(1939-07-03) A Minx Walks Into a Bar
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Summary: In order to get out of the rain, Rena takes refuge in the Farin Braw restaurant and some unexpected meetings follow.
Date: 1939-07-03
Location: Farin Braw

What a night. What a day. What a week it's been. Has it been a week since that horrific bank heist? Obviously /not/, but Rena isn't sure about time anymore. There's never enough time for proper meals, decent amounts of sleep… or even time to think for the poor woman, it seems. And now, to add to her growing list of troubles, Brad Moody caught hold of the information about that incident and shouted it across the wireless. Could things get much worse?
Why, of course they could. What began as a light summer drizzle just became a torrential downpour. Rena is fast getting soaked to the skin as she tries to make her way home through Diagon Alley. She could try magic, but she's in a poor frame of mind and likely to cause an accident.
Salvation comes in the form of the Farin Braw restaurant. Rena just happens to be right next to the place when she realizes that she can fortunately take refuge inside. And so, dripping wet, the young redheaded Auror slips through the door and out of the rain.

With a massive crack, a man in a full trench coat, and hat covering over a rather nice brown suit forms into existence, in the middle of the entry way just a few inches from having popped into existence where Rena was standing. He looks somewhat woozy from his transit, but stages a quick recovery, offering Rena a tip of his perfectly dry hat, and a smile, seemingly not to put off by what could have been a dangerous accident. His face is somewhat rounded, and he looks to be rather tired from a long day, the leather gloves he had been wearing looking somewhat bloodied, for one reason or another as he slots his wand safely away.

A old withered man enters shortly after Rena. His face scared and his body look frail and almost as if it had been broken and healed wrong. His long white hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail, his deeply tanned skin creating the appearance that he has come from the middle east, he stands in the door for a moment, a confused look on his face as he leans on a gnarled piece of wood that he is using as a cane. A dark grey duster cascades across what appears to be a simple black tunic and black pants. He wiggles his toes for a moment from his exposed bare feet before his eyes move across Rena, "Eh eh eh?" he says reaching over to poke her for a second, "Open door, old men!" he says shaking his cane at her.

Having found refuge indoors in a place that Rena has not actually ever been, her dark eyes drift around her surroundings a bit timidly at first. There is little she can do to mend the fact that her dress is quite drenched. If only she had worn a suit today, she could hang up the jacket to dry. All she can do is try to fuss a bit with her hair to make it slightly more presentable.
The abrupt crack of apparition causes the poor woman to nearly jump out of her skin as Denny arrives. However, she offers him a warm (if slightly bashful) smile. "Beg pardon, sir, I…" She begins to speak, only to be interrupted by the arrival of the disheveled old man. The poke from the cane causes a startled little exclamation to escape, and she holds her hand to her mouth to stifle it. He apparently wants her to open the door for him, and Rena - being the obliging type of girl that she is - hurries to oblige. Respect for your elders and all that.

The Younger of the two men nonchalantly pulls off his heavily bloodied leather gloves, placing them back inside of his pockets, while turning the rest of the way to look towards the old man with a bit of a smile. He takes care to step out of the elderly mans way, offering another tip of the hat for the senior citizen.

The old man waves his can in the air, clearly looking mad, "Now you buy me food." he says pointing his cane at her, his face all furrowed. He simply moves over to the bar and sits down, his gaze moving towards Rena slowly, before he orders something from the menu and gestures to the waitress that Rena is paying, with his cane. His eye falling on Rena as he stares at her intently, gesturing for her to pay the women taking his order. "Pay now, hurry hurry." he says with a snap of his finger, clearly looking impatient. As Denny greets him he points to Denny then at Rena with his cane, "Husband?" he asks sternly.

"No, sadly not" Denny says turning to look at Rena, before adding "But I sure as salt wouldn't mind if I was," He offers a sly grin, while taking off his hat, trying to put on a rather pleasant voice, as he does so.

