table, each at the different stages of doneness, rare, medium rare, medium and well done. You can't have Roast without Yorkshire Pudding so the famous pop-overs so there are baskets of the puffed up breads all down the center of the table. Breaded Pork Chops. Braised Lamb Chops. Roast Chicken. Boiled Potatoes with Herbed Vinaigrette. Potatoes Baked in Their Jackets. French Fries. Boats of all sorts of gravy. Ketchup. Steak and Kidney in both pudding and pie forms. Shepherd's Pie. Chiddingly Hotpot. Scotch Callops. Brussel Sprouts with Bechamel Sauce. Bouillabaisse. Pease Pudding. Irish Stew. Milk. Pumpkin Juice. Water.
It's like the Kitchen Elves think the students won't have anything to eat all summer and they must fill their stomach's so they can last all summer long!

Dean grins broadly as the food appears, thoughts of Pringle and Slytherins are put out of his head. Especially when he notices a portion of the platter of fried potatoes before him has been cooked waffle style. It pays off to be friendly to the elves. He forks several potato waffles onto his plate, along with some roast chicken and scotch scallops. Gravy is being added to the potato waffles while the other hand is already attacking the chicken.

Josie looks over the food and comments, "I love these feasts. Only thing better would be if they added some Italian stuff." That little wish aside, she digs in, filling up her plate almost to overflowing and then beginning to eat hungrily.

Colton, for one does eat like he won't be eatin like this over summer. Because he won't! The Quinnland Clan are the stone soup sort of people. He stops in his gorging to reach for something that Solstice would like and with his cheeks pooched out with food he gives her an affectionate expression as he passes her the desired item. Once he's washed the food down with milk he asks those around him, "So, summer plans?" generally then focuses on asking, "That camp thing happening again Jo-zers?"

Though the food before him looks incredible Oscar simply looks towards it placing the nail of his thumb against his lower lip. He wordlessly slides his plate away from himself placing his hands deep down inside of his pockets a look of deep thought across his face, the boy moves to make a stand readying to scream out, before quietly falling back into his seat muttering quietly beneath his breath, while looking towards the table of food. With some thought he then shifts to a state of folded arms, refusing to eat a bite of the food his face looking cold, all sense of apatite stripped from the young man. After a moment he speaks up slightly louder then a whisper "Makes me sick" a hatred and disgust in his voice.

"I'm sure someone will keep me up to date on the games once I am gone." Morgana says to the table, though she doesn't express her feelings on what the team is lacking. That isn't going to matter soon! Just a few more hours! That antsy creeps back in as she digs into the food, taking a bit of everything, knowing she won't get meals like this once she's doing all her own cooking.

Josie answers Colton, "Yes, both the creature and Quidditch camps last I heard. Gonna be back for those for sure, but gonna spend the rest of summer in London with my dad. Never lived with him before, gonna be weird. But, it'll be brilliant to be in London again. And bet nobody'll recognize me, don't look anything like I did back then anymore."

Briar puts together a plate, all of Oscars known favorites and with warm smile she puts the food in front of him. "Don't let him ruin this. It's my last feast, I want to enjoy it with you. Please eat Oscar. I know it's hard, but we won't let them win and we won't let him ruin this for us. Please?"

Chastity looks over the spread and pulls her long blonde hair over her shoulder, she sighs and takes a glass of pumpkin juice, there's no worry of any Proudmore going hungry over the summer, but it seems like the young woman's appetite just isn't there.

Xander Tully nods in agreement with Briar. "She's right, Oscar. He's trying to break spirits. Don't let him, or he's already won. You've got to keep strong here. Those of us leaving…we'll do what we can on the outside."

Nodding firmly in agreement with Briar — mainly because his mouth is full to say anything — Dean points at Oscar's plate and swallows the food. "Briar's right, mate. They want nothing more than make you upset." He points at the plate again with a fork that has been neatly impaled through a scallop. "Eat something."

Elspeth carefully chooses her food, setting it on her plates and settling her silverware as meticulously as ever to keep it separate. She nods to Morgana, but lapses into quiet as she eats. A glance sideways to Evelyn and she grins once more, almost giggling.