A sidelong glance catches the blood on Denny's gloves, and a brief look of concern shows in Rena's eyes. The Constables and Aurors aren't known for being particularly chummy at the office, and she unfortunately scarcely knows the man. Certainly not enough to ask a disturbing question about bloodied gloves.
The old man snaps Rena out of her reverie, and she stares at him with parted lips and an expression of complete consternation as she continues holding the door for a moment. Finally allowing it to close, she gives the old gentleman a once-over and seems to be torn over arguing the point and simply giving in. He seems like he might be down on his luck… Oh well, why not give the old man a meal? What harm can there be - even if it is a ridiculous imposition.
Unclasping her purse and moving over to join him at the bar, she spends a moment in digging out the money. "H- husband?" She repeats the question suddenly, nearly dropping her bag on the floor. Thankfully, Denny answers for her, saving the embarrassment of stammering a flustered reply. However, his words cause a blush to quickly rise in her cheeks, and she hides by looking for her ready cash once more.

The Old Man slowly morphs into a young African-British man sitting there, his hand moves across her forehead, wiping away a bit of sweat, "Ah good dhing dhere, Doll face." he says with a small nod, he says picking up recently delivered glass of cider, "Yeh had meh worried dhere for a moment, Love." he says with a sly smirk, "Hoy! You still picking up da check 'ight?" Arthur asks looking at Rena and wiggling his toes at her, "Can't even 'ford ah pair ah boots." he says with a deep sigh, before sticking his tongue out at Rena.

Denny takes only a moments surprise at the mans transformation, placing his rather nice hat underarm, as he goes to start making his way to the bar. "I don't suppose you two would mind if I joined you?" Denny asks "I'll be paying for my own drinks" he adds while finding him a spot at the bar, glancing back to Rena before taking his seat.

Dumbfounded, Rena watches the old man transform into Arthur, and she is left standing there, looking like a bloody fool in public again by that dratted Metamorphagus. The heat and colour quickly drain from her cheeks, and her dark eyes suddenly flash: "Oh, YOU!" she exclaims, being too ladylike to take it any further. "'Ere's your money!" she adds, setting it down on the bar in a huff beside him. However, she does have one means of revenge she can exact on the man.
Denny's offer is received with a warm, smooth little smile. Her expression softens and she gives a little defiant toss of her red head as she sidles up to the Constable at the bar: "Thanks awfully. It's so nice to meet a /gentleman/ in a strange place like this. Strange to me, anyway. I've never been… Oh, by the way, my name's Rena - Rena Lee."

Arthur's mouth begins to open to respond to Denny's offer, but Rena is too quick. That darn little minx, has already gone and done it. His eyes move slowly over Rena and Denny, offering Denny a small nod, "Nightengale." he offers introducing himself, before he slides back the money towards Rena. "Keep ya money, love." he says with a small wave of his hand before he reaches back on the bar and picks up his cider again and takes a sip, making a face. "Gah how does, Cohen drink dis?" he says scraping his tongue across his teeth for a moment, before sitting down the drink again, "Raising his hand, ah Whidbead." he says ordering himself an ale, "Oh and whatever da couple here be drinking." he says gesturing towards Rena and Denny, offering Rena a little smirk.

Denny offers a knowing smile to the barkeep saying in an almost joking manner "Glenavon Special, if you've got it," He offers a rather large grin before adding "Whiskey Manhatten, when you realize you don't" He then looks over towards Rena, saying in a rather charming voice, "Denny Orwell, miss lee, and if you don't mind I can dry those clothes off for you" He motions to her sopping wet state his smile showing a bit of his perfectly white teeth, as the bartender looks to Rena "And feel free to order whatever you want, I'm in a giving mood tonight,"

Little minx indeed. Rena is feeling VERY minx-ish now, judging by the playful devil in her dark eyes and the warmth of her sweet little smile. Denny's offer is taken without hesitation: "Oh, could you? I'd be ever so grateful, I would." She says, slipping off of the bar stool again and glancing down at her drenched dress with a wry expression. Tugging at the clinging skirt a bit, she looks back up at the Constable with an adorable tilt of her head. "Ready when you are, Mister Orwell. And I'll 'ave a Gin and Tonic." She calls out blithely to the barkeep beyond.