Oscar looks down towards the food, for a moment, before just standing up from his seat. "I'm going to go use the men's room" the young man speaking with the kind of look, and inflection that says a lot more then words ever could. His fist is clenched tight at his side, Oscar trying to keep his face flat and emotionless, as he starts to make his way off from the table at a rather fast clip, his face turning somewhat red with anger.

Food! That's what she's been waiting for! Evelyn starts piling many different foods onto the plate. She starts eating at a steady pace. Not too slow, not too fast. Somewhere right in between. She offers a little smile at her friend. It's turned into one of those nights, at least for them! She gazes about the room, eyeing the red faced Oscar as he starts walking. She frowns. He doesn't seem happy! Not one bit!

Cillian eats plenty of odd combinations of food together but he does eat, and he just nods his head to a beat only he can hear no doubt, he taps his foot against the floor and shimmies his shoulders and his cheek may puff out as something else is slipped into his bag at the same time before long he's swallowing and raising his voice. "Oi! First years to Seventh Years, pumpkin juice to butter beer! Though we've lost many and shed a tear, raise a toast to them in cheer!" The little Irish boy's tone take on the chanty/singy quality as he quotes voices. "We sit comfy here at feast, preparing to go home home soon, so at least. Turn the frowns up side down, many a fool and many a clown, but on a high note make a joyful sound!" He taps his foot more now. CHOMP, OMNOMNOM, Sip of Juice.

Briar sighs and nods to Oscar before he heads off, she looks to both Dean and Xander with a grateful smile. "Thank you. I know how hard it is to keep your temper in the face of such things." She is afterall been accused (a bit justly) of getting hot headed. It's only been this last year were she's managed to temper that temper of hers.

Dean leans backwards, watching Oscar go and sighs. He returns to his plate and starts breaking up the potato waffle. "Unfortunately he's more stubborn than Ogg falling down a hill." He glances at the staff table to be sure nobody heard the comment before he smiles at Briar. "Don't let it ruin it for you, he's had a rough couple days. He'll come around, I'm sure of it." And the waffle is stuffed into Dean's mouth almost before he's finished talking.

Chastity looks over to Cillian and gives him an odd look, she shakes her head and sips her juice, ok so that pastie wins out and is snatched. Lifting her big blue eyes she looks around the room, her eyes landing on Lucian, then on Vincent.

Soleil has her food before her in a neatly placed fashion. She glides the linen napkin over her lap and begins to slice and create perfect combinations of the food she selected. Her pinkies even go up some as she slices and lifts the fork to her mouth. Every bite she dabs at her lips with a second napkin that's kept folded beside her plate. Perfect table manners from the potioneer.

Oscar makes his way down the hufflepuff table, stopping almost at the end of the table beside a rather beautiful looking fourthyear student, who's spoken words are lost in the sound of the crowds. For a moment it looks as if Oscar is about to raise a hand and smack her right in the face, before he just keeps on walking, keeping his fist half raised, as he makes his way from the grand hall, his flat expression cracking somewhat as he speeds up to make his way out of the crowded hall.

Josie, not at all paying any attention to what's happening at the Hufflepuff table, raises her glass to Cillian's call for a toast and cheers, grinning as she takes a drink. Then, like him, she's quickly back to her meal.

Dean finishes off his first helpings and digs into shephard's pie and more potato waffles. He grins at a nearby Hufflepuff a they both try to take the same gravy boat. Dean wins however, and adds a 'healthy' amount to his plate. "Going to be in Italy most of the summer. Won't get this kind of food for a while." He says to a roommate, not that Dean has ever needed an excuse to gorge himself at a meal before.

In a very mild abuse of power, Lucian leaves the Slytherin table to seek out Morgana. Prefect business, surely. He takes advantage of a most empty space beside her, sitting backward on the bench. "Sorry," he mumbles. "I just needed to get away from there for a few minutes."

It's past the time that points get to be taken away anyhow, so Morgana scoots over so Lucian can join the Ravenclaw table. "It's alright, I'll allow it just this once. Juice?" She says, filling up a spare goblet and pass it over. "I've started counting down the hours."

Lucian nods and takes the goblet, grateful for Morgana's understanding. Ever since leaving the Magijugend, he's started to feel like a stranger in the house he so vehemenly defended for seven years. "Yeah? How many left, genius?"

To start off the End of Term awards Beery cleans his mouth with his napkin and takes up the golden baby mandrake on a pedestal and rises to walk to the podium. "Would Briar Crocker, please come up and accept this Herbology Award. For seven years now you have been a force to be reckoned with in all things flora! It has been a great pleasure to work with you Miss Crocker, thank you." When Briar goes up to get the award it seems like many eyes are on high alert for another 'prank' attempt. But all is quiet as Briar gives her favorite professor a tearful hug before returning to her seat and putting the Mandrake that occasionally wails, "Congratulations!" while she is touching it down on the table to the top of her place setting.

Josie, still clueless that Cillian was trying to start a song, asks him hopefully after a few more mouthfuls, "Are you gonna be in London a lot this summer too?" Then the awards start, and she lets out a cheer and applauds for Briar.

Morgana aptly names off the exact hours, minutes and even adds in the seconds. Mostly because that's all she's been thinking about since exams ended. "And yes, I'm a genus, but you knew that already." However awards are being handed out, and she applauds for the award given from her least favorite subject.

Dean puts down his fork long enough to enthusiastically applaud for Briar. "Here, here!" He glance over at the Slytherin table, just in case they try something else. When he doesn't see anything ~too~ evil, he grins up to Briar and cries out a "Wooooooo!" for her.

Stopping eating for a moment, Evelyn starts to clap for Briar. Her she claps more enthusiastically than perhaps she has done all evening. After all, Briar deserves it!

Professor Mopsus takes his turn and brings trophy of a crystal ball on a golden pedestal and the names and faces of the past recipients appearing and disappearing in misty forms within the crystal up to the podium. He stares right through Lucian at Morgana in such a way that makes it clear he knows that there is something amiss. But as she said, the time for points is over. So he begins by tapping his staff on the base of the podium and up a small little platform raises so he can be seen over the podium. "Would Leoric Selwyn please arise and come collect his award for Divinations. I would give a big speech, but since he's receiving this. I'm sure it's expected." He gives a wide charming grin at his own joke and his staff stands on its end when he lets go to shake Leoric's hand in the exchange. Leoric's face and name displays within the crystal ball prominently unless rubbed a certain way when and where it will scroll through the names and faces of the past recipients.

Chastity gives a polite clap for Briar, an elegant clap, and for Leoric as well. She sips her pumpkin juice then reaches over to knick another pumpkin pastie,

"Depends on me Da and me Father." Cillian replies softly to Josie before clapping and cheering for Briar, who he may not know well but she's a sweet lady and when Divinations are mentioned he just gets quiet and takes a sip of Pumpkin juice, clapping happily for folks.

Dean applauds loudly again for Leoric, and smiles broadly at all the awards his fellow Hufflepuffs are getting. About time they were recognized for being the most awesome house. He laughs as someone at the table he can't quite pinpoint says exactly that.

Morgana gives her best innocent smile to her soon to be former head of house. However she just easily resumes eating, while she waits for the rest of the the awards to be awarded.

Josie claps for Leoric as well, though not as enthusiastically as for Briar. She turns back to her food then and continues to eat the last of her meal as she watches the presentations.

Lucian claps for Leoric, out of politeness if nothing else. He leans over toward Morgana, whispering something in her ear.

Like a celestial body floating through the heavens Professor Lunet drifts to the podium with an Orrery that moves and drifts and must be looked out with a telescopic lens to see all of the tiny etchings on each of the celestial bodies of past recipients. "Wooould Artemis Meliflua come up and recieve this token of my thanks for being such a fine student. You might not be returning to us for NEWTs, but you will forever be remembered by me, and within these celestial bodies of this Orrery. Thank you my dear, the nights at the Astronomy Tower will be a little darker without you." The professor gives Artemis a hug and a kiss to each of the girls cheeks when the exchange is made and Artemis retakes her seat.

Dean takes a break from cheering to quickly gobble down a couple scoops of shepherd's pie, but as another Hufflepuff goes up to claim an award he drops his fork to applaud, though his cheering is reduced to a loud hum as he chews.

Chastity gives another polite clap for Artemis, or maybe she's just dusting the crumbs off her hands, either way, yay!

Lucian nods to Morgana and sits up, clapping for Artemis. "The 'Puffs are really cleaning up with these awards."