You could say Arthur doesn't look too keen on the way Rena is acting with Denny would be a gross understatement. He has the clear look about him from someone from the slums has when he is clearly annoyed, his shoulders are rolled back and right and his gaze is on Rena. "Hoy!" he says before his lips turn into a frown, then he just shakes his head for a moment. Then his shoulders slump and he shrugs, putting a few coins on the bar and picking up his Ale, "Gotta go check on a lead anyway." he says giving Rena a dismissive wave of his hand as he slowly morphs back into the old middle eastern man and goes to move out the door, unless someone tried to stop him.

With a quick motion Denny pulls his wand safely from his holster, moving to let loose a relatively simple spell. A swish of his wand, and a low hmm latter nothing seems to have happened, However after a few more swishes, there is a strong gust of warm wind, which sends Rena's dress a flutter drying her off completely, eventually. He offers a bit of a smirk saying rather calmly "Got it eventually" adding on a bit of a confident laugh the kind of which could make a man want to punch him right in the face.

Rena may seem to ignore Arthur and his feelings on the whole matter, but, in truth, she is very much aware of his every movement and expression. She's just doing a good job of keeping up her act of defiance, that's all.
The first little foible on Denny's part causes Rena to stifle a giggle. She's not going to be obnoxious about it, but she is quite obviously amused. Then, the warm wind comes and her dress is freed of the uncomfortable water. "Lovely!" Rena praises the Constable's handiwork. Noticing that Arthur is grouchily taking his leave, she decides to try and put another little barb in, in hopes that he might come back. Taking hold of the skirt with one hand, she does a fancy little twirl with the grace of a dancer: "That's ever so much better, Mister Orwell. I really can't thank you enough."

Arthur clicks his tongue against his cheek as he watches Rena for a moment before taking a step outside into the rain, soon he has vanished down the street and is off on his "lead" which in reality is a bottle of Rum back at his place while staring at photos and strings across one of his rooms in regard to Carrow.

Watches over towards the door as the Auror leaves, before turning back to the bar, letting out a bemused laugh. "Most fun I've had all day" He says with a smile tossing back the contents of his glass to the back of his throat, with a bit of a shudder. "So Miss Lee, how's the husband?" He asks knowingly, only when he's sure the Auror is out of hearing range, shooting Rena a knowing smile.

There is a hint of disappointment in Rena's expression as Arthur leaves the bar. Heaving a quiet little sigh, she releases her dress, giving the skirt one last flounce with her hand before reclaiming her seat.
The gin and tonic arrives and it is placed on the bar before the redhead. She accepts it with a far more demure smile, slipping her slim fingers around the chilled glass. Just as she's about to raise it to her lips, Denny's question catches her a bit off-guard. Pausing briefly with the glass mid-air, she then takes a sip to cool the faint blush in her cheeks. "We… we aren't married yet," She finally answers, setting the glass back down with a half smile. "That is to say, we 'aven't 'ad a chance yet, really. Funny 'ow 'ard it is to poke 'oles in two people's schedules when one's an Auror and the other's a Doctor- erm, 'Ealer, that is."

Denny tips his head slightly, taking back another drink. "I understand the feeling" he says still smiling. "Scheduling conflicts tend to plague people in our line of work," He swirls around the contents of his glass, still seeming to be in a rather good, he thinks for a moment before adding in a rather joking manner "At least when you do get married you'll have someone to go to when a job goes south," his voice sounding still somewhat charming, but more in a sort of friendly way.