Morgana leans in to continue her conversation that she had started earlier, and at this point she's sort of idly clapping along when someone goes to pick up something. "They are. Do you think that they bribed the professors?"

Lucian chuckles, smirking at Morgana. "Probably with baked goods. What is it with Hufflepuff and sweets, anyhow?"

Professor Aczel is looking mighty uncomfortable. Those in his class know him to be a exciting and makes the art of Arithmancy fun without dumbing it down to condescending levels. But outside of his classroom the man often stammers and nervously clutches his robes in his fists. One hand as he approaches is clutching the robes, while the other clutches a trophy, rather plain and well trophy like when compared to the others offered so far. But it is a pretty thing when viewed up close. Numbers and Symbols that represent numbers all over the world are etched together in almost dizzying patterns. "DRY *ahem* Excuse me. W-Would Dryden Eibon please come accept this." The exchange and handshake is rather quick before he almost nearly rushes back to his chair at the high table and Dryden returns to his table.

As Dryden is called up for an award, Evelyn drops her cutlery in surprise. Not that she doubted her brother, but…award! She claps harder than she has for anyone this evening. She's a proud little sister!

While very proud of his house, Dean secretly wishes they'd stop getting so many awards so he didn't have to put his fork down so much. Still, he applauds for Dryden for a moment before picking the fork back up and scooping up some scallops. He bats the handle of the fork against the table in lieu of more clapping.

A verdant form takes his place at the Podium. Another of the more simplistic trophies in hand, Professor Prof. Viridian raises his very pointy eyebrows and strokes his goatee. He was looking over towards the Slytherin Table but then his eyes begin to search the room and quickly land on Lucian and Morgana, "I do so dreadfully hate to interfer in this blooming romance. But Lucian Proudmore, this is for you." He gives a wicked smile to the Prefect as he rather sarcastically hand models the trophy. "Just when I start to like you young man, away you go to the cruel harsh world. Thank you, make us all proud."

A verdant form takes his place at the Podium. Another of the more simplistic trophies in hand, Professor Viridian raises his very pointy eyebrows and strokes his goatee. He was looking over towards the Slytherin Table but then his eyes begin to search the room and quickly land on Lucian and Morgana, "I do so dreadfully hate to interfer in this blooming romance. But Lucian Proudmore, this is for you." He gives a wicked smile to the Prefect as he rather sarcastically hand models the trophy. "Just when I start to like you young man, away you go to the cruel harsh world. Thank you, make us all proud."

Chastity gives a clap for her big brother, she even gives a big whoo hooo for him, she smiles happily and oh look her drink is empty, how can this be?! Pouring another cup for herself she beams proudly for the older Proudmore!

Lucian blinks in surprise. Charms? Him? "That's…odd," he mumbles. But he rises to receive the award, a bit befuddled, but gracious nonetheless.

Morgana blinks, mostly because she doesn't like being called out by Professors, and secondly, because she thought the charms award would go to someone else. Either way she claps and nudges the tall Slytherin. "Finally, somoene who isn't a Hufflepuff."

Levi has been sitting at the Hufflepuff table though he's clapped and paid attention to the things going on, but he's always been a bit of a non spotlight sort of person and now isnt really diffrent from that. The young sits and eats and just enjoys the scene around him really.

Josie had been clapping cheerfully but not enthusiastically for those she doesn't know, but now she gives a cheer and applauds excitedly for Lucian, grinning as she watches him receive the award.

At the Slytherin table a small discussion of Lucian only getting it because he's a seventh year and the professors always give the rewards to the people leaving out of sentimentality. So even though a Slytherin finally got an award, it's a rather dull round of applause Lucian recieves for the most part.

Finally, Dean doesn't have to applaud for a Slytherin right? Still, Lucian is a pretty decent fellow, so he earns a few rounds of an applause before sneaking some food off of Oscar's untouched plate.

Clap clap! Clap! Clap clap clap! Evelyn claps fot the Slytherin guy! But now it's back to food, glancing around the room, and occasionally saying something to Elspeth in sign language.

When Binns floats up to the podium he miscalculates distance and ends up within the podium. A transparent hand gestures to a trophy that's off on a side table, he can't carry it after all. "Xander Tully, you might be one of the only N.E.W.T students I have, but you deserve this my boy." Even when giving an award he drones monotonously. He drifts back to the high table that's at a bit of a distance from everyone else because of what he eats. Rotten food isn't exactly appetizing to non-ghosts!

Xander lifts his brow in surprise! Not that it's so surprising. Few students can even stay awake in Binns's class long enough to earn high marks. He springs up, forcing himself to slow his steps as he approaches to receive his award. "Thank you, Professor." He gives Binns a sort of awkward bow, and hurries back to the Hufflepuff table to show off his proud new treasure.

Dean seems to be hypnotized by Binn's tone. It's… just… like… class… Not even the smells of the food can snap him out of it, but the applauding for Xander finally brings him out of his trance and he shakes his head. "Yikes, I won't miss that." He claps heartily for Xander before taking a swig of milk.

There is a bit of a stir, at least in a good portion of the female student body when the rugged Professor Kettleburn arises. The trpohy he presents is a mix of magical creatures and the house mascots on a large high pedestal carved with the recipients names. "Levi Esmond. It has been some time since I came across a lad with such passion for magical creatures." His heavy Yorkshire accent is thick and he does Levi quite the service with the girls when he states, "You remind me a lot of me." When Levi comes up he'll receive a solid PAT PAT on the shoulder before a almost crushing hand shake before the trophy is passed. Kettleburn really does make the large and heavy trophy look like a paper weight when he handled it.

"I don't know how I survived seven years of that tone." Morgana says in a low town to her tablemates. "Now I'll have to find something else to lull me to sleep for my mid day nap." She does however clap for Xander, even if he is a Hufflepuff.

Chastity claps foreveryone, from Slytherin to Hufflepuff and back again, she's polite like that.

The doors to the hall open slightly, a single fourth year hufflepuff student with his hands held deep inside of his pockets walking out from the small opening, the sleeves of his shirt rolled down tightly over his arms. Wordlessly Oscar makes his way back through the great hall, and over in the direction of his seat, a slight bit of red fading from his face. He tries to sneak back to his seat without being noticed.

Dean watches Kettleburn give the award to Levi and scratches the back of his neck. "I should have taken his class instead of Runes. Black scares me." He shudders a bit while applauding for his fellow 'Puff.

He having just taken a bite of food isn't prepared to hear his name be called for an award. Levi will finish it before he stands to make his way over to the other a bow of his head "Thank you professor." he shakes the others hand as it is reached for. The trophy is solid no doubt and he'll make his way back down and to his seat he cannot help but smile a little looking at it since this is one of his favorite classes.

With a smile and a wave back to the podium Dumbledore calls to Lucian, "Mr. Proudmore, don't get settled back in too terribly much. I know perhaps I failed to be the Professor you wanted. But I do so hope that you leave my class with the best of your abilities. I do look forward to keeping an eye on you and how you will transform the world about you." The trophy that is offered is one that as could be guessed transforms from one sort of looking trophy to another, to another, to another, each transformation holds a new name of those who received the trophy in the past and the year received. Though when it is in Lucian's grip it remains displaying his trophy and his name and 1939.

Josie claps for Levi, then comments to Cillian, "Can't wait to start that class next year." Then Lucian is called up for another award, and once again she cheers and applauds enthusiastically.

All these awards! Evelyn claps for Levi and, once again, for Lucian. Noticing her pumpkin juice is all done, she fills her cup up again, glancing back up at the podium to see what other awards may be given.

Lucian looks up in surprise, not so much at the subject this time, but that he's receiving a second award. When he approaches Dumbledore to receive it, he nods gratefully, saing quietly, "Sir…are you sure there wasn't some mistake? I mean…with the Charms award. Surely someoen else is more deserving."

Morgana cheers again, having to put down her pumpkin juice to applaud yet another trophy for Slytherin. "Honestly, I should hope that next year, the lot of you figure out how to properly bribe the professors. Not that I am condoning bribery, because that would be against the rules."

Dumbledore smiles to Lucian and there's a twinkle in his eyes and lowers his voice, "If you wish to give the award to the runner up, I am sure that he would not object. It was a rather close run for your money." Dumbledore leans over to whisper the name to Lucian, "Beverly Cornfoot. The choice is yours Mr. Proudmore. Or if you wish to give the Charms trophy to the next runner up, I'm sure that can be arranged as well."