There was a moment of faint fear and suspicion before in Rena's mind; a worried wondering whether her overly familiar manner with Arthur might have seemed less than proper for an engaged woman. However, this does not seem to be the case, and the tightness through her shoulders begins to ease.
Denny seems to understand things, though. She appreciates that. "Yea, I rather imagine it might go 'arder for you 'it wizards, though," Rena says with a sympathetic smile. "You're on the beat on a much more regular basis. We just get odd hours and 'ave to jump when something terrible 'appens. You're the chaps who stop most terrible things from 'appening in the first place."
Taking another sip of her gin and tonic, Rena can't help but chuckle wryly at Denny's observation about marrying a healer. "That's right enough. If I ever land flat on my back at Mungo's, my man won't 'ave any trouble finding me." Of course, marrying a doctor can be useful for other things down the line, but that's not one discusses in polite company.

With a bit a contented sigh, Denny looks over towards Rena, saying "Hours are long sure, but you get to meet some interesting people" not as much seeming to comment on her reply to his earlier comment, as he swigs back a bit of drink. "There's also a few /benefits/" he adds, smiling down at his glass with a rather hefty emphasis on the word benefits, "So long as you make the right friends on the beat"

Perhaps Rena is a bit too young in the MLE. She is just an Auror Initiate, after all. She doesn't quite seem to understand what Denny means by "Benefits," especially given the emphasis he places on the word. It gives her pause as she tries to work it out in her own mind, and she runs her index finger thoughtfully around the slick rim of her glass. Deciding that she would rather not live in ignorance, the young woman tilts her head and asks quite innocently: "'Ow do you mean, benefits? I can't say as I've 'ad the greatest luck in meeting people as an Auror." In truth, she just tends to find herself in ever deepening trouble whenever she meets new people on the job.

"Tip off here, some friendly moments there" He says rather quietly motioning for a refill on his drink "What you would expect benefits to be" He offers a smile seemingly not wanting to delve too much deeper into the subject as he goes off to a different topic "On a related note, you catch that fourth robber?" He asks rather nonchalantly.

"Oh,that…" Rena replies with a slightly sheepish smile. Gazing into her glass, she continues to toy with it for a moment to hide her embarrassment for not quite knowing what the other meant. She doesn't reply as to what she might have thought the benefits may or may not have been. Sometimes, the little redhead really does seem somewhat out of place in a gritty profession like law enforcement.
"Unfortunately, no. The case is still open and pending as they say," Rena replies with an unhappy sigh. Her shoulders sink under the weight of that knowledge, and she glances at her companion regretfully. "Wish I 'ad a better answer for you, Mister Orwell. I'm working on it, though."

Denny nods his head down low, taking a deep swig from his freshly replaced drink. He thinks for a moment as to what he should say before calmly expressing "When you catch em, do me a favor and give me a call," He says with a bit of an odd smile, while placing his hands one inside of the other. "I'd like to have a few words with them," He cracks his knuckles rather loudly, letting out a low chuckle.

Rena is a gentle soul at heart - and quite soft-hearted when it comes to a lot of things. Not particularly good personality quirks in this field of work, but still, she does seem to be committed to her job. Denny's request appears to be a little disconcerting for the young Auror, though she tries very hard not to show it.
"I…well, I'll 'ave to see when the time comes," Rena murmurs at length, giving him as much of a noncommittal answer as possible without giving a direct No. Still, she offers a smile after finishing her drink: "But really, I must be getting along 'ome now. With any luck, the rain's slackened off a bit and I can get there without undoing your work."
Slipping off of the bar stool gracefully, the redhead pauses to say warmly: "Thanks again for the drink, and for the 'elp. It's been awfully nice to meet you."

Denny offers a tip of the hat in her direction, before offering "If you want, I can walk you to your broom, Miss Lee" his genuine charm shining through once more, as he places a single hand on the bar top "Not a man in the alley would try something with me at your side" he explains while pushing himself up to a stand, giving a kind smile.

Rena hesitates a moment and considers the offer. Turning back with a hint of that slightly minxy attitude returning, she flashes a grin and snaps her fingers: "Ain't it just a shame I didn't ride my broom today, though? I'll 'ave to take you up on the offer another time." He may regret having made that offer someday. Rena Lee has a habit of making friends and enemies in the wrong places on both ends of society. However, with that said, the young redhead slips out of the bar with a light: "Good evening, Mister Orwell!"

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