Dean already gave Lucian one applaud, and simply taps his fork handle against the table again as he picks at his food. When Oscar makes an appearance, he hopes the other student doesn't realize there's food missing from his plate. He leans towards Oscar and whispers. "Alright now, mate?"

Oscar silently sits back down in his spot, never once removing his hands from his pockets. He looks down towards the table, not raising his eyes from before him while listening to Lucian getting his second award. He seems somewhat distant, paying attention to almost nothing around him other then the spot on the table right before him.

Lucian nods to Dumbledore, and steps aside to speak quietly with Professor Viridian while the awards continue to be handed out.

The Slytherin table does truly errupt in cheering and applause when the award for Defence Against the Dark Arts goes to Ria Sykes.

Evelyn polite rich person claps for Ria as she wins the award. That's right. Thank you years of growing up with elitist pure-bloods! At least she's showing some form of congratulations, right? …Right?!

And, Ria is the one person Josie doesn't applaud. She turns back to finishing off her meal quietly while Ria accepts the award.

Lucian pauses in his conversation with Viridian to offer a polite clap for Ria. But he turns away before there can be any eye contact with her.

Dean looks Oscar over at his silence and frowns. As the Slytherins applaud, he looks up to see Ria walking up to the podium. Dean rolls his eyes, "Is anyone surprised?" He reaches over and scoops some pudding onto his plate while shaking his head.

Levi will clap for those who go up after him taking another drink though he will show those nearest him at this table before setting it down in front of himself and returning his focus to the feast and award receivers themselves.

It's now the time for the male student body to stir, Professor Palancher strolls up to the podium, the heels of her pumps clacking softly on the wood. "In these times we live in, understanding of cultures is key to seeing a peaceful resolve. It is my pleasure to present Niko Denholm this award for Muggle Studies. He has been a pinnacle of understanding and always doing his best to educate and lessen any ill will that arises due to misunderstanding or ignorance." When he takes the trophy that is rather simple, but elegant, nothing shifting, no talking, nothing but a top award of a Muggle Trophy. Then she moves to lift up his free hand much like a victorious boxer before she takes a step back and applauds Niko before they take to their seats once more.

Morgana makes an effort to look like she's clapping. Her hands touch but rhere isn't any sound coming from them. "I fear they've found some way to make this ceremony last longer." She starts dipping into the pudding, since there's no sense in waiting for the end for dessert.

Sincere clapping once again occurs from Evelyn. It's definitely a good thing in her books when someone is doing well in learning about muggles. That may or may not have to do with her mother being muggle-born. She'll neither confirm nor deny that. But she does clap in ernest to congratulate Niko.

Oscar remains quiet, barely even moving an inch, and not mouthing a word. His plate remains untouched by himself but has several small bites of food missing none the less, which may be the reason for his sudden all consuming interest with that spot of the table. He manages to do the impossible however in shoving his hands even further inside of his pockets, making himself seem somewhat smaller then before.

With Professor Viridian's permission, Lucian approaches the podium. "Uh…hello, everyone. I spoke to Professor Viridian, and I think there was a bit of a mix up with the Charms award. This is really meant for Andromena Rowle." He gestures to the Ravenclaw table, attempting to lead a round of applause for Andromena as she approaches to receive the trophy from him.

Dean grins at Niko as he returns with his award, one of the few Gryf's he's hung out with for an extended amount of time. He applauds for Niko and then looks up at Lucian as he takes the podium. The Hufflepuff looks over towards Andromena as she stands from the table, and applauds for her as well. Turning back to the pudding, he offers some to Oscar. "Want some? I think sweets are going to be a awhile."

Josie starts to clap once again as Niko gets the muggle studies award. Not the enthusiastic applause she gave Lucian, but still cheerful. She blinks as Lucian gives back the Charms award, but then smiles again and nods to him, applauding Andromena as well.

Slughorn gives Lucian a very proud cuff to the shoulder when he approaches after he's given the trophy over to someone he felt was more deserving. Then there is another round of cheering when Slughorn calls up Soleil Parkinson for the Potion's Award. She takes a moment to intergect something, "I would like to share this award with Gerald Cornfoot. We have been partners in Potions Class since we were first years." The shy and reclusive Gryffindor no doubt will give her grief tomorrow but right now it's left the bulk of Slytherins a bit stunned. Did she just share an award with a Gryffindor. On purpose!?

It is a small golden broom and flyer trophy that whirls about above it's pedestal that is given to Megan Ebon by Madam Hooch, for her excellence in the First Year's Flying Class.

"Huh?" Oscar asks looking over towards Dean somewhat confused as if only just now really noticing that he's being spoken to. He looks down at the spoon for a moment, as if it where a foreign entity to him, the fourthyear visibly not all paying attention.

The wizen and respected (feared) Ancient Runes Professor Black strolls up to the podium. "Last, but most certainly not least. This student has proven herself over and over again what a keen mind, sharp wit, and ambitious dedication to bettering herself with seemingly every passing moment. She has been a fine Head Girl to this school this last year, even in the face of rigorous NEWTS. Morgana Rashley I am sure you will have no problem deciphering any problem that might come your way in the future. Please. Come forward and except this show of esteem. From both myself, your professor this year and Headmaster Flint who's honed you into the suberb student I was luck enough to enjoy once I took over his class." The Trophy is what appears to be an ancient tablet with runes carved all over it. When she comes to receive it, he shows her her name and the year before a tap of his wand and it changes into runes.

Dean shrugs at Oscar and helps himself to his own pudding, watching the procession for awards in silence for a moment. When Professor Black takes the podium he shudders despite himself. "Cripes he scares me." Dean speaks more to the table than to anyone specifically, though he does gives a hearty round of applause for the HG.

Lucian claps exuberantly for Morgana, having returned to sit beside her after giving the award to Andromena. He gives her shoulder an encouraging pat, beaming proudly at her.

Morgana gets up from her bench and moves up to the podeum to accept her trophy. "Thank you professor, for not only a fantastic year, but for all the other guidence you gave." And since Black mentioned Flint, Morgana feels like she at least has to nod her head toward the Head Master, because he was her favorite professor once upon a time. With that she slips back toward her table, looking the tablet over and nodding to Lucian as he re joins their table.

"I'm sorry Dean, I'm just out of it," Oscar admits sounding rather tired, as he looks back down to the table, trying to keep himself from scratching his own forehead.

With that last award given the desserts of: Lemon Drops, Peppermint Humbugs, Ice Cream in all it's strange and fantastical wizarding flavors, Jam Doughnuts, Apple Pie, Treacle Tart, Chocolate Eclairs, Bannana Fritters with Caramel Sauce, Rice Pudding, Spotted Dick, Pumpkin tart, Custard Tart, Blancmange, Jame Tarts, Custard Creams, Chewy Ginger Biscuits, and Meringues!

The Hogwarts Term of 1938-1939 is officially over.

Josie blinks as a trophy is given out for first-year flying, and comments to Colton, "They didn't give one of those last year." And there's a small flash of envy to the firstie who won, perhaps Josie thinks she could have won that the year before, but she applauds anyway, and it's gone in moments. Then she claps again for Morgana before grinning and diving into the desserts as they arrive.

Colton sticks a bunch of chocolate covered pretzels into one end of a chocolate eclair so it looks vaguely like a broom and offers it to Josie with a wink, "Here you go Jo-zers."

Dean cheers probably more loudly than any other Hufflepuff as the desserts appear! He looks up and down the table and frowns. "No waffles? They're sweet!" He sighs dejected and claps Oscar on the shoulder comfortingly before diving in to fill his plate with a jam doughnut, bit of tart, and a heavy helping of butterscotch icecream.

Briar makes to push her award out of the way to grab some desserts. When the thing wails, "Congratulations!" She grumbles a quiet "Fuck off." at it, pokes it between the knobby eyes and gathers her plate. "Most annoying trophy ever. It's lucky it's cute." Yes, she seriously thinks a mandrake root baby is cute. Maybe it's one of those 'Only a face a mother could love' things.

Chastity looks a little disappointed that she didn't win any awards. Grumping she looks to the sweets and sticks her tongue out at it before rising and adjusting her robes until they are proper. She moves for the door.

Josie looks back to Colton, and then giggles as she takes the candy, "Thanks."

Oscar reaches his hand out for a moment, to grab a small Pumpkin tart, rapidly deciding to rip his hand back before actually grabbing anything to place it back in his pocket. For the short time his hand is able to be seen it looks to be badly cut up, bruised and bloodies, almost as if Oscar had gotten himself in a fistfight, with a Venomous Tentacula, without the aid of his Dragon-hide gloves. He looks back over towards Briar, saying somewhat confidently "Hey next year that trophy's going to be mine, so you better treat it right," he offers a small smile with the last word.

Dean seems a bit startled at Briar's trophy as it wails out the congratulations. "Yikes, that's a bit creepy." He keeps his eyes on the trophy as he eats his sweets, as if worried it might steal his plate.

Briar grins over at Oscar, "I don't doubt it, help Beery out a lot for me? He gets a bit overwhelmed sometimes with trying to do a lot for the Arts Club and for Herbology. But I do expect your name to be on this stand soon enough." When she moves to point-touch the trophy and the mandrake opens its mouth she quickly recoils her hand and glares at the thing. "Ha!" She laughs at it victoriously when she's done so fast enough that the trophy doesn't wail. "It's some cruel joke that ear muffs aren't passed out with this thing."

"Well if you don't want it, you can just hand it off to me." Oscar says jokingly masking over his voice with a bit of light hearted humor. "Besides, I've been going out there every night to take care of the greenhouses already, as Dean here can attest." Oscar offers a small smile towards Dean, before looking back over towards the trophy.

After Flint's announcement, Madeline has been… quiet. Almost /subdued/. She listened to conversations going on around her, offering smiles or nods as appropriate. Now the dessert is on the table, though, she seems a little more animated, filling her plate with more than she should - it's the last day of school! She's allowed to splurge!

Lucian stands up, collecting his trophy. "I have to get back to my house. They're on the move, and probably up to trouble." He gives Morgana a smile and a shrug as he slips away to manage his increasingly unruly housemates.

Rolling his eyes around a piece of tart, Dean nods. "I'd say it's not healthy to be in a greenhouse that much, but I couldn't pick a plant to help me escape a wet washcloth." He grins crookedly in his way and takes another bite of tart.

"I'll be heading out soon myself, I should get back to the common room before they start celebrating too much. I'll see you later." Morgana says with a nod, setting her trophy aside to properly dig into dessert. Because, chocolate.

Briar shakes her head at Oscar with a grin, "Nope, all mine, you have to wait til next year." She then picks up the trophy with her robe covering her hand, another triumphant, "Ha!" is given at the thing. After she cleans her fingers of chocolate by sucking on them she smiles to Xander. "Care to go to the dungeons to say good-bye to the ghosts?" Over the year through their relationship she's taken a liking to many of the ghosts that were just background things before.

Oscar looks back down to his plate with a bit of a smirk, saying "I keep telling you Dean" He looks over towards Dean, saying rather dramatically "Be the plant"

Dean finishes his tart and leans back, patting his stomach. "Ugh. I think I ate too much." He rubs at his neck with his free hand and arches an eyebrow at Oscar. "I'll never be a plant, Oscar." He grins crookedly and glances at the open doors. "I suppose I should head back to my room. I have a bit more to pack and I have a feeling I'll sleep pretty well tonight." Another pat strikes his stomach as he says this.

Soleil even eats dessert like she was dining with the King of England. But once her custard tart is finished she dabs her mouth and gives those still present at the Slytherin Table and beyond a wave before she leaves along side Lillian, most likely discussing Quidditch plans for next year.

Colton has taken up this newly discovered 'talent' of crafting things out of desserts. Five eclairs, four for legs, one for a body, a custard tart for a mane and a jam doughnut that has holes poked in it for a face are all put together. "It's Godric!" He proclaims and gestures proudly to his latest work of edible art.

Oscar says, "I'm going to head out to the greenhouse," Oscars says moving his arms about without pulling his hands from his pockets, adding on somewhat quietly "spend what's left of my birthday weeding greenhouse one" A light hearted chuckle to end the sentence."

"Umm. Godric Gryffindor?" Madeline asks Colton in confusion, tilting her head at the strange creation. But… it's shaped more like… a horse? "Is it, uhh. A lion?"

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